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Din - gostosa @notdiin

2021.01.21 05:14 xxxpersonal Din - gostosa @notdiin

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2021.01.21 05:14 Zealousideal_Put_356 My schems

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2021.01.21 05:14 GreyFlamingross [Spoilerless] Some cool Ray fanart I did. It took like 8 hours and 92 layers.

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2021.01.21 05:14 TrumpIsMyGodAndDad Here’s how Bernie can still win

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2021.01.21 05:14 Affectionate_Eagle95 Table Tennis(Ping Pong)stereotypes

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2021.01.21 05:14 Droopydooper Blursed Birthday

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2021.01.21 05:14 Mark_Kife pumpkin carving (same model by Malbear)

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2021.01.21 05:14 deeninetysix Spoiler alert: the new album is very fucking good

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2021.01.21 05:14 Fancy-Satisfaction-1 What food did you eat as a child and still eat as an adult just because it's just delicious and nostalgic?

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2021.01.21 05:14 Random_GenshinPlayer Teams for Ganyu?

Recently got both Jean and Ganyu from the current banner
Right now my main team is Childe, Fischl, Xiangling and Barbara
I kind of want to build a second team because of the characters that I have
Can Jean and Ganyu work properly on the same team? (I've got 0 knowledge about Jean build)
You can suggest other team comps as well, I've got all the 4 star characters that are available in the game ^^
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2021.01.21 05:13 CaptFartBlaster So much for my New Year’s Resolution

My first time posting to Reddit and thought this was appropriate. I have a toxic relationship with alcohol. What started as something fun and exciting in my teens and early 20’s managed to grasp me in ways I never would have imagined in my late 20’s and 30’s.
A little late to the game, I decided I wanted to be a chef when I was 25. I was going nowhere, alcohol already had complete control of me, and I entered an industry where you basically need a substance abuse problem to survive.
Before that I was drinking heavily 4-5 (6-12 drinks) times a week. In my glory days as a cook at high-end restaurants where you could easily work an 18-hour shift, well, guess where those extra 6 hours went? At least half that time was spent drinking. Heavily (Like, just a fucking lot, okay?!). Every night.
Anyone ever seen that restaurant kitchen picture of the poor sap eating family meal from a quart container while sitting on a milk crate? Pretty much sums it all up. And the pay? Shit. Don’t matter where you work as a cook, if you aren’t the top dog you’re making maybe enough to pay rent. That’s why that picture resonates so much with cooks. That look of despair and depression in his eyes while he eats from a plastic container. It gets you in the feelers if you’ve been there. Most chefs would say he’s lucky to be sitting.
The military, or police, well, they have a special name for that look. It’s called the 1,000-yard-stare. Basically means dudes gone AWOL and is pretty much done. As a chef, pretty much just meant this is my fucking time to relax for hopefully 10 fucking minutes. Funny how I compared chefs to soldiers? Look it up, bruh...
Anyway, I digress. Since moving on - slightly - from the restaurant industry, I have managed to get married, have an absolutely breath-taking child, and another on the way, as well as open my own business (restaurant-related, of course).
I’ve cut back on drinking. I mean, I used to basically drink every night until I was plowed so I could go to sleep. Some nights 3 shots and 3 beers would do the trick, some nights 15 shots and 15 beers would. Most nights it was around 8-10 drinks.
Now drinking is no longer a social event at all. I have a wife and kid, one more on the way. I drink alone because I’m the only one that drinks. And I drink HEAVY. Whiskey is my drug and I can fucking EASILY put down 750 ml in one sitting. More if I’m really in the mood. The only thing that’s changed is I drink less often during the week, but more heavily.
Like all-of-a-sudden, I just became this huge POS....
2.3 years ago my daughter was born. That’s been the worst. Maybe it’s just me, but I experienced really horrible hormonal changes with our pregnancy and drank like a sailor for nine months. Also started smoking again.
We’re pregnant again and I’m trending towards that direction, again, but I’m putting my foot down this time (not really, I’m drinking right now) and making sure I understand that I know I do have a dependency issue with alcohol and am making steps toward correcting that.
I just talked to my doctor today, who put me in touch with an agency that handles alcoholism really well in our area.
Anyway, thanks for reading and keep on keeping on folks. It’s only going to get better from here.
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2021.01.21 05:13 joseph_stalin8 I'm going to sleep now

Goodnight comrades
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2021.01.21 05:13 guyolaa This has probably been done before

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2021.01.21 05:13 niCo_neOz Need tutorial on how to apply stability ear gels to my Indy evo buds

So, as the title suggests, I need some video/image reference on how to apply the stability gels on my Indy evo. It's related to this post that I had posted earlier in this sub. So the buds don't charge now owing to these stability gels. Appreciate all your help. Thanks!
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2021.01.21 05:13 qkiedoh I like going back on the old videos and discovering these hidden gems. Don’t know if it has been done and if so, delete it if you may but his face of “how dare you” made my day.

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2021.01.21 05:13 theheroofvillains Should i give one of my characters a poetry book for my campaign?

Im sure you know which poetry book im referring to. A little known thing called "Azathoth and Other Horrors". Of course their character wouldn't know it was speaking of the blind idiot god, they would just know it as a book of poetry that they are fond of. Until they came face to face with the truth.
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2021.01.21 05:13 13lordcommander [TASK] Help me clone and connect 2 Github Repositories and update my DNS $7

Need someone to clone the following two repositories and connect them:

  1. https://github.com/tengbao/vanta - So the text looks like how it is on http://vantajs.com
  2. https://github.com/wowthemesnet/mediumish-theme-jekyll
I need a couple other minor tweaks like add a couple buttons and link the vantajs index.html to the other repository.

I also have the domain name servers on Cloudflare so just need them to point to the GitHub Pages index.html (the vantajs one)
Thanks and please bid on the post before you send a message!
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2021.01.21 05:13 soundoracle Better Drum Layers | Sound Oracle Sound Kits

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2021.01.21 05:13 cheerile wee Rosetta the other day 💗

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2021.01.21 05:13 Ezzzy61 Big smol every kinda oof

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2021.01.21 05:13 isaacmo3 Dont be in this gang

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2021.01.21 05:13 nopaalito Found Dakota @ CVS! I only grabbed one but I can go back tomorrow morning and get some more if anyone is interested! They had a whole bunch of these and the unicorn!

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2021.01.21 05:13 Cameron-0- This is probably the reason for the caption

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2021.01.21 05:13 vcdice How to apply for a local scholarship as an international student?

Im 16 and from Singapore and i want study in north america or UK, because i plan to move (get citizenship) and get a job there after college. However, the universities are all very expensive and my parents will probably not send me overseas unless i receive scholarships.
The thing is that almost all local scholarships are bonded, so if i accept the scholarship offer i will have to come back to singapore to work for the scholarship provider(s) after i graduate from college. This would disrupt my plans on migrating.
Question: I want to know how i can receive a scholarship in another country (i.e. apply for scholarship from the USA though im from Singapore); if i can receive one, i do not mind if it is a bonded scholarship since i plan to work and live there after i graduate.
Thank you!
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2021.01.21 05:13 Arbie456 [Help] iPhone X Stuck In Boot Loop (Urgent!)

I'm pretty sure it's Jailbreak related, though I un-jailbroke sometime last year. My banking app all of the sudden started saying I couldn't use it because my iPhone is jailbroken. Someone told me that I need to backup and recover to that backup to fix it, but it just put my phone into a boot loop. I really could use some assistance, being that I use my phone for everything (alarm clock, communication, stocks, insurance and other important files). I'm on the latest iOS and I 100% do not want to lose anything if at all possible. TIA!
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