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2021.01.19 13:57 Akinyemibabs001 Ashley Roberts

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2021.01.19 13:57 2nom_nom [For Hire] Hi! I'm open for commissions. More info in the comments!

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2021.01.19 13:57 davedotwav Just finished What Remains of Edith Finch. I loved it. Found this NPR article that basically explains the emotional rollercoaster that the game put me on.

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2021.01.19 13:57 FrenchArtTO Sketchbook Drawing, Mattias Adolfsson, 2000s [2305 x 1803]

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2021.01.19 13:57 mothbi baby penguin

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2021.01.19 13:57 EdmondSanders LOGIC [Easy: Success]

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2021.01.19 13:57 InspirobotBot Tue Jan 19 14:56:10 2021

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2021.01.19 13:57 SpinTheWheelAppBot All Console Wheel

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2021.01.19 13:57 drkedug Maybe the story itself happened. But the GASPS, SHOCK, APPLAUSE? Lol I cringed so hard

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2021.01.19 13:57 Davestopia EST mornings WoW

Hello where are my morning gamers at? Do you exist? My schedule means I play from about 6am to 11am each day. I can get on later but what shenanigans I can get up to is limited. I mostly play WoW horde side at the moment. Would love company bnet davestopia #1415. I also play minecraft and Warhammer 2 occasionally.
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2021.01.19 13:57 narato334 help in persona 3 fes about lost saves

i need help, i lost my save from p3 i was on yakushima's holidays at the very beginning if you can help me thank you
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2021.01.19 13:57 International_Ad8592 Pregnant! First time mom here.

So I am 23, and my husband and I literally JUST got married on November 14. I found out Sunday that I am pregnant, by accident. My period was late and I joked about trying a test thinking there was no way I could be pregnant. I have had NO symptoms. I used a dollar store test at around 11am, so I’d already peed a few times that morning and had a lot of water, so I really thought nothing of it. And then I saw a faint line. Husband didn’t believe it, so we went to Walmart and got a digital one, since you can’t misinterpret pregnant/not pregnant. Second test, Pregnant. Then we were laughing. 8 hours later I was panicking because reality set in. I’ve always wanted kids, but not now, not 2 months into my marriage, not 2 years into me being in “the real world.” I have $15,000 of credit card debt that I was planning to pay off by November, my husband JUST got a new job as an insurance agent and we have no idea how much his office will bring in the first 6 months, although over time it will be a good enough job I could quit, and I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I wanted to go to Disney world before I had kids! I haven’t been since I was 14, I want to finish out my childhood goals before I have a kid of my own. Plus my dad is in the hospital with covid and has been for 11 days, and although he’s doing very well, I still worry a lot. Not to mention, I just moved back here from college in 2019 and my husband and I were long distance until December of 2019, when he moved here. We started going to church things together to try and make couple friends, but apparently the stars aligned for me not to have any friends, and a whole pandemic came. Kinda sucks having no one to talk about it, but I’m only 6 weeks along so who would I yell at this stage anyway?
I spent a few hours trying to make a plan to get stuff figured out, since I’m a huge control freak and have a very hard time with things not going according to plan. This is what I’m planning to do. I’ve had to figure a lot of stuff out the past 2 days and I’m sure i missed a few thing. Please! Give me any and all advice y’all have!!
I’m planning on getting a second job where I can work 5pm-9pm or something and use that money for my credit card debt until it’s paid down to $5,000, then start putting all of it into savings while paying what I originally intended on paying from my first salary. I want to figure out how to set up a 529 or an ESA, but I don’t know much about those either. My husband will be calling to see if we can negotiate our rent for a second year so I have more time to save for a house, although I would’ve loved to bring our first child home to our first home. I haven’t had a doctors appointment in 3 years so I found a gynecologist and i am calling to set up my first appointment with her today. Luckily my family lives nearby and the rest of his family may move here pretty soon, so we’ll have tons of support.
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2021.01.19 13:57 GFZDW [2021/01/18] Hesperia (CA) homeowner fends off intruder in gun battle caught on camera

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2021.01.19 13:57 romark1965 Worried masks don't work? Wear Two!!

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2021.01.19 13:57 Tolipa I could really use some expert advice - Win 10 Updates

I have been trying to update my Windows 10 for days now and keep hitting roadblocks. Briefly this is a build I did about six years ago, and it has been a great machine. In trying to update to the most recent windows I keep hitting Microsoft's arcane "stop" points. Of course it is very frustrating because I have had to go through many processes to make the changes, but the stops only appear after having spent many hours attempting to update, only to have the whole thing roll back.
Yesterday I thought I had it fixed, but just as it starts to work, I once again get a BSOD and a new block appeared: Bug Check 0x1E KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
At this point I have downloaded a Windows ISO (which by the way is so large it cannot be burned to DVD anymore) and finally a Windows new install - on a USB thumb drive. The destination SSD has been cleaned, formatted and partitioned correctly, and it all goes well until the Thumb drive begins the install and I get the BSOD.
Everything I read says the issue is drivers, but here is the issue - if everything is cleaned and the source file is from Microsoft, what drivers are still enabled? I am beginning to think it is a hardware issue, but again the issue is what hardware? I can disconnect everything except the one USB drive for the Thumb drive. I have disconnected all the hard drives, all the USB connections, the DVD player, the audio connections. I am out of ideas. If it is the motherboard or the CPU I have no idea how to test those.
Thank you for any guidance or help.
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2021.01.19 13:57 zzz_yeiji When the western roman empire fell, why did the barbaric tribes in gaul and germania became 'civilised' and created their own kingdoms instead of going back to their old ways?

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2021.01.19 13:57 Yourbedsheets Y’all probably did this in school

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2021.01.19 13:57 KyreXo let's goooooo

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2021.01.19 13:57 adotmatrix Ontario looks to expand critical care capacity with addition of more than 500 hospital beds

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2021.01.19 13:56 Prestigious_Pea5586 Confused and clueless 24 year old guy

Hi I'm a 24 year old guy who has never had a relationship. My friend recently got a girlfriend. She was a mutual friend of ours and I would be lying if I said I wasn't angry at myself because I never told he I liked her.
I wonder how would I go about finding a girlfriend just like him. I'm quite jealous of them since I have never experienced that "connection" that they obviously share.
When you see them it's obvious that they are best friends and in their case they began as friends and then things escalated.
I have some difficulty getting friends so i wonder how I could go about finding a girlfriend.
Also I'm not really scared of getting rejected and or approaching women. It's just that I have difficulty seeing a scenario where I find a girl I "click" with. Is approach women I find interesting and maybe asking them if they want to grab a coffee or something similar a good method of getting to know someone?
I know have some work I need to do on myself but I'm thinking how do I change and become more successful with women and hopefully find a girlfriend?
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2021.01.19 13:56 omegacluster Ohhms - Close (post-metal) [2020]

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2021.01.19 13:56 Thrombokiness Hey! Kindly Join Our Discord Server Created for Both Students and Tutors

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2021.01.19 13:56 indonesian_activist If Cryptocurrencies are like highschool then...

Bitcoin is the jock,
Ethereum is the nerd geek,
And Monero is the stoner emo goth kid sitting in the back doing drugs.
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2021.01.19 13:56 Pilotman4 Sensitivity

Hi just joined and want to improve my movement. Im an old Tf2 player so I can do some stuff but was just wondering if there was a specific sensitivity for wall jumping
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2021.01.19 13:56 Excessw OMG!!!! He cum inside me!!!!!Horror

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