Go! Free DHS/FEMA online training through Texas A&M Engineer Extension (TEEX) |

Free DHS/FEMA online training through Texas A&M Engineer Extension (TEEX)

2021.01.21 04:10 realNSOC Free DHS/FEMA online training through Texas A&M Engineer Extension (TEEX)

Not sure if y'all knew this or not, but TEEX offers quote a few courses funded by DHS/FEMA.
Be sure to look for the courses with the "A symbol"
You can also find free FEMA courses here:
Yes, they all give certifications.
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2021.01.21 04:10 danang1986 To Women: When you have a one-night stand with a hot guy, he didn't fuck you cus you're desirable, to him you were just a free hooker.

I've seen online & met so many women who get an ego trip over how many online matches they get, or how many hot guys they had sex with. We live in a world where there is an excess demand for female prostitutes. When you get attention for one-night stands it doesn't mean anything to a guy, all they see is a free hooker!
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2021.01.21 04:10 tiktoker12tik The comedic duo

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2021.01.21 04:10 elisa9999 NST 11

I'm on the waitlist and was just wondering why some discussion sections are over-enrolled while others are not. Is there someone who goes around to automatically enroll people in? Or is this just for those who have already declared the major or are in CNR? Is there someone I should talk to to help me get into the class?
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2021.01.21 04:10 anime-SSI This is why Rui and Hina are the Best Couple

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2021.01.21 04:10 gugulethu-mhlungu Can someone please tell me what this is and if I’m using it incorrectly?

I am new to tools and getting my first simple home tool kit together to do basic maintenance jobs around the house, so apologies in advance for my ignorance.
here are photos of the thing and how I’ve been trying to use it
There are no marks to identify the name of this item, but I’ve been using a Makita one that seems to be the same thing as a “quick-swap bit holder”. In the beginning of using the makita one for this purpose, it also had trouble letting bits in and out. I just jammed things in and out without regard to “loosen” it up and make swapping bit out more easy. Well, I now have my own new simple 30-piece Dewalt screw driving set that came with one of its own, and I’m finding the same exact problem so I’m wondering if I’m just completely using this piece wrong.
Help! I’m trying to quickly build an IKEA dresser!
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2021.01.21 04:10 Arya_Taylor so accurate 😆

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2021.01.21 04:10 Arabella_Fabiene SaS Cancelled for Jan 20th

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2021.01.21 04:10 Goissss What was the dumbest thing you got away with as a kid?

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2021.01.21 04:10 loliduhh I got audited filed as HOH mistakenly, now I owe

I mistakenly filed as head of household. The irs audited me and said my income was off by $6k, now the irs wants $3k in fees, including a decent amount in interest. This was for 2016. However I don’t understand why I would owe so much given that my total income was $16k that year, or possible $22k given what they’re saying it actually came out to. I had to order transcripts, and I don’t actually understand if that amount already reflects this amount found in their audit. Also I used turbo tax so I’m pretty sure it was idiot proof with my inputting amounts for my actual income.
Is this all an amount that was deducted because of the misfiling as head of household? Is there anything I can do to resolve this mistake? I’m calling them ASAP.
TIA for any help!
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2021.01.21 04:10 MyAlternateAleksandr College Civil Engineer Program?

This may be a long shot but I was wondering if anyone had personal experience with this; how it went, if there were complications, life during, etc.
I've spoke with an officer recruiter who mentioned that while you're technically in the military, you don't have to attend drill or anything until OCS.
Just trying to get some perspective. Wasn't able to find a whole lot by googling other than "paper pushing" once you're an officer.
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2021.01.21 04:10 Vaportrail Need Legends expert opinions on Universe

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2021.01.21 04:10 bitterone2 FUCK YOU ACTIVISION/INFINITY WARD

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2021.01.21 04:10 jamesthepenguin22 For Anyone Who Has Been Involved With Six Flags Over Texas:

60 years ago, Angus G. Wynne, Jr. opened the gates to Six Flags Over Texas, which would go on to leave a major impression on the concept of amusement parks. Its legacy includes obtaining the world's first log flume attraction, revolutionizing the quality of in-park live entertainment, being the start of a major chain in the amusement industry itself, and leaving a personal impression on the tens of millions of visitors who past through the front gates since they opened on August 5, 1961.
As a commemoration, I plan on composing a documentary over the next few months detailing the fascinating history of this park and will be interested in any insight from anyone who has played a role in it; the idea is to get stories of 60 people who have been significantly impacted in some way by the park. I am looking at responders ranging from former and present employees to people who had a significant personal event happen within the premises.
I would prefer if you contact my Reddit account in private so any of your information is not readily seeable. If I find your relationship with SFOT particularly interesting, I may contact you requesting a video recording, though you in no way will be required to meet with me in person. Your initial responses need not contain any personal information that you feel uncomfortable sharing.
I am looking forward to seeing your responses!
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2021.01.21 04:10 b0untybeyblade ehm

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2021.01.21 04:10 jack_man14 2020 NCAA Tournament Map

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2021.01.21 04:10 NautilusMain Asha's Fucking Pissed

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2021.01.21 04:10 nillakillakhan The irony in these comments

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2021.01.21 04:10 noodlemcfoodle This is peak meme material

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2021.01.21 04:10 Nannerz17 My first time getting a capsule and I can't reach it!

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2021.01.21 04:10 This_is_a-Throwaway1 What Leaked operator are you most excited about?

Im a little torn on which one to get
View Poll
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2021.01.21 04:10 Cody_nara [Anime Spoilers] SnK S4 (Final Season) Episode 6 Poll - Anime Only Viewer Version

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2021.01.21 04:10 Heapifying Reading deleted comments

There's this deleted comment, and by going into the profile of the author of the comment, I can actually read the comment before being deleted.
But that's not all. I refreshed the profile website, and the comments that I could read were deleted. I started refreshing the website, and I could read them again.

Processing img nsitn4hq1mc61...
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2021.01.21 04:10 Smurfinon Anyone else start dwelling on bad memories as soon as you get your period?

Whenever I’m not on my period I feel 99.9% over my ex and can think of him without feeling anxious or sad. In fact I think very little of him.
But I’ve noticed a pattern since our breakup 8-something-months ago now that every time I get my period I start thinking about him consistently, I get sad thinking he’s forgotten about me, old memories will pop up in my mind and I’ll feel anxious with all these overwhelming thoughts and feelings.
Anyone experiencing similar dwelling on a negative past or memories when on your period? Things that normally doesn’t bother you becomes routine in your mind during your period.
It’s extremely frustrating it feels like my mind is playing a game with me every month!
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2021.01.21 04:10 an_angry_beaver Tips for facing brushes (as brella)

I’m interested in improving as a brella player. I’m finding that one of the harder matchups for me are brushes since their flicks outrange me and they get bonus damage against my shield (or can run faster than I can turn). Any insights?
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