Go! The Epoch Times: Rep. Brian Mast’s Capitol Breach Question Stumps House During Trump Impeachment Vote |

The Epoch Times: Rep. Brian Mast’s Capitol Breach Question Stumps House During Trump Impeachment Vote

2021.01.15 16:03 reddit_feed_bot The Epoch Times: Rep. Brian Mast’s Capitol Breach Question Stumps House During Trump Impeachment Vote

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2021.01.15 16:03 happypennys Large Piston Door NOT Working HELP!

So I'm trying to make a sort of hatch for a part of my base and it seems to be getting stuck anyone know why?
I have a small video of it here: https://imgur.com/a/D4uMkT9
I'm playing with a friend on a LAN world through Hamachi
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2021.01.15 16:03 Jimingaming Post title (required)

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2021.01.15 16:03 _tamil Creatures of Planet Earth, we are looking to colonize some planets. But, we decided to spare one of the planets. Why should we spare you?

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2021.01.15 16:03 JRM005 Down for a mask play before Biden is in??

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2021.01.15 16:03 Scipio2021Campaign SCIPIO 2021 LET US make this shid HAPPEN ZOOBERS

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2021.01.15 16:03 texan0322 UFC Fight Island 7 Ownership Projections – DraftKings

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2021.01.15 16:03 Valemont [H] TF2 keys [W] GeForce Now (1 year)

Have 8 tf2 keys. Looking for someone with geforce now code who can help me with activation it on my account (3000 series card required)
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2021.01.15 16:03 Minerboy7 The Holy Belly

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2021.01.15 16:03 Substantial-Ad-5620 If collaboration, teamwork and culture are the reason to keep Pace and Nagy...

How can they get rid of Mitch and maintain any credibility? Those are Mitch’s greatest strengths.
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2021.01.15 16:03 Luckiernut I would pay for Stadia Pro but I don't, why?

Because I don't want to claim terrible games every month that sit there collecting virtual dust in my library. You cant even remove them once claimed. Can someone is charge of Stadia Pro look into changing how Pro woks or give us more options?
How about a loan system where you just borrow a game and can swap it once a month? Or get some stadia coins that let you claim a game of your choice from the entire library?
I know some people like discovering new indie games etc but I would rather play top tier games and not waste a minute on some of these Stadia Pro games. It really devalues the Pro subscription for me.
Anyone else feels the same?
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2021.01.15 16:03 DomMaria45 "Teško narodu bez ljubavi bratske, kao Bosni bez zemlje Hrvatske." Fra Grgo Martić

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2021.01.15 16:03 larfleeeze Any good checklist of all practical cognitive biases/nudges/BE principles?

The closest thing I can find is The Cognitive Biases Codex with over 180 biases. I am somewhat of a layman who has read books by Nir Eyal, Kahneman, Cialdini etc and I am interested in having a checklist of cognitive biases I can run through when I source for nudges or BE principles to apply to my work.
If anyone has any good reads, online resources or even product, feel free to comment below :) Free or paid services/products are totally fine as well! Oh and if there are any certification courses one can go for to become more proficient in applying BE, I am interested too. Thanks a lot in advance.
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2021.01.15 16:03 resonantarchitect [US-OH][H] Artisans [W] Paypal, Trades

Hello! Have some artisans to move. Prices are retail or below. Only shipping priority CONUS at this time.
Prices listed do not include shipping. Shipping is $8. Bundles Appreciated. (Take all for sale caps for $435 shipped conus).

Artisans 1 2 3 4
A $65 $70 $10 -
B $40 $65 $10 -
C $40 $70 $45 -
For the SK Bubs, mostly looking for other bubs to colorswap. PRIO to Bloodsucker or Brainchomper Bub. Will 2:1 the Bubs for Bloodsucker, Brainchomper, or Aggressive bub. Open to other bubs as well.

Please comment here before PM. Have a great day!
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2021.01.15 16:03 Sunset_Paradise When special interests collide!

Does anyone get extremely excited when they find things that combine their special interests? My special interests are true crime/mysteries and miniatures (such as dollhouses). When I discovered the documentary Of Dolls and Murder I was in heaven!
Today I was watching one of my favorite (fictional) mystery shows, Murdoch Mysteries, which is about a detective in 1920's Toronto. The episode is about an autistic woman who helps a murder investigation by creating an incredibly detailed minuature town. I'm so excited!!! And I love the main character getting annoyed by the ableism of other characters :)
It's on Hulu (series 4 episode 6) if you want to see it!
Note: This show takes place in the 1920's and uses terms from that period. If you're easily offended by those terms, don't watch it.
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2021.01.15 16:03 mjohnssy2 Rare driver

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2021.01.15 16:03 tajmer Zamisli kad bi trebali nekoga izručiti hrvatskom pravosuđu

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2021.01.15 16:03 ubermensch012 Thought I'd post this here in case you want some idea if you are a mistype or not

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2021.01.15 16:03 makkash Hogue Wraparound Rubber Grips with Finger Grooves 1911 Colt .45 9mm

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2021.01.15 16:03 Nyodrax Accurate.

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2021.01.15 16:03 Ok-Communication2719 Sanguisugabogg - “Tortured Whole” (Holy Mountain variants)

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2021.01.15 16:03 Guimonez_ [HIRING] Hey my Thanes I'm opening 5 slots of SKYRIM character commission starting at 20 USD!

If you have interest more info here or send me a DM!
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2021.01.15 16:03 middleCman Just thought I'd share so you can at least appreciate something

I only marked this nsfw because it's not suitable at all to have the issue of hemorrhoids , which I hope none of you do cause I can't imagine how big a bitch this would be to have doing the job you guys do!
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2021.01.15 16:03 Meghasharma11 AI tools for HR Management | Talent Management Insights | HR Insights | TMI

The HR industry is taking a proactive approach to adopt technologies like Artificial Intelligence in its day-to-day function. Know the benefits of HR tools here.
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