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Shouldn’t be too hard if you’re a local

2021.01.27 06:22 ProudRhino Shouldn’t be too hard if you’re a local

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2021.01.27 06:22 wewantHead recent find. need helping figuring out what year it’s from

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2021.01.27 06:22 West_Protection4401 For the anyone who remembers the last post, Here’s the uncomfortable casing

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2021.01.27 06:22 CrazyZaku so are people trolling when they leave right in the middle of mobile suit selection or let the timer run out?

it takes forever to get into a match as it is. and with the whole failed to form teams or cant connect crap so it is annoying as hell to sit waiting to form teams see the teams formed see what map is coming and then someone leaves. Or worse you have readied your mobile suit your whole team is ready and someone on the other team just lets the timer run out. do these people actually get punished or is it some kind of glitch?
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2021.01.27 06:22 mamamianicetoseeya Jack_land has not posted in 4 days

I miss his tasty farts
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2021.01.27 06:22 godogs943 First setup

I’m diving into the tactical gear world and would like some input from you folks. I’m looking for a solid fist plate carrier. It doesn’t have to be the most Gucci but also don’t want something that’s a pile of shit. I’m also looking for something that will ship within the month, as I know lots of stuff is sold out. Can anyone recommend a good carrier in the $220 range? A bit more is definitely doable and bonus if it’s in stock. Also looking for plate recommendations. Thanks in advance. I’m a noob so be easy on me.
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2021.01.27 06:22 moneyshouters Local bitcoin Trader Jailed for Money Laundering

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2021.01.27 06:22 fakenews1337 Where Club Pengin

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2021.01.27 06:22 what-the-f-stop Blursed Will Ferrell distortion

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2021.01.27 06:22 whodat330 What is in this new update that it made my computer and 2 of my friends computer crash?

Any one else have similar issues?
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2021.01.27 06:22 PatJ2707 Thoughts?

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2021.01.27 06:22 _Ashling_ cursed_ way of dying

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2021.01.27 06:22 frared358 Nothing Can Stop Me

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2021.01.27 06:22 BrokeandBougee So does anybody know what the rules are anymore? And what the hell is market manipulation anyways?

Listen up retards I just googled some stuff.
Apparently there a whole definition for market manipulation.
Market manipulation is when someone artificially affects the supply or demand for a security (for example, causing stock prices to rise or to fall dramatically). -Investor.gov
Investopedia.com has specific info about pump and dump scams that you can look up for yourself.
‘Why are you talking about this?’ Glad you asked. I’m seeing gangs of posts suggesting we “pump this next”, forcing mods to delete said posts. Those are posts are wise guys, not autists, and they’re clearly not welcome here. They might even be working for the bigs trying to get us caught up.
But all of this just raises the question. Wtf is and isn’t actually allowed here? Here what I think.
Cool: I love $DEEZNUTS Not cool: Let’s pump up $BOFADEEZ
But I’m a retard and I don’t know shit. What do you think? Maybe we can get more clarity added to the rules?
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2021.01.27 06:22 dejobaan 1001 Jigsaw Home Sweet Home Wedding Ceremony - 1001 Jigsaw. World Tour: Home Sweet Home is an exciting puzzle game and holiday feeling in 500 high-quality photos.

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2021.01.27 06:22 jimmyv-21 Just wanted to say a hearty THANK YOU for the education WSB.

I don’t post much, see my history. But I felt obligated to post tonight. Only been in stocks for 4 months, taught myself, but I learned more over the past week from watching GME, which led to this board. Had to learn what ‘shorting a stock’ is, what a ‘squeeze’ is.
Most importantly, I was educated on what’s possible when a bunch of peeps stick together. Wish I could say that I profited from it, but I got in and got scared and didn’t hold. That was a mistake.
Lessons learned, faith restored.
Keep up the good work fellow stock market brothers and sisters. Don’t know if this started as a plot to get the big man, but it’s been one hell of a show!
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2021.01.27 06:22 Throwawayhayday69 Its harder for women to be faithful in the modern world than it is for men

Seriously it is. Average women have instant validation from Instagram, tinder hell even reddit. Look at subs like freecompliments or amiugly. All the top posts are women, getting hundreds of comments validating them. Barely any men get attention. This is the same on any other site. An Average woman has just as much, even more smv than a male model. You have to be ridiculously good looking as a guy to even come close to an average woman. With all this validation women think they are better than their so and will cheat or not care as much about cheating because of the illusion of options. What do you think?
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2021.01.27 06:22 cute_bean_ting Fluoxetine/Prozac and BPD?

I know anti-depressants were given to me because I was depressed 👏🏻 (duh) but I’ve noticed DRASTIC improvements in my ability to think before acting, and generally how severe my BPD symptoms are?
What’s that all about?
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2021.01.27 06:22 Queencryptcoins THUMBS UP GME 5000

Thumbs up if GME will reach 5000 (do not pull out when they scare monger you about regulations the reddit got the whole world shook now)
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2021.01.27 06:22 thatsmrfatasstoyou You degenerates man's me Open my first robinhood account and am now buying stock, maybe it's the oxycodone talking but Im on this hype train now I guess. Hope I don't regret this in the morning

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2021.01.27 06:22 tomgretzky When your own ally steals your sheep

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2021.01.27 06:22 THEchillyKID hi tibb just found this edit on youtube I like song and edits you like??

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2021.01.27 06:22 LunaticFringe602 Most watched TV shows of the year 2020

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2021.01.27 06:22 RexBanner1886 AOTC explains the origin of the clones and Sifo-Dyas straightforwardly; the EU and TCW needlessly muddled it

In Attack of the Clones, we learn, in the following order:

  1. That a now-dead Jedi, Sifo-Dyas, ordered the clones for the Republic on behalf of the Jedi Council.
  2. That Fett never met Dyas, and was instead recruited by a man called Tyrannus.
  3. That the Jedi never authorised or knew of such an order.
  4. That Jango has an association with Dooku.
  5. Finally, that Dooku is Tyrannus.
The film thus ends on the reveal that Dooku, recruiter of Jango, ordered the clones and the Jedi are going to war with a Sith-created army at their backs.
Sifo-Dyas is just some name that Dooku used to muddy his tracks.
But, when you delve into ancillary materials like TCW, Jedi Lost, or Legends, Sifo-Dyas bizarrely ends up the true instigator of the clones, with Sidious and Dooku hijacking his plan. It's a weird, pointlessly convoluted answer to a question already answered.
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2021.01.27 06:22 Unwantedrage I think my computer has a virus?

So it seems like my computer is being controlled by someone else where it starts to randomly press key on the keyboard or close out of tab. I downloaded antivirus software to see if it could find but it doesn’t seem like it did. I tried disconnecting my internet to see if that did anything and it didn’t work. Is there anything I could possibly do to get rid of what’s going on?
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