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Emotion - Remix/Cover Pokemon Black & White Amphanotes

2021.01.15 19:24 Danniboy123 Emotion - Remix/Cover Pokemon Black & White Amphanotes

Hello everyone! I recently made this Pokemon Remix of Emotion from Black and White, check it out and hope you will like it! But also regardless have a good day :).
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2021.01.15 19:24 reddit_feed_bot Rebel News - Restaurant charged after patio customer comes inside to use bathroom

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2021.01.15 19:24 Aafai This does not make me confident about my test date.

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2021.01.15 19:24 jeremytodd1 Bolt preventing snow accumulation while plugged in?

I'm in Kansas City and as you can see, we're having some snow at the moment.
I have my Bolt plugged in, and as you can see in that picture the Bolt looks like it's warm enough to prevent snow from accumulating on the car.
I know while the car is plugged in it'll regulate the battery a bit more to ensure it stays at optimal temperatures, but does it really use up enough energy for it to warm up the car enough to prevent snow from sticking to parts of it?
I've been trying to be pretty energy efficient lately, and I'm worried that keeping the car plugged in all the time will add up energy wise, even if it is fully charged.
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2021.01.15 19:24 _g550_ [заголовок]

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2021.01.15 19:24 nothinbut_missed_net Is it odd how Kyrie Irving's return seems to be evolving? Is the issue with the team actually resolved after the Harden move?

I feel like I always need to preface a Kyrie discussion with the fact that I am not a Kyrie fan, but I am a basketball fan and I look forward to seeing these three guys and what happens on the court. HOWEVER, I am struggling with the Kyrie Irving timeline here. He leaves the Nets because he doesn't want to play - speculation said it was related to politics, perhaps a personal issue, or COVID19 fears. All of those reasons are valid, but he failed to properly notify the team and was not really communicating any updates along the way.
Fast forward a few days (and games) later, and he is seen unmasked at a family party. Although I completely support celebrating a family member's birthday, he broke medical protocol and put the Nets at risk. Team's mad, fans are mad, what have you.
Harden is traded to the Nets, we all know that story.
Kyrie was fined today for the health and safety violations, but is expected to return Saturday against the Magic? When did the not wanting to play no longer become an issue? I feel like I may have missed something with regard to his personal concern with the team and the subsequent resolution. Although not really my business as a fan when he is ready to return if he was coping with something personal, as a Nets fan or team member, should they be concerned that something like this happens again? Especially considering how Kyrie typically feels playing behind stars.
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2021.01.15 19:24 ghazayel Did you want that with Fries or mashed potatoes?

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2021.01.15 19:24 AssociationHairy1710 Trying to get from 50$ to 500$ by next week! 🙌

Hey you guys what’s going on quick question i‘m rookie in this game challenging myself to get from 50$ to 500$ by the next week watched some videos and they all was trying to get me some paid curse all i‘m asking where is the best place to start buy and flipp i would prefer online because of the circumstances any help i get would be much appriciated 🙌
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2021.01.15 19:24 Redvelvetcake_28 What did Dumbledore see in the mirror?

I have always wondered what Dumbledore really saw in the mirror, as he says he saw himself with fuzzy socks but Harry doesn’t believe that answer. I think that Dumbledore saw himself with his sister and with the deathly hallows but I’m curious what others think.
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2021.01.15 19:24 Kurosawa_Shimada Will the chapter 54 spoilers thread be posted here?

I'm asking because of the recent regulations taken by Shueisha
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2021.01.15 19:24 FogelMcUr Stats nobody asked for... State of Warframe Skins (on Console) 2021.01.15.

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2021.01.15 19:24 Consistent_Donkey322 We were told to choose the number of bad days we would have, seemed simple enough.

What they failed to tell us was the rest of our lives would be bad days
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2021.01.15 19:24 Fluxus4 Infor on Round 2 from Wells Fargo

Update to Reopening Plans for Wells Fargo Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Application We know many of you are eager to apply for an additional PPP loan ("Second Draw PPP Loan") and we look forward to helping you. We have changed our reopening plan based on updated information we've received from the Small Business Administration (SBA).
We now anticipate opening our PPP loan application to all eligible applicants on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.
To support you through the application process, we've also updated our Wells Fargo PPP loan information page with the most current information about eligibility requirements, preparing to apply and what to expect after your application is submitted. We encourage you to visit the site and review the information now to prepare to apply for a PPP loan.
Eligible applicants will see the PPP loan application link in their Wells Fargo Business Online® or Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) account when it is available. All PPP loan applicants must have an eligible Wells Fargo business checking account that was opened on or before December 1, 2020, in the name of the business applying for a PPP loan.
Wells Fargo Paycheck Protection Program
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2021.01.15 19:24 SpiderTimGaming how does it work?

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2021.01.15 19:24 wayoftheroad4000 I like this being the govt thing!

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2021.01.15 19:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Sleaford Mods' 'shoe box' childhood experiences | USA Today

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2021.01.15 19:24 Spiderpickl Following the trends- Day 1 of mapping possible formables- Non-Metric Union

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2021.01.15 19:24 chalvjsc Fordham L

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2021.01.15 19:24 MajorFluffy With a Friend

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2021.01.15 19:24 quinneisleaving Deer carcass

My childhood home. Blue black night suffocating the treeline. The lights in the house are on. Every person in my family is there. They are screaming and crying. This is normal.
I am dragging a large deer carcass to the edge of the woods. I don't remember why. It is so heavy. I have to put all of my strength into each inch of ground. It's cold. The snow is half melted. Because of that I believe it's my birthday.
I see two of my cousins once the trees part, the trails through the woods beginning at the end of the yard. One is older and the other is younger. They are clearly not real
I feel a presence behind me. It breathes loudly and closes off my oxygen. I look and see the spirit of the deer. It's eyes are red. It's corpse begins to shrivel and curl in on it's self. The massive antlers melt and crack. I try to keep pulling it. I'm so close. But it doesn't matter. It already knows. It's already found me.
My older cousin has a shotgun. He tells me to get on the four-wheeler so we can escape into the woods. I do as he says. We drive off.
My younger cousin is quiet and afraid. I do not know if they are a boy or a girl. They clutch onto the sled bearing as we speed away. I do not know where we are going. I don't think we will be safe from it on the other side of the earth. I'm right.
We find a shed. Familiar. Farther away from the house than it really is. We know it is the last night. So we sin. So we break our oaths and forsake our god. We fall into rest.
The next morning, the sun still hasn't risen. Will it ever again? It doesn't matter. Our time has come.
Three figures in the fog, standing on the other edge of the clearing. They are mirrors of the three of us. They stand still. We are all afraid.
Without the permission of my family, I accept death. I don't wish to keep running. It seems more kind to our souls to give in sooner.
Their mirrors kill them. Quickly. Little pain. I await my own end.
My mirror does not move. It does not kill me. It laughs. It knows my mind
It knows the truth. I sob and beg. It does not move.
It keeps me alive, treading blood.
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2021.01.15 19:24 JopssYT Was at my friends house and he had a bad rubiks brand... Did a T-perm and this happened

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2021.01.15 19:24 Dopehope23 The instant kind

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2021.01.15 19:24 AnimeBro947 Titles are hard

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2021.01.15 19:24 sweetiepie333 [Gifted] LilHoneybee4 because I can!

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2021.01.15 19:24 Afton_KRIS221 oya oya, oya oya

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