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(Empty) Stadium Ambience

2021.01.17 22:24 mangits (Empty) Stadium Ambience

I’ve been really annoying the empty stadiums and hearing each touch on the ball and all of the player shouting. It would be so cool if they added this type of ambience as an option, as the audio options are not specific enough to narrow it down to just player chatter and sound effects.
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2021.01.17 22:24 Wayward_Prometheus [spoilers] Dana White comments on main card winner who didn’t want to do the octagon interview and speak to the media Follow Us on Instagram : https://ift.tt/3fQpgVh

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2021.01.17 22:24 TamponLollipopz Some men just wanna be preggers.

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2021.01.17 22:24 Hirsc1bj First collection picture of the new year!

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2021.01.17 22:24 Klaumbaz Conga Line

Ok, What's the secret to have them follwing orderly, and not whiplashing the end to rubber band?
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2021.01.17 22:24 Victorio115 Post Flairs

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2021.01.17 22:24 RedMarx With the election already certified by the states, Trump had to do more than simply lie, threaten, and insult.

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2021.01.17 22:24 Every-Departure3643 Best way to download and watch the show after they took it off Netflix, I hope it's helpful ❤

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2021.01.17 22:24 HeftyLefti First Day As a Shopper

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2021.01.17 22:24 newwriter123 Is SCP 139 new/recently reworked?

I was reading some of the articles today and I noticed SCP 139's file was far more elaborate and possessing stylistic elements uncommon in series 1 SCPs. I understand the admins sometimes delete an entry and allow a new one to be entered in its place. Is that what's happened here? If not, any ideas as to why this particular file is so different from those around it? I'm curious.
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2021.01.17 22:24 nnintenjoe know the difference

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2021.01.17 22:24 Yung_Bruh115 This makes me happy

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2021.01.17 22:24 DrB1craft Tell me about your favourite books by female authors

Any genre, any period is fine, fiction or non-fiction, I want to read more great books written by women!
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2021.01.17 22:24 ccohengvngjh It took a while to arrive but it was amazingly well packed . Received in good condition.

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2021.01.17 22:24 Lunatoned Stop complaining that the event is too hard, this game needs more challenging content

We need more challenging events/content like this.
This event already gives training wheels in the form of variable difficulty, and the meaningful rewards (up to the namecard, which can even be argued as unecessary) only require 14k out of the max 20k. I'm actually really glad Mihoyo is aware that players need challenging content.
We're at the point where the majority of players are getting AR 45+. This game is already easy enough in the end game (even if you're f2p). Just about everyone AR 50+ can clear abyss floor 12, and definitely doable at AR 45. After that, there's nothing else you can strive for by getting strongebetter.
Hopefully in the future we'll get weekly competitive PVE like Honkai. Yes this is a gacha game and the whales will be at the top of the leaderboards (just accept it), but you can strive to be the best in your bracket (if you're F2P/goldfish/dolphin/etc). This keeps endgame players a reason to keep playing and something to strive for.
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2021.01.17 22:24 AStandingCat Top minds of nonewnormal segues into the holocaust

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2021.01.17 22:24 Jaguar897 For once I am in close contact with brody

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2021.01.17 22:24 tombking25 PG Unicorn transformed. Painted and decaled the base too. Check out my Instagram @gundamriaz for more of my work. Thank you

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2021.01.17 22:24 devbret_ The average base salary for a Junior Web Developer in the United States is $58,832 per year, according to Glassdoor

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2021.01.17 22:24 SPom94 Gusti ricercati

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2021.01.17 22:24 bikelifer Older cat still drooling when being pet even after dental extractions

Hello everyone, I noticed about two months ago that my older cat had started drooling whenever I was petting her and she got super relaxed/purring. Had never done this before. I thought it was just her being like "yesssss pet me moreeee", but a month ago I noticed her breath was bad so took her to the vet.
They did senior labs, dental exam under anesthesia, x-rays. Said things looked pretty good but x-ray had signs of potential infection around two teeth, so pulled those. They seemed very unimpressed.
Got her home, she recovered fine, no drainage or bleeding. But I'm still noticing that when I'm petting her and she's super into it, she starts drooling. Should I be concerned, or are my pets just that good lol?
Age:8yrs Domestic short hair female PMH: hair loss secondary to excess licking. life-long diarrhea believed secondary to IBD (has had stool studies, was told next step would be colonoscopy but that it wouldn't make a difference in her care) Meds: fluoxetine 5mg daily for the licking, been on it for years Allergies: none Food: dry: z/d sensitivity. Wet: half z/d sensitivity and half friskies. No recent change
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2021.01.17 22:24 jtrmes 26 [M4R] Texas/Online - COVID Conversation Companion Sought

I hope 2021 is looking better for ya than 2020, and, if not, I hope that changes real quick. Things are pretty nice for me; all I'm missing is you. What do you do? What's your favorite thing about you? Do you trust me or you to make better coffee in the morning?
If you're down to chat, it'd be my pleasure to find out more about ya. Also, do tell me your favorite dessert this week in the subject line, if you'd kindly.
In case you wanted to know: my name is Jay, I'm 26, I romp around down south in Texas, and I had a tumbleweed blow into me while I was on a run this week.
See you next time space cowboy, Jay
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2021.01.17 22:24 FloorHour Unboxing $30 Wish DBZ Grandista Figure 🤮

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2021.01.17 22:24 Amin_Abdul_Awal Build Error

I got this error when trying to build the project, this is the first time I got this error. Never happened before, i did not change the versions or do anything. i just changed the render pipeline to URP
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2021.01.17 22:24 M4thez Video games interactivity and gamers' pursuit of lack of fun

People expect video games to be fully open and fully interactive, yet when they are presented with different options to approach the game they will try to make it the least fun, but the most effective and it's not really develepors' fault (if the fun way is still effective, but not necessary). All of the above mostly applies to single-player games.
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