Go! Is there any hope for me to be in a relationship? |

Is there any hope for me to be in a relationship?

2021.01.26 06:21 ZestZeal Is there any hope for me to be in a relationship?

I'm 18M and I have a problem with relationships. I'm just not ready for them. My personality is too troublesome for now and I have too many thing to take care about myself. I just can't allow myself to commit to someone. I also believe I have some issues with women since often feminine energy makes me uncomfortable. I believe I've always kind of felt inferiror to women. Anyway, since I have issues with loving others and romanticise everything, I have never been in a relationship. I'm pretty scared to even try as it seems so... advanced. Also, I don't even like anybody, I barely have any relationships, friends. Okay, then one would say "well dont date then you stupid!" And I think itd seem obvious, but its not that easy...
The problem is, despite all that I said, quite often I still feel I long for some kind of relationship and it makes me pretty bitter and sad that there's this barrier. Like I can't make any connections and I feel pretty lonely. That's when I wonder if I'll be alone all my life.
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2021.01.26 06:21 Mr_Ant87 Just some quick notebook sketches (1/7)

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2021.01.26 06:21 NewbieSly commander advice....

Is Sun(lvl60) max+euji max a good field march for kvk 2?I have richard 5-4-0-0 btw.
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2021.01.26 06:21 trenamarte Mel Moranchel

Alguien tiene algo del set de Meel?
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2021.01.26 06:21 Funny_username3 Four y/o Golden won’t listen to commands

My parents’ golden retriever is a sweet, lovable dog, but he’s very poorly trained. He doesn’t cause any major problems really, so they’ve let him get away with things. Basically, he listens when he feels like it to sit, stay, come, go to your bed. And he only feels like it when he’s going to get a treat. But I’d like to ask about the major issue: dad’s getting fed up with the dog constantly begging for food anytime someone’s eating. I told my dad I’d ask Reddit for advice.
First, what type of behavior do my parents need to change to get the dog to stop begging? They used to give him food every once in a while, things like letting him lick the last part of a yogurt container, for example, but they’ve stopped. Then, how do they get the dog to unlearn this behavior and what do we do to help him? Where do we tell him to go or what do we tell him to do instead of begging? What’s a course of action we can take to get the dog to stop getting close and just staring at the person/people who have food?
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2021.01.26 06:21 fletch44 Bunch of dickheads trying to cause trouble at the Invasion Day Rally

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2021.01.26 06:21 XenSlayer9935 Me_irl

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2021.01.26 06:21 Potato_Delight Can someone make this into a banner. It would be awesome

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2021.01.26 06:21 Positive_Sprinkles_6 22M4F #NewJersey Something to Test your skills On

I'm 5'9", black Caribbean and athletic/muscular. I'm handsome and my dick is 8". PM for pics. I'm curious to see if this works. Tbh I've been trying to lay of sex and sexual activity for a bit, till after I'm done with my degree but it's quarantine season and I'm bored. Hit me up if you're interested. #NewJersey.
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2021.01.26 06:21 odonis Subreddits to ask anything about countries?

Where can I ask anything about countries? I like to go to Numbeo and comparing the cost of living of safety index and stuff, and I always have those questions like "why this country is always at top-10 positions everywhere, but in this particular index it's so low?'. I want to ask questions like this. I know there are country subreddits like "France" or "AskEurope", but maybe there are some more subreddits that discuss the differences between the countries, world indexes etc?
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2021.01.26 06:21 addy-bitch fist post in the goth community i hope u like

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2021.01.26 06:21 xanthic_strath Streak 43: Hablar por los codos

Hablar por los codos: Claro que me suena esta expresión. La aprendí hace muchos años en prepa, pero no recuerdo exactamente cómo. Me fascina esta observación con respecto al tocar el codo del interlocutor al conversar. ¿Acaso es verdad? Mi madre suele hablar por los codos. De niño me avergonzaba su locuela, o sea, su manera de hablar, me ponía en una insoportable zozobra porque yo era taciturno, pero hoy en día la verdad es que le agradezco su locuacidad. En inglés, se dice “to talk somebody’s ear off”, o sea, arrebatarle la oreja a alguien por hablar demasiado[? no sé cómo traducir la expresión]; en alemán, se dice “reden wie ein Wasserfall”, esto es, “hablar como una cascada”, cual imagen siempre me ha gustado.
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2021.01.26 06:21 Mohini-Sharma The cutest little baby goat 🐐

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2021.01.26 06:21 Ezio9805 Destrudos's fight is not over yet?

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2021.01.26 06:21 shingucci_saihara Danganronpa sprite HD renovation- Nagito Komaeda ❤️💚!! Gundham is next. Poll in comments and explanation of some stuff.

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2021.01.26 06:21 kobony Original Graffiti Painting by Michael Wallace | Conceptual Art on Canvas | Man vs Man vs Nature

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2021.01.26 06:21 chriipping EXPECTATION VS REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2021.01.26 06:21 themadloser [REQUEST] Finished Code Geass, Need new non anime TV show

Hey guys, me and my sister are watching TV shows. And we wanna watch something thats not anime (just wanted to explore). I'm specifically looking for no sex scenes + no nude scenes (my dad my join us and its awkward) but violence and gore + profanity is okay. I like action, drama and my sister likes mystery/serial killers/horroresque type stuff. We both loved code geass + vinland saga (unfortunately those are anime but we both watched together and liked them) Would prefer something short (<65 episodes). What are your recommendations?
Thanks for your help!
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2021.01.26 06:21 JohnnyFlawless You People Camping Marker Quests on Shoreline...

You're the fucking scum of the earth.

That is all.
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2021.01.26 06:21 ear2016 I drew Alex 4 my store links down below. Please follow me on my tiktok : @redsatisfy

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2021.01.26 06:21 heyyou510 Central califas

I'll do anything for selinas!
Salinas California is a shitty town in the middle of California, known for growing vegetables and green fields. Truck stops and hookers! I don't recommend staying for too long since it has a high gang population but they have some tasty food and fine ass latin hoes.
El charrito is my favorite mexican food spot. They have homemade tortillas and make their food fresh and cheap. It's off market street and a good spot to grab a quick bite to eat before or after u look for pussy, feed yourself! Tell em, tony sent you !
I used to travel from the bay area to central California once a month for business. Driving down the 101 was always a long and boring drive. To spice it up I would always check Redbook and Craigslist while traveling thorough selinas. Lots of truck stops bring in the girls too but I liked checking the ads, those were the good ol days.
In Salinas there's a few places to find working girls. The hotels and on the streets.
Tons of little day motels on John St, there were also 2 motel 6s. one by the airport and one near the in n out. Pulling into the parking lot and driving slow will do the trick or You can also park backing your car up to face the building and see the occasional girl checking through the window.
Most walking girls were on the corner of market st, down to kern st turn right under the freeway and then from kern to griffin by the arco and adult book store. Then up to market st passing the carl's Jr. And making a right again. That makes a little loop for them to walk and strut.
They're easy to spot since it's a secluded industrial road and if you see a girl walking alone, she's probably working. Just be careful by the porn shop because there tend to be a few trannys trying to trick you.
You could also pull into some of the motels on n.main st. The star and continental are a few that come to mind. The girls hang out their doors like living advertisements. But Ya gotta be careful though because some of these motels are monitored by police and gangs.
A quick ride through is all you need to see if you spot something you like. No more than a 15 to 20 min quickys at 40 a pop sometimes 30 if your lucky and get out.since those places are dangerous and just creep me the fuck out. I wanna get off, not get shot so if your not feeling it just leave. Live to fuck another day. And ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING!
My travels were always on a friday and then again on Sunday. It was always easier on Friday to find girls and harder on Sunday for obvious reasons, but if you get lucky you'll catch em on the way out and maybe get a discount.Here's a few girls I remember the most.
Fat ass latina
I would park facing the hotel and could always catch something peeking out. This was the day it paid off. I saw a John leaving her room, and caught her peeking out her door to check for cops. that's all I needed to see. She was banging and I needed her and her pussy.
I grab my gas, go to the atm and pull out 100, damn well knowing I could probably get it for 60 but just in case she was extra hot she's gonna ask for 80 easy. I go and park outside the hotel right outside her room. Waited a few, flashed my lights and waited some more. Then she peeked out the curtain and smiled and she waved me in…
Jackpot! I came in and damn she was thick.She was tight, about 150lb thick. red lingerie and bright red lipstick. From what I can remember most was Her ass! It was so fuckin huge and the lingerie made it look even better.
We made some small talk while I checked the bathroom and swept the room. Always check the bathroom for any one in there, you could be getting set up or you can see her friends hiding In there and she might be better than the girl u about to fuck. So check the bathroom!
She asks me where I'm from and what I want. I asked for half and half and she said 120. If I had 120 I would have easily paid it. Thank God I only took out 100. I tell her I have 80. She agrees for a quicky.
Her ass was to die for and I knew it would be quick. I get undressed and she pulls her panties off and starts to take her Lingerie off but I tell her to keep it on.
Shes 5'2, and that lingerie complemented her body real nice. Her pale skin brigh red lipstick, and blue eyes made me realize why I love this hobby. Shes around150 but honestly about 30% of it was her ass, nice c cup perky titts withe brown areolas. long brown hair that was scrunched up in a bun. A little pudgy stumach but she was just fuckin cute as hell.
I undress and climb on the bed, start feeling that big ol ass and jiggling it. Gave it a few slaps and feel the weight of it. She giggles and and keeps teasing.
I grab a handful of her tittys and start getting hard. She pulls my cock out, slips the condom on and starts to suck me. Her skills are good but ain't worth the 120, so I'm glad I didn't pay that. Few minutes later she asks me if I'm ready. I'm feelin on her ass and say I am.
She gets in doggy and her ass is so fat I can't even see her pussy. Like its just a big fuckin meaty grotesk ass. I'm no chump but I don't think i'll reach her pussy with my cock! That shit was mea---ty.
She lays her head all the way down and has her shoulders flat on the bed, arches her back and spreads her cheeks open. Its like Moses parting the red fuckin sea. Her roast beef pussy pink lips finally presents itself and invites me in. its wettt wettt and remember why i love these latin hoes.
I start out slow and fuck! this pussy is talking back to me "squish squish squish" as I pump in and out. A few min into it she let's go of her cheeks, and they feel heavy and like an extension of her pussy. They clap down on my shaft and Honestly She prob could jack me off with her cheeks. That alone I woulda paid 60!
I turned her over and into missionary. She spreads her legs all the way back like a gymnast and gives me full access to her pussy. So I slide in and start banging away. I got her on the edge of the bed with half ass hanging off. And get a good rhythm going.
I reached to grab her tittys and saw her offer her neck out, and recognized what she wants and i reached up and grabbed her neck. She gives me this smirk… that sexy fuckin smirk that you know only freaks give. She likes the choking and im down to give it. i start talking smack and she's finally getting into it, she's panting starts moaning but I'm choking the shit outta her so it sounds all muffled now.
She's rocking her hips and gettin her nutt too. I tell her I'm about to cum and she grabs my ass and horsley says "cum inside me baby" and I nutt in this bitch like it's my last day on earth.
I feel her pussy contract and can tell she's coming too.i pound out a few more strokes and pull out. This girl was a sex freak. I let go of her neck and titty and pulled out. We clean up, she offers a shower and I jump in to rinse off and start getting dressed. She's laying there looking tasty as fuck. Gives me her # and tells me to call her again and she'll give me a discount. I don't remember calling her again but I wish I did.
Bbw mall and Puerto rican friend
One trip I'm driving through salinas, i'm getting gas at my stop and im feeling horny. I open up Redbook and can't find anything I like, so I go to Craigslist. I answered an ad that seemed legit so I took my chances.
"BBw looking for fun-20" has a pic of a big ol black ass on it with blue cheetah panties. a small description and a phone # spelled in criptic so the ad doesn't get flagged. I text for details and wait for a response . With Craigslist its always a fuckin crapshoot and never know what your gonna get.
About 10 min go by and I decide imma grab a bite to eat .I hear my phone chime and its her. I shoot a text and see where she at. she says she's at the mall with a friend. Tells me her friend is shy but wants to have fun too i ask how much and They want 200 for both, but I didn't have that kinda money on me at the time. so i just took the bbw for 80
This all seems a little weird to me cause who hooks out the mall? The girl sounded kinda on the dumber side and also wasn't using the street terminology im used to. If you've been in this game for a min, you can tell the newbies to the vets. And I love breaking new girls in.
I said fuck it, my cocks hard and i need to shoot a load, I tell her i'll be over in 10 and head that way.
I arrived and shot another text. This pretty young black girl came out. She's about 5'4 170 ish, thick but not too fat in the gut. She has a pretty face and a mocha complexion, Nice slick back hair with 2 buns. Some makeup but all in all she looks good. She got some fat titties that I can see under her tank top and her booty looked thick too.
She looks like an amature hoe, dono how to describe it but she just didn't seem like the typical girl posting an ad on Craigslist.she didn't seem like a vet. So I knew I would be able to take my time with this one if I played my cards right. We do a quick cop check and take off.. I always say trust your gut feeling but in this instance I took my chances. Don't let your little head get you into trouble! Do as I say not as I do.
We drive around the mall and park in the back lot away from other cars. Tinted windows work wonders especially in this hobby and this mall has a huge lot too. I love parking in big lots. If you blend in its harder to get caught.
I can tell this hoe is desperate for $ as that's all she's talking about. I asked her a few questions to ease her mind and we get comfy talking. I asked how old she was and she said 19.doesnt really do this too often but she needed $ blah blah the usual talk.
We agreed on 80 but I gave her the ol "damn i only have 60" trick. She questions it but easily falls for it. That's when I knew I could see how far I could push this girl. She agrees for half and half and jumps in the back and I start undressing. I pull my cock out and She asks if I have a rubber and I say no. Who the fuck does sex work and doesn't have a rubber!
She doesn't either but she starts suckin anyways and i'm feelin great but im wondering how am I gonna fuck if we ain't got rubbers. I asked her if bb is cool, she was hesitant but asked me if i was clean, told her yes and she said 20 more and we can… i "magical find 20$" 80 for bbfs i'll take that any day!
I get some more head and she takes her jeans off, she has this butter smooth skin and thick ass thighs and she's wet. I reach in between and it's feeling like some fresh young pussy. She tells me she's scared since she doesn't do bb, but i tell her don't worry I've been tested recently and my pull out games is good so she just tells me to not cum inside.
I lined up my cock and dove right in. She has that's good fresh pussy. That fat girl i never really get fucked kinda pussy. It feels great. I'm kissing up on her and I'm feeling good and I check with her and she actually seems to be enjoying it too. Our chemistry is good and we're even kissing and hugging. Making some good love. I'm talkin dirty to her and she's eating it up. She's genuinely seems shes enjoying herself.
We fuck for 30 min or so and were both having fun but It's time to pull out and bust. She asks me if it's ok to bust in her mouth cause she likes the taste of cum. My lil freak!! No I don't mind at all! I pull out and go and bust in her hungry mouth. She slurps me up a bit more and gets every drop out.. and she keeps telling me how she loves older guys! She hates guys her age and blah blah blah. She likes the fuckin money. Just say that hoe we all know it. I'm only 25 at the time so I'm not that much older.
We clean up and get dressed and chit chat a bit more. She tells me how her friend wants $ too. I'm game! so I have her show me pics. Man! her friend is a fuckin 10! Nice light puerto rican mami with light black skin, curly blonde hair and big ass and tittys. Shes thin but has a fat fuckin ass, shes just perfect. She was fuckin gorgeous. I just knew these girls were just trying this shit out to see if they can make some money and shit i'm willing to pay for fresh pussy any day of the week. So they found the right guy.
She keeps asking me how much illl give her friend I tell her 100 to fuck right now. Im horny again and i'm persistent, I keep offering to go to the bank "right now!" But she hesitates. She kinda gets upset that I "low balled her" but I tell her her friend is just my type and no offense that ill pay more for her. I hand her the 80 to shut her up and keep asking if she wants to hook me up with her friend. She calls her and her friend didn't want sloppy 2nds and somethin about she hasn't shaved her pussy and she didn't feel pretty.. im like yo what the fuck i don't care! I wanted that fresh pussy. She tells me its a no go but I ask if I can meet her..
I drop her off at the entrance and her friend comes out. Shes super fuckin pretty but i can't really see her body cause shes wearing sweats. I introduce myself and ask her if she's sure she doesn't wanna make this quick money.. but she's still not feeling it.I get her # and take the loss. I didn't want to push my luck. I knew I would be back in 2 weeks for her friend anyways.
Bbw friend
For about 2 weeks all i'm thinking about is this fine ass hoe. She looked young and dumb so I was excited. I knew these girls weren't pro so I was happy I was getting some fresh meat. I texted all week trying to set up an appt and finally did. I made my weekly trip and on the way back I was ready.
I text the girl and she shoots me an address. I go and park and let her know I'm here. 20 min passed and I'm thinking she's flaking. These amature hoes are always nervous and flake at the last minute but low and behold she shows up. She's even Sexier than before. Some yoga pants, and a shirt with a sweater on. She gets in my car and I park near a dental office. Small talk but I could tell she was nervous. I tried to ease her mind but she's all business. She just wanted to get fucked and leave.
It's a kinda crowded parking lot but I found a place and park. I do feel like crowded parking lots are better than solo parking. (Ill soon find out that's a Big mistake) We jump in the back seat and she asks for money up front. I hand over the 100 and she asks for more. I told her nah we agreed on 100 so she kinda gives me attitude but starts to get undressed. We're getting naked and she's looking even better than I imagine. Nice smooth skin, her titts are nice and perky. She's got a little pubic hair but it's still smooth. Shes a fuckin fox and im happy I'm getting her after 2 weeks of waiting.
She starts suckin and and I start to finger her, she gets comfy and i'm enjoying the view. She's taking it deep and just starting to really get into it. I'm feeling good and i'm ready to try that pussy. She puts a rubber on and turns around and gets in doggy. I get behind and go in.i take it slow at first but her pussy is nice and wet and I just start pounding her. she's taking it like a champ, Soft moans and she even reached down and she's rubbing her clit. She's tight and she's feelin good she reached down and cups my balls, a veteran move. She's getting wet and she's throwing it back too. I'm sweatin huffin and puffin and feel like I'm gonna nut. But I stopped myself.i wanted this to last so I pulled out and told her to get on top.
As she's moving and throwing her leg over me we see someone walking next to my car!. Mind you were both butt naked in my back seat. She panics and ducks down. I throw my sweater over me and try to act normal. But these 3 people are right next to us getting into their car. Thank God for tinted windows! About 2 or 3 min pass and they finally leave.
She seems panicked and tells me she wants to leave. I told her nah, I haven't finished and so she reluctantly gets on top. I'm soft by now and need to get hard again so I go and suck her tittys. I'm jacking off and trying to get hard. she's feelin hella wett and good and so I push it in … I knew I wasn't gonna last long but I didn't care anymore. I was ready to bust my nutt. She's riding my dick and she's moaning. She's rubbin her tittys in my face and just grinding down on my cock… i'm ready to bust, I lay her down and get on top. It only took 4 or 5 pumps and I came.
I had baby wipes on hand so I handed her some and she cleans up. She gets dressed, takes her money and leaves without saying a word.. I do the same and pull out the parking spot.
I tried setting up another apt with both girls but the bbw wanted more money and the hot friend just stopped answering my text. I cut it as a loss and blocked both numbers on my phone. Thanks Good ol salinas California! I appreciate the pussy.
Mexican with the tight pussy
Browsing Redbook one visit I see what I can only describe as a perfect 10, this little latina 5'1 135lb, and thick ass nice c cups and smooth brown skin. Her ad just screemed fuck me! And seemed legit so I called her up. Set up a time and came over. She was at one of the smaller hotels off of John Street and i pulled into the parking and look for the room # she gave me.
This hoe came out the door dressed casually. She appears totally normal but on the younger side.. she looks about 19 or maybe 20 but she's beautiful and has that perfect makeup to compliment her eyes. She dressed to show her curves and has these glasses on that just make my cock hard so I'm happy with my decision.
I'm asking myself, why is she coming outside?! She Comes up to my car and asks if I'm "tony" I say why yes, yes I am and she gets in.
Hoe- I have a favor to ask Me-What? Hoe- The hotel manager is acting like a bitch and is kicking "US" out. Can u give "US" a ride to this other hotel? I'll make it worth your time. At this point in time I'm thinking did she says "us?" What the fuck, shes hella pretty and don't wanna loose this one she doesn't seem like she'll rob me and I have time today so fuck it. I'll do it
I ask Me-what do you mean us? Hoe- me and a friend
Oh shit the 2 for 1 special?! I'm thinking i hit the jackpot pot. I only had 80$ so I knew that wasn't gonna happen but let's see how these cards play out.
Me- ok, yeah... is it far? Hoe- no not far at all just down off market Me- ok fuck it, lets go Hoe- lemme go get my stuff
This hoe proceeds to go and grab like 4 bags. Her friend is this pretty white girl that comes out with another 3 bags. I have a suv so all their shit fits.it's a mild inconvenience to drive these two hoes around. They jump in and we take off.
Her white friend is really pretty and iiiii got a soft spot for white hoes. I love em! She's small too, about 5'1 100lb, with blonde hair, blue eyes and small tittys. She's in sweats and a sweater. Shes has a really pretty face but also looks like she's a meth user and I don't really fuck with them. But she's got a good look to her so ill see what happens. I wanted both of them but when you only got $ for 1 I was shit outta luck.
As were driving, these two proceed to talk my fuckin ear off. The white hoe doesn't stop talking and the way she's talking I could tell she was a user, and the mexican was just being shy and reserved, so it was mostly little meth head blabin. I loosen them up with a blunt and pass it around. They're happy, I'm happy. we drive for 15 and get to this other hotel.
It Seems a little more chill and less drama and is not a bad part of town, so that's a plus for me. they get out, grab their stuff and we go in. I sit at the little table and im high outta my mind but I'm getting hard just thinking im about getting to fuck.
The white girl starts grabbing shit outta her bag and starts decorating the room with light covers and pillows and shit. while the Mexican is starting to get ready to fuck. She just wants me out it seems. And fuck I'm thinking I'm about to be scammed for a ride.
The Mexican tells the white to go to the bathroom, she has business to take care of. The white girl says something but continues to decorate then goes in. The Mexican apologized and says since I gave her a ride she'll only charge me 60. I'm game and ask if her friend can join for a double. She asked if i had more money and I said no, so She turned that shit down immediately. I didn't wanna reveal how much I had so I just took the 3some as a loss.. She said she didn't do doubles too so that was the end of that discussion anyways.
She gets undressed and so do I. She has a tight body. Thick thighs and her areolas and nipples are nice and brown. Nothing too out of the ordinary just a fine ass hoe. Small bush and nice tight ass. Creamy latin skin and she's nice to look at. She seemed older for her age and could tell she's been hooking for a while. She was a young vet who had seen some shit. Salinas isn't a town to fuck with.
She starts to jack me off and grabs my cock. She likes how thick it is and slaps it on her palm, she has abnormally small hands and I love how my cock looks ginormous in them. she's squeezing it with her hand, rolls the condom on and immediately goes down and devours it. She's going to town and doesn't hold back. Just a deep throat to tip and back down again making the gluck gluck sound, God I love it when they do that. It feels like there's no end to her throat.. her head game was on point. It was sexy and she's moaning too, kinda feeling desperate for cock. She puts on a good show. She sticks her round ass in the air and I start fingering her. She's getting wet and I notice how I can only fit 1 finger in her. She's tttiiiiigggghhhhtttt.
"I'm tight" she says. as I move over and behind her, I try to stick my dick in and I realize she's not joking. This shit was like a trap. I have never seen anything like it. She tells me to lay down. "It's easier to get it in" So I do and she gets on top. She's rubbing my cock and lubing it up with her juices. She gets the head in and Holy fuck! She not fuckin lying shes ttttiiiiigggghjhttttt, like asshole puckered up tight. My wide eyed expression tells it all.
She smirks and tells me "told u so, imagine if I was still walking the blade, I'd be even tighter" this bitch had the fucking tightest pussy I ever had to date. Like fuckkk I've fuck virgins and assholes and never experienced anything like this. It was some good latina pussy.
she's riding me and grinding me for a few and I have that feeling that I can't fuckin cum. Not sure what's going on I might have just been too high or nervous or some shit. But about 20 min later she's getting tired and tells me she's gonna jack me off. So I agree and a few minutes later she makes me cum. Let me bust on her tittys and I finish up. The one good thing i liked about her was she seemed genuinely nice. And she didn't rush the session. I hate when the hoes are clock watchers and tell me to hurry up. It throws my game off.
We clean up and I get dressed. I sit for a min and try to sober up cause I hate driving super high. We chit chat and make small talk, shes from the area and only doing this for a quick buck. blah blah blah typical hoe story. Her white friend comes out and she's blabbing about something too. so I decided it's time to go. I don't like to stick around too long anyways.
She gives me her # and I leave. Wishing I was able to fuck her friend too but not enough $... damn
I ended up calling her a few times more and making her an atf for a few visits then one day she changed her # and I never saw her again. Everytime I drive by the hotel i think about that extremely tight pussy and I Hope she's doing good. She was a good girl.
Dumb amp At one point in time i loved going to amps,(asian massage parlors) I would always check them out on rubmaps and see what had the most reviews. If it's posted on there its most likely a happy ending place. I found this parlor right off the freeway in Salinas, It had a few neon signs and was next to the carl's Jr. Neon signs=hj so I'm in.
Its empttyyyy like no one is there. Looks like a portable building detached for the rest of the building. You could hear every footstep. This place is run down and shady. And I feel right at home. I love feeling kinda vulnerable, gets my heart pumpin.
So anyways I walk in and hear the bell chime, I see a youngish asian girl come out and she's kinda cute. 30s Nerdy Asian with glasses and long black hair. She's wearing jeans and a white shirt and looks like a small b cup. Has really pale skin and just looks normal.I love that shit. She looks out of place like she doesn't belong in such a seedy place. But she's there so I'm game.
I ask for the hr at the counter, pay 50 and we go into the room. I get butt naked while the girl is in the room and she kinda looks surprised. I lay down and don't even bother with the towel. She walks over and starts to rub my back. Her skills are subpar and I decide that imma just go for it and see if I can get something started. I reach out and cup her ass. She stops rubbing and removed my hands. But the way she did it was like a playful way like, noo don't do it but do it kinda way so I know she's game, So I continued.
I started rubbing on her ass and eventually she gave in. I sit up and ask her what's on the menu. She seems surprised and ask me what I wanna pay. But she's like "shhh" I don't want the boss to hear" but I knew damn well there wasn't anyone else in the building. She made it seem like it was a big secret and I just went along with it.i Told her I wanted boom boom and she said 100. I told her ok no prob I have a credit card or cash in the car(which I didn't). She said cash better and goes and locks the door.
She gets undressed but only takes 1 pant leg off and lays down. She has the Asian bush and flat stomach and I'm feeling her vibe, she was the awkward nerdy type. And it turned me on. She makes a condom appear outta thin air and slips it on half way. I Could tell this girl wasn't a pro so I was gonna see if I could slip it off at some point of the session. I get up and slip it in. The pussy is nothing to write home but it's a new pussy so I can't complain. She keeps telling me to hurry up and cum. All while I'm pumping her with cock.
She's shushing me and telling me to hurry up. Kinda has a desperate scared look in her eyes like she's gonna get into trouble for this. I'm enjoying the desperation and her pussy feels good. So I don't pay attention to her. somehow the condom ended up and slipped off. I noticed but didn't say anything and don't think twice about it. I get a few more pumps and shoot a load into her. I purposely moan super loud and make a show of cumming. She gets mad and covers my mouth. I start laughing cause she's gonna get into trouble with the boss lol.
As I pull out she reaches down to see if the condom is still on and she realizes it's not. She panics and gets up and grabs a towel. At this point I know it's my time to go and I grab my shit and throw it on.
I remeber feeling kinda panicked cause she was making a scene about her boss knowin or something. Maybe her boss is her husband?! Shit idk.
She looks over and sees that I'm ready to leave and ask for the$. I tell her imma go grab the cash outta my car. She torn, does she clean her pussy or does she follow me out for money. Her dilemma is her own problem to solve, as I'm already making my way out.
I remembered the layout of the portable and went out the front door. I see her poke her head out as I'm getting in the car, I hesitated but then remember I don't have 100 cash so I drive off feeling guilty. Oops
Mixed girl with big ass tittys
One horny trip I decided to pull off by the airport and check out the motel 6, this is a typical motel 6 but has about 3 stories and all the doors are facing the parking lot. I've had some success here cause a lot of truckers Park next to the mo6 and you can catch a lot of girls lookin out their window. and walking around the parking lot.
I'm driving through and making my way around the back near the trucks when I see her. This young Redbone. She has pale skin with freckles. Diry blond curly hair and she's wearing those Terry cloth short shorts with "pink" on the butt, a white tank top and I can see her tittys bouncing as she walks to her room. See notices me lookin at kinda waved me in. I look to park and make sure to remember the room. I get out and walk over. Knock 2x and she comes and gets me. She's a playful lil thing and she's sexxy, like teen slut sexy. She's really playing the playful part. I'm hooked. We negotiate the price at 60 for the quick and I sweep the bathroom for people hiding. And low and behold I see this 5'2 little tomboy Dyke. You can just tell she's the gf pimpin her hot gf.
I ask if she can go for a walk and she does, says sorry and says she'll be back in 20. We close the door and I make sure to lock it with the latch.
Redbone takes the shorts off and my God she's perfect. Flat stomach, big dd tittys rhat hang down in a tear drop. Nice perky pink nipples and a lovely ass, its got meat to it. She has a little bush that feels like carpet, im digging it.
I undress and we get to it.sucks meoff for a few and climbs on top. Nothing out of the ordinary other than she's closing her eyes tight, she's moaning and wet so I can't complain. Her Service was above average if I remember correctly.
Her happy attitude seals the deal for a repeat. she gives me her # and tells me to call her sometime.
I do end up seeing her a few more times since it sometimes is easier to have a girl to call instead of looking for one. She would always move from the mo6 to the star on n.main.
I remeber this one the most because she was the 1st hooker I ate out. 1st time trying street pussy... and that shit tasted like condoms. Rubber... fuck what was I thinking haha
Salinas California was a good town to me. The food and the latinas were great too.I sure do miss the girls but not the drive. I'll see ya around seeelliiiiinnaass
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