Go! Chris rock on the blame game is slept on |

Chris rock on the blame game is slept on

2021.01.15 14:48 dogman127 Chris rock on the blame game is slept on

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2021.01.15 14:48 rwoooshed $RNLSY Renault launches new Mobilize mobility brand with EZ-1 concept car

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2021.01.15 14:48 Lovesosa12345 Osap application mistake (scholarship amount)

So initially for the expected scholarship section I had put $4k as I thought it was the amount expected for all 4 years but it’s actually for one year and ryerson already reports the scholarship amount for the year. So how would I go changing this?
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2021.01.15 14:48 Prowlzian The problem lies at the core of the game

Nekki themselves are responsible for the way the game, meta, and public opinion are now. From toxic character design, talents that promote camping/spammimg, to incredibly stupid decisions made regarding levels and power.
First of all, lets talk about the characters:

  1. Certain characters are specifically made for camping (Bulwark), while others straight up encourage spamming (Jet). And this is only with their basic kit, without any help from the talents. They are made to be annoying and not fun to play against, which is stupid and is turning people away from the game when they see that even basic kits are broken
  2. Certain talents heavily enforce a style of play. Kate and her Luck encourages her to spam her attacks in hope of a lucky block break. Nothing that is dependant on luck is fun, for either opponent. Or maybe Marcus? I love Marcus. Is he slow like an Oaf? Yes. Are his talents toxic, making him either base his strategy on once again a luky block break, or just straigth up a tank that can regen, be invulnerable, and do shitloads of damage? Yes.
  3. Adding any sort of shadow power drain to the game inherently makes the characters capable of that more powerful. If you're gonna base a whole franchise on the fact that people can use basically superpowers, why would you add something so boring as drain ability? Especially on Kate that can get block breaks and just keep you cornered forever.
Now lets talk about general design:
  1. Adding account levels to the game is fine, but...there's a big BUT. You can't tie those levels to a power system. Those that spend more money on the game will inherently get not only more levels in characters, but also more account levels, giving them an unfair advantage that is hard to overcome.
  2. When you first start the game, you can't even check the characters that are locked behind levels, so you can't see their moveset, and you have to basically take a beating from them whenever you encounter a new character you're too low to go in training with. This isn't a problem for those that are level 8 and beyond, but it's an easy way to frustrate new players and make them quit.
  3. Normal mode is basically useless. It isn't enforced in any way, and you can't test new builds or characters you're unfamiliar with, because you'd risk losing a lot of trophies, making people intro tryhards.
There's a lot of problems with the game that are all dependant on Nekki's ability to change core features, which can still be done, otherwise the game will continue in this toxic downward spiral.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Updoots or Downdoots to the left.
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2021.01.15 14:48 seeldoger47 [H] PayPal [W] Financial Times Account

Looking for a Financial Times account.
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2021.01.15 14:48 Yoo_Tu What is real bitcoin and what it really is.

Translation of a very interesting topic on one of the leading Russian bitcoin forums.
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2021.01.15 14:48 aliceloneunicorn My female Deku cosplay! I love Deku so much and I'm thinking about maybe making a pyjama cosplay from when he was little.

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2021.01.15 14:48 sassy-cheese-cube We need back cameras that mirror-invert our pictures.

This is the most frustrating thing in my life. I can be looking like goddamn Timothée Chalmet in my mirror\selfies but when it comes to pictures through back cameras\professional photography cameras I look like a deranged squirrel doll. WHY.
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2021.01.15 14:48 baudimoovan1 Tittle

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2021.01.15 14:48 WonderChode Any Oyster Blade tips? Tempwise I know what I want (135F, 57 C), but how long if I want a soft middle connective tissue??

I want to cut the blade clod (we call it Punta Paleta, paleta being the blade) in steaks with the connective tissue in the middle. You never see it presented like that where I'm from so I want to try it.
If I want it at 57 C or 135F, how long should I leave it in order to get a soft and not so chewy middle?
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2021.01.15 14:48 Farryzz Idk I just came up with this idea

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2021.01.15 14:48 fef2p 99 afk meles in f2p :)

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2021.01.15 14:48 Mike_505 New build No signal

My new gaming pc is done, but when i try to boot it gives no signal on the monitor. Al the component are on and working but no screen.
On the motherboard the debug led is on for the cpu(indicating problem), but i don't know whats wrong.
I looked on the msi website and the mb is compatible with the cpu. I wanted to update the bios but i need to get in to the bios to do that(no signal and no bios flash button on mb).
-Msi b450m bazooka max wifi -5 5600x
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2021.01.15 14:48 moneyshouters There is No Place for Binance IEOs on Binance US Yet

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2021.01.15 14:48 ansh188 OM - Buddhist Mantra

The sacred symbol Om (Aum), which in Hindu philosophy is said to represent the primordial sound of the universe, is widely used in mainstream Buddhism, though it has differing connotations. In the sheer simplicity of the word OM lies an amazing, transformative power! Om, believed to be ‘the sound of the Universe’ is Hinduism’s most sacred of mantra. To explore the benefits of meditation, OM is a good place to begin as it’s short, easy to remember and allows you to focus .
If you want to listen then please check the link https://youtu.be/3qI62Sr76Ws
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2021.01.15 14:48 IIWild-HuntII 123

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2021.01.15 14:48 mara_ec Came in peace, left in pieces

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2021.01.15 14:48 Joyffree Grayson (Hellbound Lovers MC) By Crimson Syn ➱ Book Tour

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2021.01.15 14:48 AcidAlchamy Replacing Active Bending Headlights - Just Module?

So my car had been in a accident, hit and run. The shop at to replace my headlight. They are active bending so have modules programmed to the car from the light. When they replaced the light I told them to throw the old one in the trunk (the law in Nevada says you can keep your parts from auto shops, just gotta let them know in advance, so I always do this, volvo, auto shops, anywhere; I leave with what I came with lol.) but today, I inspected the headlamp in the trunk and saw the modules were gone.
What do you think the odds are of the shop buying a new headlamp, but then just swapping modules over to skip reprogramming?
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2021.01.15 14:48 Shyzhofren When steam patch starts?

Sorry if its silly question. I didnt see it is mentioned in the post. does steam patch starts with league or before? and if it is before do we know the time exactly?
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2021.01.15 14:48 _dyle_ XQC SHOULD BUILD A PC WITH LINUS

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2021.01.15 14:48 Jacks820 KingGeorge - umm what???

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2021.01.15 14:48 HypedTOJ Censor बोर्ड ओपी

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2021.01.15 14:48 Worried_Article well.. any other device also

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2021.01.15 14:48 funfox69 The dream running music is a banger

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