Go! My stepdad doesn't like me so he only plays with my half-brother. Today I discovered something when he went to play with her... |

My stepdad doesn't like me so he only plays with my half-brother. Today I discovered something when he went to play with her...

2021.01.25 14:34 Dammit_maskey My stepdad doesn't like me so he only plays with my half-brother. Today I discovered something when he went to play with her...

I discovered that he's a r*pist he only liked "playing" with my half-brother cuz he's a mute. I regret not listening to my brother's signs. Today he was planning to "play" with my 2-year-old sister. Now don't worry about my siblings they're safe thank goodness I have taken care of my step-father at the right time
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2021.01.25 14:34 SeleneXIII Bronze white explorer

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2021.01.25 14:34 Mathtacularbeing people keep denying

any of the good things that trump did and solely see through his bad stuff that happened during the pandemic where everyone lost their shit
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2021.01.25 14:34 Fantastic-Leg-4798 Easy Crafts DIY - Epoxy Resin Wave

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2021.01.25 14:34 030Low Hi guys! A friend gave this to me and said the characters were written in Chinese. Is it correct? How do you read this? Hoping you could help me on this. 🙏🏿

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2021.01.25 14:34 pauherr Thank you guys!!!

I’m making more than I make in a week now. My aunt needs surgery in the old country and I’m going to be able to give my part!!!! 🐻🏳️‍🌈
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2021.01.25 14:34 king_ugly_100 Nobody But Me in Clan chat

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2021.01.25 14:34 Tanks4GG Baby conure keeps running under furniture

We have a new conure (he's less than year old) and he suddenly flies off and hides under furniture whenever we put him on a table, why is this behaviour? Not to mention he's taken care of 100% But there was a child in his past home who kept poking him with a stick but no injury or any actual harm done. He was returned to the pet shop and the shop owner took good care od him for a little while before we brought him with us Please help.
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2021.01.25 14:34 Jeff123_YT Just made a Etorr clipz 2 Pls check this Etorr and pls check it out

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2021.01.25 14:34 BlackHaired0 Anywhere to get a key for PES17?

Basically the title, been scouting the net flr days but couldn't find anything useful Ps: i live in germany
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2021.01.25 14:34 _Sick_Kiddo_ Bruh this bitch.....

Stepdad: Take down the political shit off your wall or I will
Me: What? It’s not political
Him: Yes it is and you’re trying to convert your siblings to your side!
The “political” stuff on my wall: “Trans rights are human rights, including nonbinary people ” and “LGBTQ+ rights are human rights”
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2021.01.25 14:34 siamesing my mother puts so much pressure on me for the sake of being "realistic" that it makes me seriously depressed

i am in high school and want to be a vet. i have been working towards being one for a while, taking all the right courses and achieving high grades. i have a 95 average.
my mother has always been extremely unsupportive of me wanting to be a vet because she says i'm "wasting away all my potential in a career where i will be in debt for the rest of my life and commit suicide"
she wanted me to be a nurse originally because her favourite daughter in law is a nurse but that isn't the path for me. when she found out i'm not going to go to nursing school she stopped talking about paying for my undergrad.
now she is pushing me to be a dentist. i would rather jump off a cliff then be a dentist and it would also put me far more in debt. i think she wants to tell all her friends she has a daughter in a high paying career or something.
she says i will be five hundred thousand dollars in debt (undergrad 12,000$, vet school costs about 15,000$ a year) easily and i will never pay it off and i will live in misery and regret. when i "thought" i was going to be a nurse she talked about how i would win a lot of scholarships and have zero debt but now she says i have "no drive and will get no scholarships" even though i volunteer at a hospital and a vet office, as well as a thrift store, i work a part time job, and i went to national level sports three times.
how do i get her to stop yelling at me and basically calling me a failure? i'm 16 and i cry almost every day that she yells at me about this, and it ruins a lot of things for me. the pressure and "realism" has made me feel sometimes like committing suicide over going to university since she says i am making the worst decision of all time. it feels like there will be no escape even in university.
i wish i was less of a failure :(
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2021.01.25 14:34 InMyWaysGuest813933 Incredible Asriel Rework

Asriel Dreemurr (New)
Aka: The God of Hyperdeath
"Finally. I was so tired of being a flower. Howdy! Chara, are you there? It's me, your best friend. ASRIEL DREEMURR"
Asriel spawns with 300 HP and has 1 life, not including Hyperdeath Form. Asriel also start with 80 ATK and 300 DEF. He has a mechanic called "Soul Energy" [Asriel's Soul Energy]. He has a light combo, a heavy combo, and an air combo.
Appearance: Asriel floats above the ground, Left and right while leaving a rainbow trail.
[Passive - Soul Energy]: Every move costs the power of the human souls, Every move depleting the energy of the souls, Any move used will decrease Asriel's ATK by 2, DEF by 7.

[Left Click : Non Draining Celestial Punchers]: This ability is a quick, low damage punch combo. Asriel punches the opponent, dealing 4 damage. The second punch deals 4 damage, the third deals 3 damage, the fourth deals 3 damage, and the fifth deals 5 damage. The sixth and final punch deals 20 damage, and knocks the opponent backward. Completing this combo deals a total of 40 damage.

[Right Click : Ultima Flasher] [CD: 10s]: Asriel grabs the opponent, And fires off a star blazing to them, Dealing 20 damage but massive knockback.

[Left Click + Right Click : Upper Flashing Combination]: [Left+Right Click]: This move is a quick combo that lifts both Asriel and the recipient into the air. Asriel uppercuts the target, launching them into the air and dealing 10 damage. Asriel will follow them, jumping into the sky. Asriel can then follow up with an air combo, both left and right clicks will do the same amount of damage. The first click deals 20 damage. The second-through-fifth attacks deals 20 damage. The sixth and final attack deals 20 damage, and slams the opponent down to the ground. However, Asriel will linger in the air for a second or so. Take advantage of this to unleash Star Blazing or Shocking
Breakers moves. This combo deals a total of 70 damage.

[R : Blinding Flash] [CD: 7s]: Asriel teleports a long range, temporarily blinding everyone around him. At the end of the teleport, a star effect appears.

[F : Six-Guard Brace]: Asriel puts his arms together and blocks incoming attacks. Any attacks that are blocked do not do any damage or will have the damage reduced significantly. If too many attacks are blocked, Asriel will be stunned, leaving him open for attacks. There are some exceptions to what can and can't be blocked.


[1 : Star Blazing Move Activation]: The player who is locked on will have the message, "Asriel readys Star Blazing", Asriel will open a new moveset. Disabling all his other open moveset. Pressing 1 reverts back to the normal moveset. Star Blazing Moves

[2 : Star Blazing/Galacta Blazing] [CD: 35s]: Asriel raises his arms and floats upwards into a fixed position, then turns invisible. He will then begin to rain down stars on the person they've locked onto or at the area where the cursor is. This attack will predict where the opponent is moving and fire there, but lasts for a short time. When the stars hit the ground, they split into multiple smaller stars which deal 3 damage to anybody who is hit. The attack will continue until eventually a larger star comes down and explodes into a multitude of smaller stars that deal 3 damage per hit. The big star will follow the cursor or the person who has been locked onto and will not stop until it collides with a player or object. This attack, if all big stars and the final star hit, deals around 245 damage. The weakest damage point is 90.

[3 : Giant Triple Blazing] [CD: 30s]: Asriel points his right arm to the player, Raining three giant stars behind them, If all three land it will deal 141 damage total, The stars follow the locked on opponent untill it reaches an end.
[2 : Shocker Breaker Move Activation]: The player who is locked on will have the message, "Asriel readys Shocker Breaker", Asriel will open a new moveset. Disabling all his other open moveset. Passing 2 reverts back to the normal moveset. Shocker Breaker Moves

[1 : Shocker BreakeShocker Breaker II] [CD: 35s]: Asriel raises their arms and flies to the sky as said above, turning invisible. They will then strike at the area where the cursor is or at the person they've locked onto with rainbow-colored lightning bolts. Each bolt is preceded by a warning sign on the ground and deals 10 damage per hit. After some time, Asriel will shoot a few bigger beams which deal 16 damage per hit, after which the attack will end, dealing total of 118 damage. This attack will predict where the opponent is going and aim there, making it hard to dodge. Each bolt will push you up into the air.
[3 : Chaos Sabers Move Activation]: The player who is locked on will have the message, "Asriel readys Chaos Sabers", Asriel will open Chaos Sabers moveset. Disabling all his other open moveset. Pressing 3 reverts back to the normal moveset. Or if used Shield Breaker. Chaos Sabers Moves

[1 : Chaos Saber Bolt Strike] [CD: 10s]: Asriel strikes Chaos Sabers/Chaos Slicers to the ground, shattering a bolt to the opponent, Dealing 70 damage. The more the move is used is the more cooldown it will get, Max limit 25 seconds.

[2 : Chaos Sabers/Chaos Slicers Soul Slash] [CD: 20s]: Asriel warps a moderate distance forward and stops at the locked on target. He then splits himself in two, creating a clone. With one Chaos Saber each, Asriel and his clone slash forward at the target's soul, blinding them and doing 35 damage. Afterward, Asriel will launch them away with a double slash, doing 65 damage. In total, this move deals 100 damage and consumes little mana.

[3 : Chaos Sabers/Chaos Slicers Shield Breaker] [CD: 20s]: Asriel slices the opponent two this with both Chaos Sabers/Chaos Slicers, Causing them to flinch, And then attacks with with the edge of Chaos Sabers/Chaos Slicers, Knocking them away and breaking any type of shield they have on. Dealing 90 damage total.
[4 : Chaos Buster Move Activation]: The player who is locked on will have the message, "Asriel readys Chaos Buster", Asriel will open Chaos Busters moveset. Disabling all his other open moveset. Pressing 4 reverts back to the normal moveset. Or if used Omega Blast. Chaos Buster Moves

[1 : Chaos Buster Omega Blast] [CD: 30s]: (1 - Chaos Blast) (CD 55s): Asriel teleports to the locked on target and barrages them with stars from the Chaos Buster, then finishes them by releasing a large rainbow beam. The onslaught of shots will add up to 174 damage, and the beam will deal 177 damage. This move does a total of 205 damage if all the hits connect.
[5 : Hypergoner Activation] [CD: PRE 60s]: Cannot be reused. Asriel transforms into the Hyper Goner and laughs, which will then proceed to suck in anything that is and was nearby, no matter how far away they might have moved. When the person gets close enough, they will receive a minigame where they need to dodge shards.This attack can instantly kill Sans if they didn't dodge all shards. Once Asriel is finished with this attack, they will transform into the God of Hyperdeath. This move deals 182 damage each hit. If Asriel transforms back into his original form after, he will be unable to use this move again. [NOTE:]** 5 cannot be used again.

God of Hyperdeath
"Urah ha ha ha... Behold my TRUE power!"
God of Hyperdeath spawns with 300HP. It will set to that amount no matter how low Asriel's health was before the transformation. God of Hyperdeath has 90 ATK and 350DEF.
Appearance: God of Hyperdeath will have the same appearance as Asriel and it will also have giant wings. If you have Morphs Enabled then your body will be floating white and black parts.
[Note: The passive Soul Energy will not apply to this phase now.]
[Passive - Final Chance]: The lower HP God of Hyperdeath has is the more weaker the attacks will get.

[1 : Prismatic Barrage] [CD: 20s]: God of Hyperdeath shoots many rainbow bullets out of their arms. These bullets deal around 13 damage per hit, and stun your opponent, but can pose a huge threat if someone goes near the God of Hyperdeath while they are using the attack as it is similar in function to a shotgun. This can be canceled by grab attacks or if God of Hyperdeath gets hit.

[2 : Triple Enhanced Prismatic Barrage] [CD: 20s]: Functionally the same as 1, but it shoots faster and has more shots.

[3: Prismatic Final Beam]: God of Hyperdeath puts their arms together and shoots a huge rainbow beam. Anyone caught in this beam will receive massive damage that gradually increases, this can decrease a victim's health to values as low as 0.0001, which makes it very rewarding since only one more hit is needed to kill the opponent. After the attack is finished, God of Hyperdeath will turn back to Asriel and will be unable to transform back to the God of Hyperdeath. You are not healed back to full open transforming back into Asriel, so watch your timing. Your stats are changed to 90 ATK, 200 DEF upon returning to Asriel's base form. Your HP value is reliant on what you were before changing into 3rd phase. If above or equal to 200 you go to 200, but any lower and you have that health.
For real, My biggest creation. I used this music while making the moveset 『 Genshin Impact MMD 』 La La Latch - YouTube
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2021.01.25 14:34 c4tmu5 Path to a buck. All GME 🚀🚀🚀 never selling!

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2021.01.25 14:34 pangoleen Отжал

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2021.01.25 14:34 unstablefan Don't tell me about mods...just edit the game files! (Actually a question about mods)

So I've been playing on iOS, meaning I'm on the GS build from before NFP, and playing various cultures that are good at National Parks and maaaaan Naturalists are expensive!
So I tried to write a mod to make Naturalists cost 600 faith +100 faith, as they have since the August 2020 update, and nothing else. Transferred over to my phone, and it worked fine for the base game but apparently Gathering Storm edits the cost values, same as my mod, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make my mod load AFTER Gathering Storm. LoadOrder doesn't seem to do anything whether I set it to 999, 2000, or -1 (GS has a LoadOrder value of -100). [Random thought as I type, should I try -101?]
So I gave up and just edited the game files themselves, and that worked just fine. Although a little more difficult to undo.
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2021.01.25 14:34 Minejacob35 Stop scrolling and take some snacks

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2021.01.25 14:34 lil-jon-t [H] Shadow Daggers Doppler Phase 4 [W] Shadow Daggers Doppler Phase 2

b/o Shadow Daggers Doppler Phase 2
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2021.01.25 14:34 CringeChilly Wait a minute, you shouldn't be here! I shouldn't be here!

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2021.01.25 14:34 Frontpage-Watch [#23|+7161|66] Cat sees himself on stream [/r/WatchPeopleDieInside]

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2021.01.25 14:34 TwistedArg Sky (Xiaomi Mi9T + GCAM + Lightroom)

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2021.01.25 14:34 hilarioustennis Bakery very tough no

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2021.01.25 14:34 Frontpage-Watch [#50|+3673|91] This is how you outplay someone that plants for C Long [/r/VALORANT]

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2021.01.25 14:34 Goldleck Fnaf 1 song comments in a nutshell

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2021.01.25 14:34 linux_n00by I plan to buy the watch here in the UAE but i wil lgive it to my wife which is now residing in Philippines. will there be any difference in functionalities when used in PH?

iirc ecg is not working here in UAE. will it work if its being used in PH? what about apple pay? also why the battery can only be used for 18 hours? any other things i need to check?
last thing. series 5 or series 6? there's a big difference in price so if there's no significant changes, i may take the 5. this is a first smart watch
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