Go! Had fun with this one. |

Had fun with this one.

2021.01.21 05:29 seantubridy Had fun with this one.

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2021.01.21 05:29 kkkchild So I am feeling gay

When I was young my uncle used to fuck me from behind. I wasnt gay then but now i feel like I am the man. Should I fuck him from behind? Cause that's what a real nigga should do.
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2021.01.21 05:29 Born_Exit What is the best thing you have done at work?

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2021.01.21 05:29 kobony Original Portrait Painting by Hilary Mccarthy Artist | Figurative Art on Wood | Katja

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2021.01.21 05:29 cyanidism “Dissociation,” Me, Digital Art, 2020

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2021.01.21 05:29 MarbleCakes4725 newspaper.com request

If someone has a newspapers.com membership I would greatly appreciate if they could find me this one. Thanks.
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2021.01.21 05:29 DRUNK-M3RL1N Jarl Siddgeir kinda gay...

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2021.01.21 05:29 Ab_345 First review? S620

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2021.01.21 05:29 GrlPwrGang 23 [F4M] Curvy punk gal looking for voice chats and love of all kinds 💖

Ello 👋🏻 I’m a feisty ENFP. Usually covered in glitter and cooking vegan food for ma pals. Enjoy dystopian novels, feminist literature and punk gigs. Horny for equality and salted caramel flavoured things🤘🏻 Fat, body and sex positive💖
I crave the presence of human spirit and adore hearing others stories in comparison to my own. Everyone you meet knows something that you don’t! Plus I’ve made some ace friends from this and am content with all other areas of my life so seeing what else can blossom and find potential people to share it with...whether it be friends, lovers, sex, affection. Above all else, I’d love to find a deeper and more meaningful lasting connection with someone ☺️
I primarily spent my time dancing at gigs in the pit with my pals 💃🏻 when such activities were allowed! I also try to teach myself guitar whenever I have the patience, I recently got a bass too! I’m learning to crochet as I have “busy hands disease” and making my way through xmas stockings as a surprise for my housemates 🧶 I like to sketch and mess around with watercolours in my bullet journal. I LOVE documentaries, reading about psychology, sociology, politics etc and of course my fave genre you know 📚I’m literally getting ready for a d&d sesh tonight, I’m in two campaigns and FUCK it’s good. Tabletop is my JAM. I also am needlessly affectionate, fancy a chat?
Ps. Please be up for voice chats! Happy to swap selfies 🤘🏻
Here’s me:
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2021.01.21 05:29 cantsayando Y'all must be jerking off Episode 2, but I'ma save my joint for this one to be animated, hehe.

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2021.01.21 05:29 Maybe-Upstairs Oklahoma wildin

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2021.01.21 05:29 magnumdddong Hachi roku

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2021.01.21 05:28 knifemastA21 Missing since December 1st. My cousin aj

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2021.01.21 05:28 reddit_xeno Props for the court scene

That was just a beautiful exchange, loved seeing the duality of reactions.
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2021.01.21 05:28 boss112020 Failed making creamed honey

I think i failed making creamed honey. I added roughly 10% of starter creamed honey. Mixed until texture was thick and white/cream colour. I allowed it to set for 24hrs. Thought it was all well and good. Came back a week later and this is what I got. There is a thick white layer on top. Looks like the creamed honey reversed to liquid. Was it the temperature? Or not enough creamed honey? or not enough mixing?
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2021.01.21 05:28 thebartthe444 ELI5- "Case Studies"

Hello professors! I was hoping you could help me with something. This semester, I've been tasked to teach writing research papers (using IMRaD) to my engineering EFL students. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing, and the only material I've been given to teach is a weblink about the components of research papers and a research journal template..............................
My knowledge about research methodologies is very rusty (I had considered positing this post for Methodologies AND Case Studies... but honestly, I do not think I need to overwhelm myself and my students with the "metalinguistic" terminology... So I will save the "What are methodologies and do I necessarily need a methodological approach or is the methodology just the plan of how they're going to research and the choices behind them?" (Do I need to follow grounded theory, ethnography, etc... ?) for another day...)
Back to Case Studies... I cannot for the life of me understand them. I keep getting confused by "phenomena" and "case." I've read chapters and webpages, and I've watched videos... but now I'm overwhelmed with all the information, and none of it makes sense. What are case studies?!
I have a group of students interested in interviewing a factory engineer about a certain type of waste disposal. Essentially, this is the only factory of its type in our country, and they'd be asking him about how the waste is collected, the type, procedure... stuff like that.
I don't necessarily know what case studies are, but I feel like... this is leaning towards that? I definitely feel like this would be an "exploratory case," but I'm not quite sure.
Is there any way one of you wonderful professors could help simplify what a case study is, and preferably through the context of how this factory engineer interview could be turned into a case study?
Some more information for context: the research paper is to be written as a group and isn't expected to be very long (5-10 pages).
This group, or at least the student I spoke to, seems very interested in their topic, and I'd really like to help guide them so that they could present their information effectively. :(
Any answers will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
(Also, sorry if the flair is off... couldn't decide between general and academic advice.)
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2021.01.21 05:28 Embarrassed_Kale5087 If you suddenly became able to see 10 seconds into the future, how would your life change?

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2021.01.21 05:28 Capt3n In Memoriam: The Meredith Stout Causeway. This Bud's for you, Mare.

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2021.01.21 05:28 vantaq Hey guys i need some advice, as a PF i always get forced into post...it doesnt matter who my match up is but i cant get around him

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2021.01.21 05:28 Luiz4823 Little tip for schedule rides

If you get a sch ride and It tells you the pick up window is for 21:00 - 21:10 BUT when you actually get the call at 20:40 and the app gives you 10 minutos to arrive, meaning you should arrive by 20:50 if you arrive after that time, if they cancel or are a no show, you won't get paid. So the actual ETA that matters is tje ome you getbonce you get the actual call
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2021.01.21 05:28 zzugzwangg Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter.

I feel as though these two iconic worlds are often compared and contrasted. In terms of books, movies, characters, plot lines, etc, Lord of the Rings is superior. That’s all.
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2021.01.21 05:28 straight-lampin Depressed Moose contemplating jumping off Alaska ledge 2021

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2021.01.21 05:28 puffyfluffy12 If you have a friend who bought Beyond Light deluxe edition sign into your account on their console, they can pick up No Time to Explain and it's catalyst for you

Idk how well known this is but if you're like me, you gotta have them sweet sweet exotic pulses.
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2021.01.21 05:28 Eeveestealthmode My first RPG maker game

After a long while of working on and off (Mostly off), I finally finished my first RPGmaker Project, and wanted to share it. Any feedback would be appreciated, so I know what I need to improve for future projects! Here's the link: https://shinegamer.itch.io/miniquest
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2021.01.21 05:28 Geaux_1210 Ebay listing claims 2021 R4 SDHC running Wood - is this legit?

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