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Anon is Mexican

2021.01.19 14:35 Mr_Noot Anon is Mexican

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2021.01.19 14:35 muffingg Am I doing something wrong? Why does my Chicken always go bad within 24 hours in the fridge

I buy chicken fom Lidl and never have a problem if I freeze it the moment I bring it home. But 3 times recently I've put it in the fridge for 24 hours to cook the following day and when I take it out, it smells horribly.
The expiry date wasn't until 4 or 5 days later.
Am I doing something wrong?
If it matters, it was outside for around 60 minutes between the shop's refrigerator and the home fridge (most of the time it was in the car where it wasn't above 10 degrees Celsius. Is that too long?
I've checked my fridge's temperature and it's at 4.5 degrees Celsius.
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2021.01.19 14:35 exAspArk Top 5 Ways to Implement Real-Time Rich Text Editor (ranked by complexity)

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2021.01.19 14:35 JefaMaestra So this app transforms people into pixar characters

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2021.01.19 14:35 fappingjack LBI It's National Gingerbread House Day! If you live in Stafford Twp, NJ (aka Manah...

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2021.01.19 14:35 psychothumbs Underselling the Vaccine

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2021.01.19 14:35 Absence-00 What’s the lowest sens you should be playing on?

I play a 4 Look - 3 aim sens on Xbox one. I make it look pretty good, but in a lot of situations I think to myself “I would’ve won that gun fight if my sens was a little higher” any suggestions or feedback on this?
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2021.01.19 14:35 MJStockTrader Cresco Labs Hires PepsiCo Veteran and Supply Chain Expert Ty Gent as Its New Chief Operating Officer

Cresco Labs Hires PepsiCo Veteran and Supply Chain Expert Ty Gent as Its New Chief Operating Officer
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2021.01.19 14:35 criteriaz If you had a theme song, what would it be?

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2021.01.19 14:35 AlphaA3 GameStop online order

I have an online order that is set to ship sometime 2 weeks from now, but I received an email that says that the estimated delivery date is much sooner than that; I still have not received any tracking info and the guy I chatted with on their website said to expect it on the later date. Has anyone else had experience with this? Should I still keep my eyes open for earlier date? If anyone has experienced anything like this please let me know any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.01.19 14:35 lizzybiff Finally finished this acrylic painting I started in 2017. Never thought I’d get back around to it, but countless hours later, here we are!!!

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2021.01.19 14:35 Dan_of_1984 Cosa si usa per creare GUI moderne con C++?

All' università stiamo usando Qt, si usa anche nel mondo del lavoro? Ci sono soluzioni più comode / moderne?
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2021.01.19 14:35 ARIES123456789 cleaning airpods pro(not the case)

hi guys, may i know what is the most effective way to clean my airpods pro(not the case)? can i just wash my airpods pro under running water? TIA
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2021.01.19 14:35 noscoscouser How QAnon Members Are Spurred To Violence & How To Spot Their Language Online

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2021.01.19 14:35 virgorising91 Spiro Side Effects

Hey all! I’ve been prescribed 50mg/d of spiro by my dermatologist for hormonal acne, it’s been a little under a week. So far, my only side effects have been really dry lips and stomach cramping. I know I can ask my dermatologist, but thought I’d ask here in case anyone else has experienced this: Can I take a Tylenol for the stomach cramping? Are there any ways I can take the spiro to avoid this side effect? Thank you so much!
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2021.01.19 14:35 Jecchan WYR be invincible or invisible? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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2021.01.19 14:35 Meghar Caught in the act!

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2021.01.19 14:35 theRenaissanceMan96 Korea pre-CCC to Korea post-CCC?

Any loggie CPTs out there?
Am currently in Korea as a 1LT, will be headed to LG CCC this winter as a 1LT(P), and will graduate CCC as a CPT.
Am trying to come back to Korea as a branch qualified CPT.
Will it be easy to PCS back to Korea post-CCC? I’ve talked around with CPTs that recently finished CCC and it seems that AIM has been hit-or-miss with post-CCC assignments.
Any advice is appreciated. Not trying to go to any other OCONUS post.
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2021.01.19 14:35 lovemyhawks [Monitor] [Refurb] Acer Nitro XZ2 - 31.5" Monitor WQHD 2560x1440 144Hz VA via Acer Shop on eBay - $260.99 ($60 off with code PLAYCR20)

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2021.01.19 14:35 jren99 Hacking. Hacking.

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2021.01.19 14:35 dankez1 [XBOX][18+][UK] Reckoning recruiting

UK Gmt/Gmt +1
Hi, We're currently a small-ish clan of 25 or so looking to add some new members to the group. We're ideally looking for people based in GMT or GMT+1 time zones to join us. We're all in our 30's or older so we're very laid back, enjoy a beer, and a laugh while playing. We mainly do pve activities including raids at, weekends but we also like to hop into crucible/iron bannetrials at times too. Requirements are that you are over 18, have a mic, play regularly and join our discord. Please don't be a dick or a know it all. Also, we ask that you join a party with a couple of us just to make sure you're a good fit. If this sounds interesting, shoot me a message 😀
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2021.01.19 14:35 BittenHare I keep double jumping instead of front flipping, and vice versa.

Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you get over it?
My deadzones are 0.1 and 0.85 btw.
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2021.01.19 14:35 xxDezixx Mój pierwszy mem

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2021.01.19 14:35 GRJR721 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.01.19 14:35 Putrid_Sock6452 Ahora puedo pagar más fácilmente

Desde que me llego la OCA Blue siento que puedo acceder a miles de sitios.
Tengo descuentos y promociones. Accedí a millas y miles de productos de pedidos ya gratis. Puedo comprar internacionalmente.
No pago comisiones por el 0% en compras internacionales, comparado con productos de otros bancos acá es gratis y no me piden ganar o tener x al mes.
Y vos no tenes la Oca Blue? Pedila es gratis!
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