Go! All my homies hate CollegeBoard. |

All my homies hate CollegeBoard.

2021.01.27 09:53 onmywaysomewherelit All my homies hate CollegeBoard.

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2021.01.27 09:53 SUN-KID Bonus payment schedule?

My recruiter told me that, since I was signing up into the Nuke field, I would be receiving half of my bonus beginning A-school, and half of it when I graduate Nuke training. How accurate it this? He's been pretty truthful with everything, and of course he embellishes when he wants to (which I see through), but is this true? Will I get half of my bonus when I graduate bootcamp? Thanks.
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2021.01.27 09:53 tryingtopayrent Why would I change the trial lesson?

I certified for trials months ago and then forgot about them because I didn't get any bookings, but now they're starting to trickle in. I saw the option to change between two lessons, but why would I want to? They don't seem like different levels, is it just whichever I feel like teaching?
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2021.01.27 09:53 DrunkTruck_ ok, challange accepted, BIATCH.

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2021.01.27 09:53 Knuls3 ich_iel

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2021.01.27 09:53 withwavelets reddit dot com slash arr slash late stage capitalism having a completely normal with ten percentage inflation rates

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2021.01.27 09:53 ZininoON Starwars Battlefront II Heroes vs Villains

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2021.01.27 09:53 SweetFlamingo3283 Reishi

Hi thereee ♥️ Can someone suggest me a good brand of Reishi? Also, is it okay to take Reishi and Turkey tail at the same time? Thank youu
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2021.01.27 09:53 doingbasiclifeprep ppl that know bout rpg, where go to get rpgs very like paper marios 📄 thx

ppl that know bout rpg, where go to get rpgs very like paper marios 📄 thx
for pc
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2021.01.27 09:53 Alphinss My mum's Fostering a Refugee and they won't go to college

I'm a 23(F) and have recently been forced back to my childhood home due to the pandemic as I can't move back to my university accommodation at the moment and had been living abroad before the pandemic. Anyway, while I was abroad my mum decided to foster an asylum seeker, this was about a year and a half ago. These are young adults waiting on their home office interviews, seeing if they'll be able to stay in the country or not, so I get that it is insanely stressful for them and they have experienced some horrific things to get here in the first place.
My mum (single parent) is in healthcare and sometimes works 10+ hours a day due to the pandemic, leaving the house really early and coming back late and she's exhausted when she comes home. This isn't normal, what with the pandemic and all, as she usually works far fewer hours and has more energy to help out with whatever the asylum seeker needs. Just a note that my mum is not meant to be a parent to this kid. The idea is that they have a place to live, food, security and some help with basic stuff like homework, filling out forms, home office letters they can't read and so on.
So basically, I'm in the house all day doing Uni work, my mum is out all day and this asylum seeker is meant to be going to college 3 days a week and online the rest of the time. The kid's 19 and so I have like zero authority over them and my mum isn't there to really help out as much as she was. Problem is the kid is just not going to college. Like, this morning they got up, got ready (my mum woke them up before work) and then just went back to bed as soon as my mum left. I went and asked them if they were going and they just kept repeating 'I'm working from home today' which is not what college said they could do and also if they are at home they spend 5+ hours a day talking to god knows who on their phone (I can hear them talking as their bedroom is right beneath mine).
This kid's english is not good, like yesterday they couldn't even understand the question 'who was there?' and their mental health has been deteriorating rapidly over the past few months. College, when they go, improves their english, improves their mental health and mood and overall makes them easier to live with. Both my mum and I have also caught them in several lies to my mum about going to college when they haven't been or saying they've been one place when they haven't or went somewhere else.
I hope I'm not coming off as a dick. I really do try to talk to the kid. I make dinner ever night and we eat together. We play card games and watch TV on weekends and evenings. The problem is all they want to do is stay in their room and talk to someone that they refuse to identify. I know lockdown is super hard for everyone right now, but I really don't know what I can do, or what my mum can do about it.
Anyone got any advice? Reassurance? Criticism?
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2021.01.27 09:53 DipSaha7 Squad suggestion and help.

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2021.01.27 09:53 hunter4645 When will they ever listen

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2021.01.27 09:53 RedditLevas Ehmmm...

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2021.01.27 09:53 TanmayKute Sorry for watermark and the quality

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2021.01.27 09:53 BruceGramma PfP 83/500

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2021.01.27 09:53 donovanbenko Retweet so Elon Musk sees!

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2021.01.27 09:53 Hindustanibhau_copy1 Proof of the Khalistani involvement

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2021.01.27 09:53 Speed_Cube I'm disappointed r/OT memes moderators

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2021.01.27 09:53 Zach_Lasagna To the babies who cried in airplanes, what do you do now?

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2021.01.27 09:53 iptrucs [OC] - France - When nothing stops the rising waters of the Marne !

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2021.01.27 09:53 PunkRawck NOIDCS Flower T21 (DG/TMCC)

Since my usual MVA ain't in stock, my doc has prescribed me the NOIDCS flower.
Does anyone have any info on this strain or can point me to some?
I can only find info on the NOIDCS oils on Cannapedia.
Any help is appreciated, thanks folks.
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2021.01.27 09:53 Jury-Infamous Governments to Try shutting Down Bitcoin if It Becomes Too Successful

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2021.01.27 09:53 joodins [Jolly] Chewtle, M, 38


- Ditto Requested: Jolly
- Pokémon Deposited: Chewtle
- Nickname: joodins
- Pokeball: Quick Ball
- Gender: Male
- Level: 38
- Home/IGN: Jesu
- GTS Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
- Game Version: Sword/Shield
- Game Language: English
- Trainer Description: Brendan
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2021.01.27 09:53 Yearbook01 As I was brushing my teeth to get ready for my morning, I couldn't help but notice this new tooth brush worked really well.

As I rinced the residual tooth paste off, it was only then I noticed the tiny fingers waiving underneath the water.
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2021.01.27 09:53 Burith I don't mind anime boys getting rejected. If I don't get pixelated pussy ,you don't either.

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