Go! Microphone crackling in PS5 party on PC remote play |

Microphone crackling in PS5 party on PC remote play

2021.01.27 10:34 JoshF- Microphone crackling in PS5 party on PC remote play

I use a complicated set up on my PC using remote play so I can talk to my PS friends and listen to my PC at the same time. This worked fine for 2 years on the PS4 but I just recently got a PS5 and my friends are saying that my microphone is making a loud crackling sound. Does anyone know a way to fix this or any work around to get the mobile PS app on windows so I can join parties?
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2021.01.27 10:34 MyOthrCarsAThrowaway Would you like some cake, Vision?

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2021.01.27 10:34 sadboy_uzgun_kopke repost sa söyleyin silerim

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2021.01.27 10:34 cannavo93 Reposting to see if Harry can explain the origins of his "Videwwww!" stutter

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2021.01.27 10:34 -paraZite HOLD GME & GET BB

Simple as that. This is history right here 'tards.
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2021.01.27 10:34 alittlebeat Auto Switch Coming to Buds+ & Buds Live

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2021.01.27 10:34 HustlersPosterchild XPS 15 9500 running hot since last BIOS update

Since the 1.6.1 BIOS update, my XPS 15 9500 is runnjng hot, with the fans constantly running on high.
It was quiet before the update, and of course Dell blocked downgrading the BIOS.
Any ideas on how to get this back to normal?
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2021.01.27 10:34 Doodlemors Where to invest your gains from $GME

Dear Retard,
If you are reading this you've probably thought about selling your shares of $GME so you think where to invest more. I swear on your mother's boyfriend and wife's boyfriend, you need to hold to reach vallahalla !!
30 shares @ 38$ on average.
Fuck you all from Europe with our hairy armpits and hairy lesbians.
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2021.01.27 10:34 cryptosiwz PLTR down 5% in Europe!!!

Will it tank today?
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2021.01.27 10:34 JesusMeansWhatHeSaid Anyone could and should act as a good Samaritan, regardless of religious background or the lack of it.

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2021.01.27 10:34 sherlock57 I have not gotten the new messenger update.

Help post! All my friends and everyone I know got the update but I have not. AppStore says its upto date and no new update available. My phone is IPhone 8+. Tried reinstalling, logging out and logging in with another account, and reporting the problem to Instagram. If anyone had similar problem please help! Thank you!
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2021.01.27 10:34 Bravo718 What is the Q-code / Debug code for Asus MB when all is running as it should?

Hey I just installed my new Asus Dark Hero MB. This is my first Asus motherboard so not really familiar with the q-codes.
When I boot into windows I see code “AA” is this normal? On my old gigabyte board it would display “A0” when everything was ok and system was running as supposed to.
Can someone please confirm what is the default / all ok code for Asus MB’s?
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2021.01.27 10:34 JessT0904 My dad's ex is stirring up petty drama and it's hurting me in the process (LONG RANT AHEAD)

I can't BELIEVE the nerve of this woman. I used to have a lot of respect for her when she was with my dad, but every ounce of respect I've had for her has completely vanished these last few weeks. It's bad enough that I know so much about their relationship issues, but she crossed a line. I want to confront her about it, but after seeing how batshit crazy she is, I'm honestly scared to. I'm just so fucking angry at her right now I don't know what to do.
My dad broke up with this lady (S) a little under a year ago. I don't remember how long ago it was, but as far as I can remember it was around the beginning of quarantine, so probably around April. My dad and S agreed to stay friends and still talked quite often, but I could tell by watching the two (and listening to my dad complain) that even after the break-up she had huge boundary issues. S always had boundary issues, and looking back on it she was incredibly manipulative and just generally shitty to my dad (shouting at him over trivial things, guilt-tripping him over gifts he didn't ask for, getting mad at him over wanting to rest due to health issues he can't control, talking shit about him to me, etc.) Even during quarantine she would call him nearly every night, come over every weekend, and just constantly be in his face. Even after they broke up, she still came over for nearly every holiday last year, and we were fine with that.
Eventually, after months of them being friends, my dad decided to talk to another woman. Not to date, not because he wanted to find a new girlfriend, just because months of social isolation with no one but your ex and your daughter to hang out with gets lonely, and he wanted to meet some new people! Needless to say, S did not react well. But even up to this point, I didn't care. I wasn't bothered. She can blow up his phone all she wants, not my problem. She threatened to have the SPCA "investigate" our pets, but idk what for, the animals are well taken care of here, so whatever. Hell, she even started messaging his other exes and I didn't care much. I didn't really care until she called up a specific ex, the one who terrorized me all throughout highschool, uprooted my entire household, intensified my already horrible depression to the point where I was contemplating suicide, resulted in child services having to get involved with my family, and wound up with the cops at our door threatening to take me and my dad to jail after he called the cops because their argument was getting aggressive, and much, much more. Even after that though, I could sort of accept that hey, she might have just made a stupid decision while drunk. That wasn't the case, she had consistent conversations with her, but that's beyond the point. The thing that finally killed my respect for S though?
She had the AUDACITY contacted my mother. My biological mother, the one who despite the fact that she lives down the road from me I have not had contact with for 16 years, the one who child services removed me from their care, the one who spent most of my first 5 years drugged up on coke, would leave me unattended in the care of her dealers and in drug dens when my grandma was busy, whom the school had to call and talk to because she sent me without lunches or left me at school after classes so often, who spent the money my dad gave her for my birthday parties on drugs and partying, who couldn't even show up to her fucking court hearing for custody of her own god damn child because she was too busy getting high and fucking my dad's coworkers. And who's shitty stories are all confirmed by not only my dad but other friends and members of my family who I still had contact with. She had the fucking NERVE to call her up and chat shit about how much of a piece of shit my father is.
So now, we got megabitch that I mentioned before thinking about my dad, she'll probably be calling us up to try to turn over our household and milk my dad just like she did to him before. And now, we have my mom back in the picture, someone that I have only just recently been able to consider having a conversation with at 22 years old, and she just decided to call her up. S really did reopen a deep scar with that one, and she doesn't even care. She's out there, just sipping coffee and talking about how horrible we are to both of them. Meanwhile, I don't even think she understands/doesn't care about the can of worms she's just opened for us to deal with, she really has NO CLUE what those women have done to my dad and I.
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2021.01.27 10:34 Robin--07 My three Toyota RSC whic is the best one

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2021.01.27 10:34 MorshuExplainsJoke Do it

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2021.01.27 10:34 platgamers تحميل لعبة رعب locked in syndrom بحجم 500MB

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2021.01.27 10:34 Alternative-Carrot78 Colorful Elephant toothpaste

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2021.01.27 10:34 SJ21x How do you guys normally market on linkedln?

I came across this product and was wondering if any of you know how legit this is.
Here's the link for it : https://cleverly.grsm.io/samyakjain76
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2021.01.27 10:34 ic3wuerfel ich_iel

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2021.01.27 10:34 International_Car570 Plz im not even asking for platinum even gold will make me happy

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2021.01.27 10:34 funudes video filmed and posted today to our onlyfans 😻 follow the link in comments! (subscribe for FREE + a variety of content available 😊)

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2021.01.27 10:34 RealFredtastic Togetic raid on me, 40min left

3203 3191 6757
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2021.01.27 10:34 ceesaart Reuters: EU to hold off on new Russia sanctions if Navalny released | ofc Ribbentrop-Germany gives Kremlin more time

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2021.01.27 10:34 hub42_ Greater deaths or most silly deaths

Hello fellow dungeons and dragons players what is your greatest deaths or silly deaths either with your own character or NPC PS I would like to share this on my YouTube channel all credit will be given to the author I am rolling for persuasion
So wanna share a quick story on what happened to one of my characters I have been out of DND for a few months a due to work so with that being said I had to write up a brand-new character he was meant to be a bad ass monk he was a lion/human as I joined the party I was left on a hillside surrounded by dire wolves The main party was out fishing and they decided to head back to land they noticed a kerfuffle in the distance the rogue rolled a 15 on perception and noticed six dire wolves and a lion type creature
With this the Rogue thought it would A good idea to fire a arrow at one of theDire wolves That would be initiative
The party start to row to land they roll a natural 20 rowing they were going so fast as they hit land and they were flung from the boat all failed there dex saving throw They were unconscious for around also they rolled low on their there Initiatives
The Dire wolves rolled high on their initiative so for the first round I had all six dire wolves attack me as the main group were 50 feet away Four had to miss I’m now down to 30 HP my turn I attempt to hit one of the dying walls I miss 2nd account miss
Back to the top of the table Dire wolves turn As they don’t notice the party they attack me again safe to say this time or six hit I go down
Time for them saving throws first role natural one (FML)
Party then re gain conscious half movement they start making their way to the dire wolves but because of Of the trees they had to do an investigation check the rogue Rolls one
Paladin rolls a five wizard rolls at 10 Barbarian rolls six They are slightly confuse which way to go
Back to the top of the of the round the dire wolves circle my body no action taken I think the DM at that point felt a bit bad for me
Death saving throws would you believe it another natural one ( double fml)
The team finally find there way to meAnd somehow they all fail to attack the Wolves by rolling low low numbers the dire wolves didn’t see them as a Fret and decide to drag my dead body into the woods to eat me as the main party has never met my character they just thought it was a lion being attacked by some dire wolves and left them to it and they went to check on there boat
I didn’t even get to introduce my character say his name quickest death ever in DND history?
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2021.01.27 10:34 redditorprimer Made by me(entp)

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