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Hachimitsu Darling

2021.01.17 21:29 StreamAnimeTV Hachimitsu Darling

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2021.01.17 21:29 throwaway278397 Falling for my FWB

Throwaway account here
I met this guy a year and a half ago on Grindr. When we first met we both were not looking for relationships, just FWB. But as time goes by we discovered we have a lot in common, our personality matches and we enjoy each other company. We ended up spending a lot of time together (staying over at each other's place, going out together, etc), and now we see each other practically every day with him (he's practically living with me now).
The thing is now I have feelings for him and want a relationship with him. And when I told him that, he said he also has feelings for me, but he doesn't want to commit or put label on anything. In the last few years, he went through terrible relationships and breakups, and he said he doesn't believe in relationships anymore. We had this kind of conversations several times and the outcome is the same: He enjoys the freedom he currently has (even though he doesn't hookup often anyway) and he doesn't want any kind of commitment.
So now we're kinda in a limbo, where we do all things boyfriends do but we're not in a relationship. He introduces me as his "best friend" and he says he is single to everyone he meets. He's on several dating apps and seeing people for "dates", even though mostly without sex as he's not looking for hookup anyway (or so he says).
It hurts me every time he meets people and he's all I think about, and I wish he would commit or at least define our relationship so I'd know where we are. What should I do? I know the best thing is to end things, but I really like him a lot and I don't wanna lose him.
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2021.01.17 21:29 waxonwaxoff_ Looking for: All types of pumpkins, Blue Rose, Gold Rose, and all types of Hyacinths. Willing to trade NMTs (or something else)

Also looking for all hybrids of Cosmos, all hybrids of Windflowers, black and orange lillies, yellow mums, all hybrids of pansies, orange purple and black tulips (I just want one of each).... I’m a guy and want each flower but do not have patience for growing them 😂
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2021.01.17 21:29 samlive-redbeard “Where are your robes Ignacio?” Reddit, meet Nacho.

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2021.01.17 21:29 RedRoachDK Big club transfer bully - What to do?

I'm currently sitting #1 of the 3rd tier, and the #1 of 1st tier offered me this generous sum. I'd like to sell him for a reasonable amount, but I'm afraid they'll withdraw their offer, and I'll be left with an annoyed player.
Is it possible for me to get anything for this guy, who IMO is worth at least a few K?
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2021.01.17 21:29 mc-gold Regioni segate

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2021.01.17 21:29 thespectreofennui Road trip tendies

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2021.01.17 21:29 deeppraw republicans some gay ass mfs

they ass B racist as hell hating on blacc people but be all in this sub posting black gang members and shit bro idk wtf yall trump supporters doing in this reddit racist ass mfs yall on blacc people dicc heavy and hide behind yall screens it's crazzyy
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2021.01.17 21:29 Cirkusleader Who Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Characters and Why?

Hey everyone!
So I kind of wanted to open up a discussion about characters. There are a lot that I love, but also a lot that I either find kind of middleing, or bad.
Now this post isn't to say my opinions are correct, nor is it to start arguments. I really want to get people's opinions on the characters and why they like and dislike certain ones.
I've kind of done this in the past so if you want my opinions just go through my profile. But this is more me trying to see people's love for characters I don't necessarily enjoy, or hate for characters I like.
So... Let's hear it!
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2021.01.17 21:29 TallEthnicPrincess this has to be the funniest video on earth 😂😂😂😂😂

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2021.01.17 21:29 Thegoodgikgik Cemetery Sunset by Genus from Dublin

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2021.01.17 21:29 oldskoollondon Live pirate radio from London, Kool FM (Koollondon.com)

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2021.01.17 21:29 Jackj921 Where can I find out when a new chapter is about to drop?

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2021.01.17 21:29 bigdickenergyqueen39 Do 7's tend to have an issue with committing to a relationship/being married?

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2021.01.17 21:29 ChipsAhoyMccoy14 Why do I like these "bad" headphones the best?

headphones, I come to you in a time of need. Also sorry if this is the wrong sub for this but I don't know where else to ask and your guys' knowledge may help me understand what I am going through. (Also as a side note I am going to be talking about mostly gaming headsets right now.)
For nearly 6 years I used Gen 1 Astro A40s as my daily driving headset. I know that they are just some gaming headphones and not amazing compared to what most everybody here has. In that time I have tried no less than 10 different headphones and none of them sound nearly as good as the A40s even when they are objectively better headphones. Even when those headphones are hi-res and allow me to hear more detail none of them sound as good. To give an example I am currently trying out the Arctis Pro Wireless headphones. With the Arctis' I can hear more detail in games and music but listening to people talk sounds comparatively hollow. I tried some sony's (I don't remember which ones) and it was the same story. The astro's just made everything feel like I was in the same room as it. I tried some open back headphones too, since the A40s are kind of open back. It still didn't sound as good. They had mostly clear bass that while still being exaggerated wasn't as blown out as some of these other headphones. I could go on and on.
So my question is, why does this pair of 6 year old gaming headphones sound better than anything else I have listened to. Are my ears broken? Did I just happen to find the holy grail of headphones? Or is it something else?
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2021.01.17 21:29 AzasalTheDev Based

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2021.01.17 21:29 SSIV So I guess we get access to cherubs now? Well I think flying babies are dumb so:

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2021.01.17 21:29 thewolfofwikipedia Opinions on MSI Stealth 15m 2021/Worth the Wait?

So I’m in the market for a gaming laptop that can double as a portable and ideally aesthetically pleasing workspace. Up until now I’ve been looking into the Razer Blade 15, but after reading so many posts about its long term problems/overheating, and it’s weight making it seem a bit unrealistic to carry around (have tested it at BestBuy), I’m wondering if people think the new MSI 15m will live up to the ‘thinnest gaming PC’ title I keep seeing.
I’m curious about people’s opinions on it (I know there aren’t any reviews yet), especially if anyone has experience with the 2020 version, and whether it might be worth waiting until March to pick up. Specifically I’m wondering if this looks like it’ll be mainly for light gaming or if it might be able to handle something like RDR2 on lower graphics. I’m a little skeptical of this intel H chip.
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2021.01.17 21:29 TheN473 Finally Built A Dedicated Gaming Rig

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2021.01.17 21:29 LoganLikesStripes Anyone know how to dupe issi?

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2021.01.17 21:29 AdTypical9201 Funny cat compilation 2020!FunnyCats Motel!

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2021.01.17 21:29 Foubar_ghost Migrant caravan demands Biden administration "honors its commitments", heads to U.S. border

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2021.01.17 21:29 nothankyouuu_ My 3-year-old lab mix! Not positive what he’s mixed with, but it sure made him cute!

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2021.01.17 21:29 FaceMace87 Has the game improved since launch

I picked the game up at launch and quickly realised it was very barebones, very tedious and generally not very good. Has anything been added content wise since launch or is it still the barebones game it was when it launched?
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