Go! Dragons breath for home defense |

Dragons breath for home defense

2021.01.26 05:44 Internetguy1000 Dragons breath for home defense

😂 I’d never use dragons breath for home defense but say you shot an intruder or something with dragons breathe.. would it be justified still. Oh and also how bad would it hurt them.
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2021.01.26 05:44 Prestos_mostly I assembled the cat incorrectly I guess

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2021.01.26 05:44 Acrzyguy Still in his prime

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2021.01.26 05:44 RampageQuit The Music of Twitch 2020 (featuring Sordiway)

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2021.01.26 05:44 TheDepresedpsychotic River at the lowest flow of the year , from my GoPro Hero 8

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2021.01.26 05:44 short_walker Wisconsin Accent

Was just watching Trixie’s YouTube video reacting to old videos she made when she was 19. In it, she reacted strongly every time she heard her Wisconsin accent, and it got me thinking...
Does anyone think it’s sad that people are sometimes ashamed of the accent they grew up with? For example, I’m from Texas and am very conscious to hide my accent when talking to people without a Texas or southern accent because I feel like they will look down on it. Does anyone get the same vibe from how Trixie talks about her Wisconsin accent?
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2021.01.26 05:44 wwwwqvx I just wanted my partner to be happy for me

I'm an artist, I did a drawing of an actress from my favorite show and she ended up responding to my post. I was stupid excited about it and I told my partner who, instead of congratulating me and celebrating it with me, talked about how she doesn't have many followers and how the show I like isn't that popular so that's why she commented.
I got really upset and hung up on him and while he says he sees how what he said "can be seen as downplaying" that that wasn't his intentions.
I was feeling amazing, I was telling all my friends, but then I told him and everything just emotionally caved in.
He's on the spectrum and he's since apologized but I'm just so unhappy. I've always been very patient and accepting about how he is. I try to understand how he thinks, I know his emotions are different and he can say the wrong things sometimes. But this time it was just a really hard blow. I feel like the bar was so low, all he had to do was be happy for me but he couldn't even give me that. I feel like he just ran me into the ground in a way that no one who has ever loved me has ever done.
I celebrate him as much as possible. I tell everyone I can about him, I tell him how beautiful I think he is endlessly, how much I love him, how smart he is, and how proud I am of him. I don't expect him to do the same, we're different people. I show my affection by gushing and smothering him, he's much more shy and subtle. I know he loves me in his own way, that's not the issue.
We've been together for four years, and we recently bought a ring, but I don't know if I can be with someone who can't support me and be kind to me. I'm scared to be with someone who makes me feel this way. Even if it's only once in a while, it's too much.
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2021.01.26 05:44 SourGrapesFTW What does Marsellus Wallace look like!?

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2021.01.26 05:44 VonWhiskersTheThird it's a chill lofi day 🔥 [cozy vibes w/ CORY]

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2021.01.26 05:44 theaternerd15 Becoming a Vegan: Day One

Someone I've met has been influential with me and I decided to change my lifestyle. Today feels like a normal day. I feel more full than usual. I went shopping for new food and threw away all of my bad food. Thank you for the support and hope to update everyone on my progress over the next couple years!
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2021.01.26 05:44 codephony Growing up Asian in the South be like

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2021.01.26 05:44 Acceptable-Fan-6055 Ex-England manager backs James Maddison to win a place in Southgate’s England for Euro 2020 berth - UEFA EURO 2020

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2021.01.26 05:44 Mr_ThrowMeeAway Its hard man.

Everyday its the same thing with life. Highschool is so fucking dull and boring and my nihilistic view of life mixed with depression doesn't help. On top of that I keep getting emails from Google classroom and shit and it just makes it even harder to get up in the morning. My worst subject is math and no matter how hard I try to do it my mind won't let me either because I'm too damn tired, I can't see a point in knowing what the hell x(x+2x-78) is gonna do for me, or im just depressed. And each time I log on to zoom my teacher stay telling me that im not doing well and that "i can do it" like no I cant im fucking struggling to find a will to fucking live and yoy expect me to be worried about your stupid fucking class? Each teacher just cares about me coming to class and looking like im paying attention, I dont feel comfortable telling these strangers whats on my mind bc simply they aren't a fucking psychologist. Each time I look at my teachers I just wanna blow a fucking hole in my head man. I really dislike life. Nobody is making it better either. I'm failing math, and not even doing my best in the easy classes. Hell, I cant even do what I love without feeling like total shit and totally drained. It doesn't help that adults around me all tell me life is gonna be way harder if I don't keep good grades but I seriously just dont care. I mean adults are already having a hard time dealing witu this year so why the fuck should kids have the same load of work as we did when shit was normal. Idc how much I want to, im NOT seeing my friends because I genuinely don't want to take a chance getting sick and having myself or a family member on a ventilator. But Goddamn would a, hey man! I miss you, cant wait to hang when this over, would be nice. I'm so just depressed im up till 3 am now watching anime and trying to find a will to practice my craft and I just cant. Its fucking hard man. The only things I'm doing that makes me not wanna die for the moment and brings me a spur of happiness is jack off, draw and watch tv. I didnt even Jack off much before this shit but recently these months I just haven't been feeling like I exist. And it feels as if thats the proof of my existence, the proof that I can be happy. Its hard.
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2021.01.26 05:44 Crusty_Gerbil Question about aftermarket/ replacement straps

Hi everyone,
I’d like to try a rubber strap on my 15202 (39mm). I found a couple that I like, but they’re for the 15400 (41mm). Does anyone know if they’re interchangeable? Thanks.
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2021.01.26 05:44 leavemevlone_ anyone know what camera whitetrashtyler was using?

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2021.01.26 05:44 Kara_youtube Help me reach 100??<3 (I’ll try to sub back to everyone!)

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2021.01.26 05:44 DrFetusRN Beautifully stacked shipping containers

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2021.01.26 05:44 jigglingdoritos So... do y’all think this is the right shade for her?

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2021.01.26 05:44 brawlstars-BS Suggestion: Remove gems from the game; make everything free

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2021.01.26 05:44 EH15 [Highlight] Quickley spots Kanter, decelerates and then accelerates, using Kanter to screen his own man for an open 3

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2021.01.26 05:44 viralvegetable2 jojolion_irl

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2021.01.26 05:44 kobony Original Children Painting by Despoina Kosta | Figurative Art on Canvas | The boy and the flower

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2021.01.26 05:44 just-icehehe all girl staffed server with 1:1 female to male members 17+ come make friends with us we LOVE e-boys & making friends too (: we also have our own mc server ! c u here

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2021.01.26 05:44 Temporary_Cancel157 Free money new crpto

new crypto called PI can mine on phone before goes public. Need invite to start
Garciam0909 Welcome! Could be worth 200 bucks when it goes public. Just make sure your mining every 24 hrs to turn on.
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2021.01.26 05:44 IsmarFc I need money for rescued cats and it's hard to buy enough food for all of them and keep them healthy so they can find a new home

Due to this situation I can't get enough money in my country You can donate to this email (paypal): Cardenas2ana@gmail.com I will REALLY appreciate your help🙏 And if is possible can you please notify me when you donate... I want to know if this really works I'm not a friend of technology
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