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2021.01.27 10:46 bullshitlol123 Auditing overseas

Hi I’m currently an auditor in a mid tier firm. I don’t really like my company so far but as I’ve always wanted to work overseas, I was thinking whether being in the same industry overseas would be better in terms of working style and hours.
Does anyone have any experiences of working as an auditor overseas and able to advise?
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2021.01.27 10:46 bazaartimesco Turkey to bolster Afghanistan’s transportation system

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2021.01.27 10:46 Sans-Delan Just got this guy in the post today. Gonna look forward to doing some pictures with him.

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2021.01.27 10:46 cd-dvd My 16 years old vs 24 years old SFX makeup growth - 50,603 Votes on r/nextfuckinglevel

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2021.01.27 10:46 mycatisanorange ‘Excited about the possibilities’; Oncologist says COVID vaccines may help with cancer treatment

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2021.01.27 10:46 InspirobotBot Wed Jan 27 11:44:35 2021

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2021.01.27 10:46 ny_insomniac How do you tune out all the distractions and jump back into that creative mindset?

I remember back in high school, I used to write for hours until after I was supposed to be in bed. The quality wasn't amazing, but they were half-hour television sitcoms, feature-length horror movies and I even started writing a zombie novel I am still developing to this day. In college, I also wrote a few drafts of a feature-length film that helped me get into a screenwriting program abroad. Prior to that, I took a summer intensive course in LA, where I had also written a different feature-length, the first professional one I had written using Final Draft.
The point is, I've written some short stories and opinion pieces/blog posts since then, but it's been so long since I just sat down and really wrote. Really immersed myself into a universe. Was writing as if I was the character speaking. I have so many ideas, like my zombie novel trilogy, a miniseries based off my time abroad that I also want to convert into a travel memoir when the episodic scripts are done, and I even thought of a gay horror satire feature idea today. My mind is all over the place and I'm constantly somewhere else, thinking that I should be doing something more productive as an adult, because I'm not a kid in high school anymore writing horror stories.
How does everyone manage to tune out all the bullsh*t and focus your thoughts on your stories?
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2021.01.27 10:46 European-wanderer W4D1

I hadn't run 5 minutes at least since I was at school. In fact, I'm pretty sure I avoided it all through that time then too. Yesterday was scary, having not one but two 5 minute runs. But I made it. And I'm really proud of myself for making it. My 8yo son ran with me and was super encouraging all the way. I'm blessed with a supportive family, but I've had to believe in myself. Anyone else worried about W4 like I was - believe in yourself!! You can do it too.
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2021.01.27 10:46 onPointPhife ANKHLEJOHN - Obelisk [Drill, Hardcore Hip Hop] (2020)

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2021.01.27 10:46 bazaartimesco Turkey looks to be developer of next-gen technologies

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2021.01.27 10:46 mishaal1888 Scanned documents

Do we need to upload scanned documents in black and white OR coloured form? Also, can we use cam scanner?
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2021.01.27 10:46 andymd21 What happens when we do this every week?

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2021.01.27 10:46 Kiwi-Puzzled SRNE initiated with a $35 price target but has a 33% short interest. 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.01.27 10:46 Major-Hospital-5556 New expansion pack includes gender change, labotamy, and much more. https://youtu.be/8mkofgRW1II whatcha markiplier now

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2021.01.27 10:46 HoodedRS "Skip waiting for stats" Is the worst possible thing to happen after you have a good game.

I just had an amazing game with tristana in my promos, we were so far behind, enemy team had like 7k gold lead, ocean soul, more farm, more kills, vision control and everything, I was the only player in our team that had any impact so I started splitpushing while my team tried their best to defend because they needed two players to kill me, somehow an absolute miracle happened and while solo pushing bot I got a triple kill and ended the game with 17/6 scoreline with incredible comeback that shouldn't have happened so through my excitement I wanted to go to post game lobby to talk to my team about the game but "Skip waiting for stats" comes up... AND IT NEVER GOES AWAY.
How frustrating is that, I just had the game of my life and I can't even talk about it with my teammates, I know the client is all sorts of messed up but this was a really enjoyable game with amazing comeback and it completely took me out of the bliss once I realised I can't see the post game lobby. These awesome games don't happen very often these days and even when they do happen, I still somehow get screwed over. All I wanted was to chat with the 10 players about this cool game I had and I can't even do that.
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2021.01.27 10:46 yungduv say babe (demo) (prod. 19)

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2021.01.27 10:46 BlueGorrila145 Entei 7354 6524 3007 join

7354 6524 3007
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2021.01.27 10:46 GovernmentTop9857 Do you guys take notes while you read? We all guys read books and articles and when we read something, after few days our mind forgets the information. And making Evergreen Notes helps you to store what you learn in the form of a concrete structure. So we can revisit them from time to time.

Do you guys take notes while you read? We all guys read books and articles and when we read something, after few days our mind forgets the information. And making Evergreen Notes helps you to store what you learn in the form of a concrete structure. So we can revisit them from time to time. submitted by GovernmentTop9857 to booktube [link] [comments]

2021.01.27 10:46 janko1423 O3 raid leaders

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2021.01.27 10:46 0800francis Hosting togetic add me please 1091 8887 3098

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2021.01.27 10:46 Emphraa Shes getting married

I have a friend who is very dear to me. And in early 2020 I asked her out and after a few months we got together. It was very short lived however and it was tough on both of us but it was alot harder for me. But that's not the point.
About a week ago now, she told me shes gonna get engaged at the end of 2021.
I'm not exactly sad about that. Shes one of my greatest friends and I'm happy that shes happy.
But I feel like a loser honestly. For a while i wanted to spend my life with her only to realise she didnt see it that way. And weirdly enough a part of me still maintains hope that this is still possible, as pathetic as that sounds.
What I want advice about is, how do I feel less like a loser? And what do I do with this hope that doesnt let me move on completely? And also, how will I live with myself knowing how many times I've failed in life, this whole thing included.
Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.
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2021.01.27 10:46 INFERNO1924567 Rejoin feature

Does it work because I have disconnected many times and couldn’t rejoin even in ranked.
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2021.01.27 10:46 skyerippa Claudia Conway posted the nude photo of herself on her mother's account to get her in trouble.

In my own opinion, it's pretty obvious this is what happened. Shes been beefing with her mom publicly for months, it seems far fetched her mom would send herself or screenshot a nude photo of her daughter months ago then accidentally post it on Twitter.
More likely Claudia was pissed about something and did it herself to either send her mom to jail or get her in massive trouble.
What do you guys think?
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2021.01.27 10:46 nikudons Let's Talk About Baizhu

love this lil guy so much.... u hold so many secrets
Quick recap; I’ve done a bit of a Baizhu deep dive once in a previous post I made along speculations about Sumeru. Decided to make a new post with some new datamined info regarding his character I read a few weeks ago! This ended up being more of a compilation info dump with minimal commentary, so I look forward to reading any theories you have on him!
We are going to discuss:

  1. Who is he based off voicelines and stories from characters
  2. My own observations of him
  3. Theories
ABOUT BAIZHU (from other characters) What we know about him based off playable character stories.
HU TAO (datamined)
Story 4:
"Baizhu, for his part, had grown ever more relentless in his pursuit of eternal life after meeting Qiqi. This act of defiance\ against the cycle of life and death was unacceptable to Hu Tao”*
*Given the context I wonder if she is referring to Qiqi’s resurrection as the act of defiance or Baizhu’s search for immortality?
This is one of the biggest clues we have about Baizhu aside from his profession. A sickly doctor researching eternal is quite a common trope. And it looks like prior to meeting Qiqi he was yet to find any breakthrough about eternal life.
One other notable interaction he has with Hu Tao is on the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board where he writes:

To which Hu Tao responds:

And what I’m guessing is his final response:

We see here he’s looking out for Qiqi and wishes for people to get along with her. He’s also not one to entertain Hu Tao’s jests. I'm guessing this post was made when Qiqi first came into Liyue harbor and by now people have grown accustomed to her presence and Hu Tao no longer wishes to bury her in later stories.
Story 5
“By chance, she met Baizhu, the boss of Bubu Pharmacy, on the way, and he took her in.
Now, Baizhu was a doctor of great skill, but he was hardly a man of high caliber or great courage.
Even so, he took her in, nevermind that her memory was so poor that she could not even sort herbs out.
It does seem that his acceptance of Qiqi has something to do with his own personal pursuits.”
Previously we had no context as to what his “personal pursuits” were. Now we know it’s a pursuit of eternal life. This matches up with the fact that he’s been sick for most of his life and is unable to cure it.
How he uses Qiqi for his own agenda is unknown, but perhaps he is studying her powers in hopes to recreate it to extend his life somehow.
We get a bit of his personality; he's a bit timid and despite being an excellent doctor he may not be highly skilled in other aspects. I'm guessing when he met her he figured out that she was a reanimated corpse with powers and decided to take her in. (hooray for found family dynamic! also I assume Qiqi was running out in the hills when she met Baizhu...what is he doing out there??)
These two characters seem to be the ones who have interacted the most with Baizhu. Qiqi, being his apprentice, would most likely live under the same roof as he is her caretaker now. And Hu Tao for having tried to steal Qiqi multiple times in the past and Baizhu having to tail after her. Paired with her voiceline, Hu Tao is the only one that has an air of hostility towards Baizhu.

"I can smell Mist Flowers! It must be Dr. Baizhu! What is he doing here? Uh-- Are you okay? Do you feel faint? Is your stomach sore? Or is it a sore throat? I've got it, you're fatigued from all that adventuring! No?... You're fine? Phew! Otherwise, he would have made you drink some traditional herbal medicine — it's so bitter!"
Mist flowers are those cryo imbued blue flowers (that could mutate into a cryo regisvine). Baizhu must handle these flowers frequently to acquire its scent. Be it used in most of his medicines or something to do with his study of eternal life.
"I can never remember Dr. Baizhu's face. But I don't mind."
Everyone has faith in Dr. Baizhu's medical skills. He's the right guy to go to when you can't figure out what's wrong with you. Oh... the rumors, you say? The only one I know for a fact is true is how disgusting his medicine tastes. It's not just the kids who find it bitter, it's left me with some horrible memories, too!
The rumors here might be about him pursuing eternal life? Far fetched, but maybe he’s done some experimentation of sorts.
XIAO (datamined):
"You wish to request Baizhu to develop a medicine that will reduce my pain? Hmph. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but a mortal's medicine is ineffective on immortals"
"Baizhu? Ugh that guy..."
“Dr. Baizhu's prescriptions are the tops at preserving my voice. I did an impromptu performance for him as thanks, but... the snake he keeps around his neck fainted away. Haha, now it ducks up Dr. Baizhu's sleeve every time I'm around. I only discovered afterwards that snakes are very sensitive to vibrations.”
Most of them regard him as a very talented doctor but his medicines are super bitter. He’s got rumors surrounding him, too, but the general Liyue cast are on good or neutral terms with him (save for Hu Tao). I’d love to find out what the voicelines and stories in other languages say, perhaps there are nuances that have become lost in translation :D
NPC QUOTES: From the Miracle Medicine quest:
"But I heard that there's an incredible doctor in Liyue Harbor who is especially skilled at curing the incurable. So, I asked someone to help me get a prescription from him."
What I love about this quest and its follow up is that despite how wacky the ingredients are, the medicine's done a good job of curing Anthony's sister as she becomes fully healed after the Recuperating From a Severe Illness quest. He really is a great doctor :D
These are the mother and daughter pair at the stairs leading to Bubu Pharmacy

From these two NPC quotes it is again reiterated that he’s one of the best doctors, so good in fact that someone from Mondstadt would look into him. With his patients he’s very sweet and kind, and we see that side of him when we meet during Act II of the Liyue chapter.

Herbalist Gui has this to say about Baizhu:

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NPC on Pearl Galley:

Perhaps info that’s just as important as his revealed motive in Hu Tao’s story is the fact that he’s got some kind of illness. One he can’t cure himself. And Gui’s words imply that he’s had it for a long time. Oddly enough, he gives a diagnosis to Guan Hong that he’s also got an incurable disease…. What are the odds? Either it’s pure coincidence or he’s up to something.
ABOUT BAIZHU (my notes) Just going to point out stuff about him I find curious.
tl;dr he’s got slitted pupils that resemble a snake. The color scheme is also similar to Cyno (sumeru character) and Yaoyao (dendro user). Curiously his snake doesn’t have slitted pupils. Perhaps there was an exchange between the two.
White Snake:
There are two white snakes present on Baizhu. The first and most obvious is the one around his neck named Changsheng. In Chinese, Changsheng translates to: long lived, and is usually used in regards to eternal life. We don’t know where Changsheng came from. My guess is maybe she was a gift from someone. Or she could be a spirit that formed a pact with Baizhu.

Processing img rx1eqwe37ud61...
The second white snake is found on a cloth he wears around his waist. It is as if he’s saying that the snake motif is important to his character. Like how one would wear a crest. Still, it doesn’t tell us much but it’s food for thought. Would be very interesting to see his playstyle play off snakes.
Jacket Pattern:

why does his jacket have an open back??
If you look at his jacket pattern it practically screams Dendro user, with the vines and leaves emerging from the bottom. Much like the snake icon around his waist, this seems to be a statement piece. Or maybe the designers just wanted the most Dendro looking character ever (his hair IS green….). Could literally go on forever about his character design...
As Herbalist Gui mentioned, Baizhu has been sick ever since Gui began working at the pharmacy and doesn’t know what illness plagues the doctor. I have two suggestions. The illness could be something hereditary or something that he’s dealt with since he was a child. Or the illness could be a curse of some kind. This would be more likely with how vigorously he pursuits eternal life, following a trope of characters who become desperate to live forever after finding out they can die at any moment due to a curse put on them. Other than that, the only thing we grasp about his illness is that it doesn't allow him to work at the front desk at his own pharmacy or pick herbs because he leaves those jobs to Gui and Qiqi. ( Funnily enough, when we meet him he doesn’t look sick at all, mans is walking with his midriff out ffs)
Enigmatic Nature:
I think it’s safe to say Baizhu doesn’t appear in the public often. He does most of his diagnosing and treatments by visiting his patient’s house, and does not work at the counter of the pharmacy. Only a select few Liyue characters know him, mostly because they’ve come to get medicine. Even more odd, though, is how someone like Zhongli, the ex-overseeing god of Liyue, has no clue to who he is. Now of course it’s entirely possible that Zhongli does not know every single person in Liyue, but to have never seen or known about the boss of the most renowned pharmacy in all of Liyue seems out of the ordinary. Despite how extravagantly he dresses, Baizhu sure does know how to avoid the gazes of others.
To his patients and most of the Liyue cast he’s a reliable and extraordinary doctor who is nice and caring . But he’s also got his own personal agenda and is pretty much a swindler when it comes to selling to people he knows can pay lots. He’s got that double edged mentor vibe to him.
The Doctor:
The only other doctor in Genshin so far is Il Dottore, one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. All of the Teyvat doctors are shady I guess. (There’s also mentions of a doctor in the Staff of Homa datamined story but that’s a tangent)
Baizhu's model files categorize him under Cataylst. And if you think about it.... It cold make sense! If he's physically weak then ranged attacks would be good for him. However, that could change if the catalyst status is just a placeholder since we already have YaoYao as a catalyst Dendro user too. There were rumors of him being a sword user at some point and there's a very Dendro themed sword datamined from the game called "Transcendent" (placeholder name I think). Just some thoughts.
THEORIES: (ex) dendro archon:
Some speculate he might be the Dendro Archon or was an archon at some point. How does this theory hold up? Most evidence for this is in his character design and him being the only adult character holding a Dendro Vision. But what is the Dendro Archon doing in Liyue, far away from his own region and posing as a doctor? That’s where the ex-archon theory comes in. We know archons have changed since the original seven passed (except Venti and Zhongli), but we don’t know how many times the baton’s been passed. Hence, we could play with the idea of him being an archon for a short amount of time but somehow was removed from the position. Maybe because of his illness/curse? This is all heavy speculation but it’s one of the most fun theories on him.
Rouran is the boss of the Pearl Galley. The Pearl Galley is a very interesting ship… It’s one that serves the pleasures of those who can afford it with (what I assume are) women and parties. However, people frequently go missing on this ship with no trace of them left behind. If you talk to the NPCs aboard the ship one of them is a sickly opera singer, another is the guard who tells you someone has gone missing last night, another one is the man who says he’ll die soon based on Baizhu’s diagnosis and lastly the receptionist of the ship who tells us of Rouran.

Processing img kyk4gmrp7ud61...
He looks delicate, but has thorns. Matches Baizhu to some extent, doesn’t it? Frail on the outside but he’s hiding something. As to why he would own such a market... who knows. The disappearing people could also be part of his whole research into eternal life but that's getting into heavy speculation territory.
Legend of the white snake:
This theory draw parallels from the Chinese Legend of the White Snake. There are many iterations but the general story goes is that there exists a white snake who can turn into a beautiful woman, she marries a young man named Xu Xian and they open a medicine shop together. Now the boy didn’t know his wife was a snake demon and basically died from shock when he found out so she goes on a mini quest to find an herb that will bring him back to life. The main take-away of this being: Changsheng could potentially be someone important to Baizhu, more than just his talking pet snake.
Studied in Sumeru:
My own personal theory is that maybe he went to Sumeru to study medicine and became an exceptionally good doctor from learning at the Academia. In the manga, as Collei leaves with Cyno for Sumeru, she says she will be studying medicine in Sumeru

sumeru is also notorious for holding unethical experiments on people with archon residue in the manga
because the region is known for its studies in the medical league. And I have a hunch that Sumeru’s location is quite close to Liyue as we see lots of scholars from the region visit Liyue.

Anyways in conclusion: I hope this gets you thinking about Baizhu because there's quite a handful of him sprinkled throughout the game and he holds a vision we don’t see often in the game, so I’m very excited to learn more about him. Both he and YaoYao have me really excited for Dendro users and I hope to see the element more in Inazuma chapter somehow.... T_T
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2021.01.27 10:46 Accomplished-Fish134 Why is max god Shallot so damn strong

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