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Acoustic in Alabama

2021.01.15 18:56 zachwatersband Acoustic in Alabama

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2021.01.15 18:56 Yolo-Amirite 17 M4F (UK-Devon)(online or irl) I've always fantasised about being in a relationship with an older woman!

Heya, I'm currently studying Film, Psychology and Drama for A-levels, I can't drive yet though I'm hoping to be able to by the end of the year, all things considered. I'm about 5'9, have brown longish hair and greyish blueish eyes. I can definitely hold my end of a conversation, or at least I try to, so no need to worry about that. I doubt I'll get any luck on here but worth a shot, won't know unless I try and all that😂. Anyways, hope I interest you and I hope this goes well😊😊
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2021.01.15 18:56 ColoradoHipHopAddict Tony 2Tone - Dawn

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2021.01.15 18:56 virinovirino I don't know if...

I don't know if there is anyone else here who thinks as I do about toki ma; it is a grand little language, in my view, which as it is has the capacity to be a universal means of communication, a simple tongue accessible to anyone. Too many complications in its 'grammar' may well impede its spread, far more than any minor difficulties for various people in articulating unfamiliar sounds
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2021.01.15 18:56 Big-Bad-Jon7152 MEN

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2021.01.15 18:56 mhudson42484 Exciting Book Adaptations Coming in 2021

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2021.01.15 18:56 frdspuzi [FOR HIRE] Create a custom illustration of you, in Notion style. $20 per piece.

I'm an illustrator that can create a custom illustration of you in a style most people using the app Notion are familiar with. I have created over 30 illustrations for the past 3 months from people all over the world. The illustration can be used as your own social media profile picture, placed on your website or for your Notion dashboard.
I charge $20 per illustration.
Looking forward to working with you.
GMT +8
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2021.01.15 18:56 ed0uar Pz B2 mastery kolobanov raseiniai

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2021.01.15 18:56 LocksmithMany A pro domme here looking for a sissy who's obedient and submissive.... Message me on hangout lindarobert7642@gmail.com or Text me on (281) 584-3326

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2021.01.15 18:56 Kutzelberg Is the driving test in mroor el Ma3adi S-Shaped or U-shaped?

I'll be taking my driving test soon and I trained on the S-shaped cones in the driving school. But turns out it's apparently U-shaped in mroor el ma3adi? Just wanna know if that's true or not.
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2021.01.15 18:56 OBlockLegend Just picked up the RSO and Carolina cart! I’ve never had that strain of RSO or cart before! Hoping it was a good pickup.... The RSO was $55 and the cart was $49 so I don’t feel it was too big a gamble. Not a huge fan of smalls but the ONYCD in pics 2&3 is some mustard! Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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2021.01.15 18:56 Chad-Steve Goodbye.

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2021.01.15 18:56 Super4ce Saw a Ghost in the rental house.

We were sleeping in the rental house and saw someone standing in the mirror at night by the bedside dresser.
then felt a presence in a small corridor behind the TV.
One day I was eating lunch and the lunch moved on its own towards the small corridor.
Ran like hell outside the house and then returned to get my shit and leave. 😂
I want to see if it's still haunted. I'm scared to go alone. Turns out a lady was killed in a dowry dispute, they hid the body in that small corridor and then later hung the body to make it look like suicide. that room I'm sleeping in used to be her room.
The house is haunted so they put it up for rent. nobody stays for long in that house.
I used some rabbits as baits in that small corridor but when the rabbits were there I couldn't sense any presence. I'm the only one in the house so when I'm alone I feel this heavy deafening silence and my heart starts to pound and every night I see someone standing by my bedside mirror.
Scary shit. I'm glad I got to experience it. but it was the most scariest experience at that time it happened.
Please don't insult or make fun. I'm not a crazy person and am not making this up. anyone would have ran. but I lived in that house for a month. It's an old spooky house, very big and spacious, enough for a family of 5. but not a good vibe in that place. especially around mid day, that's when the activity seems to spike. so around that time I just leave the house and go stay at a park nearby.
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2021.01.15 18:56 webtrog When the heat shuts off, the furnace makes a big bang noise

I'm a furnace newb. I have a Newish (2-3 year old) gas/forced hot air furnace. Whenever it's done its cycle, there's something that creates a very large bang noise. The only thing I could think of was a dirty filter or some blockage creating too much back pressure, expanding something until the pressure drops when it's done. Any ideas? I will probably need to call someone but wanted to see if anyone here had any insight.
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2021.01.15 18:56 Bruhmomento6989 She’s quitting onlyfans

She took away the link in the linktree and the twitter account is down it’s over boys it’s was a good run.
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2021.01.15 18:56 Marioxp21 Todos a los 8 años cuando un juego no quería funcionar

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2021.01.15 18:56 shrek5trailer2020 Bad SFC, :(

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2021.01.15 18:56 SgtJohnson13 It’s Time to Start Living Again

While these lockdowns are in place to minimize COVID-19 deaths, in reality, they have also caused a myriad of other issues, including health-related problems. For this reason, I can’t help but notice the irony of this unfortunate situation. For instance, the mental health of many is deteriorating. After all, we’re a social species, so being isolated from one another will inevitably have major consequences on our mental health.
But make no mistake, I’m not suggesting that we should all be out partying recklessly or behaving completely irresponsibly during this time.
But how long will we be driven further and further away from the ones we love in the name of “safety”? We’re reassured that these measures are in place to preserve our lives, but at what cost? A life deprived of the joys that come from normal, basic human interaction is not one that many find worth living at all.
I called my grandfather yesterday. He lives in Greece, where he is told that he can only leave his house for 1 hour and 30 minutes each day before returning to his home, where he lives alone, unable to see any of his friends. He would gladly take the risk of contracting the virus, going to the emergency room and dying, if it meant that he could see his grandchildren and the ones he loves again, instead of living in isolation for the rest of his life. It is a miserable existence and countless others find themselves in the same situation and feel the same way as he does.
Honestly, I think those who share his perspective have adopted the most unselfish and noble view of life. Moreover, it is a view that allows one to live to the fullest by taking a risk in order to gain a valuable reward.
What’s most worrisome is that the end is nowhere in sight. At least in Quebec (where I live), government restrictions continue to be tightened and periods of lockdown continue to be prolonged. Even after widespread vaccination, we’re told that this must still be accepted as the “new normal”. Even after vaccines become widely available (which will take a while), 70-80% of people must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. However, 40% of Quebecers don’t want to be vaccinated. So what are we supposed to do? Wait another eternity until everyone gets vaccinated before we can start living again? Years of our lives are being sucked away because we are afraid to take risks in the name of liberty.
I just think it’s important for our leaders to revise their approach to this pandemic. There has to be a middle ground between the prevention of COVID-19 and living a free life.
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2021.01.15 18:56 Public-Marketing8774 I just learned that these .are great mounts to a grow tent. I am now using them to hang my wall mountable fan on the side of my tent. Not the prettiest but very functional.

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2021.01.15 18:56 CelebBattleVoteBot Fantasy Queen Confrontation: Emilia Clarke vs Katheryn Winnick

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2021.01.15 18:56 SrirachachaRealSmoth Planning for Inauguration Day?

Is anyone else creating a plan if riots, conflict, or god forbid something worse happens? The building our office is located at is near city hall, and after what happened in Washington I want to have just a basic plan in case it should become dangerous. It's one of those rather have and not need, than need and not have - especially being in Texas. Is anyone else creating a plan like this, to be honest, I have no idea where to even start
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2021.01.15 18:56 sapunec7854 Just watched "The Watch" and I have a great idea for a new show!

It's about Bruce Wayne - an average white CIS male millionaire playboy by day, but at night he turns into The Hulk, superhero extraordinaire! He uses the holy power of the light sabre Excalibur to battle Thanos - a 5'4'' black lady who wishes to take over middle management of the water treatment facility of Townsville. If you don't like my idea you are racist so give me your love!
The cast will be: Bruce Wayne - Calista Flockhart Thanos - Viola Davis The Mayor of Townsville - Nicolas Cage Bruce Wayne's estranged daughter - Helen Mirren
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2021.01.15 18:56 Deckyyy08 So made this mash up of Jeff hardy and Darby Allin

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2021.01.15 18:56 firstladymsbooger Jenny was treated incredibly unfairly at the end of season 3 and Serena needs to get punched in the face

For starters she’s only 16. Yes she tried to steal Nate from Serena but at 16, Serena slept with her best friends BF, a teacher while at boarding school AND SHE KILLED SOMEONE. Yet, Jenny is completely ostracized and made out to be the villain. After being bullied by Serena (who frankly, is older and should know better), she realizes that she doesn’t want to be a part of the family anymore. She sabotages the plan to expose William and then she gets ostracized for it. EVEN THOUGH SERENA SABOTAGED RUFUS AND LILY FIRST. It makes me so ANGRY that Serena gets away either egging her parents emotional affair on, but Jenny is shown to be an asshole for no longer wanting to be a part of such a TOXIC family-Rufus being included. All he ever does is ground her, yell at her and take away her phone. Christ, I resented him watching it happen, so I dunno why he’s shocked that she hates him.
Yeah, she’s super angsty and frankly, annoying but I really think she was a victim in the whole William disaster. Plus when the posts the pic of her and Dan on gossip girl and Serena says Jenny should just stay in Brooklyn forever?? BITCH YOU WERE SLEEPING WITH DAN IN THEIR LOFT IN BROOKLYN!!!
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2021.01.15 18:56 Moody-jazz Those are long locks

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