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2021.01.15 15:30 nickklatte help

can someone help me find a good site to get authentic signed memorabilia?? appreciate y’all
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2021.01.15 15:30 BrightscapesArt Sunset in Nice, France

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2021.01.15 15:30 Shyqy [Porsche 911 Carrera 4s] Those are pretty rare in Italy

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2021.01.15 15:30 shortcircuitt How should I respond

I hadn’t talked to this guy in a while but had had a really intense crush on him for 3 years but suddenly he started messaging me. We were having these really great conversations and I thought I was manifesting a relationship which was my intention. We talked everyday and sent each other big long messages, best conversations I’ve had with anyone. Then just suddenly he starts taking days to respond and his responses are literally like one line when I went and typed out this big thing for him! Now today he tells me that he has been on tinder and has 6 matches and plans to meet with at least two of the girls. I’m literally so upset I’ve waited three years for this. But like I don’t even know why he would tell me about tinder, and I don’t know weather to even reply or not, his responses have been so lame there’s no way to save the conversation and bring it back to what it was . I have tried so hard to manifest this and it’s really crushing. I don’t know why it would start to work out and then be taken away?
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2021.01.15 15:30 luucyyy I was bored during online classes so...... (disclaimer: I didn’t come up with the idea of these drawings, they were based on other drawings I found online) also sorry the colours are pretty off, all I had was my highlighters lol

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2021.01.15 15:30 PeggoIsBest Suspender Question

I saw a trill on Spacedock today who was wearing these suspenders that crossed over her boobs and latched in the back, and she left before answering me what they were. Does anybody have any idea? I neeed to find it XD
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2021.01.15 15:30 fohlers Satisfaction

I've started to build a 500 sc/m base. these are the ore belts. this is complete satisfaction for me.
Processing img wvnv6oftaib61...
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2021.01.15 15:30 TheCocksmith I have some Arabic language and culture questions

First, what are the best resources to learn Arabic? Online? Are there language schools that will open back up after the vaccination rollout? Also, I am being made aware that there are different dialects of Arabic. Will this come into play when choosing a class or school?
Second, I don't know how to properly ask this, so I'll be blunt. Which Arabs like and dislike which other Arabs? What are the cultural differences, and the reasons for the conflicts? I ask because I was talking to a guy in the metro, and somehow the topic of Kuwait came up (he was moving there). I heard another guy behind us scoff and laugh when he heard. The guy I was talking to told me to just ignore, because he was probably a Saudi.
Needless to say, I did not understand any of the intricacies of the cultural dynamic between the regions. As I will be doing more and more business with local Arabs, it would behoove me to learn as much as I can bout these cultures so I don't accidentally offend anybody. I don't exactly know what kind of resources would tell me this kind of information, which is why I thought it better to ask actual people.
Any help is appreciated.
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2021.01.15 15:30 RaltortheWorst TURN ONE BABY

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2021.01.15 15:30 FangWoF12 Moon on the spoon

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2021.01.15 15:30 hkdtam China's pressure and propaganda - the reality of reporting Xinjiang

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2021.01.15 15:30 SubSoniq Hi, I'm new here.... who should I prioritize early game?

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2021.01.15 15:30 Admirmehanovic Any game similar to this

I'd like to know more games that are same or at least similar to mad max,id appreciate it!
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2021.01.15 15:30 NRGModerators Daily Discussion Thread (January 15, 2021)

If you were looking for a place to talk about anything NRG-related today, this thread is the place to do so. Please be sure to read the rules before posting.
Official Discord Chat Channel Official Subreddit Twitter Find something wrong with the thread? Message the mods here.
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2021.01.15 15:30 Efficient-Sir-2539 Mothertown - Not Enough [Alternative Rock]

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2021.01.15 15:30 Wilsoa10 Quarantine day: Infinity.

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2021.01.15 15:30 keim1 Baneheia - kampen om sannheten

Sikkert en del som allerede har sett den nye dokumentaren om Baneheia. Hva tenker folk? Er Viggo skuldig eller uskyldig? Kjør debatt!
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2021.01.15 15:30 thebottiestbot Match Thread: Liverpool vs Manchester United | Premier League

Venue: AnfieldLineups:
Wolves: Starting XI: Rui Patrício, W. Boly, C. Coady, Nélson Semedo, M. Kilman, R. Saïss, L. Dendoncker, Rúben Neves, Daniel Podence, R. Jiménez, Pedro Neto, *Substitutes: Fernando Marçal, Adama Traoré, João Moutinho, R. Aït Nouri, J. Ruddy, Fábio Silva, K. Hoever, *
Newcastle: Starting XI: K. Darlow, F. Fernández, F. Schär, J. Lascelles, J. Lewis, J. Hendrick, R. Fraser, M. Almirón, A. Saint-Maximin, J. Murphy, C. Wilson, *Substitutes: Joelinton, S. Longstaff, A. Carroll, Javi Manquillo, M. Gillespie, E. Krafth, I. Hayden, *
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2021.01.15 15:30 DonVandomon Бурятский депутат заставлял подчинённых бесплатно строить дачу тёще

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2021.01.15 15:30 press__start 'Ancient Abyss' If Zelda was a roguelike game

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2021.01.15 15:30 Huge-Connection-419 Do y'all get it?

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2021.01.15 15:30 Jtrent1988 Glad it wasn’t an emergency

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2021.01.15 15:30 Sea-pan-kakes I have an exam in 16 days, I am failing this semester

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2021.01.15 15:30 HoosierArchaeo Curled feetsies during morning nap time!

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2021.01.15 15:30 alkavan Dune - Can't Stop Raving [EDM] (1995)

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