Go! EMI main rahunga main... Ghar nahi jaaunga main! Essel World! |

EMI main rahunga main... Ghar nahi jaaunga main! Essel World!

2021.01.21 04:00 ihardikmodi EMI main rahunga main... Ghar nahi jaaunga main! Essel World!

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2021.01.21 04:00 shenyt WTS Size S - SftS, Extrafleece Fleece Gray, FCloth Hardshirt Flat Black, Marmot Minimalist

Please add 4% if paying as G&S
The Goods
Shelter from the Storm

Extrafleece Fleece
F Cloth Hard Shirt
Marmot Minimalist Jacket
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2021.01.21 04:00 fishguru-1729 i just got a crested gecko and have been feeding it the basic repashy CGD. if i changed it up every now and then, would it be worth it for the gecko? any advice helps :) just dont want him to get bored of the same food for 15+ years

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2021.01.21 04:00 FigureInTheDark He's back

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2021.01.21 04:00 nemrac13 1st platinum to christen my ps5. I'll miss you Yusuke

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This is such a misguided statement. How many jokes have you heard about voting republican after you die?
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Kkkommie kkkunt
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Fuck Communists.
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Faggot retard trans trash.
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It's in "they's" blood to do it.
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Next fucking level? Like behind the rest of the world
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Who fucking cares? Just another thot.
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Murder is fun mkay
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All of you
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Dumb asses.
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Looking forward to 4 more years of your temper tantrum.
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The left has turned a whole generation of non color seeing, unracist whites, into being racist.
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This site is only a communist hive mind.
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2021.01.21 04:00 Pain-in-the-Ash First heavily planted nano tank, Scarlet badis are spawning after a month, caught their unique behavior somehow on camera.

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2021.01.21 04:00 kobony Original Abstract Painting by Gerardo La Porta | Abstract Art on Canvas | Vesuvio in eruzione

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2021.01.21 04:00 santacruzluis Morning of Jan 20, 2021 in PV

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2021.01.21 04:00 NickelRick2000 Use to get bullied because I’m skinny, don’t know why it just hit hard

So, I’m walking home from school minding my own business when idk a 7 year old calls me a skinny noodle, I don’t get mad, but make a small chuckle. Once I’m home I start to think “man were 7year olds always this mean?” It hurt for a while.
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2021.01.21 04:00 enricr9010798 [PS4] H:BE25lvc Ultracite laser rifle W:Legacy offers

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2021.01.21 04:00 straight-lampin Depressed Moose contemplating jumping off Alaska ledge 2021

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2021.01.21 04:00 Esanchez0 Watchmakers of reddit, how much do you love your job?

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2021.01.21 04:00 enbyintheback Do lions have governments

and cognitive thoughts and we just don’t know it because their brains don’t work like ours and we haven’t figured out how complex it is
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2021.01.21 04:00 DieKart0ffel My (42F) husband (51M), who lives out of state, is upset that I might rent a room from a male coworker.

I know the title isn't the best, so here's some background info:
My husband retired from the Navy in May of 2019. He hates the state we live in because it's expensive to live here and because of all the taxes we pay, so he has decided that he's going to move back to his home state to find work because he has connections up there. Meanwhile, I have a decent job, just got accepted to a university, and my children from a prior marriage are down here. I can't just pack up and go, mostly for my kids' sake. He was the bread-winner so with him being gone my only option would have been to live out of my car, since child support takes a good chunk of my check and making rent would be something I wouldn't be able to afford. Luckily, a female manager I work with was willing to rent a room to me for a very reasonable rate. My husband never found work and just spent this last year and half just drinking from sunrise to sunset. Meanwhile, I was able to go to school and spend time with my kids. Everything was fine until COVID hit.
My manager has a disabled mom that she splits the care for with her sister who lives close by. Because the mother is high-risk for not surviving COVID, my manager went into paranoid mode, which I understand. I spent most of my time cooped up in my room and my visits with my kids turned into once a month hotel visits. The whole situation sucked. I was trying to figure out other options: looking for roommates on Craigslist (super sketchy, but I was desperate) and asking around. A coworker (45M) says he has a place available and it checks all the boxes: reasonable rent, my own bathroom, I can have my kids there, I can have friends there, lots of places to do things when the world goes back to normal and it can be more of a home, basically all the things I didn't have living with my manager.
I told my husband about this room and he's not thrilled with the idea, at all. Is it really that weird? He doesn't understand that I'm missing out on time with my kids. My manager is great, but it's a conflict of interest at work should people find out, and she is a bit uptight. Ugh, my life is mess right now and I don't know if I should take the room or not. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.01.21 04:00 biggypanks Question about Wiper Arms

Hey guys, I own a 97 E36 sedan and I'm just trying to make sure I've got this right. There are 2 different sets of wipers arms for the sedan and vert top, correct? I'm pretty sure something is off with my wiper arms because it slightly rubs the hood.
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2021.01.21 04:00 1banana2bananas Final updates: US/UK fire extinguisher guide

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2021.01.21 04:00 RealLiveHuman So that's where they come from - 🦗

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2021.01.21 04:00 sareenavelfetishism Sonal Chauhan navel in black tank crop top and yoga pants

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2021.01.21 04:00 Kyo104xzy Simple build Corsair Crystal 680X RGB!!!

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2021.01.21 04:00 pixelperfectcolor Is virtual surround/DSP/HRTF for headphones even worth messing with? Should I stick to stereo?

I'm saving up for a new TV, but I'm also trying to figure out audio for my setup. I share a cramped basement with my brother and lots of old furniture, so a surround set-up is out of the equation. And, honestly, I think speakers in general are off-limits since I want to be considerate of my brother and whoever is watching TV upstairs in the living room. Instead of trying to set up speakers, I'm probably gonna use headphones.
That said, considering how many movies have a surround sound audio mix, I have pondered trying to use virtual surround sound so my experience is closer to the original intent of a film. I've seen lots of methods of faking surround sound on headphones, but it seems that most of them suck (and the "true" surround headphones apparently REALLY suck). From what I gathered, my best bet is to route the digital audio into a computer with a capture card, use a virtual audio cable to connect the capture preview to HeSuVi (headphone surround virtualizer), and output from HeSuVi to the headphones. I would need to build a computer that can support the capture card, and I would need to have it connected to my TV so I can adjust the settings.
This... is ridiculous. And expensive.
That leads me to my main question: is virtual surround for headphones worth the hassle? Even with something like Yamaha Silent Cinema, I would still have to buy another piece of equipment. The whole point of this for me is to get closer to what the sound engineers wanted and to create a more immersive experience when using just headphones. But is this a fallacious way of approaching it? Are the studios putting at least as much effort into crafting a good stereo mix, making virtual surround kinda pointless? Or do the right DSP and the right pair of headphones create a superior experience to 2.0 audio?
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2021.01.21 04:00 serious_notshirley YEAH!!! Let’s be more like...North Korea?

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2021.01.21 04:00 AwardLosingFilmmaker Any production companies interested in music video below $20K?

Hey everybody,
If your production company is interested in music video below $20K, please comment here or send me a message (not a chat/direct) and point me to your company website.
I'm looking for production company services first, not necessarily a cinematographer. If you're a cinematographer with a production company, please contact me only if you're ok with those two decisions being separate ones.
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2021.01.21 04:00 Keyblades4Real Looking for Meltan Offering Shiny Shaymin

This Shaymin is perfectly legal and generated so if you have a problem with Generated mon, you'll have to pass. I need more than one meltan and a couple of Melmetal won't hurt either. I am looking for mon without nicknames so please keep that in mind. If Shaymin doesn't interest you tell me what does.
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2021.01.21 04:00 Asb345 15 Strongest Marines

My attempt at ranking the 15 strongest marines in the series. Some haven't shown any physical feats but going of their stated feats and/or rank I tried to place them in order.

  1. Monkey D. Garp (Prime)
  2. Sengoku (Prime)
  3. Sakazuki
  4. Kong (Prime) * Was fleet Admiral at some point
  5. Kuzan
  6. Borsalino
  7. Issho
  8. Ryokugyu
  9. Tsuru (Prime)
  10. Gion
  11. Tokikake
  12. X-Drake
  13. Momonga (G-1)
  14. Vergo (G-5)
  15. Smoker (G-5)
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