Go! On a post asking why getting hit in the balls hurts so much |

On a post asking why getting hit in the balls hurts so much

2021.01.25 13:20 ramzyzeid On a post asking why getting hit in the balls hurts so much

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2021.01.25 13:20 Rexoctop Corn not eating / temperament change

Got a 3 year old male corn. Healthy boy around 630g - he’s always been pretty good with his food hasn’t turned down meals before with the exception of the times he was in shed. I’m not too concerned about it yet since he’s only turned down two meals so far (so he’s gone about 23 days without food) and he’s still pretty active. What is a little bit odd is he’s been a lot more defensive recently and his mood has been shitty when I’ve gone to pick him up. The only difference I can think of lately is that it’s winter here so temps are lower and he’s only just shed so maybe he’s still coming down from that? Not sure - just a bit uncertain since he’s always a champ with meals. I mean, when I’ve offered mice to him he strikes at it, grabs it and start to eat but just let’s go and loses interest? Wondering if anyone’s got any ideas as to a specific reason that he’s gone off food or could it just be him not feeling it cause I know some snakes go off food for no reason occasionally.
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2021.01.25 13:20 Japanese5oba [Sevenfriday] still loving this watch🔥

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2021.01.25 13:20 Princess_kitty14 Height is a polygenic trait, meaning multiple genes are involved as many as 700 genes play a role on how tall and how short you'd be and they come from both mother and father, also, nutrition and health affect height too

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2021.01.25 13:20 Turki-s Blood Sea Ancestor Attainment in blood path?

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2021.01.25 13:20 ex0ll The Ruined King's character design and quotes aren't up to his name?

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2021.01.25 13:20 andydotxyz Data binding, storage repositories and animation take Fyne to the next level!

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2021.01.25 13:20 Joyffree Music of the Night A Tower Knights Tale Steamy Fantasy Romance by Angela J. Ford ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

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2021.01.25 13:20 ConsumerOfAllToes Hmm, yes Phone>Life

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2021.01.25 13:20 poofycade Rant about family

Idk where else to post this so sorry if its not the right place to, but here goes. So i’m 20, if you have looked at any of my other posts you’ll see that when I came home for thanksgiving my family were all sick and didnt tell me, eventually giving me covid. I have been stuck at my house now the last 8 weeks because i ended up developing long covid and i am finding it hard to take care of myself. Im the only one too in my family to still have bad lingering symptoms too, because fuck me right. Ive had this ongoing relationship with the universe that if I give it the opportunity to fuck me it will fuck me really good. As an example, ive lived with chronic hip and pelvic floor pain over the last 2 years also because why not. Anyways, I tried going up to my apartment at college for a couple days but it was too hard on my mental health to be stuck in that tiny apartment and absolutely draining to make food and take care of myself. Because of the long covid and my other conditions.
So ive been stuck at home. My brother who was the one that actually got us all sick tells me im a pussy and need to grow up and no one gets sick this long. Meanwhile, he is still being the absolute worst during the pandemic and still going out. While he was positive, he literally went to the fucking mall and ate icecream WITHOUT A MASK and went to Chicago and got food at different restaurants. He has a lack of concern for others. In the past week he has gone on two separate vacations, one to an indoor waterpark in Wisconsin and one to a ski resort. He is doing all of this with his girlfriend who keep in mind and they are both like 21.
I am trying to reason with my parents and tell them that they seriously should not allowing him to come back to the house after doing this stuff because of the new covid strains and our immunity is very close to being up and my mom tells me that she read covid immunity can last for YEARS TO DECADES. I tried telling her that I whatever she read was wrong and showing her countless studies showing that its only like 3 months for her own safety but she refuses to believe it and thinks she will have antibodies for years to come. And im like mom seriously you will likely get sick again if you keep having this mentality. You need to think worst case scenario and really be cautious now. And she just says that im acting like a paranoid democrat and need to relax.
YEP i need to relax. When im the one whose fucking trapped here with the people who all got me sick. They literally have not changed their ways at all after being sick. My parents are going and eating INSIDE of restaurants for no reason, my brother is going on unnecessary vacations, and all of them are just telling me i need to grow up and stop being so paranoid. And i try explaining to them that im paranoid because of the long covid and getting more sick and thats when they start telling me its in my head and I need to get over it.
So my only option here to possibly save myself from getting sick again in my girlfriend of 2 and a half years whose 18 years old still living with her parents. Her parents know how shitty mine have been and have told me that i can stay there for as long as i need to if i ever dont feel safe here. So the other day i tried asking my mom and dad if it would be okay for me to just try sleeping over there one time (they usually make me come home around 11pm) and they blew up on me. My dad told me that he is embarrassed that his college son is dating a highschool girl and wouldnt want people finding out about me sleeping there. My mom tells me and my girlfriend that my relationship with a her is a disgusting sin and for “gods sake” please dont spend the night there with her. She even said to me for the second time now that she hopes my girlfriend gets pregnant. Yeah, pretty fucked up to say to your 20 year old son. And then they put it all on me and told me that i am causing a divide in the family. You have to understand that this has been an ongoing problem for years of them treating me like im a kid. Its been two years since i turned 18 and ive never even mentioned sleeping at my girlfriends because i know how upset they would get and i finally thought this would be a good time and i get told that my parents are ashamed of me and hope me and my girlfriend get stuck with a fucking baby. Its actually insane because me and her are both fucking adults and her parents are okay with it. I AM 20 years old. Their jurisdiction should be over me and only me. They keep telling me and my girlfriend that her parents are pieces of shit hippies for even saying thay i could stay over there. My parents dont even let me and my girlfriend sit in my room with the door closed or under any blankets when she is at my house. Which is nuts because my girlfriend is the most innocent person ever and is nothing but nice to them. My mom literally made her cry a few months back by saying some really fucked up shit about her to my entire family about her being a baby and having to baby sit her. They are just stuck thinking that me and her are still both in highschool. My girlfriend is but its her last semester, and thats really the only excuse my parents keep giving. But they say that maybe when shes 20 and im 22 then we could possibly stay together. POSSIBLY LMAO. Yeah maybe when two consenting adults are in their 20s then they could maybe stay together. Like what the fuck. I am an adult now. I am tired of getting sick and being their fucking puppet and living to make them happy. I know whats best for me and they refuse the validate how i feel.
But yet heres the real kicker. My brother who is only a year older than me, for the last year has been staying for multiple days at his girlfriends house, going on random back to back vacations with her for weeks. All while being a piece of shit and not caring for anyone else by breaking the most easy to follow fucking pandemic rules of all. He also literally screams and fights with my mom every morning and literally last month brought a puppy here against my parents will and was almost kicked out of the house over it, but now my parents dont even care. The puppy barks every morning too around 6am for an hour and fucks up my sleep making recovering even harder. They fucking reward him for acting like this. Meanwhile, im a second year college student at one of the best universities in the country doing comp sci which is a hard ass major getting all my work done and getting a really good GPA and showing that i am a responsible adult. And this is how i get treated. Fuck i even lived on my own for the last year and a half at school and i come back here and want to spend extra time with my girlfriend and they wont even let me stay the night over there when she’s literally a fucking 18 year old adult and her parents are okay with it and even ask me to. Speaking of school too now. I start college classes today and the fucking fatigue and brain fog is making it so hard to even start on the classes i applied for disability accommodations for my classes. I could never tell my parents because they have this whole keeping up with the jones attitude about shit and would be embarrassed to call me their son. Hell just for reference my mom said she would never want to talk to me or one of my brothers again if we turned out gay. Whatever.
A big reason i want to stay with my girlfriend is because her family is actually very covid safe and dont take any stupid risks like my family does. And most of all if one of them felt sick they would FUCKING TELL ME. My mom to this day still wont admit that it was my brother that got us all sick. I really dont care that he got us sick or that he got sick in the first place. Yes he was being irresponsible but shit happens and people get sick, I understand that. Im just moreso mad that NO ONE FUCKING TOLD ME he was sick and they brought me home from school anyways. And now, it feels like im about to get absolutely fucked with the virus or some virus again if i dont leave. But i cant. I have no where to go. My parents threaten to stop helping me pay for my school if i leave. I doubt they would do that but i dont know for sure. Idk what to do here. If anyone read this all thank you. I really need advice soon because i cant stand living here anymore
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2021.01.25 13:20 Luhn-silvar That awkward moment when you know you should not disturb others...

That awkward moment when you know you should not disturb others... So I decided to go back and check on Helgen, after almost 10 years long journey it all started here, where I have took my first step on the road most traveled. And than this happened... I felt bad to disturb them but hey bandit is a bandit, they should have been ready anytime... and maybe use different uhm... sword?
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2021.01.25 13:20 maxim_ulvak Оцените мою работу

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2021.01.25 13:20 PaulAspie Soft pupper growing up

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2021.01.25 13:20 N_twice11yt Anaalll

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2021.01.25 13:20 PhilSketches Looking for tank and stand recommendations

I'm after a new tank and stand in the near future. I'd prefer a longer tank over a tall one, with one dimension being no longer than 60cm. I already have a filter and light from my existing tank, and plan on moving my plants across.
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2021.01.25 13:20 cincytechguy Woodford Double Double Oak Release Date

Anybody have the inside scoop on when this will be released? Normally its this time of year.
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2021.01.25 13:20 PyroDZN Travis Scott - RaRa (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

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2021.01.25 13:20 kobony Original Architecture Painting by Tomas Castano | Figurative Art on Canvas | Calle Requejo-Fermoselle

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2021.01.25 13:20 kjkellner Pretty cool video about advanced homes

Yesterday I came across this video about advanced homes, it's a pretty cool video and gave me a lot of inspiration. I thought I should share it on here.
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2021.01.25 13:20 BlueSkys94 Arlene Foster dismisses support for Northern Ireland referendum

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2021.01.25 13:20 maxwasnotfounddead Am I drinking too much tea?

I usually drink between 10-15 cups of tea a day and I never even thought that it may be weird. I drink it black with no sugar - I grew up on tea and even used to have tea in my baby bottles instead of milk lol, anyway am I ok or should I do something about it?
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2021.01.25 13:20 ray4567ray a discord for soccer girls https://discord.gg/KcWZdKQ8Cg

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2021.01.25 13:20 Argument-Upper The Best Weapon In Call Of Duty!

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2021.01.25 13:20 harrychest45 Puppy blues roller coaster

The first few days of having my 8 week old corgi I deeply regretted my decision because of his sleeping habits at night. His sleeping schedule has improved over the last 3 weeks but tonight he hasn’t slept at all! He is waking up every hour or so and barking. I take him to his potty area- he eats his pee pad. I remove the pee pad. 10 seconds later he pisses on the floor. I’m so mad!! It’s now 5 am and I’ve maybe slept an hour. I want to return him to the breeder. I want to give him away. All I want is a good nights sleep!! I’m starting to hate him. I got him as an ESA animal but he is ruining my life. He just fell asleep but I know as soon as I move, he will wake up and start barking.
Note- I don’t always feel like this. Only when he doesn’t f*cking sleep!!!
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2021.01.25 13:20 Tidsmaskin Good way to hide the strip?

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