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2021.01.15 19:19 Shaark9474 Who is better

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2021.01.15 19:19 Huntermanone Valdo's Rest is going to be top tier money!! Metamorph is crazy here

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2021.01.15 19:19 Turbulent-Serenity Marian Consecration Question

Hi I need some advice.. I am wanting to do a Marian consecration on February 11th. This last week was the 1st week of the 33 day preparation. Unfortunately I had a rough week and missed several days of the reading. :( I am upset about that and wondering if I should now wait until March 25th (start again Feb 20) or just get caught up keep going? Please help me and thank you in advance. Please pray for me too if you don't mind. Thank you so much.
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2021.01.15 19:19 LongJonSiIver Here are the Games Coming Exclusively to Xbox in 2021

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2021.01.15 19:19 mwcharger1 Another failed print, can anyone diagnose what I’m doing wrong?

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2021.01.15 19:19 Jujuinthemountain Joanna Jedrzejczyk

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2021.01.15 19:19 ukilololo Malu

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2021.01.15 19:19 ruamediapr Upcoming Irish band, "The Visitors" released their new track, "Liar" Yesterday

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2021.01.15 19:19 cold-n-sour Some tips on finding good trades

The trading landscape has changed lately, and it might be a bit confusing for a new player. The most important change is significant increase between the lowest buying and the highest selling prices of some commodities.
I'll try to outline a few strategies for generating decent profits with trade.
The fundamental principle is of course the same: "Buy Low, Sell High". But approaches might differ depending on the commodity.
First of all, there is a Loop Route Finder on eddb. I recommend the following settings (that matter):

The rest could be set according to your ship and your preferences. This tool usually produces loops with 26-28 thousand credits per ton per loop for large pads and 30-33 K ct for medium pads, and you can do 4-6 loops per hour, depending on distance from the star and jumping distance.
However, higher profits could still be made with trading, like in this particular case. This particular route also included some ~4 K ct on the return trip, but was exhausted pretty far. And this loop was not showing in the loop finder, so you have to find them yourself.
To do that, go to commodities page on eddb and click twice on "Profit" table header, so that the highest profits are at the top. The commodities there fall into three main categories:
We will not discuss the third group here. The strategies for the first two are similar. You go to the commodity page for a particular commodity. There are two tables - the lowest buy prices and the highest sell prices. Always pay attention to price age and discard any results older than 1 day (maybe 2days). Then:
Once you found something you like, you then on the same page enter the system name in "Reference system" and set "Buy or sell" to "Buy" for the first group and to "Sell for the second group", and hit "Find stations". Again, pay attention to price age. Select closest station to your system that produces a high-profit one-way trade. Now compare the profit per ton to the one you can get with the Loop Route Finder, and if it's higher, go trade. You can also find something to trade on the return, use Single Route Finder for that.
Final tip: don't be afraid to go somewhere far for a good trade. A trader goes where the profits are. And take time to engineer your FSD, it's your main equipment, almost as important as your cargo racks.
I hope this helps you.
Happy trucking!
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2021.01.15 19:19 Phatbrew Former Cleveland schools’ therapist arrested on federal charges involving attack at U.S. Capitol!!!

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2021.01.15 19:19 Veezybaby [Fit check] Japan Blue JB0601 size 33

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2021.01.15 19:19 thefriendzoned_guy Maimai hai ye

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2021.01.15 19:19 iHateMyPossessions A meme...

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2021.01.15 19:19 Headintheclouds_83 [WTS] Plate Carrier, combat uniforms, Tac gloves, GEAR! (WA)

Tactical Tailor TTRAC (Releasable Armor Carrier) in like new condition in multicam, manufactured from 1000 denier Cordura nylon and will accommodate SAPI plates up to size XL (11"x14") as well as spall armor. The adjustable cummerbund has separate integrated pockets designed for military issue side SAPI plates (6"x7"). A center pull release system allows the wearer to easily release the vest using either hand and we have engineered it to be almost as easy to reassemble as it is to release. The TTRAC features modular webbing on most of its surface which provides the user with nearly unlimited options for placement of MOLLE/PALS style equipment to meet almost any mission requirement and is fully adjustable to fit most wearers. Also features a reinforced drag handle.
Now for my take on this guy. It's really more of a Modular Tactical Vest (MTV) than a plate carrier. Very well designed and well made, but if you're looking for small, light, and minimal it's probably not for you.
Optics Planet has it for sale for $348. Mine is like new. I'm going to ask $250 $235 shipped to your door (shipping is going to be somewhat of a bitch). Local pickup in WA could be discounted.
I have multiple sets of brand new, Marine Corps issued tan FROG (fire resistant organizational gear) all in size Medium regular. $40 per set.
Camelbak USMC max grip nomex and leather gloves, sz Medium. Brand new. A little bulky but would work well for handling (kinda) hot suppressors. $20
TAG (Tactical Assault Gear) riggers belt, new, size L. $30
Unknown brand battle belt with plastic buckle. $30
All prices are shipped and net to me, please add if paying Goods and Services. I can take Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp.
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2021.01.15 19:19 RNH00 Ted Leitner appreciation post

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2021.01.15 19:19 libsdibs The infernal twins and their knife phase ... knifernal twins?

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2021.01.15 19:19 OneFourtyFivePilot Shellback Rip Away Medical Pouch Thoughts

Hello all, made a trip to post. Was debating on running a dangler for medical, but may lean toward something mounted on the side of the PC.
Any thoughts on the Shellback brand? This rip away seems to be made of decent quality, but was hoping one of you might have some input.
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2021.01.15 19:19 smashervt Travelling within Canada

Hello. I know right now there is a issue of travelling outside of Canada even with a valid work visa while being unemployed. But is it ok to travel within Canada? Like fly to Alberta and not just be in Ontario?
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2021.01.15 19:19 Lokuro YuYan work studio weibo update "iQIYI Scream Night" – 21.01.15

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2021.01.15 19:19 rossalan5 I saw too many people claiming the Nets got worse from the Harden trade, so I decided to call out their logic.

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2021.01.15 19:19 CaptainFishies Idk if I’m allowed to post memes here but idc about your broken elbow

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2021.01.15 19:19 ppshuck [FNV] NVSE Crashing game

NVSE keeps crashing my game which for example i am only able to play for a max time of 15 mins with NVSE running even with just one mod (ive tried different mods). it generally keeps crashing my game when ever I save or find a new location.
So I have been trying to fix this for a couple of days now so I was hoping someone from here might have an answer to this. I have searched up guides for trying to fix this but all the posts are either discussing a different problem for NVSE crashing or they are from 5 years ago. As a side note, the game runs fine with mods that dont require NVSE and I also use Vortex for a manager.
I have tried multiple mods that are to help prevent crashing and they dont exactly help, I have also tried 4GB Patch mod but it does not seem to do anything to help the crashing. sometimes it will crash hard enough to where it freezes and i have to restart my entire computer.
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2021.01.15 19:19 zakaria20199 Being consistent with things that better your life.

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2021.01.15 19:19 Bebop_Man Did Nolan and Troy ever make up?

Just curious. Stopped watching when Troy left.
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2021.01.15 19:19 Dyfly2006 There is an Imposter

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