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Margaret Nolan - Remember When

2021.01.21 05:14 Zennred Margaret Nolan - Remember When

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2021.01.21 05:14 newsfeedmedia Naomi Watts says she’s ‘feeling all the feels’ as she watches Biden’s inauguration

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2021.01.21 05:14 pshine12 Walk in/minimal prep attempt

Let me try this again... Google says the first time pass rate for the CISSP is 20% for all candidates There are lots of test prep options available but I'm wondering if anyone was able to pass on their first attempt with little or no prep and/or how common that is. If so, what kind of professional experience do you have?
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2021.01.21 05:14 kwpluckett Kwpluckett #119.75: Alice in Wonderland (1951)

See my review of the first 100 movies here.

Challenge started: 5/18/2020 Challenge completed: 10/23/2020 Date Watched: 1/17/2021 Runtime: 1h15m Rating: G Watched on: Disney+ Rotten Tomatoes: 81% Imdb rating: 7.4 Genre: Fantasy/Family Directed by: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson 
Google synopsis:
Lewis Carroll's beloved fantasy tale is brought to life in this Disney animated classic. When Alice (Kathryn Beaumont), a restless young British girl, falls down a rabbit hole, she enters a magical world. There she encounters an odd assortment of characters, including the grinning Cheshire Cat (Sterling Holloway) and the goofy Mad Hatter (Ed Wynn). When Alice ends up in the court of the tyrannical Queen of Hearts (Verna Felton), she must stay on the ruler's good side -- or risk losing her head.
My thoughts:
I love the story of Alice in Wonderland and through the looking glass and have had a life long fascination with this story. I've sought to watch and read all the adaptions and recreations and would consider it one of my favorite stories/ franchises of all time. This film is what began it all.
The story is marvelous, the characters are all magical. The animation style is iconic Disney. In it's presentation it is simple, but in it's charm, wit, absurdity, complex. There is a depth to this children's story that you don't see in much else. (Especially from this era.)
On top of all the magic that audiences know and love from this classic, this HD stream on Disney+ brings vibrance, depth of visual image and color unlike any release of this film that I've previously seen. It is absolutely beautiful to look at.
Anyways I could go on about this film, but I think we all know about Alice in Wonderland, so I'll leave it there.
I'll give Alice in Wonderland a 4.5 out of 5.
Note, I'm giving this film only a partial view count as I've seen this before.
Find me on letterboxd
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2021.01.21 05:14 TheWrinklyDog Leather 8″x10″ Vintage Crackle ROYAL BLUE Metallic on Black Suede Cowhide 3-3.5 oz / 1.2-1.4 mm PeggySueAlso™ E2844-35 Full hides available by PeggySueAlso

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2021.01.21 05:14 CzoKc I am refusing to fill out a w9

What happens if I refuse to fill out a w9 for a company that has been asking me? They already have paid me but I just don't trust them. I would rather deal with the penalties.
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2021.01.21 05:14 norbertt Texting with my mom. Does it get better than this?

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2021.01.21 05:14 vBurgey New Music

I am trying to expand my music taste. What are some albums you would recommend me to listen to from start to finish? Any genre as long as it’s not country 🤠
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2021.01.21 05:14 sabretoothpvssy PUPDATE: Ghosthawk Wulfenite (Ghost) at 5 months now! @ghost.st0ry on Instagram if you wanna follow along

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2021.01.21 05:14 Adultishnanny Marina in Boxes (gifted)

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2021.01.21 05:14 fuz3b0x jellyfin-web keybindings

Is there any way to bind keyboard keys to skip/previous video, and perhaps more functions?
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2021.01.21 05:14 Micro_is_average I miss live music

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2021.01.21 05:14 Mr_Fizzy_ My attempt at making something similar to the seamoth from subnautica. I still need some suggestions as to how to make it better cuz idk why it seems a bit off

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2021.01.21 05:14 Legitimate_doubter Spdif to slink or USB for the best sound quality

Hi, I am trying to figure out if I should plug my amp/dac via USB or via spdif toslink. I know spdif toslink is less likely to have noise since it’s optical, but I’ve heard that unlike USB my amp/dac will not process the original signal and the motherboard will. Is that true?
If not, which could provide the best sound quality?
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2021.01.21 05:14 Purple_Article_1618 Crowe LLP video application summer internship

Hi , i have to take video application interview with crowe llp . It has 4 questions. Does anyone know or share what questions are asked?
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2021.01.21 05:14 xoangmota Rhinoplasty almost 2 weeks post op

For those that ended up not liking their results - how soon after surgery did you realize this? I am about 2 weeks post-op and really happy with my results even though I’m super swollen still but I am not sure how much things will change and what to expect.
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2021.01.21 05:14 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-25799

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2021.01.21 05:14 Embarrassed_Kale5087 In 10 years, why will your future self thank your current self?

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2021.01.21 05:14 warehouseboy2001 Project Infrared

I’m back once more to ask if anyone would be interested in being an artist on my production mixtape I wanna start working on? It’s more on the idea aspect of things meaning I have nothing yet but plan to work ASAP. If interested plz comment or PM me. Thx.
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2021.01.21 05:14 Adolf_Toblerone Despite the large anti-war movement during the Vietnam era, why were the veterans disrespected so much?

If there was a huge anti-war sentiment going around America during that time, and there were people being drafted, what was the primary reason for the amount of hate for veterans? There was the obvious hatred for some actions during the war, notably calling veterans out for killing children or innocent civilians, but not all of them did that. If the anti-war movement was in such support of bringing the troops home and out of Vietnam, why were they disrespected instead of receiving empathetic or emotional support?
Forgive me for my ignorance, I have not studied this enough.
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2021.01.21 05:14 The_Phantom_Bandit Texas server

Just keeps crashing hard. Got an error saying someone logged into my account. For what? 2 chrome?
Down for anyone else?
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2021.01.21 05:14 Tailz2019 Recent episode where one of the ladies mentioned someone tried to scam her?

Weird post I know, but was there a recentish episode where one of the ladies mentioned that she received an email from a family member's email address and the person pretended to be her family member and asked if she would front them the money for an Amazon gift card?
I could swear I heard that story on this podcast and told my husband about it, but he swears he heard it on npr and told me about it. Now it's driving me nuts!
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2021.01.21 05:14 MythicalAubergine Meteor Mash from charged TM

Hi all.. I have a lvl 40 metagross with Bullet Punch and Flash Cannon. If I use my charged TM, can I get Meteor Mash (current Hoenn Event). Or should I use Elite Charge TM if possible? Is it really worth it to change my special move??

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2021.01.21 05:14 throw123474830593 My cousin pointed out at my abnormal breathing pattern over a phone call and I can't stop panicking over it.

I'm 23F 5'4" amd 104lb, no known conditions.
Okay so, when I talk i tend to hold my breath and after I'm done talking i quickly exhale with a soft grunt. By grunt, i mean the sound that occurs after you let out your breath affer you've been holding it for a while. I've also noticed by respiratory rate can go as high as 24 after talking for a few seconds. He also pointed out that i take way too many deep breaths.
What is wrong with me? Please help. :(
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2021.01.21 05:14 Cap_Kid Check out this funny indie game

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