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a little bit snowy ride

2021.01.27 10:38 cube-x-nime a little bit snowy ride

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2021.01.27 10:38 WesTheREALGod I've had people call me a noob and crutched-up killer for this.

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2021.01.27 10:38 curiouscatcritter My Last Resort

Hi everyone, I hope you're all safe and well. I don't know what to do anymore and I come asking for advice.
I got my period when I was 12 years old, it then stopped for about 6 months and when it came back it started coming twice a month and reached even three times a month (one time when I was 17 I would bleed every 3 days). That was about 9 years ago, I still have my period way too frequently. Right now I'm on my third period just this month. They're long, heavy, and draining. I had to quit competitive swimming because of this and I feel hopeless. I've been to a countless number of doctors. I've had MRI scans, ultrasounds, a colonoscopy, SO SO many blood tests (I'm a literal blood bank at this point). Doctors have experimented medications on me to the point where my body now rejects any type of hormone medication that I try to take. I can't take anything anymore because the side effects are too unbearable. Nobody wants to diagnose me and they dismiss the idea of endometriosis. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm just 20 years old nearing 21 and I'm fed up. Please advise me on what I should do because I've run out of options.
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2021.01.27 10:38 PeriInverse Becsuse you guys wanted it so badly, here it is. XD

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2021.01.27 10:38 real-fucking-autist Wisekey - ewiger Zerfall oder Durchstarten?

Werte Mitstreiter und Möchtegern-Autisten.
Da die Kollegen in mauerstrassenwetten keine Aktien mögen mit nur 100 Millionen Marktbewertung, versuche ich es mal hier.
Wisekey dümpelt schon lange rum und dann die Geschäftszahlen sehen auch nicht so prickelnd aus.
Was die wenigsten aber Wissen, sind die Details der Zusammenarbeit mit einem sehr grossen deutschen Premiumautohersteller.
Wisekey liefert die Technologie (und wird auf Stückzahlen bezahlt), die digitalen Bauteile der Autoa mit Zertifikaten zu schützen. Ziel ist es, dass nur noch zugelassene und originale Bauteilw verbaut werden können.
D.h. baut eine freie Werkstatt ein Ersatzteil an, wird sich das Auto nicht mehr starten lassen, da der freien Werkstatt die Schlüssel fehlen um neue Bauteile mit bestehenden zu “verheiraten”.
Klingt nach einem ziemlich asozialen, aber auch genialen Geschäftsmodell. Zurzeit laufen die Tests erst bei der Premium-Limousine, sollen aber demnächst bei allen neuen Fahrzeugen verbaut werden.
WIHN 10$ Jan 22 Calls - 15k € Position
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2021.01.27 10:38 Embarrassed-Ad8856 This is the best wrestling commercial ever

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2021.01.27 10:38 InspirobotBot Wed Jan 27 11:36:31 2021

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2021.01.27 10:38 Jolech8 Sieht schon krass echt aus

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2021.01.27 10:38 TubziXD Don't normally do this but some photos I took :)

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2021.01.27 10:38 Front_Pineapple8934 MAC OS now reinstalled on internal drive but MAC will not boot from it

MAC OS now reinstalled on internal drive but MAC will not boot from it A MAC Pro was booting up and getting a flashing question mark folder.
According to many online pages, I decided to make a 64GB USB stick into my bootable disk for the MAC. I created this with transmac I installled the MAC OS Lion .dmg file on it.
Despite all instructions, I just could not use disk utilities to use that USB stick to reload MAC OS Lion onto the internal drive.
In the end, I removed the internal drive placed it into a USB Chassis, cleaned it plugged it into the MAC Pro USB port. So I had the USB stick with the .dmg loaded on it in one USB port and the original HDD plugged into another USB port, in an external chassis
In the end I managed to reinstall MAC OS LION on the HDD that was in the external chassis and the MAC book pro now works but is booting from its original internal disk but that disk is now in an external chassis. It's now in effect an external drive that boots the system up and it runs
So I stupidly assumed I could then just take that HDD and install it back inside the MAC and reboot the MAC. I assumed it would boot then from the HDD now all reinstalled with MAC OS Lion but now back in place inside. Meaning no devices now plugged into any USB ports
It does not now boot and will not boot from its internal drive. I was trying to find a way of making the MAC look for its HDD first and boot. Tried many ways to make it boot from the internal HDD. To no avail.
How can I make this now boot from this internal HDD which I know has the OS on it and works if its in an external chassis....I do hope somebody has the answer.
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2021.01.27 10:38 NewsElfForEnterprise European stocks head for lackluster open, following uncertainty in global markets

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2021.01.27 10:38 Godzilla-vs-Kong- Who's the king

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2021.01.27 10:38 RLCD-Bot [Orange Dominus] [Titanium White Dominus: Suji] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Cap] [(Alpha Reward) Gold Rush] [Decennium Pro]

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2021.01.27 10:38 Tobysure School Work Speed Run 100% Glitchless World Record

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2021.01.27 10:38 Inasal_na_tao140 Pa upvote po, kuya kris, anyare?

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2021.01.27 10:37 Vegetable_Display169 RTX Morshu but it's a restaurant

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2021.01.27 10:37 eddytony96 Do scientists of Reddit think that journals that focus on publishing boring results could help combat publication bias and maybe help address the replication crisis?

This was a piece about a novel economics journal [literally called “Series of Unsurprising Results in Economics” or SURE] that’s based on just publishing null results that would otherwise be seen as unremarkable and not interesting enough to be published in traditional scientific journals , such as conclusions that certain variables ultimately have no significant effect on each other or that certain interventions had no significant effects in their designated setting, or just confirming conclusions that had been reached prior thereby proving they were “replicable”, and just generally any dead ends to relevant questions in their field that other researchers now know to avoid. The goal of the journal, which is open access, is to help combat the replication crisis by reducing the publication bias toward more novel, eye-catching research that can come from questionable methodology and turn out to be difficult to replicate.
For scientists of Reddit, do you think journals with a similar set-up to SURE in your specific fields could serve a similar role of reforming the incentive structures in your specialties to help combat publication bias, whether they already exist, and if there are any unique quirks to your research community that would make them more receptive to or more skeptical of such journals?
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2021.01.27 10:37 skinnyfuxx Solo skiing anyone up to chat?

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2021.01.27 10:37 UnknownVoid25 Let’s get Hazama!

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2021.01.27 10:37 MLG5006 A very funny title

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2021.01.27 10:37 rajeshwalecha Happiness for you!

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2021.01.27 10:37 Phazanor Asking for reports is useless.

I guess I'm far from the only one that sees people write "pls report X" in almost every game. Not only is it useless because one report triggers a game review by a bot, and additional reports don't change anything, but it can also be a reportable offense if you're mean/annoying enough, possibly resulting in a chat restrict or worse. If you deem someone reportable, report him and move on. Also, reminder that telling someone you're reporting him can make him tilt and play worse, and that playing badly isn't a reportable offense. https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player Also, why doesn't Riot show this info in the loading screen or the report screen? Or even right after someone writes the word "report" in the chat?
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2021.01.27 10:37 XxWolfie_Fox Lf hal halo 2020

comment what you want for it
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2021.01.27 10:37 SempreRei [PC][EU] Looking for a team that are around gold to push for plat with

i need er a 4 stack needing a support/ flex player message me on discord willsmith1099#8487
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