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2021.01.27 06:12 rhonieljedh air fryer

so my uncle from canada bought us this kalorik maxx air fryer and send the unit in the philippines. as you know appliances from canada requires 110v of electricity and here its 220v, though we do have voltage transformer at home. the unit turns on normally, the dial and the buttons work fine. but every time we start the cooking and press the ‘start/stop’ (on/off/start/pause in one button) switch the fryer just turns off. we thought that were just don’t know how to operate the fryer of were doin something wrong so we start watching tutorials/review videos on youtube and i saw that were just doing the same steps as they are.
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2021.01.27 06:12 Zeraviel Thoughts on Manamune/Muramana on ADCs beside Ezreal?

I used to build this item for my Ashe as it allows her to hit harder late game but I stopped building it because of the GA rush meta we had. I considered building it again but I'm so used to just rushing BORK now that Manamune feels so bad to have. Jinx seems to be the perfect candidate for the item as well but I find rushing IE to be just a lot better.
What do you guys think about this item? Is it as bad as I think it is or am I just using it incorrectly?
Side note: I wish there was a Questions/Answers megathread for posts like this. It's a lot more convenient for everyone to have a place like that. It helps to not flood the sub with independent post as well. Please make a weekly megathread!
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2021.01.27 06:12 Aggressive-Draft-222 It’s the truth....

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2021.01.27 06:12 aftonjane (For Hire) taking commissions of all types! Character art, fanart, portraits etc. More info in the comments

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2021.01.27 06:12 huntergill123 My friend's Albino French Bulldog

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2021.01.27 06:12 0nedape He do be travelling doe

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2021.01.27 06:12 akacukiii !chegg

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2021.01.27 06:12 Lagath0r Hair growth

Hello. I’ve (29M) finished my 6th cycle of R-CHOP a month ago. Next week I start radiation and am excited to finish what is hopefully my last treatment for cancer. Just curious when your hair regrew, and more importantly when your facial hair regrew.
Thanks for all of your support throughout the months.
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2021.01.27 06:12 Upstairs-Ad6299 Are the LA cops very hostile towards loud car systems?

Just curious might be moving to LA I love blasting my music but do cops around there pursue a loud car the minute they hear it or go “meh” obviously if I’m parked somewhere a long time and blasting I would think that but I mean more of traveling around and playing. Obviously not pulling up to a cop at a light and just blasting right next to them either.
The reason I ask is because the last time I was in town for a wedding I got pulled over on some pretty minor stuff (if you even call it pulled over) I was leaving the motel six right about to get to the exit ramp, a cop passed by and stopped at the red light I pulled in to the gas station next to the light (mind you he passed me by the motel maybe a block before) he got out of his lane at the red light and pulled up behind me and tried to harass me on the account he didn’t see me use my turn signal at the motel.
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2021.01.27 06:12 AfthabHussaini Prawn Fried Rice

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2021.01.27 06:12 AWiseProf [WTS/WTT] Bronze Zelos Horizons GMT w/Meteorite

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2021.01.27 06:12 -Golden_Weed- Yo... Want to farm some skills?

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2021.01.27 06:12 ricosparks They wanted to use Jaby's platform to legitimise this sh!t. And this is exactly why jaby should stay out of Indian Politics.

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2021.01.27 06:12 Japanboy33333 NSFW ( Hentai ) Sara riding Kenshiro ( artist is LeenVidia )

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2021.01.27 06:12 Ish250 I Follow back instantly

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2021.01.27 06:12 Blue_strawberry-344 Wires Advice Please!

My dentist recommended having the straight wires I'd had for over 20 years removed due to not being able to floss with them on. When she removed them there was no damage to my teeth and no issues with where the glue had been, no decay. She said I could go without wires and the teeth would very unlikely shift back.
But I looked it up online and saw how many dentists said otherwise, that teeth can move even after all those years. So the dentist put on zigzag wires so that I could floss between them. But they are horrible! I didn't have any issues with my straight wires but these ones feel humongous - they stick out into my mouth, they make it hard to talk normally, they get food stuck in them *all* the time, they hurt my tongue and give me ulcers, they trigger my OCD something shocking. So I need them off.
Now I don't know what to do - go through all this cost just to have straight ones put back on , or risk my teeth moving by having nothing.
I was without wires for 3 weeks while the new ones were made and it felt so weird, but way way nicer than this. Now I worry about two things - that even straight wires will drive me crazy since I have become so hypersensitive and aware of my mouth. And 2 - that the 5 weeks these new wires have been on have triggered muscle moment... because the new wires caused the same kind of pain in my gums that originally having braces on did, which means I know there was some kind of pulling/shifting going on - even though I don't know why that was, since these wires were meant to sit behind my teeth to keep their positions exactly as were, not to move anything. Does the muscle soreness in the gums mean things were shifting, and will having them removed now and going without any retainer increase the likelihood that my teeth will move?
(removable retainers are not an option for me due to cost).
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2021.01.27 06:12 Ukjtxv 🍃https://discord.gg/cYTwbuWd

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2021.01.27 06:12 alexaclova Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid - Episode 50

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2021.01.27 06:12 CriticalSwitch Just bought a new Seagate 1TB Drive (ST1000DM010). Is this noise on startup normal?

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2021.01.27 06:12 FrenziedPhallus People that did "Pimp my Ride" what happened to you/the car after it got pimped?

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2021.01.27 06:12 spacebeige An old friend from my past died by suicide

I hadn’t spoken to him in years, except for social media. He was brilliant and creative and full of energy. He was kind of an odd duck - I am too, so I think that’s why we got along as well as we did. We were in the same college program. He reached out to me and made time to hang out, which I really appreciated.
There was some weird stuff between us too (I think he had romantic interest in me that I didn’t reciprocate, and one time he addressed it in a weird, hostile way), but I hope he knew that I valued his friendship and didn’t hold it against him in any way. I know that when someone has really bad anxiety, it can manifest as thoughts like, “I always screw things up and that’s why people hate me, etc etc” and I hope he didn’t pull away from me because he was embarrassed or ashamed over how he handled himself. I don’t mean to make it all about me, and I understand that no one really knows what goes through someone’s mind when they take their own life. I suppose it’s natural to wonder what you could have done, or if you should have reached out more, or if only if only if only...
He had a loving family and wife, so I’m glad he was at least surrounded by love and support. I believe that as brilliant as he was, he must have been very tormented as well. I’ve been depressed and anxious myself, and I can imagine what it must be like to want the noise inside your mind to stop more than you want to live.
I’m not religious and I don’t believe in an afterlife. My friend lives in my memory now, and the memories of everyone else who knew him. I do like to think that if there is an afterlife, he is making good friends with Robin Williams ( who he had a lot in common with).
Anyway. Thanks for reading.
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2021.01.27 06:12 fadstoob playlist 4 playlist (you need watch time, not just subs !!) - play with mine, I'll play with yours ;)

play with mine, I'll play with yours ;) :) :) just start it going in a background tab - I'll return the favour
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2021.01.27 06:12 Intelligent-Bus-2317 When I first got my copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, my little sister made a sketch of Waluigi thought it looked ok, what do you think?

Processing img llhr3b16htd61...
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2021.01.27 06:12 angryjungle SKELETON 3D Animation

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2021.01.27 06:12 Cannon00420 PiNetwork

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