Go! 20 [M4F] [The Netherlands] Just hoping to find someone who’d like to take my virginity (picture inside) |

20 [M4F] [The Netherlands] Just hoping to find someone who’d like to take my virginity (picture inside)

2021.01.15 16:13 Throwaway2000-NL 20 [M4F] [The Netherlands] Just hoping to find someone who’d like to take my virginity (picture inside)

20 [M4F] [The Netherlands] Seeking a kind person to lose my virginity with (with picture)
Hi everyone! I’m posting here because I just want to find someone I can be comfortable with and lose my (or our) virginity!
About me I’m 20 years old and I’m 183cm tall. I weigh around 68 kg, but the pandemic makes my weight vary every day or so hahah. I’d say my body type is average to skinny fat and it’s something I’m still a bit unhappy about. My body has significantly improved over the years so I’m not completely unhappy with it. I don’t mind sending body pics later on if it’s very important for you. I just want to be comfortable in my own body with you and I want you to feel the same way with me. Here is a SFW pic though, and yes don’t worry, I can laugh on pictures as well! :’)
I feel like I’m quite easy to talk to in chat and in person. I like to joke a lot and make a lot of amazing jokes (depends on who you ask).
I’m quite an regular teenager in terms of hobbies etc. I like hanging out with my friends, play some sports (football), playing video games (pc and ps5) and watching movies/YouTube. Most of my time right now goes to college though!
What I’m seeking I’m open to anyone, because I just want to find someone I can have fun with. So no matter what your body looks like, how old you are or how much experience you have, we can figure something out to make sure it’s fun for both of us! If you’re a virgin as well I will do everything in my power to make sure you have a fun, pain free experience and the best possible one.
But if you are experienced I would love to just try stuff out. I want to learn from you so I know how to give you and other women a pleasurable experience as well. Ofcourse everyone is different, but I still think it would be good to learn. I am open to a lot of things so we can see what things you like and don’t like.
So yeah, I don’t have a specific image of the type of person I want to meet. Just send me a message and we can figure out if we click or not together. Everyone is different but we can take all the time we need to get comfortable with each other.
Hopefully it was a nice read and I’ll hear from you :)
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2021.01.15 16:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Arts] - Regina King: Speaking Truth to Power Through Her Art | NY Times

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2021.01.15 16:13 totaldramafan200 Total Drama Island Character Ranking 18/22 Justin,the silent meme

Like I said last time the next two entries still don't really offer much more than Ezekiel despite not being first boots and the first one out of these is obviously Justin.
Regarding interactions...hmmmm what interactions?He doesn't talk for most of his time in the island so unsurprisingly we didn't get anything from him.Unfortunately that's a big problem and the major reason why he's ranked so low.He's even one of the only two character who doesn't speak in Haute-Campture,you know,that episode that is dedicated to give more screentime to losers,but apparently he's so irrevelant that he doesn't even do anything there.I know that there is a rumour that apparently his voice actor left and so they couldn't give him lines,but this still wouldn't excuse the character itself.
However there are a few things that I can still say in his favour,otherwise he would have placed even lower.I actually really enjoyed his joke of being too hot and he made me genuinely laugh a lot of times when it happened especially when Owen was also involved making also a gay joke out of it.This was surprisingly kept for the rest of the series even when he wasn't there,like when Owen said that even his wooden sculpture was freaking hot or when the Camera zoomed in when Justin appeared in the wheel in the semifinals,so despite the fact that he left early barely getting any lines the writers crearly really liked this joke and so did I honestly.Unfortunately as funny as that could be at times the problem overall remains that this is his whole character until the special where he actually becomes a much more interesting one as he actually talks and his looks aren't used simply for the same old Joke which would get old after a while but also strategically by Justin himself to get the suitcase with the milion dollars.I really liked him in this episode and I could even say that he was the best character of the special as I loved him randomly dominating everyone with his ''superpowers'' and this ''meaner'' side of him was also hinted in the A-wake-athon where he's shown that he doesn't have any problems about cheating as long as he's not caught and so it was also fitting for his character,however 1 really good episode in 27 is obviously not good enough for me and for most of the audience.
Obviously to improve him you can make him talk first of all,showcase his super powers a bit more that give him a solid control over the screaming gophers and then make him get eliminated in the same canon episode because he's perceived by Heather as a big threat.It's an easy way to fix him while still keeping the same canonical premise.It still wouldn't make him a great character,but at least it would be ...you know.... a character.
Overall his run in Island is meh at best as he didn't really contribute to anything and his overall presence was marked by a simple joke,which while good,isn't enough to make him an interesting character,making overall his Island run pretty dull.And unfortunately in terms of dullness the next character won't even be much better than him,like I previously stated,but hopefully when I'm finally done with this bunch of meh characters I'll get to talk about something more interesting and Juicy which these guys at the bottom of my ranking really lack.Have a wonderful day!
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2021.01.15 16:13 fhariri Judy Fanart by me :)

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2021.01.15 16:13 Darkaardvark Half-Baked Puzzle #12: Basketball Is My Favorite Sport

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2021.01.15 16:13 Solo_Nol0 Hiko bizarre aim flick thing in comp que....

Hiko had this really weird aim stutter on one of his streams, I don't think its hacks but it looks like he could be tracking the reyna through the wall... what does the reddit community think of this.

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2021.01.15 16:13 Hector_Rott Little Hector raises his voice 😀

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2021.01.15 16:13 bluequaker2 Daily Drawing

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2021.01.15 16:13 dwindham Merle Haggard 85

I've always been the most impressed with Merle Haggard in 85. Especially his traveling band. His live show at Austin City Limits is really him peaked. It was also his more experimental phase where he was pulling from a lot of New Orleans Jazz and contemporary country-rock.

Does anyone know of notable albums from that era or bootlegs? I already have "back to the bar rooms" and "down every road."


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2021.01.15 16:13 nimobo Kumbh Mela: Millions gather in India for world's largest religious event

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2021.01.15 16:13 cherrycyannide Mat Leave logistics

So my work union tops up my Mat Leave to 75% but only for the actual 15 weeks Mat Leave, then when I go on Parental it goes back down. I make more than my husband and am the main household paycheck so that sucks.
And I thought I could use my paid vacation at the start to sorta prolong getting paid, but HR says I can't use it til the end or get the payout at the end of my leave.
Canada is blessed to get paid leave, but at 55% when your expenses go up it kinda sucks.
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2021.01.15 16:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - How China's Economy Bounced Back | NY Times

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2021.01.15 16:13 TayTayFan13 Taylor Swift

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2021.01.15 16:13 TheOofMaster400 I wish i could eat lines and...... Expel them out of my forehead?

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2021.01.15 16:13 LeoMajors LGBTQ Hoosiers, call your reps! http://iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators/

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2021.01.15 16:13 JimothyElric Cat.

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2021.01.15 16:13 heromasked Manashi | Free Service | Part-1 | HotSite | Short | Full-Video in Comments

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2021.01.15 16:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Arts] - Trump Tried to End Federal Arts Funding. Instead, It Grew. | NY Times

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2021.01.15 16:13 donutemeraldkakyoin I want to hug Isabelle

Okay. So, I’ve been seeing this copypasta floating around about wanting to “bang the Animal Crossing dog”, and frankly- I think this is disgusting. First of all, her name isn’t “the Animal Crossing dog”, it’s Isabelle. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful person, and you would all do well to refer to her as such. If you don’t even know her name, than you have no right wanted to have sex with her!
Secondly, wanting to bang her is just gross. Saying that you want to bang Isabelle is objectifying her, and it is not okay. If you’ve ever wanted to bang Isabelle, you should be disgusted with yourself.
Unlike you cretins, I however- respect her. Sure, it’s possible I may consider her to be rather bangable, but I wouldn’t dare do such a thing. Isabelle is a fucking queen, and deserves to be treated as such.
I DO NOT want to bang “The Animal Crossing dog”. I want to hug her. I want to be in a healthy and loving relationship with Isabelle. I want to wake up every morning in bed, with her lying peacefully next to me as the morning sun shines in through the window. I want to make her breakfast every morning, and tend to her every need. I want her to feel like she is truly loved, (because she is). I want her to be by my side for my whole life, because I know that she is the perfect woman for me, and I am perfect for her.
I want to be to be with her every day, just so I can tell her how much I fucking love her. I want her to know how much I adore everything amazing personality, her incredible fashion sense, her extremely impressive caretaking abilities, and her absolutely beautiful head to body ratio, and her beautiful, beautiful eyes.
However, if I were to ever have sex with Isabelle, I wouldn’t simply be “banging” her. If Isabelle were to ever consent to me having sexual intercourse with her, it would be tender and loving and passionate. As we make love, I’d slowly and gently caress her soft, golden fur as I slowly but deliberately thrusted into her tight dog pussy. I would make her pleasure my utmost priority, with my own being secondary. But if she was willing, than oh god. What I wouldn’t give to feel her adorable little paws running up and down the length of my shaft. I just wanna pet every inch of her body, and give her scritches on her tummy so she does that thing that dogs do where their legs spaz out. That’d just be so fucking hot. I’d probably end up cumming all over her, so it gets in her fur. But goddamn. I love that fur so much, that I’d personally lick off every last drop of cum, just to I have another opportunity to get as close to her gorgeous fur as possible.
But if you just want to bang her, than you are a disgusting degenerate, and I hope you burn in the deepest pits of tartarus.
But Digby on the other hand. Now he’s somebody that I’d wanna bang.
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2021.01.15 16:13 ExaminationFancy557 22 [F4M] 😈 I am a very naughty lady without limits, who seeks to have fun and I can fulfill your fantasies if you choose me. [sexting, photos, vids, gfe, and much more. I'm real, I verified📢✔ I'll wait for you on kik: emilysguille come and make me your little whore😈🔥 "offer prices

22 [F4M] 😈 I am a very naughty lady without limits, who seeks to have fun and I can fulfill your fantasies if you choose me. [sexting, photos, vids, gfe, and much more. I'm real, I verified📢✔ I'll wait for you on kik: emilysguille come and make me your little whore😈🔥 submitted by ExaminationFancy557 to SugarDaddyMeet_Site [link] [comments]

2021.01.15 16:13 FlyLikeAFox Hey Dad, I’m starting a job for a cause I love.

After 8 years of school, switching majors, working multiple unpaid internships, and grinding overtime for years, I finally found a job that aligns with my passions and experience for a cause I really care about.
I wish I could tell you how excited I am.
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2021.01.15 16:13 deanwinechester Picking/selling fruits

I‘m on a mission to get all Nook Miles achievements and kinda lack in picking and selling fruits. Anybody here, that needs all their fruits picked? Or doesn‘t care if they are being picked?
I also don‘t need the money getting from the fruits, I can give you all back afterwards :)
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2021.01.15 16:13 Mountain-Lecture9695 Financial aid documents( URGENT HELP PLS)

I have submitted my application but do not see any tab to submit documents for financial aid and also no place to upload the equivalence certificate.could anyone pls help?
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2021.01.15 16:13 ReinerBraum [GMTO Interest Check] Second Attempt* Alden Tanker In Earth Reverse Chamois on 379x Last

just like the title says, this will be that “nobody stood in front of me boots” here’s the make up:

they will look like this except it’s Tanker and built on 379x. Just imagine this got fusioned with that.
PM me if you are interested.
edit; here’s another good pics to visualize them.
edit edit; another pics of 379x Tanker.
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2021.01.15 16:13 Switchibot Persona 5 Strikers - All-Out-Action Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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