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2021.01.15 17:52 Gazelle_fr Merci doc

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2021.01.15 17:52 Epeensenior-rm Jayfeather misses only one person

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2021.01.15 17:52 HATEECK Producer gone singer

Hi. I tried to sing as a music producer. I find it hard to find dedicated singesongwriters to collab online so recorded my own voice. What you think? If you are singerapper, or know someone and want to work together on a track - hit me up!
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2021.01.15 17:52 RinneNomad My thoughts regarding my a certain plot line in SC

So I finished the Second Chapter of Trails in the Sky and I won’t waste your time posting what has probably been said countless times already. Overall I feel it’s a vast improvement over the first title. A solid A. Now to get into the real meat I want to address I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers again so I’ll just say my piece.
Renne is a perfectly fine character from what I have seen so far, but I honestly find Estelle and crew’s devotion to save her to be incredibly jarring. Seriously, I know Estelle is incredibly naive(and still is) but I don’t understand what she sees in her. Renne is a manipulative psychotic two-faced murderer. Yes, I’m aware of of her past and why she is this way, that is not the problem. My problem is Estelle’s care and desire to save her. Not enough time was even spent with Renne for me to get invested. Half the time when you are with her she will send you on a wild goose chase to find her and the only scene where I can think of a genuine bonding moment was the hotel scene. Other than that, Renne manipulates Estelle’s feelings to lure her in a trap and betrays her and constantly relishes in satisfaction of slaughtering her victims. After Estelle’s refusal to join Ouroboros and idealism Renne is then disgusted and tries to viciously murder her several times. Soooo why should I be invested into saving a brat who is just a piece of shit? Again I want to stress that Renne as a character isn’t terrible I just don’t buy into this nonsense of Estelle wanting to save her. Renne should have just been with you from the beginning of SC to the point she betrays you in. This would allow more scenes like the hotel scene to better establish Estelle and Renne’s friendship and the betrayal would hit much harder to the player. If you disagree that is fine but I personally wasn’t fond of this aspect of the game.
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2021.01.15 17:52 KoubeBot Martin Lewis: How to save thousands cutting energy, TV, broadband, phone and council tax bills

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2021.01.15 17:52 Neither-Zebra564 Xbox card?

Hey guys, im new here but like i really need money to buy games and addons:/ please help me out:)
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2021.01.15 17:52 Awkward-76 It really is an eternal struggle

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2021.01.15 17:52 MichaelKinRed [PS4] H: Weapons W: Harpoon/ Weapon Offer

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2021.01.15 17:52 kirbypopdog Reading list for beginner

So i have always been interested in philosophy and want to start reading into it, but there is lot’s of material out there... can anyone suggest a beginning point? Also political philosophy is what is really interesting to me.
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2021.01.15 17:52 Initforit75 I found this lovely canvas of Freddie’s outfits 💫

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2021.01.15 17:52 warframefan420 Based

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2021.01.15 17:52 xeno_vortex I'm thinking of shaping my brows for the first time, what shape should I do to make myself less... droopy?

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2021.01.15 17:52 blurbIII new smash bros boss confirmed

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2021.01.15 17:52 FlakersWasTaken How to counter Yoru

Hello everyone, I have had the priveledge to be able to play the new agent Yoru allot in the last couple days and I would like to share some information that will hopefully make your life easier next time you are against an enemy Yoru :)
First of the basics a small rundown of his abilities:

Hopefully this little wall of text helps atleast someone, if you have any questions i'll be in the comments.
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2021.01.15 17:52 cooher2 Find pump and dump schemes

Most of you know that there exist PnD groups that basically dumps on their own users, because admins of these groups pre-buys coins.
We have a community where we try to find those coins and buy them before the actual pump starts. We have a bot that is free and detects big movements in altcoins and also announces about new listings.
This community is free and available for everyone. If you would like to join here's the link
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2021.01.15 17:52 ImmortalDeathNote Cradle Webtoon?

Is there any way we’ll be getting a cradle webtoon in the near(or distant) future?
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2021.01.15 17:52 ElectronDegeneracy Bipartisanship in a nutshell.

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2021.01.15 17:52 Oni_monster Mega blastoise

0698 5294 4553 Only for next 3 mins Please be quick and online :3
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2021.01.15 17:52 strabane Anyone know what an 'SSVR Form' is in relation to applying for a job with the civil service?

As the title indicates, i'm wondering if anyone is aware of what a "SSVR Form" is? A friend of mine is part way through the recruitment process, and the Government Recruitment Service states they need to provide one. But no one seems to know what it is...
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2021.01.15 17:52 valnostra I have bad relationship with food..

This is the heaviest I have ever been. I have bad relationship with food, I am an emotional eater. After last childbirth I had postpartum depression and I weigh as much as when I was pregnant.. 190lbs. I do really well during the week when my husband is at work but once weekends or holidays come around I eat crazy amount of food, mainly because I feel bored or unhappy. My husband orders take out or bring snacks and share with me. I just can't stop myself and it takes me several days to get back into my routine.. but the damage is already done and I continue to gain weight. I tried intermediate fasting but it made my eating disorder even worse. I am now going back to meal prepping and counting calories. I need words of encouragement. I take cholesterol meds so I don't think weight loss pills is an option for me. I want to be there for my children when they grow older but I why can't I control myself?
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2021.01.15 17:52 Skeith154 Questions about Seed: how powerful was the Strike Gundam?

So i was reading up on some Windam info and i read something interesting. the Windam's performance is suppose to be on par with that of the Strike, and it is the best of the Dagger line Units.
Now not counting Perfect Strike, which was an Orb thing, The Strike was obviously more powerful then say a Ginn, but It's performance pewters off fairly quickly. it was always going up against 4 other gundams in the beginning, and on earth nothing Zaft had could get through it's armor outside of the lagowe (Beam Sabers). Kira started becoming a far more effective pilot and utterly trashed Bacues with ease, but i dont really recall him fighting that many zaft mobile suits at once. He almost always went up against the 4 other gundams.
After the mid season crash, Kira gets punted into the Freedom(4 times as powerful as the Strike) and the Strike is given to Mu. From that point forwards the strike doesn't really stand out in Mu's hands. Sure he can take down Strike Daggers but those are weaker versions of the strike any way, and they were quickly upgraded to the 105 dagger.
The strike does prove able to hold it's own vs the Guiaz and Cgue, but i dont think Strike is ever pitted against the TPA Gundams (Raider, Calamity and Forbidden) and yet gets utterly trashed vs the Providence.
Later in Destiny, Kira goes up in the Strike Rouge, which asides from slightly better Phase Shift armor, isn't any Stronger then the OG Strike. He's able to defeat Zaku's and Goufs while trying to get to the ship, but he quickly gets decimated. (Unless we count the remaster in which he kicks way more ass but still gets trashed) However, is that the strike's power, or just Kira's superior piloting skills?
So while keeping the Strike's performance in mind, we should look at his Children in the Dagger line. the Strike Dagger was super stripped down, and featured almost nothing of the strike's abilities outside of beam weapons (Which were yellow, i think that meant they were lower power) and laminated armor, which ironically meant the Strike Dagger was most resistant to beam weapons then the OG Strike. It could easily take on a Ginn, and once they fixed the crippling weakness of no EMP shielding, The Strike Dagger held up just fine against... pretty much anything that wasn't a gundam. they even show a Dagger 1 hit kill a Guiaz(the GM wishes it could be so cool)
After this we have the 105 Dagger, which is the True mass produced vision the Earth Forces had in mind. the 105 Dagger is better in every way then the Strike Dagger, and can equip Striker packs. Still inferior to the Strike Gundam of course but not quite so much as the Strike Dagger.
Following this we hit the period between the wars and we have the Dagger L which if i recall was an intermediary upgrade to the 105 dagger, an over haul but otherwise not really much more effective. Got a few new Striker packs.
And finally the Windam, which is suppose to be on par with the strike despite having over 3 years of advances in technology. The best they could do with their main line unit was make it roughly equal to a severely outdated mobile? The Windams seems to pale in comparison to the Zaku Warriors and Gouf Ignited. Kira in the strike was only just able to hold his own against those suits and he's a far better pilot then most, How the hell are the Windam suppose to hold out against the Zaft suits? they die in Droves in the show and i dont think they make a single good showing in the entirety of Destiny.
Or... is the strike actually a really powerful mobile suit that only the best pilots could make the most of and the Windam falls into the same category? So powerful that it's able to stay on par with Modern Mobile suits?

Tell me what you think, and thanks for reading all this.
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2021.01.15 17:52 Lcphilly How are lower dose coffee recipes with the V60/Origami? Typically I use 20-23g for pour overs (Chemex), but would like some smaller cups. Will taste results be similar by just lowering dose and keeping coffee/water ratio the same (~1:16) or should I consider other factors ?

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2021.01.15 17:52 TheJollyCodger Information on this company? I found this in some old belongings but can’t find anything on this company

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2021.01.15 17:52 ccierraa [FT] Statue of Liberty and nutcracker [LF] Bells or Stone Hedge

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2021.01.15 17:52 yordanmixon Pizza time

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