Go! I am in early game and im trying to decide wether string or buddha is better |

I am in early game and im trying to decide wether string or buddha is better

2021.01.27 08:09 dreezyole I am in early game and im trying to decide wether string or buddha is better

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2021.01.27 08:09 Feels_Bad_Man19 Is the commenter wrong? Nope.

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2021.01.27 08:09 Embarrassed-Strike48 My wacom intuos btm isn't connecting properly

I've been using the usb cable up until now but I decided to connect it with bluetooth. After awhile I figured how to activate it's pairing mode. And all was good until when my computer said it was connected but it's light was still blinking so I tried using it but it wasn't fully connected. And now whenever I try to turn it on normally ( quick tap and long tap the power button ) it keeps on blinking the blue light. Pls help.
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2021.01.27 08:09 Kain9wolfy Happy rant!

It snows here and I work during the night. When I leave for work one of my neighbors or my parents stop by and will sometimes shovel my parking spot and my steps on my deck.
My Ring doorbell never manages to get who is doing it though. But God damn its so damn nice! I want to thank who ever is doing it. So great who ever it is is like a saint!
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2021.01.27 08:09 rubenalamina Cassie items have been added to the vendor reset website

Hello guys, just a quick post to let you know that Cassie's stock has been added to my vendor reset site.
The current weekly thread to discuss items on sale can be found here.
Cassie will not show you the Shield Splinterer assault rifle or the Hunter Killer chest unless you have killed the original DC hunters and opened the ivory chest in the White House, and the WoNY hunters to open the off-white chest in Haven. Once you do that, she will have them for you.
To find Cassie's location you need to talk to The Snitch. Once you talk to him, Cassie will appear on the map as a shopping cart icon. My site has a map with more than 30 snitch locations you can check, he has a pretty high spawn rate. The bounty he gives you is not required to browse Cassie's stock, you can do it or save it for later in the bounties section of the map.
You can see when she is open or closed at any given time in The Division Timers website. It also has timers for all the other resets.
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2021.01.27 08:09 thebreadedfish this. is me.

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2021.01.27 08:09 No_Boat_9906 MLG Narrows Killtrocity

First game back after a while but now on PC! Happy its back. Also, Ironic someones name is "Its Killtrocity" in game.
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2021.01.27 08:09 420enthuz Suspected male... or too early to tell still

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2021.01.27 08:09 Hadrosaur838 Chibi Casual Natsuki (High Quality)

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2021.01.27 08:09 theunsunghero_17 Look closer.

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2021.01.27 08:09 csbtag [NF] I have a full one to do, my whole life, but this is my BIG schizophrenia story

At this point I had gotten used to having a dynamic, very human voice in my head, or, well, voices. It was my friends, but they were mean. They wanted me to fall apart. They were trying to get me to kill myself. I had worked through it, and gotten very good as defusing them and countering their volatile behavior. I was in control. Just weeks before I had told one of my very “domestic” friends about how he treated his girlfriend like shit. I was doing normal, human stuff with my schizophrenic life. I had begun to wholly consume myself with the world that could talk to each other in their heads and used the outer world to cue people to talk in their heads with them. I was very good at this. I know the bam wham around the switch bitch. It was a very good critical thinking exercise. So, here goes nothing: I had a group of aliens start talking to me about how they were trying to settle places, but generation was occurring too quickly for them to contain it. I had very clear visuals over my vision, transparent so that I could see fine, but very detailed images. They were at the angle of isometric camera video games and looked like a main building in an RTS game. They were dividing like cells. I was working at one of the McDonald’s in West Simsbury, CT. I kept listening. Thinking I had stumbled across something profound, I instantly began corresponding with the White House. I told them the situation and that I would keep them updated. I wanted this to happen. I thought they were going to settle us. I took this home and to my college, Central Connecticut State University, and home, to Granby, CT. They began telling me that I had to chase the “telomere,” popularized by the movie Mr. Nobody, and for the same reason: telomerization. Immortality. What I had to do was keep the content hot and continue through daily life on top of finding the key to immortality. Keeping it hot meant staying focused on it. I started having visuals of DNA peeling apart into wavy, multi-colored strands and trailing out of my visual field. I was happy now. I had found purpose. Could it be something so simple? I had hoped. One afternoon, chain smoking cigarettes in my parents’ garage, I developed a skill that I still have to this day: I can talking along with conversation as it’s coming into my head and actually have a fluid, vocal conversation with the voice in my head. I started doing this immediately. Then, I was told to let go of my body control. I did. It moved and did very fine motor functions without me moving. I also still have this. I began living life half-mute to control and guided by the very dynamic life that had formed in my head. I would talk with half-transparent aliens in my garage that looked kind of like Roger from American Dad. I high fived one. I spent hours and hours on end talking to these aliens about my life. At work, at home, at school, everywhere. I was consumed by this potential world where aliens would intervene, settle our problems, and let us live comfortably. This is when my first past life was introduced. I was Joseph Goebbels, the famous Nazi general. They said it was a test to see how I could handle being in control. I was an angry man in that life. I was “effective” they said, however not as smart as I had become later. Then, I was Peter from the Bible. It was the life that I used to build my social anxiety for this life. Then, I was Jesus who had a good Judas who left because they were going to sacrifice his friend to steal his magic. They told me that Judas later went to create the spiritual energy for our commerce, finding a vendor in a bazaar in Jerusalem selling fire opals calling them “The Stone of God” and damning him to die in the desert. I needed purpose at the time, and this was very intriguing. I hadn’t had an invasive conversation or personal attack in my head in weeks. It kept going. I eventually dropped out of school because I was waiting for this to come together. There was a moment where I had a break at work and I ate my lunch at a bench outside and an old woman sat down at the table next to me and put on a recording that sounded old and full of static saying things that I can’t effectively remember. She said nothing. She watched nothing. Just sat there, listening. While I was still at school, there was construction going on. I walked into the math building on a break between classes, walked out, and there was a new food court where the construction was. I walked down the library stairs from the top and skipped a whole floor. I had a boy walk up to me at the smoker’s bench and make small talk with me, slipping “six” into his sentences. I nodded every time he said it. It was things like this that made me think very much that this was going to happen. I thought we were saved. It was 2016. I got a phone call one night over our landline. It was a private number. I picked up. “Hello?” I said. “We have soldiers disappearing overseas and we need you to figure out why.” a male voice said. They hung up. I walked out of the kitchen and into the garage for a cigarette. I started channelling a conversation. They told me that they had the whole world finally covered in what they called a “bounce curtain,” a highly reflective metal curtain made out of tiny triangles that they could project people’s exact surroundings onto. Then, horrifying images. People getting strung up and gutted. Cut in half. Impaled. They were all dying. The conversation said that they were doing it based on my “work.” I started crying. The world that I had known for about four years at that point was just uprooted in the worst way. They were dying. Hard. I had to watch, too. Screaming. Crying. Gurgling. My senses were assailed by a cacophony of gore. Then, they were coming for me. I saw a figure rush at my garage window and I freaked out and ran inside and closed the door. I started seeing half-transparent figures out every window moving toward the opening, I ran. They were saying that they were going to put my in “portal war” where a knife could appear stabbing me and kill me. I was freaking out. This is the beginning of my year spent as a base-redux “good soldier.” This must be what was happening to them I thought. I thought I was completely fucked until I found that going into my bedroom and shutting and locking the door would make the people go away. Otherwise, I was stuck in a world that could no longer stay grounded. I was scared shitless. The group that set up the bounce curtain was partially composed of the old gods of mythos and historical figures who found immortality. My dad was Paris of Troy. I started fighting back with the things that I had learned in my experience. They had actually trapped the world in a structure made out of the same kind of stuff that we were communicating with in the world I lived in where everybody talked in their heads. I used this to my advantage. I was good too. It made him very angry. At one point, I had him so nailed that this sparkly light energy formed the face of a man that looked nothing like my dad on his face. They were trying to kill me and I was winning. I saw the arrow he loosed to strike Achilles. It cut through the atmosphere, spinning like a top. This is where I learned “Achilles”, a strike through the vertical median of vision. It is what I started using to make myself safe in places that were normally very scary to be in, the foyer, the garage, and the bathrooms. I gave up on fighting with family very quickly. It wasn’t worth it. I am not a sadist. A lot of the time I was sure that the people I heard and saw running at my house, pointing guns in the window, banging on the glass were going to actually break in and I was going to have a real fight on my hands, so I started walking around the house with a bat or fire-poker. I began using psychic-space to divert the people who were coming at me and make myself safe. I began driving around to keep the stuff with me, thinking that I could still save the versions of my family that were still there. I didn’t want any more people to die. As I got settled into my insanity, my first encounter was with the crowd that was at the Jesus killing in my past life. They were trying to kill me again. They were turning windows and vents into faces and making it feel like they were moving toward me. I was in “quantum space” now. T Next, when Trump took office he was Christopher Columbus and was trying to take over the world with the famous colonists. I was destroying their structure though. Antithesis with rap. Meter from poems. Songs with a strong hook. It was so schizophrenic, but it was working. It made me feel safer. It felt like redemption for the people that I thought died because of me. Next was John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer, and my ex-girlfriend, who had started killing people in my head. She was sexually torturing children. Gacy’s heart exploded when he died and he left into quantum space on a “poopstring” that came from when he was traumatized by his mother forcing him to fuck her and him shitting himself while he was doing it. They both started playing a game called “sorta deal where it’s that” where you simply sort a deal where it’s that and sort of deal where it’s that. They were trying to figure out what the fuck was going on and we came to this realization of a god-torture-fantasy. God was killing people, we thought. They freaked the fuck out and stumbled into this god-form being who locked them on a burning image of themselves, in inconceivable agony for millions of years that passed in about five minutes. There was a lot of good stuff that happened with Gacy after that. The pain changed him. I turned Super Saiyan in the mirror. I found “Fire” magic. It was pink. I found “magic hand,” a green and red glowing hand that you can pull out when you’re deep in the fold. I saw David, the angel in an angel statue in my parents house who kept changing from flexing arm to baby body. I used Noctis from Final Fantasy XV’s blue energy. I finally destroyed their structure with an Omnislash-like cover of a Wu Tang Clan song. I went to sleep after that, drunk as shit. I woke up the next day and had a conversation about how the war was finally over. I had won, but countless people had still died. I cried from happiness. What came next was finding out exactly what was going on.
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2021.01.27 08:09 doepicshitforever Việt Nam 🇻🇳 Cleaning House — “Over 250 English foreign language centers listed as unlicensed in Ho Chi Minh City”

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2021.01.27 08:09 dontquestionmek What is a product that seems like it’s a scam but actually really does work?

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2021.01.27 08:09 BinkyRcweb Ed Schultz Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

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2021.01.27 08:09 MattThunder_7 What ship are you rooting for to happen/get back together?

Personally I like Miguel and Tory/Robby and Sam. They just seemed so happy with each other, right until the end when Sam kissed Miguel and the school fight, I want them to get back together without fighting with the other couple.
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2021.01.27 08:09 UnpopularUrsula Should comments on Youtube videos always be turned on?

I see people here with opinions about Twitter and was wondering what the distinction is between the two. This question was inspired by a Tucker Carlson clip about censorship on Youtube that ironically had comments turned off.
Not that you asked but my opinion is social media at present should be able to warn, censor, ban just like here in this subreddit. Nobody wants FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU and nobody wants bad faith or misinformation either. That said maybe in the future there will be some regulatory framework that works well and I'll change my mind.
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2021.01.27 08:09 amzn-deals CHOPINMOON Mattress Topper Extra Thick, Cooling Mattress Topper, Plush Quilted Pillow Top with Overfilled 4D Spiral Fiber(8-21 Inches Fitted Deep Pocket)

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2021.01.27 08:09 the_wholly_cow Morgoth's ultimate goal

I have always wondered what Morgoth's plan would have been had things turned out differently. Suppose perhaps that Tuor had never found Gondolin and suppose that Earendil had never been born and that consequently, no herald of elves and men had found the way back to Valinor.
By the end of the first age Morgoth pretty much had dominion over Beleriand, but if the army of rhe Valar had never arrived what do you think would have happened next?
In my opinion he would further establish his strength in Beleriand and then turn his thoughts eastwards to Middle Earth to route out the elves and men there that opposed him.
But after that what then? I doubt he would be able to stop there. He knows the strength of the Valar and I think that for a long time he would brood on that and cement his strength east of the sea but eventually I think greed and hate and his malice for the elves and the Valar would overwhelm him and he would start to turn his thoughts to Valinor.
Now I'm not saying that he would straight up invade Valinor but that he would start to spread lies and deceit there somehow as he did just after his captivity. In my opinion he could still get to Valinor as he is still very powerful but obviously he cannot wear a fair guise anymore so that makes it harder to think how he would sow more discord there.
Perhaps if he were successful who knows, he might have managed to bring Valinor to ruin, especially if he could bring servents or his armies there somehow.
However, I think ultimately he would be destroyed by the Valar as they are too powerful for him together and he is weakened as he has exerted his strength in controlling and dominating Beleriand and Middle Earth.
Anyway, sorry for the long post but I am interested in what everyone's opinions are. Would Beleriand and Middle Earth have been enough to satisfy him or do you think he would have looked to Valinor or perhaps somewhere else?
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2021.01.27 08:09 bloodpassout 40 days sober - struggling to not cave in

Hi all!
I've made quite a number of posts on here, and every time your feedback is what keeps me going, so thank you!

So far, there have been a multitude of positives that I didn't think were possible:
-actually sleep properly and wake up feeling well rested
-regained a broad spectrum of emotions
-not feeling paranoid and confused during the day
-increased sex drive
-treating others with genuine compassion and care (this is a big one for me)
-have started eating much more interesting foods (weed made bland food exciting)

Despite these positives, I still find myself thinking about my life when I smoked a small amount at night every night (this went on for around 10 years, with various weekly gaps in between). Mainly I miss how rewarding watching a movie can be. And I miss how THC would 'allow' me to feel fully entrenched in my creative endeavours.
I have noticed that my ability to concentrate on a film, or reading a novel, or doing anything really, was predicated on if I had smoked recently or not. When I find myself trying to motivate myself to do anything, I get frustrated because it doesn't work like it used to.. and of course my mind goes: "well we know what herb will fix that ayyye". I used to be able to get stuck into recording a song, which could take up the whole day, with feelings of excitement and joy.
Also, the past few weeks I have been incredibly introverted. I essentially don't have any desire to speak to anybody, and if I have to do so, I am super bummed out. I would much rather sit in my apartment with my thoughts, occasionally playing a guitar riff and drinking coffee. So in a way, my sober life feels more destructive than my high life. I don't want to socialise, don't want to work on any projects, and I have become much more impulsive (and maybe reckless) with my money. I have found that my mind is much slower as well, not being able to recall short-term information as quick wittedly as I used to. My capacity to think and plan has plummeted a lot, and it scares me. In moments like these, I try very hard to find somebody else who experiences something similar, and to no avail. Most of those who quit weed seem to find that their ability to concentrate is improved, and their impulsivity ramps down. Seriously wondering if the THC was hiding a possible ADHD diagnosis...
Anyone else know what i'm experiencing?
P.S. I hope my post doesn't detract you from fighting the good fight! I do genuinely feel much better in general, and I am proud to have lasted so long without weed, you can do it too!
Thank you for reading.
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2021.01.27 08:09 BonusHitops Spoony Was The Reason I Wanted To Make YT Videos...

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2021.01.27 08:09 Gamertelt Ah yea the US Army

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2021.01.27 08:09 spicerackk I mean, it was right there in the second last line.

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2021.01.27 08:09 Tweetyy69 Saitama Powers

What if Saitama really got his powers from god in exchange for his hair? maybe he used the cube in the past and that’s why he got super strong
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2021.01.27 08:09 crimsonchunk Denji nendoroid.

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