Go! Look at this fanfiction it pretty good and new |

Look at this fanfiction it pretty good and new

2021.01.15 15:11 triplejacks3001 Look at this fanfiction it pretty good and new

I think you'd like this story: "The Unexpected " by Avatars-Love on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/254018042?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.reddit.frontpage&utm_content=share_reading&wp_page=reading&wp_uname=Juliusbighoro&wp_originator=TcxnnjikfqxK27rsQpbYFIn5RNpDkkTso34BhhG5LvKn1HbL4WpNx8RhtEV93ZCf%2FOlrWqBhFPtK%2B9U0Nnjz00biA2t%2FIixAzGA%2F%2B0kOwDXAoFbuKafgp9n%2FyegStCsL
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2021.01.15 15:11 brazilianbombshell33 Come take it off

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2021.01.15 15:11 Xanzley follow my twitter... @xanzley

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2021.01.15 15:11 Personal_Anxiety_312 Salmon, spinach and some roast potatoes. Healthy eating can be yummy!

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2021.01.15 15:11 CoinjoyAssistant DOGE Breaks Out and Aims for Prices Above $0.01

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2021.01.15 15:11 Inevitable_Menu3783 BROKEN WIFI CARD.. please help me connects to the internet

guys can anyone help me to fix my vita. This morning I was searching for games on the ps store. Suddenly the wifi got disconnected I think it's just the wifi got unplugged. I wait for some time. Then I jump to my phone and find that wifi is still on. Until now it's not connecting and detects any wifi I also try another wifi router also try my phone's hotspot but still not working detecting SSID or access point. I try to find a solution on Google and YouTube about the problem and done a lot of suggestions but still not working Please help. manually adding an access point will add the SSID on the list but says unavailable.
📷Things I've tried
..i Restart / reset the wifi modem
..i restore, Rebuild and restart the system(million times 📷)
..i removed the access points but can't detect it
..i can't also add access point manually.
Addition. While making this post i noticed the Bluetooth is also not working 📷.
Please help me 📷📷📷
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2021.01.15 15:11 Dragon1048 I kid you not , someone told me “how could you follow the law instead of the bible ?” and “Peoole shouldn’t be allowed to live however they want !”

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2021.01.15 15:11 South-Ad-9292 Need help choosing some treatment for this room. Need something for the walls and ceiling, should I get bass traps?

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2021.01.15 15:11 I-love-Lithuania USR-ist, George Soros, lucreaza in IT

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2021.01.15 15:11 nina_luv Can you believe i can do this? It's pretty funny 😋😘

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2021.01.15 15:11 makkash Huntvp Military Fanny Pack Tactical Waist Bag Pack Water-Resistant Hip Belt Bag Pouch for Hiking Climbing Outdoor Bumbag

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2021.01.15 15:11 kiffylee Near full Superplastic production collection for sale

Pictures of the collection: https://imgur.com/a/NvIJeyt
Hey y'all and welcome to the "Kiffy needs a house deposit and SP fucked em off with the continuous BS" sale! Buckle up! We've got a metric ton on offer! Near FULL SP "Production" Run (excluding King Janky 3.5, Azure Ailurophile, White Fauna and Green Uberjanky)
1 of every production release that has actually dropped (excluding King Janky 3.5 as it wasn't a production release for sale).
This features ALL of S1, S2 and S3 (excluding H&G as it isn't production for S3 despite what SP keep saying), All the Kings (+whoo kid), All Pete fowler pieces, All Kranky, both OH NO pieces, All GUGGIMON pieces, All EGC pieces and plenty more.
I'd Ideally like to send these in bundles as shipping from the UK is going to be a biiiiiitch to say the least but yeah... Following yet another betrayal of trading decency from SP today... I'm done.
Below is the full list of what I intend to sell at this point excluding postage and paypal fees (obo = or best offer)

I think I've dropped everything I listed on there and theres name and date stamp in most of the pictures. I had such faith in this company but its a line crossed too many and I'm disappointed that they've done shady shit repeatedly. Just as a reminder I am based in the UK so postage international will be on the more costly side due to all the brexit related BS.
Cost on a single super figure being sent to Germany was £12 and US is £22 for reference based off the two I've sent off today and UK is generally between £4.20 and £11 depending on package size. Bigger the package, the more expensive it is though as is to be expected. I have had some interest on singles and will be willing to part out certain collections if the price is right fyi and all prices are negotiable hence the or best offer elements to the price list.
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2021.01.15 15:11 beaudiesel23 Wish you could hear the sound coming from this box 😂😂😭

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2021.01.15 15:11 useless4u Parvati Nair

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2021.01.15 15:11 tarataqa just finished a Boba Fett Helmet (Lego 75277)

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2021.01.15 15:11 Deliciousfast123 What do you wanna do right now?

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2021.01.15 15:11 KstenR Some of the Vendors around town are creepy.

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2021.01.15 15:11 GAMRKNIGHT Kaylie can you say M16A4?

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2021.01.15 15:11 EzekielNOR sBin it like Lando

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2021.01.15 15:11 MigOgMinGossipkanal Jeg tror ikke en skid på, at MOMTB er i minus. Hun elsker bare at dyrke “se mig være impulsiv og leve livet” typen. Bilen er fx så ny, at hun stadig har fabriksgaranti, og i januar får man børneydelse også. Hvorfor har hun det behov for at lyve?

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2021.01.15 15:11 chocolatescumfish The award for the saddest episode does not deserve to be a title called:

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2021.01.15 15:11 Winter-Ad871 bi irl

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2021.01.15 15:11 dada_daaf issues with windows

hi, first of all thank you for taking the time to read this.
okay, so I've experienced this problem for a while now. when i open up settings on my pc, it gives me just 7 options. and those are: System, Devices, Phone, Personalisation, Ease of access, Search and Privacy. so as you can see, quite allot are missing. and when I try to go to network settings through the icon on the bottom right, it just sends me back to the home menu in settings, not the network settings. I've done multipe clean installs of windows this month, which fixed the problem (for not even a week when i was just browsing the internet and following online lessons on Microsoft Teams). i thought it could be a problem with the software on my flashdrive which i used to install windows with. but my father uses that one aswell and he doesn't have any problems with it.
has anyone experienced this problem also? if so, did you find a solution? microsoft support isn't really working either...
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2021.01.15 15:11 tidalgamingnews Divinest Light has some strong Limbo vibes

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2021.01.15 15:11 leoooooooooooo 14 hours in and I already Love this team!

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