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Senna Build Patch 11.2 (V3)

2021.01.26 06:19 Questica Senna Build Patch 11.2 (V3)

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2021.01.26 06:19 brawlstars-BS More gems

There needs to be 170 gems so I can buy every pass
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2021.01.26 06:19 thorium43 Renewables overtook fossil fuels in EU electricity mix in 2020

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2021.01.26 06:19 OkPipe8985 A conversation with my mother

I downloaded one of those ghost detector apps today for fun, not expecting anything to happen and had the most surreal conversation with my mother who passed away from breast cancer 16 years ago.
I sat in the bath meditating trying to connect to her.
After a few minutes of stillness, the app suddenly started crackling, then presented the word “reached".
I said "mum is that you?"
It said “changed." As in yes but in a different form which was exactly her casual sense of humour.
Then it said "I am" and "shaken"
I laughed because I was just thinking “ahhh I'm shook!”
Then I asked if she is always with me, and the word "prayer" appeared.
I’m a bigger meditator than pray-er and asked “… does meditation count?” and the words "not correct" appeared haha.
Then I asked where are you now? The word "heaven" appeared.
When I read that I cried and pictured an expansive void of indescribable colour and pattern.
I kid you not, the words "pattern" and "void" then appeared - I have screenshots for proof I’ll try and link them below.
I had tears rolling down my face and was basically in a state of overwhelm.
I asked her to tell me what I was doing - needing that extra confirmation because I couldn't believe what was happening and the word "swim" appeared.
The water had started to get cold by this point and I got a shiver and the word "could" appeared which is so close to cold - could it have been an approximation?
I had been putting off an important phone call all day and had been procrastinating by getting into the bath. The word "call" appeared.
I went to get out of the bath and I was feeling that hyper buzzing feeling I get, like nervous energy, and the words "stop moving" appeared, I froze and then remembered that growing up I had undiagnosed ADHD and used to drive my mum nuts. She was often exasperated with me, and would always tell me to "stop moving!"
Then the name "Arianna" appeared which confused me for a moment, until I realized it was the closest english approximation for the french word "arrete" which was basically my mother's catch-phrase with me. She was french and would always say "arrete!" meaning "stop!" when I was being hyperactive. She always had this loving teasing kind of humour.
Then I asked her if there was anything she wanted me to do or to know, and the word "cells" appeared and then "similar".
She had died of breast cancer. I am a carbon copy of my mother and often scare people when I walk into rooms because for a split second they think I'm her back from the dead. (I actually cut and died my hair to stop scaring people.) My mum used to tell me all the time "I know you as if I had made you" and "you are exactly like me".
I took this as a warning that we have the same cells and that I have to be vigilant with my health.
I then had to sit down and was crying and my breathing was rapid and the word "breath" appeared, then "Ashton" which sounded like the english approximation to the french word "Attend" (pronounced Ah-ton) which means "wait" which is what mum used to tell me when I was upset to calm me down - to breathe and to "wait out" my feelings, that they would pass.
Do you think that this could all have been coincidence? That I'm reading meaning into these words that they would come up in exactly that sequence? I'm just hovering in this liminal space between total overwhelm, and almost wanting to shrug it off for fear of it being too overwhelming if I actually took it in if that makes sense.
I’m scared to turn the app on again. I think I just need to process this for a little while and I think part of that processing is sharing it here with you guys.
Here are the links to the screenshots:
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2021.01.26 06:19 catloverbutnocat So my apex pro isn't inputting anymore

So ive had the apex pro tkl for over 6months and yesterday I spilled water on it so I dried it and factory reset it since it kept pushing the wrong buttons and now it just won't input what do I do
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2021.01.26 06:19 ahi78 Should I quit the job after two days join the company ?

I got hired at an enterprise company. It's new domain knowledge for me as I don't mind to learn and adapt with them. But, it hits me when my manager talked and told me about expectations which are way 60% different from the JD I interviewed for.
Now, I still haven't received my computer or anything yet. I just sit here slap myself if I really need this job.
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2021.01.26 06:19 claudiashafercx Trunk stability exercises for geriatric patient with several spinal fractures in T, L, and S?

Hi guys! Not sure if this is your typical post but I’m currently interning at an assisted living facility observing the PT’s and OT’s. My PT mentor has asked to see if I can find a few exercises to give to a patient that came in with several spinal fractures.
She is not to bend her back at ALL and always has to have a brace on when standing, sitting, or really doing anything besides lying supine.
I’m having trouble finding some exercises for her that don’t involve any sort of bending or strain on her back. She is able to get up and out of bed but I feel the safest bet is to just have her do exercises while in bed? What do you guys think?
I’ve thought of some leg lifts, supine butt lifts with arms at the side, and ab/addiction side leg lifts (not really sure what these are called but basically they would be moving their leg in and out to the side while laying down).
It’s such a narrow window with her being elderly, limited to bed exercises and maybe some exercises sitting up, on top of the several fractures. If you guys have any ideas please let me know! I could use the expertise 😜 TIA 💛
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2021.01.26 06:19 KushalKharel James hope you know the fight other wise the meme is nothing

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2021.01.26 06:19 arunavakun "World Trigger" season 2 is listed with 13 episodes on the Toei Animation US website. As a reminder, a third season has already been announced (no further information revealed).

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2021.01.26 06:19 Christmaspoo1337 Rechtsextremer Verdachtsfall: AfD in Sachsen-Anhalt steht unter Beobachtung

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2021.01.26 06:19 kobony Original Culture Painting by Eric Stefanski | Abstract Expressionism Art on Canvas | STELLA!

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2021.01.26 06:19 ProntosGhostBike ‘Money Mule’ indicted for mail fraud in scheme that stole more than $400,000 from elderly victims via "Social Security account has been compromised" fraud

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2021.01.26 06:19 the-burds Danger slime! (My first animation!!)

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2021.01.26 06:19 Optimusskyler Gottem

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2021.01.26 06:19 dr_captor can I love self insert and hate the real one? /gen

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2021.01.26 06:19 mgrey88 25%/50% wishlist chance question

I've scoured for this answer and I'm not sure if I am just phrasing it wrong in my searches so I would appreciate the help! When you buy a badge that increases wishlist appearance in rolls (like silver or ruby), is it only applied to MY rolls, or is it applied to all rolls (aka everyone on the server)??
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2021.01.26 06:19 wbradleyjr1 The River of Forgetfulness

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2021.01.26 06:19 Ashekyu Keyword Stuffing at its finest, holy mother of god

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2021.01.26 06:19 Dzsekeb Harrier APKWS work in progress

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2021.01.26 06:19 dosit1 How much to spend on a dsi Xl ?

Hi I’m currently looking at buying a dsi XL console. How much should I be looking to spend and what do you think is a fair price for one in good condition. I found one for 82aud. (63 in usd). Which is just the console and charger?
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2021.01.26 06:19 4bottlevodka Another Republic Day, Same problem

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2021.01.26 06:19 TheAwes0meFish Which PG here is the best on next gen?

View Poll
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2021.01.26 06:19 howtogohealthy12 Cravings Will Pass. Dreams Won`t

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2021.01.26 06:19 Majestic-Tea-3043 Inviting a problematic family member to my wedding?

My fiancé recently told me that his uncle said some negative things about me.
To provide some context beforehand, his uncle had a meltdown the night before about his failing marriage, so it’s possible that he was trying to bring down our relationship because he feels insecure about his own. Also he had recently quit smoking, so he was irritable. I don’t find either of these things to be excuses for what he said.
He told my fiancé that I was fat, that the last time he saw me he barely recognized me because I’m twice the size I used to be, that I’m lazy (I was on unemployment for almost all of 2020 after I got laid off and didn’t work during that time so I’m assuming that’s what he’s referring to), and told him “you’re marrying your mother” - he said some other things but that’s all I remember.
I barely know this man. He’s never said much more than hello to me, and I have not been around him much in the 4+ years my fiancé and I have been together.
My fiancé didn’t want to piss him off any more while he was on his rant, so he just told him, “I don’t see it that way.”
I feel bad because maybe it should be his decision since it’s his family, but I do not want to invite this man to our wedding. I haven’t told my fiancé this yet. I’m not sure how, or when, to bring it up. I don’t want him to be upset, but I feel like if he argues it, then he’s not on my side.
I’d like some outside opinions.
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2021.01.26 06:19 vanyyyyy Should I try and apply for DACA?

Hi guys so I'm turning 18 this year and I was wondering if you guys think I should apply for DACA. My family didn't fill out an application for me because of the entry date (I entered in December of 2008 at the age of 5) but now that I'm growing up I really want to take matters into my own and see what ways I could obtain either a green card or DACA status for now. Should I even bother applying or try to figure something else out? I just want to stop living in constant fear and be able to live a normal life.
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