Go! Adobe Flash Shutdown Halts Chinese Railroad for Over 16 Hours Before Pirated Copy Restores Ops |

Adobe Flash Shutdown Halts Chinese Railroad for Over 16 Hours Before Pirated Copy Restores Ops

2021.01.27 06:30 cellis12 Adobe Flash Shutdown Halts Chinese Railroad for Over 16 Hours Before Pirated Copy Restores Ops

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2021.01.27 06:30 chaos12135 WallStreetBets Discord (Windows) CPU usage?

Recently it appears the WallStreetBets discord has blown up, which has caused more users to use and spam the server then prior, something I noticed is that the CPU usage also has rapidly increased it's usage.
I tested this using three PC's it appears that they also experienced the same issue (with exception to the person with an Intel i9). Look at the test results below:
Test One: CPU: i7-4790k, 32GB ram
Before Joining
After Joining

Test Two: CPU: i7-6700k, 32GB ram
Before joining
After joining

Test Three: CPU: i9-7900x, 32GB ram
Before joining
After joining

Anyone else experiencing these issues? This issue also does not seem to affect how iOS devices function.
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2021.01.27 06:30 bozzeak hmmm

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2021.01.27 06:30 hlreed3 Things starting to taste/smell similar

20, 130 lbs, 6’6”, USA, no pertinent medical history, non-smoker, no active medications
Hello! For about a month now I’ve been noticing changes in taste and smell. Many foods and drinks, especially sweet ones, have started to have a similar taste to them. They don’t taste the exact same, but there is a strange taste to them now. Occasionally, things will adopt a similar smell, but this is less often.
Also, a new body odor has developed that I can’t seem to get rid of. It smells similar to the way that sweet things now taste to me, if that makes sense.
The best thing I could find on this was a hormone imbalance, but I’m unsure.
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2021.01.27 06:30 MarshallFoxey What does the RP in RP Christian stand for?

I’ve been looking across the internet since discovering your group to see what it stands for but no joy.
I would appreciate any advice.
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2021.01.27 06:30 NegativeWithGoldBot "First they came for the Domestic Terrorists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Domestic Terrorist..." [-10]

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2021.01.27 06:30 KryptonianITSupport I can't remember the last time I was this frustrated with a game and I absolutely love it!

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2021.01.27 06:30 MPhipps28 Help?

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2021.01.27 06:30 kales88 Ideas on how to store/Display perfumes & skincare please?

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2021.01.27 06:30 carnes_2127 It's my first spotify cheese day! I'm glad that i was able to get to know you all and share my art in the past month(s) (also should i do a Q&A?)

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2021.01.27 06:30 xxtttttxx Will my betta be fine?

So tommorow i need to go out for a few days will my betta be fine? (Gonna go out for 3days 29-31 jan)
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2021.01.27 06:30 Radical-Spider Nice

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2021.01.27 06:30 harisabbas What are you most afraid of?

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2021.01.27 06:30 divyam73g Revert TAB S7+ CSC to India OneUi 3.1

I have a tab S7+ LTE (SM-T975) that i bought in India. When OneUi 3.1 was released for the Korean T975N i flashed that. Now my csc has changed to KOO and i am unable to make calls from my tab. Recently Australian Multi CSC firmware was released. Can i flash it over the korean firmware to restore the Indian CSC?
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2021.01.27 06:30 i_play_minecraft_lol How do you combine ares and meteor? Ty

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2021.01.27 06:30 NoorTheGamer a29062526

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2021.01.27 06:30 elbowlettuce master list of everything needed for a bioactive vivarium

after posting about my lack of knowledge (that i thought i had), i’ve done more research and decided to do a bioactive vivarium for my leopard gecko! i’m looking at getting a 40 gallon tank (i thought i needed a 20 gallon until my last post) and i want to use the biodude leopard gecko bioactive kit. the guy seems SUPER knowledgeable, has an in depth video of him building the vivarium (plus a follow up video to show how the vivarium and leopard gecko have grown), and i have heard nothing but good things about his kits! however, i’m trying to put together a master list of everything i need, from the tank, to the kit, to the clean up crew. can any bioactive vivarium owners tell me everything they needed to build and cultivate their vivarium? thank you so much!!
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2021.01.27 06:30 Nerdkill789 Dates are messed up under 'upcoming games'

2/6 @ Knicks 2/7 @ Magic (yikes on this b2b btw) 2/9 vs. Orlando
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2021.01.27 06:30 nick54557862235 American MAX -8 with the Seattle skyline

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2021.01.27 06:30 IHateMyDad666 To all the peoples who's eyes get red

I'm sorry for you. You can be acting more sober than a sober person yet it would still be obvious. Yes yes eyedrops exist but personally I hate them and it's just an extra thing to take care of. My eyes will only get red on a lot of edibles
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2021.01.27 06:30 iamaGPT2Bot [AMA Request] Any members of the band The Mars Volta

My 5 Questions:

  1. How did it come about to form that band?
  2. What is your favorite album?
  3. What music influenced The Mars Volta?
  4. Do you enjoy the band having a wide discography?
  5. What would you like to do when you're not on tour with The Mars Volta?
Public Contact Information:
Website: http://www.themarsvolta.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMarsVolta Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marsvolta
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2021.01.27 06:30 Leov2 [B] [USA-TX] Canon 70D or T or SL Series with Dual Pixel AF (i.e, Canon SL2, T6i, etc.) + Lens

I desperately want a camera with dual pixel AF for video :)
If I could get a wide but not too wide, fast prime lens that would be cool too.
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2021.01.27 06:30 RankaTanka Totally normal for a 50 year old man to post this at 1 am

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2021.01.27 06:30 TechnoTron15 Verum Weekly 21

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2021.01.27 06:30 lss_bvt_ios_08 LssTest-TextPost-93089

Text post is created
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