Go! A Gassho-zukuri village in Japan [OC] |

A Gassho-zukuri village in Japan [OC]

2021.01.15 15:25 souji5okita A Gassho-zukuri village in Japan [OC]

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2021.01.15 15:25 derobmai511 savagegeese | KIA K5 TURBO AWD | Less Power Is Better

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2021.01.15 15:25 DankDude6T9 My first meme on this subreddit

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2021.01.15 15:25 LordMarcusrax It's not like I have a choice

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2021.01.15 15:25 mrh2756 What are you doing step-spiderman?

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2021.01.15 15:25 Holy_Banana_ Starting a new semester and looking for some tools

I'm looking for some things that make doing electrical engineering a lot easier. like solving circuit diagrams.
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2021.01.15 15:25 puppboy But my lord what is it?..I've not seen a creature like this before " "A weapon general. A weapon we can use to crush the rebel alliance "

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2021.01.15 15:25 Serkaugh Selling 3D prints - how much do you charge?

Hi all!
I was wondering how are you all selling 3D print? I mean, you charge by the hours of printing? Cost of finalement ? Sum of this + fixed charge?
I was thinking of like 1 to 2$ / printing hour. Is it too high?
If you have to custom design something? You charge by the hour?
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2021.01.15 15:25 Casual_Kitten J'ai une idée pour arrêter ou même tuer le Covid en France.

Pourquoi ne pas construire une grande école autour de l'hexagone ? Le Covid devrait sortir tout seul et ne plus rentrer non ?
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2021.01.15 15:25 Sir_Cate Yeah nah, but yeah

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2021.01.15 15:25 Olddellago [Spainish

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2021.01.15 15:25 Psyexperiment42 [Academic][Repost] Investigation into delayed rewards, BMI, impulsivity and time perspectives w/ £20 Amazon Voucher raffle (18+)

Hi everyone! I am looking at the relationships between delay discounting (decision making), impulsivity, time perspectives, and BMI (body mass index). Participants must be over the age of 18.
The survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete with the option of entering a random prize draw for a £20 Amazon voucher as a thank you for participating!
It is recommended any participants to copy and paste the link into a new tab to avoid any tracking activity.
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2021.01.15 15:25 yono1986 [Discussion] Foretell Playability

Is it just me, or is anyone else underwhelmed by foretell? I see it as severely hampered by the "on your turn" requirement. If you could simply foretell on your opponent's end step the mechanic would really have some legs. But as it stands, neither aggro nor control want it. Aggro needs to play a turn 2 threat and control needs open mana to respond on turn 2. Nobody wants to spend turn 2 foretelling something, and on later turns you might as well hard cast. We also haven't seen anything like a 6-7 drop that foretells for 3. This would take the sting off of the tempo loss.
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2021.01.15 15:25 tidalgamingnews Wild West Heroes Review

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2021.01.15 15:25 I_Fr0st if someone ever calls you a dick

send them this image
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2021.01.15 15:25 thog6767 I drew regirock and regice

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2021.01.15 15:25 mattacus837 Asking for advice on 5 stars

Hello everyone today I am asking for some advice on a specific question. i’ve come in and out of five stars a few times and it was very great I knew it probably wouldn’t last more than a week or two because of the nature of customers. However every time I’ve been close to getting back into five stars I’ve had someone report wrong item on something even though I replaced it do you guys recommend just refunding the item should I message them about any replacements ever?This is happened to me like three times even though I replace the items they report wrong item and give me one or two stars I appreciate any input thank you guys and good luck shopping
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2021.01.15 15:25 Kirikizande Update (and also some advice).

Hi everyone. I haven't posted to this sub in a VERY long time (for reasons I will explain later), but I would like to give an update on my situation, as well as give some advice on what you could do to alleviate your limerence. Sorry if I sound as though I’m flexing at times, I tend to be very reflective when I express my inner thoughts to others.
To give a quick summary, my LO is a guy friend of mine I met at my university whom I had unrequited feelings for (I'm a girl FYI). While he politely turned me down, I caused problems in our relationship as friends afterwards due to unrealised limerence. I sought to resolve my issues after we had several major arguments (which, thankfully, were peacefully resolved). After discovering what limerence was, I decided to NC him for 2 and a half months, taking advantage of our diverging school schedules/winter vacation and the fact that my LO is a very quiet dude who isn't much of an initiator. Even though I unmuted his social media/messages after a while, I still didn't talk to him because I simply didn't know what to say.
Today was the first time I saw him again in months. I knew he was going to be in that same class as I was way beforehand, so naturally I was a bit nervous. However, I felt surprisingly calm about it and when he showed up to class, we had a very normal interaction. Obviously, I tried to be more low-profile than I would like to be, but we talked normally like two friends who hadn't seen each other in a while. Needless to say, I was extremely relieved that everything went well once class ended and we parted ways with a casual "see ya." I don't know what I'm gonna do from here, but I am going to go with the flow, whatever that may be.
But enough about that. I would like to share some advice that would hopefully allow you to cope with your situations. Obviously I don’t claim my word to be gospel, but this is what I found helpful.
1) NC is the way.
No mincing words: NC is honestly the most effective solution in resolving limerence. It's gonna hurt like hell for the first week or so, but it gets easier as time goes on. The whole point of NC is for us to reduce our attachment to our LOs by removing ourselves from them, thus allowing us to see past the projected image we have of them. As such, I recommend that you stay extremely disciplined and not contact them at all costs unless (a) they talk to you first, (b) it's absolutely necessary or (c) it cannot be avoided (eg you're colleagues working together in the same office). And even then, I recommend you keep a low profile. Mute them on social media/messaging if you must. If it’s necessary, politely tell them to not contact you. Now, whether NC is a temporary or permanent solution is something I will get into later.
2) Use NC as an opportunity to get into things other than your LO.
NC is honestly the perfect opportunity to get into things which you may have neglected in favour of thinking about your LO 24/7. Whether that's work, studies or family, use NC as a chance for you to do these sort of things that you may have missed out on. Pick up a new hobby. Go and have afternoon tea with your mom. Spend more time with your dog/cat, anything goes so long it gets you to stop thinking about your LO for a while. For me, I used NC as an opportunity to sink deep into my schoolwork, in addition to forming deeper relationships with my other friends and getting into various psychological theories (mostly that of Carl Jung).
3) Get psychological help to deal with your limerence.
Even as you can distract yourself with other things, there will inevitably be moments where the pain would hit hard. I know because I experienced that a lot during my NC period. As such, I would recommend that you get psychological assistance such that you would be ready to deal with those feelings when they arise. If you can afford it, go into therapy. If there is a free counsellor at your school/workplace, go ahead and pay them a visit.
If neither of these are an option or you need a coping mechanism to deal with those feelings when you don't have access to a professional, I highly recommend that you start reading up on the many psychological theories that exist out there so that you have a framework to think through your problems. For me, I found the most effective solution was a combination of Jungian psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques. Jungian theory gave me a solid framework to think about my situation while CBT journalling helped to dispel a lot of the cognitive distortions I had in my head (both surrounding my LO and the guilt I felt for hurting him). It was also helpful in calming me down when I got triggered. You can look into other psych theories if those don't suit you. Speaking of which...
4) Try to dispel the projected image you have of your LO.
For a lot of us, we find it difficult to separate ourselves from our LO because we project an idealised image onto them. To use Jungian terms, we project traits from our Unconscious (basically parts of ourselves that are hidden or unknown to us) onto our LOs, usually traits that we aspire to have or believe to lack within ourselves. Limerence happens when we try to compensate for that feeling of being unfulfilled by projecting those traits onto another person whom we perceive as having them, even if they may not have those traits.
For some of us, that projection naturally fades away as we go further into NC. For others, we need some extra steps. If you are in the latter category, I recommend that you get into CBT techniques to dispel any distorted thoughts you have of the person. Recognise that your LO is a human first and foremost, and therefore has both strengths and flaws (and sometimes, one outweighs the other). Even for those of us who were lucky to get a genuinely nice LO, recognise the moments where they did hurt you, even if it wasn’t on purpose. By realising that your LO is a person with both the potential to hurt and be kind to us, it really helps to dispel the illusion of them being “perfect”. It would also help if you began cultivating those traits you believe to be lacking within yourself, because it helps to sever your dependence on your LO even further.
5) It's a good idea to wean off your interactions with this sub.
I'm delving into controversial territory, but please bear with me. While I'm happy that this sub exists because it gives people the space to rant about issues alongside others in similar situations, I can see how people can become stuck in their recovery process due to seeing stories on the sub which remind them of their own problems. This is why I stopped posting on this sub: I found myself becoming stuck because I kept on seeing stories of people who were stuck in very similar situations to myself, causing me to constantly think about my LO when I'm not supposed to. I'm not saying this sub isn't useful (especially in the early stages when you need to vent), but I'm cautioning people against becoming too dependent on this sub for reassurance/validation (not that either things are inherently bad, just that we shouldn't become dependent on it). If you feel otherwise, please feel free to ignore this section, this is just my opinion.
6) Don't beat yourself up when you slip up.
We all are gonna have that moment where even though our recovery is going extremely well, we mess up somehow. Whether we suddenly start crying over an Instagram post our LO made or (like me), you remember the times you hurt your LO and start sinking into despair, we all have moments where our iron-clad determination becomes tested. Please don't take it too hard if this happens, because it's normal to have a non-linear path towards recovery. Just remember that you already committed to recovering rather than letting the problem fester, so you are already taking the right steps. Just keep up the effort and you will eventually reach your goal.
7) It's ultimately your choice whether you want to re-initiate contact with your LO.
Yet another controversial opinion, but I believe that you are the only person who can decide whether you want to re-initiate contact with your LO. I know some believe that NC should be a permanent thing, but I think otherwise. It vastly depends on the circumstances at hand, the personalities of the individuals involved, as well as the comfort levels of the limerent (the limerence sufferer).
Obviously, there are certain situations where I don't recommend re-initiating contact. If you or your LO are already married/committed to a long-term relationship, or your LO is a narcissistic abuser, obviously re-initiating contact is a bad idea. But if you feel that you have reached a level where you can put aside your limerence and try to have a non-romantic relationship with your LO (as in being just friends/colleagues), go ahead. I personally chose to re-initiate contact because I genuinely do like my LO as a friend. I will inevitably see him around in school, so I might as well make peace with my situation rather than trying to avoid him. It doesn't matter whether he stays friends with me after graduation, I don't want to live with the regret that I didn't spend enough time with him when we had the chance.
8) Take limerence as a learning experience.
Even if limerence is a horribly painful experience on a psychological and emotional level, appreciate the moments where you become enlightened by the wisdom of your experiences. If you believe in God or some other higher being, take limerence as a challenge sent by that being to test your faith/goodness as a person. If you prefer a more secular interpretation, you can see limerence as one of the many problems that life randomly throws at you that you are supposed to figure out on your own.
For me, experiencing limerence was the moment where I stopped being a naive little girl and became a young woman. I learnt what it was like to truly fall in love with someone, and both the potential joy and pain that it entails. I’m now aware of the potential sacrifices I have to make if I want to pursue a relationship with someone who truly does reciprocate my feelings in the future. I may not be ready for it now, but I hope to be ready for it when that time comes.
I also grew to be very appreciative of the many things that my experience of limerence entailed. I became appreciative of the fact that I had very supportive friends and family who were both ready to encourage me when I was down, but also willing to chide me if I was going too far. I became appreciative of my LO, who is a genuinely kind and forgiving person who never gave up on me. I became appreciative of my counsellor, who tried his best to help me whenever I needed it. Hell, I became appreciative of the fact that I’m a girl because let’s just say that if our (my LO and I) genders got reversed, I would basically be labelled as an “incel” (and I technically was) and I would kiss my reputation goodbye.
But the thing I feel the most grateful for is that it never got any worse than me throwing tantrums at people, and that I had the moral courage to admit that I had a problem and tried to resolve it. I may still be on the road to recovery, but I think I’m making good progress.
I hope you guys found my advice useful. Stay strong everyone, you can do it <3
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2021.01.15 15:25 Casa_Languida Do I always need to have an email format when writing an email?

I wrote an email to a website’s support guy and didn’t use email etiquette, is this disrespectful or something?
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2021.01.15 15:25 royalsuns WSB mentioned on Robinhood podcast as “redditers” SAY OUR NAME

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2021.01.15 15:25 RBGMX How successful was this series?

Just curious coz this community seems to only have 100 members whereas other anime communities have thousands of members
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2021.01.15 15:25 wizzlebz97 Night in the bayou

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2021.01.15 15:25 jimneykoreaket2 Michael Spavor (Canadian pro-North Korean Activist jailed by China in retaliation for Canada's arrest of Huawei boss) set to receive increased family contact after 2 years imprisonment

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2021.01.15 15:25 johnwildcat Corporation Market Orders

How is it so that it’s not possible to modify corporate market order with another character other than the one that put up the order...
Even though the characters both have the required roles in the corp.
This is beyond me really.
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2021.01.15 15:25 MaxSiberia 1 Hour of Calming Winter River Sounds

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