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I had a debate with an old friend

2021.01.19 15:39 tit4tat87 I had a debate with an old friend

I told him that he has missed out on a lot of jrpgs and that I believe that this generation has been great for the genre. He just kinda shrugged and said that jrpgs are becoming full of anime tropes and cliches but I argued that they've always been that way. Now he's been playing them since the SNES days and I didn't play my first jrpg until the Dreamcast, but I think those tropes were around from the start.
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2021.01.19 15:39 Cynax_Ger United Front

How the hell am I supposed to win this?
I played a lot of rounds by now
The last round I played, I was on defence, got some nice dragons, repelled their attack, killed draven and also healed our nexus
What does my mate do? Kill our only 4 units on the attack and wants me to defend again
Before that I'm on attack, zoe, what does my defence mate do? Blocks a 2/2 with my zoe....
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2021.01.19 15:39 renebaechu 210120 Yuto Instagram Update

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2021.01.19 15:39 GRJR721 (NSFW) 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.01.19 15:39 jjfraxxxx My boss called me a bad girl. I wonder what he meant? 🤔

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2021.01.19 15:39 PingTheSadPanda Stress

When I'm stressed out and sad I don't use metaphors. I'm sad and overwhelmed :(
Directness is more easily addressed. Then it goes away.
I'll tell you about it later booboo. Cuz why not post it on here?
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2021.01.19 15:39 Turkishguy2 Sonunda

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2021.01.19 15:39 techjobsforgood [Hiring] Senior Data Engineer at Afresh - San Francisco, CA/Austin, TX

Afresh is hiring a Senior Data Engineer to help reduce food waste and make fresh foods more accessible to communities who need it!
The Data Team at Afresh writes code that processes customer-provided data to power the ordering application and its recommendations so that grocery stores can optimize their ordering and business processes.
About the Role
As a Senior Data Scientist on the Data Team, you will help ensure the system can accurately, reliable, and scalably process data as Afresh grows. You will implement data pipelines in Python and SQL to process billions of historical data points and scale up Afresh's compute platform and data platform that power the recommendation and ordering systems.
Learn more and apply: Senior Data Scientist
Location: San Francisco, CA/Austin, TX
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2021.01.19 15:39 sasha_sh DeFi in Ether: $25B in DeFi this week, mStable SAVE v2 now live, Sushiswap 2021 roadmap is here, Synthetix L2 migration, Curve x Synthetix cross-asset swaps now live, 1inch launches new liquidity mining program, 0x V4 is here and it’s time to vote, Fei Protocol introduced, YFI minting

DeFi in Ether: $25B in DeFi this week, mStable SAVE v2 now live, Sushiswap 2021 roadmap is here, Synthetix L2 migration, Curve x Synthetix cross-asset swaps now live, 1inch launches new liquidity mining program, 0x V4 is here and it’s time to vote, Fei Protocol introduced, YFI minting submitted by sasha_sh to Crypto_Currency_News [link] [comments]

2021.01.19 15:39 hejkohejko Dream team good

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2021.01.19 15:39 bknowlt Endorphin Pro Icon?!

Anyone have info on these? I think it’s a fun idea. Retro aesthetic with modern/race tech. Would love to know if they’re doing an Endo’ Speed version.
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2021.01.19 15:39 sywy1874 Is the GTX 1080 still relevant? (Upgrading from RX 580)

I built my PC about a month ago, unfortunately I had to settle for an RX 580 (8 GB) because everything else was out of budget or sold out. Now that I have a little more budget, I just found a great deal on a used 1080, and from what I understand it was a powerful card for its time, however it’s quite old. Is it worth buying it in 2021?
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2021.01.19 15:39 jhr-skr nikacado avocado is a master story teller

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2021.01.19 15:39 Bus-Chaser Glowing Spiky Grass + Solstheim Variant - Fix?

I've successfully eliminated most glowing textures with ENB using combinations of mods and the Particle patch. One texture remaining is the Spiky Grass and its Solstheim variant.
Does anybody know of a retexture that eliminates it? I know 3D Tree & Plants does, but I don't like the 3D model. Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.01.19 15:39 PiGi1999 Dual battlestation

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2021.01.19 15:39 Cstriker10 Broke through 11:31 🚀

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2021.01.19 15:39 Craftable_Being shopping cart go brrr

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2021.01.19 15:39 rhokephsteelhoof My AC tops from Target arrived!

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2021.01.19 15:39 nf_highlights Robert Covington : All Possessions (2021-01-15)

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2021.01.19 15:39 Beautiful_Dirt Using ForAll to Patch either an existing record OR new record

Hey Reddit,
I have a gallery of created data that I want to Patch to the database. The problem is, some records may already exist in the database, and it that's the case, I just simply want to update the data that's there. If the record isn't there, I want to create it.
I set up a ForAll function that can use a Collection to determine if the data exists by using CountRows against the parameters required. This works fine.
I've also set up the Patch code for if the record doesn't exist, which also works fine. To check the data in the table, I'm using ThisRecord.Date for example.
The issue is, whilst all the data inserts fine, it doesn't seem to update anything. I think the issue is I'm viewing the ForAll function like a loop - so expecting it to iterate through each record in the Gallery and check the database to make the decision to Update or Insert, and I don't believe the ForAll function works that way.
How can I achieve this?
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2021.01.19 15:39 Pardusco Sri Lankan Leopard tries to catch a Black-naped Hare

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2021.01.19 15:39 cosmopolitianmushrm Should I accept this CRA offer?

Hi so after 6 months of searching I finally got offered a clinical research assistant position! BUT I just moved home after at first I was told I would not get the job. You see I currently work remotely doing data entry and administrative stuff for the quality assurance department of a biomedical company. I make $18 doing that but I get no paid sick days, vacation or healthcare. This clinical research position pays $16 an hour but I do get every benefit imaginable. I don’t know if it’s worth it though to accept this job because I just moved into my grandmas to save money because rent in CA is so expensive. If I were to accept this job I’d have to move back to the city and pay so much in rent. I don’t even know if I’d be making enough to get by. However, after 6 months of searching for this kind of opportunity I don’t know if it would be dumb not to take it. Should I just decline and hope I can manage to get a similar offer back home where I live or is this a rare opportunity? I’m 6 months fresh out of college by the way if that means anything. Also another thing is that I really wanted to travel this summer if the COVID vaccine normalizes things again because I’ve always wanted to travel after I graduated college as a last hurrah before adult life but I didn’t get to. So another question is...would it be bad to take this job then quit in 6 months to travel if they don’t let me take 2 weeks off?
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2021.01.19 15:39 Rich-Burmond So now everyone has radar because the game stutters when an enemy enters closeby

As title says, Idk if others have reported this. I didn't see it in a few scroll downs on the main page. Basically me and my friends, we have lag spike if a pmc enters the area. Very nice to know when you are safe and not. Landed me a few kills already :) Started happening yesterday I believe
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2021.01.19 15:39 vamos_tata Esmeralda depois de salvar o Quasimodo:

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2021.01.19 15:39 martyrdomm Badass Vesemir about to finish a griffin with a carrot.

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