Go! Lorain lothric help / ps4 / DS3 |

Lorain lothric help / ps4 / DS3

2021.01.15 18:19 Saintpablo17777 Lorain lothric help / ps4 / DS3

Need help with this boss fight please
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2021.01.15 18:19 awesomedan24 What a guy

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2021.01.15 18:19 Shelbz-p We’ve been together for 2 years and we are expecting our first baby in March but he isn’t present in the relationship

He used to be a great guy. He supported me and showed me appreciation and affection. We even moved out for a little bit after I graduated. He lost his job and I helped him get it back twice the third time I couldn’t help. So I worked long hours and over time to pay bills. I cooked and cleaned for him. I made sure he ate before I did. That was the type of person I was. We ended up moving back with my parents for what was supposed to be temporary. When we moved back he lost motivation. He stopped caring about making goals and he became distant to me for months. He cheated on me and I forgave him which was stupid on my part. He has a lying problem where he lies about everything. So for months I’d try to ask him what’s wrong, I’d he didn’t have feelings, if there was another person. I tried telling him that if he didn’t want to be with me, he wasn’t tied down and he could leave at any time. He would refuse to leave. He would constantly say how he loves me and he didn’t realize there was an issue. He didn’t show me affection and refused to be intimate with me. I thought he was bored of me so I tried buying things for the two of us. That made him excited for one night. That night I conceived. I didn’t find out until a month later. But after that night he went back to basically ignoring me. This made me depressed and I started therapy because of this. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression. He seemed excited to be a dad. He still seems somewhat excited. As in he never says he regrets it. I’m 30 weeks pregnant. And this past year I’ve done everything for him. I paid his bills, got him jobs, built his credit as much as I could, bought him little gifts to try to make him feel wanted. He’s never and mean never done the same back. Now I’m pregnant and it’s harder and harder to move and I try explaining this to him and he doesn’t care. He rarely helps. I have to work a manual labor job and when I get home I literally can barely walk, yet i have to clean up after him. He still makes me feel disgusting because he acts like he can’t even look at my body, he refuses to touch me, he can’t kiss me or even compliment me. So I have told him a bunch of times how I feel and he never cares, he’d rather argue. So I remind him he can leave if he doesn’t wanna be here with me. He still refuses to leave. I can be at work all day and scrub the house down because it smells and he will watch tv and sleep on the couch. The past couple days I’ve been so done. I’ve been trying to tell him how I feel and everything time for the past week he says “I’m not even trying to start anything with you, I don’t know why you have to start an argument “ and it hurts my feelings because all I’m doing is telling him that I’m sad and I don’t feel he really wants the relationship. And as I try to explain that I’m not arguing, I’m trying to communicate, he goes to sleep. And it upsets me so much. He doesn’t acknowledge me or want me until someone else flirts with me, then he kinda steps up, but the next day he’s doing the same thing again. Mentally I’m done. I don’t think I should have to care for him and a baby and my pets and the house if he can’t make the effort to work on our relationship. I don’t know what to do anymore. If I could afford it, I’d leave. It’s my parents home, he acts like he has a right to be there more than I. My parents won’t help me. I wish he’d leave because it’d be easier to be a single mom than be with him and feel this useless. I’ve told him this but he doesn’t care. Is there anything I can do to make him want to try harder in our relationship or make up his mind and just leave?
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2021.01.15 18:19 XKwxtsX I'm starting a have armour 2 handed character

As it said in the title I'm starting a 2 handed heavy armour character what is the best armour and weapon to use?
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2021.01.15 18:19 MrDragonBoi Call of Duty in a nutshell 😭

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2021.01.15 18:19 MobileBrowns Everybody suddenly grew a brain.

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2021.01.15 18:19 copperferring Building community without social media

Hey! If anyone is still here, I'm thinking about building gift communities without the use of social media (particularly facebook) does anyone here have thoughts on that?
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2021.01.15 18:19 stevegiovinco Have you worked with a grant writer?

I'm thinking about working with a grant writer. I've been an Alternate for Canada and I think a finalist for the Arctic, so I feel I'm close but want to optimize my chances.
Experiences, tips and suggestions are appreciated.
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2021.01.15 18:19 morganalecburton How many goals would Jake Allen have allowed against the Leafs?

Above or below 5?
I would venture less.
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2021.01.15 18:19 zssodlrt Almost a week of fruiting conditions, how is it coming along?

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2021.01.15 18:19 Professional_memer99 Penso che il mio libro sia rotto

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2021.01.15 18:19 ChrisTweten Canada has secured more vaccine doses per capita than anyone else, but it’s been slow to administer them

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2021.01.15 18:19 BruceIsLoose Ways to Improve Foundry Performance for Players w/ Old Computers

Hey guys!
So I tried using Foundry for the first time with one of my groups and sadly two of them have older computers and the game ended up being super laggy and froze their computer (and requiring a restart) a couple of times. For the others, it was just noticeably laggy but nothing too much beyond that.
I'm going to hate having to go back to Roll20 w/ this group (my other group has beefy computers/internet so it shouldn't be an issue) so we're implementing three things to hopefully help their performance next session:

Does anyone else have any suggestions?
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2021.01.15 18:19 anorak2012 Christine Connor has jail term increased to 25 years

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2021.01.15 18:19 JackMuskratYT Oo De Lally - Roger Miller/Robin Hood (Rock Cover by Jack Muskrat)

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2021.01.15 18:19 westwashin when the siege tower opens and you see javelins in front of you.

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2021.01.15 18:19 KJMJ My Christmas doodle Leo

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2021.01.15 18:19 faustosilva_e3 Oleee Nominaron a Kaguyitabb

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2021.01.15 18:19 renorosales Excuse me if this has been done before...

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2021.01.15 18:19 Dreizen13 Biden's first day at his new home.

Anyone else get nauseated at the thought of having to live in the same residence that Trump was living in for 4 years? I can only imagine that it will have the same aroma that you get when you accidentally leave a bag of uneaten McDonalds food in your car for a few days, on top of a layer of hair product scent, & a background nuance of shit filled adult diapers.
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2021.01.15 18:19 GuilloryFamily5 Hello Fresh Cherry Balsamic Chicken!🍒

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2021.01.15 18:19 HillBuilds Filament dry box from cheap dollar store food container.

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2021.01.15 18:19 NA-NNIII After being obsessed with u/hansthehanz emblem I decided to create mine ! Since I like flying, I present you flying kek

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2021.01.15 18:19 prathamesh3099 My eyes ! ! !

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2021.01.15 18:19 _TheGonk_ I need a rave. It has been almost a year 😌

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