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2021.01.27 10:39 Iseliandir Demo

Hey any new info on when the demo will be avaiable to download?
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2021.01.27 10:39 TooDumbtoLikeTLOUPII A detailed look into Gamstat data: The Last of Us Part II sold well on its first weekend but it’s been definitely not selling well after that

A detailed look into Gamstat data: The Last of Us Part II sold well on its first weekend but it’s been definitely not selling well after that We already know the “sequel” broke first weekend record for a PlayStation exclusive worldwide (USA, Europe and Japan), with more than 4 million sold units. We also know the game is already placed as the third best-selling PS4 exclusive ever in USA (dollar sales, per NPD data) and that is a direct consequence of that huge start of copies sold at full price (which is related to the fact “Part II” was the most anticipated PS game of the generation, supposedly to be the sequel of one of the greatest games ever made).
But once we don’t have actual figures of units sold to compare with other games, the only thing we can for now is use Gamstat data. I know, player count does now equal sales, but that’s what we can do to measure how good the game is performing.
So, let’s look into the data. “TLoU 2” numbers are (last updated 19 Nov, 2020):
Release date player count (06/19/2020): 1.570.900
Player count on 11/19/2020 (154 days since launch): 7.155.700
Total player count increase: 356%
Daily average player count increase: 36.502
Now, let’s compare these numbers to some PS exclusives (keeping the same 154 days period since release dates):

Gross Numbers
So, the first thing that draws attention is the fact that almost all of the other games (except for Days Gone) had a larger total player increase since release date. “TLoU 2” sales are more concentrated on its first days than other PS exclusives. IMO, this situation means two things: a) the majority of the people who bought the game on release day (and weekend) were the fans of the first game; and b) the backlash has really damaged both the franchise and Naughty Dog’s credibility to the point casual gamers are avoiding to buy it now (which is supported by the other two charts I’m presenting on this analysis).
One thing is certain: The “sequel” is already underperforming Spider-Man and God of War (both in total player count by 154th day and also in daily average increase). And once “Part II” has sold more than both games on the first weekend, if it’s below them now it means word-of-mouth isn’t really doing it any good.
Okay, it would be really hard for the game to beat Spider-Man in long-term sales because this one appeals to a much larger audience (but, again, we need to remind that “Part II” did outsold the Marvel hero on the first weekend), but when comparing to God of War, it just shouldn’t have happened (“Part II” had a stronger start and we are talking about a game that has completely transformed the franchise’s established gameplay – something that would hold some people from buying it on sight).
Still, “Part II” performance doesn’t look so bad when looking into this whole chart, of course. But there’s another thing we need to address when analyzing either player count or actual sales: The console player base evolution.
We need to weight all games’ player counts by the size of the consoles total player bases at the time each of them was released. It doesn’t aim to be a precise calculation (I’m using year-end numbers), but it’s enough to give us a better understanding about the “sequel” performance.
Considering the same numbers from the previous chart, here is a face-off between the share of the console player base each game has managed to achieve on release day and on 154th day:

Share of Consoles Player Base
The first thing to notice is that “Part II” indeed had a huge start, only being compared to Spider-Man (both games reaching 1,4% of PS4 player base on release day). But the second column is another proof to show that the game is failing to keep its sales momentum, because it’s not only below Spider-Man and God of War (as we already acknowledged by the first chart) but also Uncharted 4 (Naughty Dog’s previous main game) and Horizon Zero Dawn (an entirely new IP). Yes, the “sequel” long-term player count (probably its sales too) is definitely hurt.
For the last chart, I will compare the daily weighted average player increase. To calculate it I’ve weighted the other games numbers into PS4 2020 player base:

Weighted Daily Average Player Count Increase
IMO, this is the major proof that the “sequel” is performing nowhere near as well as Sony, Naughty Dog, the media and the fans are trying to push. The game had simply lost its huge support after release and a good share of casual gamers are definitely avoiding to buy it now.
“TLoU Part II” is simply underperforming almost all of the games on the chart, including its predecessor and Bloodborne (an entirely new IP and a niche game) along with Uncharted 4, Horizon, God of War and Spider-Man (four games that we’ve already noticed by the first two charts). The only game it’s still performing better is Days Gone.
My conclusion: The only reason the “sequel” has achieved huge numbers in dollars sales and it’s already figured as one of the best-selling PS exclusives ever is the support of the fans of first game (the majority of the people who bought it on the first days after launch). The leaks have not hurt the game’s sales like a lot of people try to point out (people either went blind buying it or were still trusting Naughty Dog). Now, its long-term figures are bleeding because of the controversies Naughty Dog has deliberately inserted itself into (not only by disrespecting the legacy of the first game, but also by doubling down their bet when they started labelling every criticism as whatever word they knew it would give them social media points). I guess social media people don’t buy many games as they though and also don’t represent the majority of the gaming market…
Obviously, one can argue there’s no guarantee to point out these other games would deliver such average daily increases if they were released last year. That’s correct, there’s no guarantee, and I’m not saying they would. It’s a weighted calculation and, at the very least, this data shows the other games’ numbers are more impressive (except for Days Gone). The “sequel” first weekend sales were definitely amazing (congratulations for the fake marketing campaign, Naughty Dog!), but after that it is really having a hard time to keep its support (that’s on you too, Naughty Dog!).
“TLoU 2” will definitely cross the 10 million units mark someday, especially if Naughty Dog releases a MP mode for more cash grab, but it won’t erase the fact that the game would be performing so much better (as it was expected to) if they have done what a sequel is supposed to do (which is to follow the events of its predecessor, not to try to destroy everything that made it the masterpiece it is).
Gamstat data: https://gamstat.com/games/
PS4 hardware sales by year (2013 – 2019): https://www.sie.com/en/corporate/data.html
PS4 hardware sales (current number, 2020): https://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/
PS3 hardware sales by year (2006 – 2013): https://www.vgchartz.com/tools/hw_date.php?reg=Global&ending=Yearly
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2021.01.27 10:39 kentaihamen Double standards are the worst...

If they want to close the gap between JP and Global, then close the difference in content. Banners are not content. Final bosses, the Lilia event we're missing that's a couple of things we still haven't "caught up" with. This is our second dead week on global for the tower too. That's lesser diamonds and SA coins that are already hard to get. That's possibly a multi or two on the One banner we could have had since we'd get 90+ from both combined before the banner left. I'm sure people will disagree, but if you were complaining about Ass Meli being "delayed" on global because of crybabies, then why aren't you complaining about the missing content?
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2021.01.27 10:39 NANO1552 Hi, I'm new at [Notion] and want some help.

as a student, I want to make a School Schedule to know when is the next class Btw, I have 7 periods per day each one 45 min and I want to make a page for this to track my day, plz does someone have a similar thing as me to duplicate or Guide to how can I d make it
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2021.01.27 10:39 Thedreamingpainter Was told you might appreciate my new favorite deck pickup. Works like it just came off the factory floor. Only replaced the belt out of habit. Denon Dr-M11

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2021.01.27 10:39 spunkhunk69 after posting about kellyanne conway posting her daughters nudes, creep asks if i have them

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2021.01.27 10:39 stugster OpenVPN Access Server price hikes

As the title, OpenVPN Access Server prices are going through the roof in the coming weeks.
We used to buy 10 licences for $180 a year (yeah, pretty cheap to be fair). That same pricing is now, for 10 licences, $720 a year (yeah, not very cheap now).
They've introduced a new Subscription model (you'd previously buy your 10 licences, chuck them on your OpenVPN box, and that was that). The new Subscription model lets you spread those licences across multiple servers, which is nice for us (in a way) because it means we can oversell licences. If we buy 20 subscriptions, as long as 20 clients aren't simultaneously connected to their corresponding VPN servers then it works.
Our problem is that there's no way for us to tell when clients will connect, and at the moment with everyone working from home, they're all connected. This means that we need to pretty much buy a licence per head... oh, and the subscription model costs $75/m for 10 licences.
This is obviously a company that has seen COVID and remote-working and bumped their prices to scrape as much as possible. It's annoying because the product itself is ideal, but the pricing is just untenable for the majority of our clients. We now have to resort to another product.
Anyone got any recommendations for something that works as well as OpenVPN AS? Something that's cross-OS compatible (OpenVPN worked perfectly on Windows and Mac). Something that is easy for first-line technicians to manage?
Almost all of the clients we sent the pricing to rejected it. Obviously had they been paying close to or around $75/m in the first instance this wouldn't have been an issue. The price hike to them is all they see, and it's a significant 300%+ increase. No new features, self-hosted, no real costs to them. Just a reaction to being able to scalp the market, as far as I can tell.
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2021.01.27 10:39 Fabulous-Ad1059 Entei raid on me 1895 7639 3512 Be online

Entei raid on me 1895 7639 3512 Be online
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2021.01.27 10:39 DepressedExpress4 What was your 'hol up' moment in life?

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2021.01.27 10:39 Alternative-Carrot78 Colored Elephant Toothpaste

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2021.01.27 10:39 siddharth3322 How to display UI Image behind 3d Model?

How to display UI Image behind 3d Model? As you are seeing in the below image, the player model goes behind the UI image.
How to show the image behind the player model?
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2021.01.27 10:39 SpectralGhost77 Why do people not use mountaintop and recluse in pvp anymore?

I don't know if i'm stupid or something but i dont get why people aren't using these OP weapons in non-light level enabled modes, it seems kinda silly. I would appreciate any answers.
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2021.01.27 10:39 Barrel_PlainsYT A painful picture. I'll have to play with randoms :(

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2021.01.27 10:39 JohnRooney55 The old ksi will never be topped

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2021.01.27 10:39 STRIKER32567 This is some art I commissioned. Enjoy !!!

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2021.01.27 10:39 BinkyRcweb Rosamund Pike Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

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2021.01.27 10:39 Shepard80 CD PROJEKT capital group stock value is on a rise.

So, there wasn't much movement in price since many weeks after that big dumpster drop. Only six days ago bid value was still sitting at 250. Now it's 323 and each day they gaining 5-10%. Lowest they've got in the past year was 218, the highest 460 (probably way overpriced).
Since there was a lot of drama arround stock echange since the Cyberpunk release, I thought it's quite interesting.
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2021.01.27 10:39 _Mahalalel_ Olur gibi

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2021.01.27 10:39 GijMutten Rocket League, but the field is sideways. Hurts the brain, streamer.exe stopped working

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2021.01.27 10:39 MohAmr777 What's this from

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2021.01.27 10:39 Oil__Man We'Re litErally iN auchWitZ

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2021.01.27 10:39 badyear99 This poor guy

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2021.01.27 10:39 OneWhoShouldBeNamed Cars don't upgrade after reaching Prestige level 100

Upon reaching level 100 prestige, the cars simply don't level up after coming out of the prize machine (the shield levels remain the same). Only the already maxed out cars continue to give gems. Now, I get the point of not getting any more prestige points after reaching the zenith, but at least the shield could've been continued to be upgraded. Is it just me or is this actually a part of the game, or am I missing something altogether?
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