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2021.01.27 11:28 tomikuoka Tour event

I’m still new at and i’m wondering, are the missions difficult? I feel kind of nervous since I’m not very skilled at this game...when do you obtain the cards and is there anything i need to prepare?
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2021.01.27 11:28 imagreatlistener Rough shaping finished on the plywood blank I built. The shape is a custom design I used on a previous build.

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2021.01.27 11:28 realityshow2 I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY CREATION

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2021.01.27 11:28 stoogymoog Just being honest

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2021.01.27 11:28 Calux_Artz a really cool server

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2021.01.27 11:28 CurioserandCurioser0 Longhaul Leg Issues

I tested positive for covid-19 back in early October and had an extremely tough time recovering. I am still dealing with a lot of side effects such as exhaustion that makes my chest begin to ache by 3 pm each day. I am typically sleeping about 13 hours per day. Over the last week I have started to have some serious issues with my legs and arms. I'm only 37, but 6 years ago I had a nerve conduction study done and they found that I have peripheral neuropathy. I have never gotten an explanation as to why, as I don't have diabetes, but started Gabapentin, which is also used to treat restless leg syndrome. However, starting a week ago anytime I try to go to sleep, my arms and legs jerk all over the place. It feels like I want to crawl out if my skin and is scary. I take a muscle relaxer ( Tizanidine) and Legatrin before sleeping every night, so I don't understand how ny limbs are even able to do this. On top of this, my legs ache all day everyday. It is a throbbing pain that makes me shakey and unsteady on my feet. Is there something I'm missing? Do you have any advice? Is all this from Covid? I am going nuts!!
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2021.01.27 11:28 jtoppo ZJPD recruiting

ZJPD recruiting
Code should be on the picture, if any problems add Threx#5732 on discord
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2021.01.27 11:28 SirBnana are there any good 4 star polearms for Hu Tao ?

I'm currently saving for Hu Tao (F2P) but i just noticed that my main polearm (crescent pike) it's basically useless for her since she'll convert her dmg to pyro all the time with her skill so a physical build isn't optimal, do you think there are any good 4 star polearms (deathmatch not included since i'm F2P) that she can use properly?
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2021.01.27 11:28 Boperatic Theatre, concerts, live events, etc

Clearly, crystal balls seem to be in shorter supply than Covid vaccines at the moment, but wondering if anyone had any thoughts on live events reopening.
Glastonbury cancelled the other day, which was a kick in the balls to the festival sector who have cautiously been making plans for the summer. On the one hand, if an organisation as big as Glasto can't make it work, how can anyone else? But on the hand, maybe it's just too big and they would need to be starting building the site any day now, without knowing exactly what's going to be facing them come the summer. It's not as if they could put down a grid in front of the Pyramid Stage and have everyone mosh in socially distanced bubbles.
Today's latest events news is that the Chelsea Flower Show has been postponed from May until September. This is an outdoor event, with a majority senior (and therefore hopefully vaccinated) audience, which could have attendance carefully marshalled and socially distanced in a sedate environment. But still the risk is deemed too great so they've pushed back to later in the year. I think they've made the right call.
Meanwhile, colleagues I know in commercial theatre say they're expecting to be called back into work in April to start to prep for reopening. Theatres and summer arts festivals have opened booking for events supposedly happening this summer and LLoyd-Webber and other West-End producers are talking about reopening as soon as April.
Places with large outdoor space and pots of cash (think classic music like Glynedbourne etc) seem to be pinning their hopes on just going ahead and hope everything's better by the summer but falling back on the option of sticking up a huge tent and/or relaying their performances from their stage onto big screens in their grounds. Even so, I can't help thinking that's pretty optimistic.
Disclosure: I'm in this industry and would normally be working in an outdoor theatre in June/July. Bosses are keen to plough on with a programme of socially distanced events, but even then I can't see it being safe or wise, or even possible without any kind of clear roadmap as to when audience events will be allowed to return.
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2021.01.27 11:28 Jazdaboss010 Even if i get copper i’m always short a few pieces

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2021.01.27 11:28 newsbrasilbot 'Aprendi muito mais com a doença', diz Badaró após se recuperar da Covid-19

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2021.01.27 11:28 The-CopyNinja The End of an Era

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2021.01.27 11:28 KingJecon The Actual Value of a $15 Minimum Wage in Every US State

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2021.01.27 11:28 wajid06 After watching Goreshs breakdown on the new units it seems the banners finally have GSPs let's just hope they keep it for all banners or atleast most of the banners

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2021.01.27 11:28 Superchecker What's been your BEST purchase $25 or less?

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2021.01.27 11:28 Emotional_Arm_3487 Big cloud blessing me today

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2021.01.27 11:28 LeoKaro219 Can relate

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2021.01.27 11:28 R4B_Moo [EUW] MGB is looking for team leaders!

Hello geeks, weebs, nerds and gamers!
[EUW] MGB Is looking for team leaders!
We're looking for friendly captains to lead teams! Are you fair, show initiative and lead by example? Then we need you!
Your job will be to set up a team of 5 members, set play times and sign up for events and tournaments! The focus of our teams is Learning, fun and playing 3+ evenings each week. We'll be there every step of the way to help you and your team out! Recruiting, events and most organization will be done by the server managers!
Send me a DM for an invitation to server!
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2021.01.27 11:28 BobLee_22 Sad

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2021.01.27 11:28 CatRoblox I don't offer

Normal king bee Fly king bee Bunny Carriage Cannon stroller Username-Pokefan01720
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2021.01.27 11:28 epyon2014 Found my dad's lost in the basement for 20 years Aqualung Master diver's knife.

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2021.01.27 11:28 Pengtingcalledme John 1:16

And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace. John 1:16 NKJV
What is "grace for grace"?
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2021.01.27 11:28 kalucki23 Somewhere in southwest Ukraine. Does anyone know where exactly this could be?

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2021.01.27 11:28 neefhuts If that’s your name you’re f*cked

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2021.01.27 11:28 jamesstephen7 My sons,my strength

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