Go! I didn't even know we had these wild in the UK. |

I didn't even know we had these wild in the UK.

2021.01.17 21:55 clayton1313 I didn't even know we had these wild in the UK.

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2021.01.17 21:55 RLCD-Bot [Grey Octane] [Orange Octane: Dune Racer] [Orange Virtual Wave] [MetalStar Pro]

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2021.01.17 21:55 shak_daddy Lasertech TruPulse 360 Rangefinder

Hey guys, I'm really not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this so if it isn't then I apologize. But I was recently given a trupulse 360 rangefinder as a gift from from a friend but the work that I do with utility companies really doesn't require something like this all that often. I was wondering if anybody could point in the direction of any buy/sell pages or websites that I could possibly use to get this to someone who will be using it to its abilities.
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2021.01.17 21:55 mwfreebies FREE Satin-Finish Foundation & A $25 Amazon.com e-card If Chosen! (must apply)

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2021.01.17 21:55 20563 A 100 quintillion pengő banknote (the highest denominated piece of currency that has ever been circulated) from Hungary, 1946

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2021.01.17 21:55 ideepthroatpizza If the technology were there to preserve consciousness in a robotic body after death, but it meant there were restrictions on how many children everyone could produce, would you do it? Why or why not?

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2021.01.17 21:55 etno2 Wealthy people who earned their wealth through legitimate and ethical ways should be able to spend their money however they want, provided that it does not directly negatively impact others.

More often than not it seems to be a common notion for people to judge and or ostracize others for spending their money in certain ways, when said spending threshold exceeds an arbitrary amount where one could be considered 'wealthly' to make such a purchase. Some common examples: houses, super cars, fine wine, jewelry, certain clothes, etc.
This bit from a post on Washington Post on someone buying an expensive bottle of wine summarizes the ongoing theme that I disagree with:
"If you are about to drink a $3,500 bottle of wine, you have to think for just a minute about this option instead: Drink a $100 bottle of wine that is about as good, but from a less renowned chateau. And deploy the other $3,400 to pay for malaria-preventing mosquito nets in Africa that, by one charity’s calculations, would be enough money to save about 1.5 human lives. If you lack the moral imagination to figure that out, well, you’re really kind of a monster."
In this case, if one were to purchase a bottle of wine that exceeded the author's arbitrary threshold for what is considered 'too expensive' for a bottle of wine, they would be labeled a 'moral monster', on the grounds that the delta between the amount you spent, versus what you should have spent could have gone to charitable causes. Likewise, the same argument could be used against the author himself. His arbitrary threshold for an expensive bottle is $100, however to those in a lower socioeconomic state than him, $100 is beyond expensive for a bottle of wine, and the author could have bought a $10 bottle and donated $90 to charity.
While this statement in of itself is true, it fails to consider multiple factors. The author of the post does not know who the buyer of the wine is, nor do we know the author. Why is this important?
Without knowing the buyer at all, the author of the post has labeled a person a monster. It is very much possible that the buyer of the wine DOES provide to charitable causes, and given their seemingly wealthy position to be able to buy what is generally considered very expensive wine by middle / lower socioeconomical class standards, this buyer very well could be providing more to charitable causes than the author of the post ever will in their lifetime.
Is this guaranteed? Of course not. But just as I have inferred my hypothetical possibility, the author has done the same but with the opposite juxtaposition. My point is, you don't know how much someone is or is not helping what you deem to be worthy monetary expenses, so it is probably better to not assume, especially when there is a non zero chance that this person could very well be contributing more than you ever might.
Also, to circle back to the title of this post from the slight tangent above, even if one is wealthy (provided it was acquired legitamately and ethically), they should be able to spend ALL of their money HOWEVER they want, provided that it does not have a direct negative impact on others.
Example: an individual takes a risk, and starts their own company, where they fairly pay their employees, and grow to a be a successful individual.
Because this individual took a risk (that paid off), should they be held liable for other's problems? Plenty of people don't take this sort of risk (nothing wrong with that), but then those same people expect those who did take the risk to help them, or, expect them to donate to charitable causes, but that brings me back to my point above with the wine post.
The truth is, (I'm not a fan of it either), is our world exists on the principal of survival of the fittest. Not just in humans, but plants, animals, everything. This wasn't up to us. So in that sense, moral responsibility is not something that can be enforced at an extisential level. Again, I feel the need to emphasize that this is strictly speaking about helping others, NOT hurting.
What I'm trying to say, is that I believe there is a key difference between moral obligation and responsibility. As individuals, I truly to believe we can always be working towards becoming better versions of ourselves. This not only includes helping ourselves, but also helping others when we can. But this is for us to manage ourselves, and you should only hold yourself accountable for your own growth.
To summarize, I truly believe the energy people spend on hating/judging others in better positions than them could be used to focus on bettering themselves and their lives instead. And when they get to that better place, they can be the impact they want to see in the world.
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2021.01.17 21:55 Matthew8521 The Spaceman - Matthew Reyna - [Indi/pop] looking for reviews/critiques

Looking for reviews/critiques on my new song “ The spaceman”. Wondering how you feel about the vibe/melody . Would love to hear some of you’re songs too so we can help each other improve.
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2021.01.17 21:55 Cumulus12 Autumn Spirit of Durthu - C&C Welcome

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2021.01.17 21:55 atdecals Do you own any "fun" stocks?

"Fun" as is in you own it not necessarily because it will make you rich but because you just want to own it; here are mine:
- $MANU - Manchester United PLC - fun to pretend to own a team
-$WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment - nostalgia!
-$WYNN - Wynn Resorts Ltd. - Look forward to staying there next time I'm allowed in Vegas.
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2021.01.17 21:55 BLORANGE8 eMLS Final: Hudson River Derby on Twitch LIVE NOW

I am not a huge fan of eMLS but I just tuned in on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/MLS?r=dotcom
Chris (NYCFC) vs ....(NYRB) in the Final! Kinda cool to seem some known names
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2021.01.17 21:55 moneyshouters eToro and The TIE Introduce Crypto Portfolio With Dash Comprising Largest Position | dashnews

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2021.01.17 21:55 kavud101 What’s one question you wish you could have asked your mom or dad before they passed away?

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2021.01.17 21:55 thebabybaker How is the test curved?

Ay, fam, I finished my flex yesterday morning and have seen people w the same test (LR-RC-LG) discussing it as being pretty difficult. I had the Orwell/leaves LR, Physics/Chem/comp sims RC, and the Century Paintings LG. Idk how I feel about the test overall tbh.
Are all the tests for Jan curved the same? Or, does it depend on the specific questions/sections you have? Obviously, I can't say whether this test was more or less difficult than any of the others. But, it would be nice to know how they go about making things more equitable. Thanks!
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2021.01.17 21:55 bhunner2 Did Teller just need a chance to play?

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2021.01.17 21:55 Somehone321 Wyvern va desert titan

I bred a lot of wyverns for the desert titan boss fight and I was wondering what stats should I go for on them. Would 15k health and te rest in melee damage would work or should I get to 20k or maybe even 25k?
Thanks for the help
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2021.01.17 21:55 Xzeeen Ergonomic vs trackball

Hi my hand hurts when i keep left clicking in the one particular game i play. Looking for solution to make it better would an ergonomic vertical mouse or trackball mouse be better for my case?
Any feedback is welcome
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2021.01.17 21:55 LawnOfTheRay @emilienutrition

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2021.01.17 21:55 Hokaine [WDYWT] Cappuccino Quest

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2021.01.17 21:55 FeijaoHumano Can't tell if two notes are the same or not - am I able to fix it?

I'm not tone deaf, but I really can't tell if two notes are the same or not if they're not played on the same instrument.
Play a note on a guitar and the same note on a keyboard. Can't tell if they're the same or not, nor which is higher.
My biggest issue with this is, obviously, for singing. If I hear someone singing, even if I have an instrument at hand, I can't tell which note they're singing even if I keep trying to find it on my instrument. Likewise, if I hear a note, I can't tell when I hit it if I try to sing it.
This is extremely frustrating for me because it looks like it's a natural ability everyone has. If I look up "how to transpose music" or "how to learn to sing", even the most basic guides assume I have this ability.
I've practiced a lot matching notes with vocals. For example, I looked up the music scores for a song, then I listened to a specific vocal note in the song in loop, tried to find the note on the keyboard or by singing it, but when I think I found the note, when I check it's a completely different note. Kept practicing it for so long but I can't get any better at it.
Am I even fixable or do I have to simply deal with the fact that it's impossible for me? I want to be good at music, but why even bother if I can't even tell if someone is singing off-pitch?
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2021.01.17 21:55 finphil Archaeologists Have Discovered a Pristine 45,000-Year-Old Cave Painting of a Pig That May Be the Oldest Artwork in the World

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2021.01.17 21:55 Qunsh_ [PS4] H:j2525 handmade b25 3* lazer rifle W: bloodied railway rifle offers

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2021.01.17 21:55 cheesegrater128 LSD or not

Hi guys,
Have any of you driven a RWD BMW without an LSD and drove a bmw with an LSD and can compare?
I have an open diff m140i, and wondering how much better it would be with an LSD as its a big cost.
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2021.01.17 21:55 glitteryprincesss Color bleeding question

Hello! I dyed the bottom layer of my hair blue (tanzanite) and kept my natural color on the top layer. Unfortunately after a few weeks, the color began to bleed onto my natural color (strawberry blonde), turning it kind of a green-ish color. I used ION’s color remover last night and it didn’t work. So I booked an appointment at a salon to try to remove the color, but if it’s not possible then I’m going to have to dye it a color closest to my natural color, which I really hope I don’t have to do. My question is, those who have went to a salon to have color removed (not using bleach), how well did it work?
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2021.01.17 21:55 MikeKilroy N & F stretch selvedge easy guy fit. After years of apc switched and the rise is so much nicer.

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