Go! Anyone with architectural design house experience? |

Anyone with architectural design house experience?

2021.01.26 04:39 lamagy Anyone with architectural design house experience?

Anyone have any experience building their own architecturally designed home? Not talking about the normal home builders like Masterton which are nice but basically all cookie cutters designed.
Do they provide the full service from end to end or just draw up the plans and deal with the nasty tradie world yourself?
If anyone has some estimates or experiences please let me know, I’m looking at this as an option rather then buying especially now during remote I would like the ability to have a nice working/living area designed but which is not crazy expensive and stressful.
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2021.01.26 04:39 DennisMilano73 More exposure for MEDV.NE: COVID-19 testing kiosks will open outside regional malls in Allen, Garland, Grapevine and Hurst

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2021.01.26 04:39 akf2680 Family of frogs

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2021.01.26 04:39 kobony Original Abstract Painting by Gabriela Esquivel | Abstract Art on Canvas | Imagining the Sublime

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2021.01.26 04:39 BlueBlakedPotato I’ve somehow gotten myself stuck in the Zeffo tomb.

This is my first play through. I came down the elevator, and did some stuff but then saw a big laser dude. Naturally I ignored him, because I’m not very good and he’s shooting fucking lasers! So I ran away, rolled one of those things, and a large ball cleared a new path for me. I slid down some ice, took a rope and now I’m where those spiky things that explode are. There’s a large chasm and an area that says “available” on my map, but I can’t jump high enough to get there! Any help is appreciated, I can provide pictures of the map if necessary
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2021.01.26 04:39 Nearby-Bookkeeper145 Gangs of Chicago...Bronzeville Gang Breakdown...BBG

Gangs of Chicago...Bronzeville Gang Breakdown...BBG BBG is a set of Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples from the area of 43rd & State. With boundaries extending from 43rd to 45th, State to Federal BBG operates at the gas station on 43rd & State as well as the newly renovated apartments in between State and Federal.

Newly Renovated Apartments On 44th & State
Originally from a section of the Robert Taylor’s, the corner of 43rd & State used to be a hot spot for drugs and gangs, over time after the projects were demolished BBG was formed in the small buildings built in its place. These buildings birthed BBG.

Robert Taylor Homes, 1988.
BBG actually comes from a very nice little area, the only reason it has a bad rep is because of them but BBG has declined in both presence and numbers over the years making the area look like a place a gang would never inhabit.

BBG, I believe this pic was taken around 2012-2014
Due to gentrification BBG will likely soon cease to exist, they do however have shorties but only a few. I do not know who BBG is cool with or beefs with.
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2021.01.26 04:39 FlippyFishFish My BF (M16) broke up with me for no (good) reason a few months back. It took me (F17) just until recently to start moving on. Until I get a message from his mother. Now, there's no way I can turn a blind eye. But I don't know what I could do to help. Any advice?

My bf recently broke up with me for seemingly no reason a few months ago. Everything was like a dream between me and him. We've known each other for years now, and when I first met him, he was severely depressed. Eventually, as time went on and I introduced him to my friends and supported him the best I could, he got better, he was happier, and just felt all around less depressed. At the start of the school year, I went into homeschool, and eventually changed schools out of stress (from my own problems), I didn't move though, we just saw each other less. I think that's when it started coming back.
He has super bad epilepsy, so bad he's been close to death and to the hospital several times. Add that on top of his pretty bad and stressful home life and you get the perfect recipe for self-hatred and depression. It tore me apart when I heard he wanted to break up, and even more so when he said he was dating someone else just days later. After months I've finally was able to pull myself together and go see him in person, and he explained basically everything to me. He tried attempting suicide twice during those months. His family home has been even more of a mess than it usually is, and he told me the girl he's seeing understands him, (she has a history of sexual abuse and other types of abuse from her dad), and that he loves her. (Just trust me when I say that before all this, I did everything in my power to provide support for him and try to understand. He would have done anything for me back then. I know he's such a good person at heart, I've seen it and I hate that he's going through this).
Anyway, over a lot of thinking, I decided that I had to move on, I was in no position to provide help for him because of my own feelings. Until today.
I just got an email from his mother, wanting to know what happened between me and him. She told me that he was so much happier with me in the years we were together and that ever since he broke up with me he's gotten so much worse. He started lying to her face and sneaking out of the house to smoke and hang out with that girl. She said that ever since he's just been more depressed and angry. And that the girl is constantly threatening her life if she doesn't get her way. She desperately misses the relationship that they had together. She knows she not perfect, but she really cares for her son.
I can no longer sit and cry about what happened between us. I can no longer move on after hearing that. This isn't just about me, or his own depression now. It's affecting his mother deeply, and I just can't leave her to watch her son fall so far away by herself. I told her the best way she can help is to talk to him and show him unconditional love and support while providing a place where he can get away. But, I just don't know how I should go about helping him in this situation. Any advice?
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2021.01.26 04:39 Fomix_Sound Jimpster - Secret Sun [Groove House]

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2021.01.26 04:39 merrycherrybomb [FOR SALE] SUPER RARE The Beatles First Pressing “She Loves You” 45 SWAN label

Extremely rare 1963 first pressings of The Beatles’ “She Loves You / I’ll Get You” 45 on the Swan label. I have one sleeve that’s in pristine condition, one 45 on with black and white Swan label (valued around $140) and the hot ticket item which is a very first pressing white and red Swan label (valued around $180).
I’ve never played these, they are in good condition and are truly a time capsule.
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2021.01.26 04:39 singleandreadytodie "forged with the blood of enemies"

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2021.01.26 04:39 saleham5 Annoying discord/Spotify bug!!!

Hey i found this annoying bug and idk if someone found a fix for it On discord you can see what music your friends are listening to and there is that option "listen along" to play the song that your friend listening to on your Spotify but the thing is whenever I click on it it just open Spotify again like a new session over and over again without playing the song it basically just open the app Anyone know how to fix it ?
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2021.01.26 04:39 fishguru-1729 blue acara tank stocking ideas

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2021.01.26 04:39 cebi92 I’ve been a fan of this Page for a while. Bought IDEX at 1$ because wallsteetbets. Now it’s at 4$ thanks:)

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2021.01.26 04:39 KulePotato890 Oh no

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2021.01.26 04:39 BigBYaHeard Groudon 7794-7614-5003

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2021.01.26 04:39 JellyfishNo7880 Help.

Help. Hey question, I tried to generate a model in Adam is cool and stuff's colab (Training), I got it all good and shit until the end. It says "no such file or directory as 'tacotron2'" which the folder exists its just that the colab notebook is being an ass
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2021.01.26 04:39 CapriSunz0 What are some under-rated subreddits?

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2021.01.26 04:39 ishaanmann48 New Hybrid Tire Takes Over The List!

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2021.01.26 04:39 -Esc_ dream on a lectern

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2021.01.26 04:39 Daddyandrei Beefy enough?

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2021.01.26 04:39 spammisami Alright bois it may be time to go all in on NOK

It’s time.
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2021.01.26 04:39 parkavenueWHORE When was the last time you yelled at someone and why?

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2021.01.26 04:39 dpadsndice Maz was one of my favorite new characters.

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2021.01.26 04:39 KindaAwkwardGuy Lebron daps up Kevin Love late in the 4th vs Cleveland

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2021.01.26 04:39 bot_olini Primer Plano. Lunes 25 de enero de 2021.

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