Go! Right Bud's stabilizer arc pops out |

Right Bud's stabilizer arc pops out

2021.01.17 22:26 HJP350 Right Bud's stabilizer arc pops out

So I've had my Pixel Buds since around August now, with my Pixel 4a, and haven't had any major issues with them, with the only software issue being the lack of an app for my Samsung Tablet, but I can still use them with it.
The left bud stays in perfectly, and the fit couldn't be any better. Barely twist it and it's secure, won't budge, even when vigorously shaking my head. On the right one, however, the wing slowly slides out and pops out of my ear after a few seconds. It still is held in by the tip, but still feels annoying. Occasionally it stays in after I remove and twist it back in, but usually, it's impossible, there's no way I can keep the arc in my ear without it slowly sliding out around 10 seconds later. It's weird because my ears look visually identical, but the left bud feels flush to my ear and deeper in, and the right always feels to the touch like it sticks out slightly. Tried all tips, medium and large are worse. Does anyone have any tips for keeping it in my ear securely.
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2021.01.17 22:26 darkduck77 Bug that overlaps long titles with search bar icon

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2021.01.17 22:26 SrRickky How is your smell after having covid? Give me advice

Back in october&november I started losing smell, the only thing I can smell right now is an odd combination of ash&mint (it is difficult to explain but it is something like this) I have been smelling this for 2 months in every placex outside with my mask and in the shower everywhere
Yesterday I was with a friend outside and she started smoking and now I am smelling like burnt plastic everywhere too
I dont really think I've had covid, I use my mask everywhere (in my country it is mandatory) I havent been without mask with nobody (except family) and if I had covid my father would have had it worse (risk group)
Thanks for the help!
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2021.01.17 22:26 CMoMolina Story time about AEW mainstream

I went to the gym today to practice hitting the bricks. I wore an old Kenny omega the cleaner shirt, because you know bullet club was interesting till Cawdy And the bucks ruined it. I wore that shirt all around the gym for 2 hours and no one pointed out the megastar on my shirt. After being drenched in my sweat I switched to a Shawn Michaels shirt, and before I even got out the locker room someone said nice shirt. DAE think meatheads and gym bros are fed shills? How dare they not recognize the work rate? Shawn Michaels was a jobber tho.
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2021.01.17 22:26 Cool-Bat-2290 He wants to NUKE DREAM

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2021.01.17 22:26 jawsome274 Is there a term for genderfluidity that only encompasses non binary genders?

I'm genderfluid but I like narrowing my gendesexuality down to the absolutely narrowest point, so is there a term for genderfluidity that only has nb genders? Because when most non-queer people here genderfluid, they only think in a binary sense, so IDK.
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2021.01.17 22:26 IronTusk93 Got this in the mail today! The only Herzog film I've watched so far is Aguirre, Wrath of God, and I loved it. Very excited for these, especially Fitzcarraldo and Nosferatu the Vampyre.

Got this in the mail today! The only Herzog film I've watched so far is Aguirre, Wrath of God, and I loved it. Very excited for these, especially Fitzcarraldo and Nosferatu the Vampyre. submitted by IronTusk93 to dvdcollection [link] [comments]

2021.01.17 22:26 Simply-Username Is there anything wrong with liking modern AAA games?

I’ve seen a lot of resentful posts and comments talking about the downfall of gaming and how games were better in the past that really make me really feel alienated.
I love quite a few AAA games from these past few years but the majority doesn’t feel the same, and that leaves a lonely feeling in me for some reason. For example, I love playing Battlefront 2 and I also think Destiny 2 is pretty cool as well, but I know for a fact that if I express those views on the main gaming subreddit than I’ll get people telling me how bad those games are.
This kind of attitude that a lot of gamers these days have really annoys me and it makes me hesitant to give any views on certain games. And I’ve seen replies to posts that talk about the same problem, some posts mention No Man’s Sky as a game that wasn’t actually that bad at launch, but someone in the comments section will say “No, No Man’s Sky really was that bad at launch” and then get tons of upvotes, which indicates that what he’s saying is objectively true and that anyone who liked it at launch is wrong.
I’ve also felt that I’d wish to go in the past and live out the golden age of games, so that I can actually agree with people that like games from their generation. I know it’s a very lewronggeneration thing to say, but it’s just how I genuinely feel, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. It’s just left me feeling out of touch and alienated from everyone else.
Sad rant over.
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2021.01.17 22:26 Sallyanonymous Fuzzy beans and Face Plant

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2021.01.17 22:26 UndeadProbably [PS4] H:Free Legacy W:You to find my bunker

For low levels or someone who just cant seem to trade up to a legacy, come try your luck in finding the entrance to my bunker! First one in will receive one random Legacy. Good luck!
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2021.01.17 22:26 Headline123 question about reinstalling windows 10 onto a new nvme drive after a hardware upgrade

Will this work? (windows 10 reinstall +hardware upgrade question)
Right now, i’m planning to upgrade my cpu, gpu, mobo, ram, and add an nvme drive. Currently I have 2 SSDs in my computer. Here are the steps that I am going to take to reinstall windows when I upgrade

  1. Move all the things i want to save from my original C Drive SSD onto my secondary SSD
  2. Upgrade all the hardware
  3. Unplug my secondary SSD
  4. Make sure that only my C Drive SSD and new NVME are connected
  5. Delete all partitions from my original boot drive/C Drive SSD. (can i do this instead of pressing format?)
  6. install windows onto the new NVME
  7. Plug the secondary SSD back in. (will my secondary SSD still function properly and have all my stuff on it after this process?
Do i have these steps in the right order, and more importantly will this work???
just to recap, i’m reinstalling windows, i currently have it on an SSD, i want to have it on my new NVME when i reinstall.
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2021.01.17 22:26 RichNebula8 How do you talk to women at bars/clubs without getting sneered at, ignored, one word answers, or immediately told "I have a boyfriend"?

I can't get any likes/matches online. If I try talking to women IRL like at bars/clubs no matter what I say >90% of the time I get a horrible reaction that makes me feel like garbage.
I've done hundreds of cold approaches, been out with lots of wingmen, and people generally consider me a friendly and sociable guy. I have naturally confident body language (hold my shoulders back, walk strongly) and I smile easily.
What's your experience?
Any suggestions?
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2021.01.17 22:26 ThatSadGril Can you forgive someone who sexual abused you as a kid

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2021.01.17 22:26 SeaworthinessOk1695 12 Pro Max shot in a snowstorm, unedited

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2021.01.17 22:26 yanroxphoto Big Bear on Portra 400 with a Leica M6

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2021.01.17 22:26 krowno04 Crypid/Silhouette Dream SMP (part 2)

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2021.01.17 22:26 __ew__gross__ Is this a penny error or fake penny? Some people are saying its counterfeit.

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2021.01.17 22:26 fftragic Sorry brothers, I relapsed

I just finished binging 3 hours, relapsed 3 times, broke my 2 week long streak.
Sorry brothers I could have done better,
Again have to go zombie like state for 3-4 days, It feels surreal sometimes. I can't complain I can't tell anyone. Idk what to say
Now I don't even worry about these 3-4 days, I know I should be but I have made peace with relapse now, I'm stuck in cycle.
Again going to the cycle of shame, guilt, weakness, brainfog.
Thanks for listening brothers, you guys are everything in these bad times
I know what I did wrong this time, I learned a lesson
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2021.01.17 22:26 frcisacult Nick Drake - "Bryter Layter"

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2021.01.17 22:26 Rezero1234 turns out my twin brother has an inner old man

so yesterday, my big brother decided to play the theme for joanie loves chachi, and soon my big bro comes running into my mom's room laughing hysterically, turns out my twin brother doesn't like that song, and my big brother was telling the story through giggles, turns out my grumpy ass twin brother heard it and stormed out, and he muttered " what does she think this is? the second coming of jesus fucking christ?" now i know that my twin brother is slowly becoming a grumpy old man
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2021.01.17 22:26 alessandro9700 OJAMA DECK HELP

So, I was wondering, is an ojama deck really worth it? I'm a f2p player but I have good cards to begin with, the point is that I wanted to make a fun deck, so any ideas with ojama? Is ojamatch and armed dragon something that I should add? Any help is appreciated! Note: I'm not trying to make a deck for legendary rank, just something that can work well.
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2021.01.17 22:26 CummYummYinTummY Am I bad for thinking there are 2 genders

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2021.01.17 22:26 crjstinat Why do I feel physically sick every time my boyfriend says mean things to me?

When me and my boyfriend get into fights most of the time he says that he wants to break up with me. Every time he says that I instantly want to vomit and my head starts spinning, why does that happen to me?
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2021.01.17 22:26 GreysBuddy The great pottery Throw down season 4 episode 2

Thank you☺️
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2021.01.17 22:26 blamph1219 26 [F4R] FL/Online Looking for something long term

Hi! I’m 26, married with one kiddo.
I’m looking for an online relationship due to the whole covid thing, but possibly open to visiting eventually. I’m looking for someone to connect with emotionally and grow together. I am an introvert but I love chatting and texting all day. I want to send pictures and videos to each other and just share our days.
I am a bit of a homebody, and my favorite place in the world is sitting in my hammock chair and listening to an audiobook or watching a documentary. I do like a lot of tv shows, and I love watching other people play video games, although I am terrible at playing them. For the right person I will try my best lol.
I love to talk so even if you don’t think you’ll be a good fit, send me a message and let’s chat!
This is me https://i.imgur.com/gR41jlW.jpg
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