Go! Toofless Alien on day 43, taking up more than her fair share of the tent ๐Ÿ• |

Toofless Alien on day 43, taking up more than her fair share of the tent ๐Ÿ•

2021.01.15 18:56 Dannythehammer Toofless Alien on day 43, taking up more than her fair share of the tent ๐Ÿ•

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2021.01.15 18:56 ClavasClub What would happen if you were to constantly sterilize your skin and mouth from bacteria for a year? Would anything bad happen?

I mean, we get plaque cause we have bacteria in our mouth right? We get MRSA because of staphylo chillin and breeding on our skin.
Provided you would be bathed constantly in some kind of fluid (besides alcohol that would dehydrate your skin) and also use it as mouthwash to constantly kill bacteria and viruses - what would happen to your skin and/or mouth after a year?
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2021.01.15 18:56 MarineBri68 Finally got to the range

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2021.01.15 18:56 RobbieCon24 Startup Processes

Hello, I'm wondering how I can stop Discord from opening on startup, I went into task manager but there was no Discord app under the startup tab, the only thing I suspect it might be is something named Update and its made by GitHub I don't wanna disable it without knowing exactly what it is so that I don't kill my computer. Does anybody know what it is?
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2021.01.15 18:56 rustoo Drinking several cups of coffee every day may be linked to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, suggests a pooled data analysis of the available evidence. Each additional daily cup of the brew was associated with a reduction in relative risk of nearly 1%, the findings indicate.

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2021.01.15 18:56 thelyontamer0 Seaside money

How in the world do I get my seaside money to build faster? It takes forever!!!
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2021.01.15 18:56 Dropdabeatzzz 1 E5 delacium vs 2 10*

I was wondering if it would be better to use my delacium copies to make my current 10* an E5 or is it better for PVE to have 2 10* instead
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2021.01.15 18:56 lery3 [eShop / US] Darksiders Genesis - $15.99, 60% off, till Jan 22 (new lowest eShop price)

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2021.01.15 18:56 Koruleo 22 M here looking to make new friends!

Hi everyone! I am a 22 M looking to make brand new friends. I like memes, rock music and pizza. All I ask is that you are nice, lgbt friendly and not an ass. Wouldn't mind chatting with anyone, but anyone around my age is preferable. I have Discord and Instagram, but IG is more like my personal account and would only give that out to people who I made real good connections with. Or we can just chat here on Reddit if you want. Anyways, feel free to send me a message if interested
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2021.01.15 18:56 Cash_for_carries Anyone needs a carry message me!

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2021.01.15 18:56 DeadDuckWalking Unable to access my funds since beginning 2020

Ledger doesnt car about users and their problems. The biggest risk of losing crypto has been using Ledger for the last 4 years. I am so fed up with support that I never want to use and ledger product ever again. If I only could get my funds. Now there is a windows 10 USB problem , I can install / de-install apps but as soon as I use the wallet . There is the infamous 'Oops. couldnt connect to device'
This is on Ledger blue (worst device ever) :
-firmware and wallet up-to-date
- using up-to-date ledger live / mycrypto etc.. same error
- apps can be deleted / re-installed.
- on windows10 but USB issue was supposedly resolved.
- tried other cables,/ports/computers and all same error

Ledger is totally screwing with us and should be held accountable for all the damages lately. I am thinking of a law suit
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2021.01.15 18:56 onlyfans_seraphine Lost access to my Bitpay wallet without backup, but have iPhone backup - Is it recoverable? Reward offered

I know how stupid this was for me to do and I'm really kicking myself, but a few years ago I opened a Bitpay account and didn't save the 12 word backup phrase. It was always just on my phone and accessible without it.
At some point last year, Bitpay released an app update which basically forced me to create a new wallet, which was still fine, since I didn't have any funds on the old one which got lost in the update.
Fastforward to last night, I went to withdraw my funds from Binance, and thought I selected my CoinBase bitcoin address, but accidentally selected the old Bitpay one. The funds were sent to that wallet which I no longer have access to.
The only thing that I do have, is an iPhone backup with app data from September 2018. Technically the app data should include my wallet, but as soon as I restore my iPhone to that backup, it forces me to update Bitpay, which again wipes out all the data that was on there and forces me to create a new wallet?
Is there any way for me to open the Bitpay app in the OLD VERSION that still had my wallet on there that was accessible? My phone won't seem to let me do that as it forces me to update it.
*I'm feeling pretty hopeless so if anyone is able to help me get my funds back I will send you a percentage of the recovered funds as a reward (a pretty sizeable amount)*
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2021.01.15 18:56 ParagonRidgeRanch Why are 3 LEGS COMING OUT: Difficult Breech Birth Miniature Goat Birth T...

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2021.01.15 18:56 M3Sh_ People who have done piping engineering can you please share your thoughts regarding this field as career...

I have completed my automobile engineering degree last year and looking forward to pursue career in piping engineering...
Can you please share what really happens in industrial pov...
What points should I focus on taking engg curriculum in mind...
If I have to I'll go mostly in design sub field in piping... What kind of softwares are used (although ik some but still)...
Is 4-6 months of piping course enough to learn/enter in industries or some extra internships are also needed after course...
Any kind of extra advices are welcome...
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2021.01.15 18:56 GreenNapster Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner, 24 Fluid Ounces $4.11 [Deal Price: $4.11]

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2021.01.15 18:56 chuckles84 You dare question me

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2021.01.15 18:56 ApprehensiveTremble Magazines

Hello everyone, happy Friday!
Iโ€™ve recently had a change of position from coding, to one with a supervising role over IT support and the general technology team. Iโ€™d like to begin reading to broaden my tech horizons.
What publications or podcasts do you all like to read / listen to and for what reasons?
Also interested in your thoughts on professional body memberships for IT professionals in 2021.
Iโ€™m in the U.K. if that influences your answers.
Many thanks!
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2021.01.15 18:56 MajorSteed Barkham Horror [UPDATE: 15/January/2021]

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2021.01.15 18:56 blipblorpbot Big boy jars of Rosin

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2021.01.15 18:56 PhilipJ30 Anyone have any information on this tool?

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2021.01.15 18:56 Is_this_social_media My youngest son, now 23, remember the good โ€˜ol days.

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2021.01.15 18:56 Xclusively-Tochilyn DApps are moving to Matic Network to enjoy the following - Near instant transactions - Almost zero fees - Developer's tools

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2021.01.15 18:56 nolandus The Human Cost Of Expanding I-45

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2021.01.15 18:56 re-bobber How about some real QOL upgrades Bethesda

There's no other game like FO76 but we need more things to do. Here are some ideas, feel free to comment or post your own!
I just wish they would concentrate on creating fun gameplay loops for players.
-a way to create towns with friends
-unlimited (mostly) budget on private servers.
-a way to build camp A, B, and C so I don't have to destroy my camp when I find new locations or want to experiment.
-more nukable bosses
-unlimited scrip each day. If I want to grind for gear why do you make me either quit or drop stuff? This could create a major cap sink for players and a reason to stay logged in.
-faction related teams and bonus points for completing faction related events. Why can't I create a Responders public team with bonuses? Gives like minded players a chance to connect.
-more ever upwards quests. Seriously it's been two years. Keep adding more ranks for us!
-faction quests and challenges that reward commendations or tokens that I can use to purchase items from a vending machine (like the ever upwards machines).
-let us recruit random settlers or raiders to live at our camp.
-sell me a Responder vendor bot so I can put all my items in one place rather than 4 giant machines.
We really need stuff added that lets us create our own fun and gameplay loops. A few hours of content and a season pass are not enough.
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2021.01.15 18:56 Icefloezero The greatest all gold win? Likely impossible, but I want to see someone post an all Gold for the Fall Ball Cup.

You have to be the luckiest bean alive to get this โ€œall gold.โ€ Doubt we will ever see this considering Iโ€™ve had so many games barely go over three total goals.
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