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Do it you son of a bitch

2021.01.19 15:33 ardaaa1533 Do it you son of a bitch

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2021.01.19 15:33 Th3LichKing Information about Citron Research to consider...

I was invested in Plug Power from 15 Dollars on which was approximately 6 Months ago.... They did the same fucking thing there. They tweetet some bullshit how the company is going to go down for sure and how it is just a nonprofitable business with a CEO that cashes out and all of that crap. People there really sold theyre fucking 5bagger because that shithole Andy Left or whatever this idiot is called tweetet some bullshit to enter at a cheaper price.... He does use his twitter to manipulate the market for good entry prices. Look at where Plug power is now. Just consider this when u look at the GME drop right now.
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2021.01.19 15:33 InspirobotBot Tue Jan 19 16:32:09 2021

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2021.01.19 15:33 Tranl1050 An NTSC NES setup in a PAL country (Australia)

I've been interested in the Classic Tetris scene for the last few months and I'm considering buying a CRT and Console set to play Classic Tetris on. I live in Australia but I would like to play the NTSC version as well as the PAL version if I have the time. Unfortunately, I am not well versed in what is required to play both the NTSC and PAL versions on the same console, how to supply power to the console and CRT unit and the wire connections between all the units. The CRT TV I am considering buying is stated as PAL and NTSC compatible.
Any and all advice or tips are appreciated.
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2021.01.19 15:33 wreck_of_u Will we get ticketed having more watts than allowed?

For example, in the province of Quebec, Canada, the gov't says 500W limit.
What if I install a BBS02 750W mid drive on my bike? Is it technically illegal, or can I just say "I limit it to 500W on the computer, officer"?
What If I cross the US border to the state of New York? I heard it's backwards there right now when it comes to ebike regulations compared to other states.
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2021.01.19 15:33 zebrasnamerica Alguien conoce diseñador de logos?

Hola a todos - busco un diseñador en Santiago de logotipos para una empresa pyme, tiene que ver con café. Tenemos la idea principal pero igual sería bueno un poco de creatividad para mejorarla. DM si conocen a alguien o tienen portafolio!
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2021.01.19 15:32 TobiHovey Binance Staff Unlock ‘Forgotten’ $750 Million in BNB

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2021.01.19 15:32 moneyshouters Temperatures are on the climb starting Monday

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2021.01.19 15:32 Onediamondfilms The Purpose of Choosing your Friends | Tea With HC Episode #8

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2021.01.19 15:32 crobix5353 Werewolves

I wanna make a character that is werewolf and i don't know is werewolf a class or just a trait. Do i have to multiclass or can i pick a class while being werewolf?
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2021.01.19 15:32 Usagi_Sama_uwu123 [FOR HIRE] V-roid/V-tuber models! 30-100+ USD (Customs start from 35 USD)

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2021.01.19 15:32 pink_flowerz Unexplainable Sadness

I don’t know if it’s just me or is there anyone in here feels the same as i feel. Sometimes it just happens. It gets triggered when i hear my parents tell me that some of my relatives or cousins are getting married or successful in their life. My mind just snaps and im like “where am i right now? Why am i not as successful as like them?” This could be a quarter-life crisis but it has lately been bringing me down. Im trying to hide it but you know, sometimes i just break down on my own.
Here i am in a crappy job but thankful im getting paid (even though getting paid in an entry level pay scale). Just hd to accept it because im a newbie in a city and they say i need to atleast establish a reputation and a good work experience within the city before hoping into a new company/job.
Theres lot’s to say. Just have to end it here for now.
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2021.01.19 15:32 Addonia531 [LF] (real) wild painting right side. [FT] name your price.

I am desperately looking for the wild painting right side to complete my museum Any help is appreciated. Please list what you would like in exchange and hopefully we can make a deal.
I do have other real art available if a swap interests you:
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2021.01.19 15:32 ScottRadish Just Minecraft Server [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {1.16.5} {Hermitcraft Datapacks} {16+}

Just Minecraft Server is a Java Fabric 1.16.5 Minecraft survival server looking to add to our community. We are on our second year with a solid group of long term players. The server is in Montreal and sports 16GB of RAM and Hermitcraft datapacks.
Additionally we have a community creative server available. You can collaborate with other players in creative, or test you redstone contraptions on a server environment.
We ask that you be at least 16, but this is not a deal breaker.
We are an active community with vibrantly personalities from across the world. Many players choose to play with friends and family.
For an idea of what we've made, I've linked a few screenshots from our server, such as someone's base or our nether hub or giant farms. We have more pictures on our discord as well. We have a central town to build shops, and an area set aside just for building mini-games. Our server runs on diamonds and trust for currency, helping reinforce our community as we build.
We have done many server events including a custom dimension and boss for Halloween, and a 3 month long build competition we called WAR. We are gearing up for more events and would love to have some more players join our community.

Our specific datapacks include:
Just Minecraft Advancement- We have a custom advancement pack with over 100 additional advancements to get.
Baby Mobs - a custom datapack that allows you to use a poisonous potato on a baby mob to prevent it growing up.
AFK Name Changer - Displays a persons’ name slightly lighter in the tab menu when they are AFK.
Anti-Enderman Grief - Prevents endermen from picking up your stuff. Good riddance.
Custom Armor Stands - Allows you to pose armor stands with the use of a special book. (The free book vendor can be found at spawn.)
Dragon Drops Elytra - Self-explanatory.
Double Shulker Shells - Shulkers will always drop two shells- guaranteed.
More Mob Heads - Allows you to receive the respective mob head from any mob as a rare drop when killed.
Multiplayer Sleep - Allows the progression to day with only one person sleeping
Kill Cod - Cod can lag the server due to an AI bug, so “/trigger kc_KillCod” kills all naturally spawned cod.
Silence Mobs - Got a bunch of mobs making noise in your base? Rename a name tag to “silence me” without the quotes and the mob will no longer make noise.
Terracotta Wrench - Do you want to be able to place terracotta without 5 hours of painstaking placement to get a nifty pattern? Then this is for you!
We run a few mods for server performance.
Carpet Mod, Lithium and Phosphorus all help with lag and provide a few extra tools on the main server.
Our creative server also has WorldEdit available and all players have access to the commands from Carpet Mod.
Our core rules are pretty straight forward:
No griefing. Griefing is the intentional destruction or deletion of others property.
No stealing.
No duplicating items, utilizing cheats, hacked clients, x-raying, or anything else that can give you an advantage that other players do not have. TNT entity duplication is allowed for the purposes of limited perimeter clearing, and in blast chambers for farms. World eaters are not allowed.
No non-consensual PvP. Killing of other players without consent is highly frowned upon and can net you punishment. PvP that has been agreed to beforehand is allowed.
Language Policy - No offensive, homophobic, sexist, racist, etc. statements. Do not harass other users. This is a family friendly server; several player have their children or young siblings play with them so please watch your language. Do not spam the chat.
Pranks may be conducted. However, your pranks must be easily reversible. Examples include building funny (but appropriate) things on top of someone's base or trapping them inside an obsidian or infinity box.
Joining the server Discord is required so you can see announcements. Please ensure your IGN is in your discord name.
If you’re interested, great! We have a short application we would like you to fill out. Its nothing too expansive, but it is the only way for us to get to know you, so please fill it out. In the meantime join our discord and chat us up. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or show you around the latest screenshots and announcements.
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2021.01.19 15:32 InspirobotBot Tue Jan 19 16:32:06 2021

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2021.01.19 15:32 PurrfessorMcGonnaGal Ditto this!

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2021.01.19 15:32 quick_mcrunfast Just a bunch of SDI, DMX, and power.

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2021.01.19 15:32 Cjay72915 Hi (:

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2021.01.19 15:32 leo_quegira L̷͙̘̥̩̦̦̣̑̂̈́̽̆̈́̽ǫ̵̫͚̯͐͆ǘ̸̞͈̲̘͇̝͔̮̫̰́̀̒͊͗̚

L̷͙̘̥̩̦̦̣̑̂̈́̽̆̈́̽ǫ̵̫͚̯͐͆ǘ̸̞͈̲̘͇̝͔̮̫̰́̀̒͊͗̚ submitted by leo_quegira to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

2021.01.19 15:32 ChungusUmungus First Grow, Second Flush. Pink Oyster Tub Wall Tek!

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2021.01.19 15:32 Merganmay ?

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2021.01.19 15:32 ireez Price check Manchester United 1985 FA Cup Track Jacket. Perfect condition.

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2021.01.19 15:32 LukerRobin If the client takes focus it should at least accept [enter] as accept, when a match is found

it sucks so hard that you have to manually click on enter when the client takes focus.
so my little rant is about that it either shouldnt take keyboardfocus or it should accept entespace as an accept of the found match.
the way it is right now feels cancer as hell.
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2021.01.19 15:32 stonebandito Yes!

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2021.01.19 15:32 eloi697 Not always easy...

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