Go! MOL$ - bubble soda (ft. twikipedia) [hyperpop] |

MOL$ - bubble soda (ft. twikipedia) [hyperpop]

2021.01.15 18:53 primotrez MOL$ - bubble soda (ft. twikipedia) [hyperpop]

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2021.01.15 18:53 fergi20020 What do you think are the pros and cons of dating someone very charismatic and attractive?

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2021.01.15 18:53 mintyeonkiyu Can anyone explain why lateral approximants called ‘liquids’?

What specific characteristics motivate the naming of /l/ and /ɹ/ as ‘liquids’? I believed it was to do with their syllabic realisation but after researching I’m unsure
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2021.01.15 18:53 AgreedToTheTerms [Adamant] Chewtle, M, 7


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2021.01.15 18:53 someones_pickled_ear Low effort.

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2021.01.15 18:53 irishliam The topography of Colombia

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2021.01.15 18:53 Barrowsbros Those Erica hours are because of NA streams, Kappa Twitch username: Diamo44

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2021.01.15 18:53 JungianRelapse Everyday

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2021.01.15 18:53 behaaki Anti-maskers should be assaulted

It should be legally acceptable to beat the living shit out of the morons who insist on putting everyone around them at risk by not wearing masks indoors.
We tried asking nice, we tried strongly worded mandates, we tried urgently pleading.
Maybe seeing an overloaded hospital from the inside is what they need, to change one mind at a time.
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2021.01.15 18:53 igloouk Student vs Teacher | Reach Wrestling: Unit 10 | Night 3

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2021.01.15 18:53 HerdyGerdy_2319 Verification code not being sent for account creation

I'm attempting to create a cash app account. I've downloaded the app and entered my phone number which it said it sent a text to. I didn't receive one. I then asked it to call me and I didn't receive a call either. Finally I tried with my email and nothing came through. I'd contact the actual support team but you need an account to do that, so can anyone here help?
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2021.01.15 18:53 theflyingnacho Lip sucking

My 3 year old started sucking on her bottom lip around Christmas. At first I thought she had a cold sore but she has apparently been sucking so hard her lip is swollen. I have tried suckers, lip balm, lipstick, positive reinforcement, & gentle correction to get her to stop. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any tips or advice? Thank you.
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2021.01.15 18:53 Kasey444 Steel mill efficiency

Well, not just steel mill but most other production chains aswell. What’s the most efficient way to setup your industry? I’m currently trying to be mining iron and coal at 2 different sites, then train them over to the main mill. I have 2 mines per processing plant and one mill. Any way to make it more efficient???
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2021.01.15 18:53 PumpsPivotsFires Microphone only working for certain apps/functionality : iPhone X + iOS 14

I'm experiencing a weird issue where my microphone only works for certain apps/functionality.
For example, my microphone works in the YouTube app, the Google Translate app, iMessages, while recording video
but my microphone does NOT work when using the Voice Memos app, Duolingo, during calls when using speakerphone, Dictionary app, etc
what's wild is that the microphone does NOT work when using speakerphone during calls, but it does work when I do not use speakerphone during calls
it's the strangest thing. i made sure to give the apps access to the microphone, but only certain apps/functionality work with the microphone
i also noticed that when i use voice memos, i can hear what sounds like ambient noise being recorded, but my voice isn't being recorded. it's like i'm a ghost and don't know it!
has anyone experienced this?
i'm trying not to do a complete backup/reset/restore, but if that's what it takes...
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2021.01.15 18:53 Lata420 [PC] [H] 13k Creds + black veloce + interstellar + hexed [W] black dieci

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2021.01.15 18:53 OofOuchMyTesticles Could I incorporate an offshore company and trade through it?

I live in the US and I’m getting a little frustrated with some of the rules here, and I think they’re only going to get more restrictive. Having a separate account for trading forex, stocks, and futures is cumbersome, as well.
TLDR version, if I set up an offshore company somewhere like Belize, could I trade as a company with a broker like Pepperstone or Saxo? I’ve seen the idea mentioned here, but haven’t seen anyone with experience discussing it.
Thanks for any input.
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2021.01.15 18:53 Czech_Kate How does a Pakistani living in 5th largest Czech city perceive the local culture?

Hello guys, I am creating a cultural project where I am looking into the life of foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Here is the new episode.
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2021.01.15 18:53 Ninjacat110 16 days of my life wasted Sadge

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2021.01.15 18:53 drakula681 UMPs trying out their new costumes

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2021.01.15 18:53 https_idek selling wg sleeves and bodice or og price a a lil under!!!!

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2021.01.15 18:53 Xtormiken is it just me or did they finaly fixed the cpt price voice ??

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2021.01.15 18:53 devine_intervention CAPYAC cover of “Music Sounds Better with You”. I didn’t see this posted already, and thought you all would appreciate this!

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2021.01.15 18:53 _TurkeyLeg_ App is god awful, cannot load data

The dasher app needs serious work before I consider doing this anymore. I just missed the entire 2-3 hour lunch period after going to multiple locations and deleting, redownloading, refreshing, signing in and out. This is the 3rd day I have missed entire periods where a dasher really makes their money. Don’t know if I can depend on this gig anymore to bring in any sort of reliable income if the app simply doesn’t load with 3 bars LTE data anywhere I go.
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2021.01.15 18:53 sleepyfoxYT There is logic to this and its that super effective hits will kill in one hit and normal moves won't

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2021.01.15 18:53 Bobtheboi6 Happens every time!

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