Go! can you match the 33 orb boss' health with your own? |

can you match the 33 orb boss' health with your own?

2021.01.15 19:12 gamefreac can you match the 33 orb boss' health with your own?

this should be doable right?
the goal would be to just keep getting the "more health" perk to keep boosting your health multiplicatively. i figure with enough parallel worlds, you could eventually hit this goal. take advantage of the re-roll machine breaking bug and you may even be able to cut down on how many PWs you need to visit.
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2021.01.15 19:12 RaptorJudy ITAP of this light Reflection/Spectrum.

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2021.01.15 19:12 siriousszly You've probs seen tons of people do this but idc. I can finally die in peace now

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2021.01.15 19:12 meerjat Wear your safety specs

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2021.01.15 19:12 cidadehoje Liga Revelação: FC Famalicão soma segundo empate no apuramento de campeão

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2021.01.15 19:12 Calm-Chicken Friends for exp and gifts

Need friends for exp
3921 3709 9844
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2021.01.15 19:12 hvb_1994 How do I (26F) talk to my bf (34M) about his drinking?

My boyfriend drinks too much. I’ve known that for years. His work has a massive drinking culture, which has made things much worse since he started working there. This is a new pattern that happens 1-2 times per week (were mostly working from home at the moment so it happens almost every time he goes into the office).
We will have plans for dinner, being home together after work etc. He will tell me he is going for a few drinks after work. I’ll ask if he’ll be home for dinner and he’ll say he doesn’t know and that I should have dinner on my own just Incase he is late. He says “it won’t be a big one tonight because...” and makes up some reason (reality is that he’s still hungover from doing the same thing two days ago most of the time). Then after that message he will go completely silent/unresponsive. Won’t answer a single text (even a “hello how’s your night?”) and usually gets home at around 4am. He has no excuse as to not answering my calls, just says he was out and that he didn’t care.
He is so hungover the next day that he cancels all plans and sleeps all day. This is usually over the weekend so our weekend gets ruined.
I am fine with him going out. I just wish he 1- didn’t always put drinking before our plans 2- didn’t ruin my weekends hungover 3- actually spoke to me in the 12 hours that he is out drinking so I knew he was okay and 4- just once in his entire life, came home at 8pm or 10pm like he said he would.
How do I even talk to him about this? What should I say? He has no remorse from doing it in the past and our conversations go nowhere (usually cos he’s too hungover to have a real conversation). It’s 5am here and I’ve hardly slept while he’s still out. I know his phone has battery.
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2021.01.15 19:12 sinner_man123 the false prophet

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2021.01.15 19:12 ComprehensiveWealth3 Nidhi Razdan when she called Harvard asking about her job

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2021.01.15 19:12 gravitiz3 2017 Taurus Ambient lighting kits?

Bought a 2017 SEL and wish it came with the ambient lighting like the Limited ones have. I noticed that ford left the holes for the ambient bulbs in the car. So it’s possible, just wondering if anyone here has done it? And which kit to buy?
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2021.01.15 19:12 A_TalkingWalnut Problem with stereo pair & Plex

I use a stereo pair of HomePods with my ATV and lately when I’m watching Plex the audio will drop from one channel for a second or two. I’ve tried restarting the ATV and disconnecting and reconnecting the HomePods with no luck. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on how to fix it?
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2021.01.15 19:12 abesrevenge Spotted in the wild

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2021.01.15 19:12 Scarfield Perspex came today, box is almost complete 🥩

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2021.01.15 19:12 GodWithNoName We're open again !!

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2021.01.15 19:12 ixinsanityix Dont know if anyone made a topic about this yet but.

Why the fuck does Tim Sweaty and Epig Greeds have to force people pay 11 dollars a month for a subscription that is so utterly garbage and so broken, that you can literally spam cancel and refund it to where you can get a fuck ton of the items in it for free.
I am just saying this, that fortnite crew subscription is just one big money haul and them trying like fuck to get more people to buy it.
Anyway, fortnite crew subscription is a big joke and its a waste of money between the new and current seasons.
Thats if you play fartnite here.
I hate Epig but i still have a thing for fortfuck.
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2021.01.15 19:12 LongSchlongDonkeyKon Putting Nutella on pancakes is an abomination

Like c'mon, it's already sweet enough with jam or sugar, just putting Nutella or chocolate in general on it just makes it awful and 10x more sweet and should be considered an abomination
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2021.01.15 19:12 Historical_Maximum26 True Beauty episode 10

In true beauty, I’m looking for the title of the song in episode 10 its starts at 47:37 when soo ho was having a flash back. Thanks!
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2021.01.15 19:12 Nolonoway When your masters on open queue but borderline silver on dps

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2021.01.15 19:12 newrapsongs Just a Homie | by @Carey

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2021.01.15 19:12 hungronto People who have been hacked/doxxed by a stranger or someone they know, what happened?

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2021.01.15 19:12 wonglol [USA-TX-DFW] [H] BNIB Macbook Air 2020 Early A2179| Space Gray | i5 | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD [W] PayPal/Local

Hi everyone,
I'm selling a brand new Macbook Air 2020 Early A2179| Space Gray | i5 | 8GB
$1000 Shipped. With USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Express(need to check the fee)
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2021.01.15 19:12 Hotbot73 Before video recording how were dance moves/routines conveyed or documented?

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2021.01.15 19:12 SmolPlane Anyone else not get any interviews yet?

I live in NY... Princeton, Stanford please everyone ik has them 🥺
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2021.01.15 19:12 Hikaro345 I have a question from chap 130.

In a flashback scene where Eren is talking to Historia. She says: "Well Eren, what do you think about me having a child"
Why does she ask him that? Is this hinting at some possible romantic feelings that historia may or may not have for Eren? Or is she simply asking his thoughts on the matter?
Im confused cuz Zeke says: "so,whats your answer?" To which Eren replies: "what are u talking about? I have 4 years left to live at most"
So yeah. Whats up with that
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