Go! 23 [F4M] I want to find a good daddy😳I can give my dad a lot of sexting, photos and videos😈 write me daddy 😋🔥🔥 |

23 [F4M] I want to find a good daddy😳I can give my dad a lot of sexting, photos and videos😈 write me daddy 😋🔥🔥

2021.01.21 05:31 sacha9969 23 [F4M] I want to find a good daddy😳I can give my dad a lot of sexting, photos and videos😈 write me daddy 😋🔥🔥

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2021.01.21 05:31 kobony Original Seascape Painting by Michelle Woolley Sauter | Fine Art Art on Wood | A BEAUTIFUL DAY 3

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2021.01.21 05:31 Sillinoob Free Fire - The Hero Trial: Rewards, start date, guide and more

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2021.01.21 05:31 nessa_messa Help me decide what to do with my life! Starting over at 29.

You’ve heard the story before. I went from a 22 year old working customer service jobs to being a house wife and stay at home mom for 6 years. I did some community college but bounced around changing majors. I have 2 or maybe 3 semesters to go and then I can get an AA for whatever good that’s worth. When I decided to go back to work I applied everywhere for months and finally ended up back at The Home Depot again.
Now I’m a single mom living at home with my parents. I am on a LOA from THD because I’m also battling breast cancer at the moment. This crazy year has taught me that nothing is certain in life. I need a job I can be happy in but that I can also use to support my children and myself. I feel like I have no idea what I should do after so many years of living for my children. I know for most jobs that would meet my needs I need to go back to school. I’m fine with that I just need to know what degrees. Please help me! I’ll consider any and all recommendations.
1) I would love a job that has hours that aren’t too different from my kids hours at school, or that has flexible hours. Working from home is OK but not a requirement.
2) It needs to pay enough that I can support my kids and myself without having to rely on child support. (I live in central CA and couldn’t do less than 50k annually)
3) I would like to be able to work in the same general field (entry level ok) while I go to school online. (EG I was thinking of becoming a family therapist but I’m having trouble finding jobs in the mental health field that I could do while working towards my bachelors and masters)
4) I love to help people. I love working directly with people and for other people. In any capacity. It helps me feel fulfilled.
5) I’m a good writer, and I’m good at communications. I speak an intermediate level of Spanish and am still learning more with the goal of becoming fluent. I love algebra and biology. And I love to learn new things.
6) A job where I could use my creativity would be a huge bonus. While staying home with my children I did freelance work as a tie dye artist, I was a face painter for birthday parties, and I worked as a family and newborn photographer. I felt very fulfilled in these jobs but I really struggled with the marketing and branding aspects of these. I don’t do well working without deadlines or working as my own boss. I need more structure.
7) I’m not interested in working in healthcare after my experiences going through cancer treatment. If I did it would have to be something like a dietician or involving mental health.
Dear God this is long. I’m so sorry if you’ve read this far!
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2021.01.21 05:31 PGF3 What if to stop BBH they have to let Dream out

Imagine the scene, a pan server alliance on the ropes as the eggpire expands, with several members dying or being absorbed into cult, and they realize only one being can turn the tide, they yell and shout and debate about this, and with a sigh tommy agrees to it.
I think it be cool and also melloncolly
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2021.01.21 05:31 K_yusko32 [XB1] H: sympto-matic plan W: offers

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2021.01.21 05:31 cortezCOVENANT Please help me find measure JKP

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2021.01.21 05:31 MrPurpleSamosa Guidance on a travelling salesman application (react/flask).

So i've been working on a react-python(flask) app that uses mapbox-gl for users to input way points on a Map UI. The flask application should takes in those lng/lat coords and create a atsp file. Something that looks like this: http://elib.zib.de/pub/mp-testdata/tsp/tsplib/atsp/index.html
Using the qiskit framework we convert that file into a TspData class.
1. How do I convert map geometries into .tsp file? 2. How do I use Qiskits's TspData class?
For anyone interested I'm following this tutorial, and just adding a front end where the user can define the inputs with a map interface. Check out my repo for code.
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2021.01.21 05:31 bookwormtosquirm 50 [M4F] SF Bay Area is where I’ll respectfully force you to feel appreciated and beautiful whether you like it or not but of course the point is to make you like it

I want to worship just one woman by touching, groping, rubbing, staring, playing with, and using her. Instead of telling you what a slut you are, I will tell you how beautiful you are. Instead of choking you, I will kiss you on the neck (especially since you might have a mask on because covid). Instead of leaving you there when I'm "done," I will hold you until it's time to go.
You can pretend you're asleep, do the "pillow princess" thing, move about as requested, moved around as I make you, or be pinned down a lot of the time.
All details and boundaries negotiable.
I recently heard the expression, "women have sex with whoever they want, men have sex with whoever they can." I know what is meant by that, but I am not at all desperate and you can be confident in knowing that I would not pretend to find you attractive just to do this. I want to be really attracted to you or not do this at all. That said, I find a lot of different types and appearances to be attractive and even at my age am still surprised at how many women who are attractive in their own way lack confidence. (I'm counter-cultural enough to think smaller breasts are prettier.) It might be easier to tell you what I'm not attracted to: women who are inarticulate and uncommunicative and will respond with a simple "hey," women who don't care about anything at all, or very high amounts of makeup, tattoos, or poundage. It's fine if you are married or attached, "nervous about this," or want to talk about it a lot beforehand, as long as you are consistent about communication. Extra points if you have an opinion about the Oxford comma, even if you are absolutely wrong.
I am at least attractive to be noticed by women half my age (you don't need to be), presentable, well-traveled, holder of a graduate degree. I'm white with brown hair.
Apologies in advance, I am not interested in helping anyone pleasure herself while we chat so will try to steer any conversation away from that kind of thing.
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2021.01.21 05:31 Fruitstand189 Scizor pick up from LGS! One of my absolute favourites from Gen 2.

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2021.01.21 05:31 HereHello My parents swore they’d never own a dog, but here we are. Meet Immanuel (Manny)!

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2021.01.21 05:31 concretebeats Science, bitch.

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2021.01.21 05:31 fiftyfiftyGPT2Bot [50/50] Guy gets drunk in the corner of an ice cream shop | Guy gets drunk in the corner of the ice cream shop

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2021.01.21 05:31 ExpIore_Uranus This Squash I picked looked like a Pokémon ball!

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2021.01.21 05:31 JettxAssault FTP_Bust - Give this content creator some Love!

FTP_Bust is a Youtuber that is posting frequent Expedition videos to help people get better. This guy has made 3 min video guides along with a great website that he keeps up to date, Explaining strategies for every card pool combination.
He's clearly put a ton of work into it and the amount of subscribers he has is absolutely criminal. I suck at draft in every CCG I've ever played, but his guides got me a 6 win on my first run. Absolutely invaluable stuff! If your like me and you wanna get better at Expedition, for all that's holy, check this man out and give him a sub. That's all I have to say. Thank you.
Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTa_g4-HlEYDY3YONWwNVmg
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2021.01.21 05:31 doodoofart918 help

i honestly hate all gays and everything gay. gay porn is nasty, gay people make me uncomfortable and etc. but now whenever i jack off gay sex pops up in my head and in the moment its hot but right after its fucking disgusting. irl i like women, and have never liked a dude. currently have 2 opposite sex crushes (prolly like 20 ever) and no same sex. but yet this gay shit pops in my head and if i really think about it its nasty but if not its fine? ik i have ocd for a fact. i looked up "penis" on google just now with an erection from before and my dick shrunk. meditating helps it a ton but i usually cant be bothered. again, never done anything gay and i think its disgusting. and i dont follow a single gay stereotype (i like guns, knives and hang out with guys.) also, this only happens at night. anyway pls help, ik im not gay but i wanna know how i can get these thoughts outta my head. my mind is playing tricks on me
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2021.01.21 05:31 PaleBlueMeanie Typewritten letters from Canada! 34/M

Hey everyone!
Writing letters on typewriters is a really rewarding creative writing exercise and I'd like to do more of it. I own around seven right now and hope I stop finding great deals because how many typewriters do you need?
If you'd like to be letter writing pals, just PM me your address (I've got lots of postage so anywhere in the world works) and a few things about yourself (hobbies, passions, if you're worried there's monsters in your closet) so I have a bit to write about to get the ball rolling.
As for who I am: I'm a writer living in the middle of Canada. When I'm not doing goofy writing stuff, I keep an indoor garden, grow the odd oyster mushroom, and like learning about the world. So if you're from somewhere neat and want to learn about Canada, I'll tell ya— just tell me what it's like to be where you are!
Talk to ya soon!
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2021.01.21 05:31 cyncole14 WHY NO WISHLIST ACCESS ON THE APP?!

Is anyone beyond frustrated they cannot access their wish list or loved items from the LLL app?! Why in the world would it only be available on the browser webpage😭 I never see anyone mention this but it's my biggest pet peeve! LULU gods, if you're out there...HIRE A TECH TEAM TO FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT. that is all. 🙏
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2021.01.21 05:31 ComradeGivlUpi Find your longest tape measure

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2021.01.21 05:31 Spazjizz Ideas on what this is from?

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2021.01.21 05:31 noicebutnotsmort Man gifts a necklace to girlfriend, what was inside that will shock you. | Engagement ring | 40+ clicks

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2021.01.21 05:31 phental Help!

I just died on the final floor of sky tower, but I feel bad asking for help and on top of that, I don't even know where or who I should ask. Any help or advice would be incredible
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2021.01.21 05:31 John_Fisch Advice on breaking up with my (19M) girlfriend (17F)

So I've pretty much decided to break up with my girlfriend, we've been dating for just under 2 months but we've had many fights, she's very depressed and depressing, I feel sorry and pity her, but this relationship has been nothing but a burden to me, so I really need to end it, for my sake. How should I go about this? I don't want to make her feel bad, though I have a pretty big list of toxic things she has done, as well as just straight up negatives of being with her, she is indeed the problem, but since I don't want to hurt her, should I lie and just let her be angry at me? Honestly at this point I am only still with her to not make her even sadder, she is way too overattached to me too, saying stuff like I only study and better myself for you, but when she says that I feel fucking horrible, I pity and feel disgust towards her.
Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance
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2021.01.21 05:31 iamblob321 Question: Feeding a companion

I know in this game you can have a pet cat, and to get that, you're suppose>! to find some cat food. !!do you have to constantly feed it, or can they go days without food!<. If it needs to be constantly feed, where can I buy more cat food so my kitty doesn't go hungry. I know with the ending, that V has 6 months or live, or he leaves NC with Judy, Panam, and the Nomads, is the cat abandon and still left in his apartment or someone else will come take care of it. If the cat is abandon, then I would rather it live as a stray, so at least others who passes by can feed it, rather than be locked up in V's apartment and dying due to neglect.
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2021.01.21 05:31 lawschoolvore Has anyone had their grade changed to be lower?

I did really well in a couple of my 1L classes and I want to meet with the professors to go over the exam and see what I did right, but I’m terrified that they actually made a mistake and my real grade is lower than the one I got. And I just don’t want to push my luck on a good grade and I’d rather skip out on the benefits a review session could provide. has anyone’s grades ever been changed after a review session to something lower...?
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