Go! Black and white Hannah screaming or normal? |

Black and white Hannah screaming or normal?

2021.01.17 21:03 Nav_Blue_Coolant Black and white Hannah screaming or normal?

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2021.01.17 21:03 dalekfromskaro Least upticked opinions are the most unpopular ones.

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2021.01.17 21:03 ArtbyLoyal Happy 10th Birthday Garcon!!!! The love of our lives. The smartest, kindest, best boy in the world!! I could not have dreamed up a better dog. Our best friend, our baby boy. I love him so much that I literally cry just thinking about him turning 10 already.

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2021.01.17 21:03 N64TEAM [OC] Lightning Mcqueen from Cars

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2021.01.17 21:03 lonesomespliffany Visiting someone in a different state you met online. Any advice is welcomed

I (23/F) recently matched with someone on tinder but they live 8 hours away. We’ve FaceTimed multiple times so I know he’s real. I’ve traveled alone before but it was for camps and a festival where I was meeting friends so ofc this time is a bit different because I don’t know anyone in the city he’s in. I have a car (2012 Ford Focus) but I’m nervous about driving it so far bc I haven’t driven beyond an hour from my house. I have no problem flying but then there’s a thing of buying a plane ticket. I also live with my mom and I don’t want her to know I’m going to see someone I never met. So how do I deal with that?
TL;DR Has anyone had any experience in this area? What did you do to prepare a safe trip. What do I do if things go wrong? How can I be safe about it? What can I cover it up from my mom
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2021.01.17 21:03 AverageHumana FULL Review of the new EP before its release!

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2021.01.17 21:03 deadwolfbones Looking for a great ACC league? Join Octane Online Racing!

Calling all ACC drivers! Octane Online Racing (OOR) is heading into its 5th season starting next week, and we're looking for a few more drivers to round out our North/South American Sprint Series roster. Our first round is this Thursday and we have 3-4 open slots in Tier Blue, which races at 8PM EST on Thursdays.
The season encompasses 10 rounds with a mix of super sprint (2x 30 minute races) and sprint (1x 60 minute races) events, and winds up in early May. You can see all the details here.
Please note that we have a second North American tier, Tier Red, that runs at 9:30PM on Thursdays. If you are unable to race in Tier Blue but are still interested in driving in OOR, you can sign up for Tier Red to join the waitlist! If we get enough waitlist signups, it's possible that more tiers will be added.
In the OOR Sprint Series, drivers join manufacturer-based teams (3 drivers per manufacturer, per split) and compete for both drivers' and constructors' championships. Teams share setups and collaborate on strategy, but individuals within the teams still compete with one another.
Interested in joining us? Follow these simple steps:

  1. To register with OOR, click here.
  2. Then, sign up for the Sprint Series by clicking here.
Are you a rookie intimidated by signing up for an established league? OOR has a rookie series, too. Check out the details here.
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2021.01.17 21:03 fashion198 http://3578201.fireblogz.com/23601604/

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2021.01.17 21:03 Sweet-Metal-4735 How will a Biden administration effect Australia

Please, no spams.
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2021.01.17 21:03 mmackkenzz Finally having success with my bujo thanks to this sub!

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2021.01.17 21:03 Ashplays15340 My shop! (Sorry if things might be overpriced)

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2021.01.17 21:03 Yungnuggeteir i think it looks cool

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2021.01.17 21:03 Arctic_Chilean Some Fictional Nation Flags I Made For My Kerbal Space Program Universe

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2021.01.17 21:03 marinatorsn @MinaProtocol #Testworld #PoweredByParticipants

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2021.01.17 21:03 Ratchet2332 Creating transcripts for Mordecai’s update’s until we get a new trailer day 2

“Today is January 17th 2021, this is Mordecai host of the updates, bringing you your daily Elden Ring update… There is no news about Elden Ring today… and that has been your daily Elden Ring update for January 17th 2021…”
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2021.01.17 21:03 brofessor_oak_AMA LF: Victini, Maoletta, Arceus, Hoopa (unbound), Volcanion, and Manaphy! (cloned is fine) FT: Inside

Shiny: Charmander line, Machop Line, Electabuzz/vir, Magmamortar, Porygon line, Dustox, Bruxish, Magikarp/gyrados, Kanto moltres, wooper, ponyta, nidoran(f), metagross, and many more
M: Genesect, Celebi
Legends: most of them
I also have a ton of rare home pokes like gogoat, vivillion, eelektross, probopass, slaking, etc
Also looking for a shiny: shinx/luxio/ray, magnemite/ton/zone, magby, elekid, giratina, lugia, and shiny mythics (cloned is fine)
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2021.01.17 21:03 SteakExact1358 Looks like Naperville Sunnyside hogging all the good strains.

4 aeriz strains at naperville and zero at five other locations. Tons of rythm strains. Meanwhile all the -20% thc and sessionable garbage is everywhere but there. lol.
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2021.01.17 21:03 vangelisc Πώς απεφεύχθη ένα ελληνικό «Καπιτώλιο» το 2010

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2021.01.17 21:03 Britisheagl The frequency of YouTube ads aren't necessarily the problem, the advertisers are often the issue.

Whether it's misleading mobile games, gambling, alcohol or other predatory practices the sinister nature of the ads is beyond a joke.
This is amplified by the fact that if you opt in to personalised ads you cannot click the "I don't want to see this as" on the Android app for a lot of them.
As someone who has previously struggled with gambling addiction it doesn't half upset me when I watch a video about gaming and get 3 ads all for various betting sites. It's worth noting I never Google anything to do with betting and haven't in over a decade so it cannot be the algorithm. I also understand the importance of ad revenue and no, I will not humour YouTube premium. I just feel things that attribute to homelessness and addiction should not be on YouTube profiteering on potentially vulnerable or underage individuals.
Frequency is also an issue, but mostly due to tight data plans, consumed by predatory advertisements.
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2021.01.17 21:03 BITLITTIT Any love for gouramis?

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2021.01.17 21:03 Longboarder120 Xbox/PC ArkOlympusHost unofficial pc cluster

Join a new unofficial pc nitrado cluster server ArkOlympusHost with 3 maps Rag, Gen, and crystal isles. Join the discord https://discord.gg/EVt8UTeK
No admins except for the owner ArkOlympusHost The owner(me Xbox gamer tag is ArkOlympusHost) is available 90% time on weekends. On weekdays after 4pm Eastern standard time I’m available, In between 11pm through 4pm I am unavailable except for using discord or nitrado on my phone
Here are major stats across the cluster
Harvest rate 10x
Players/dinos are 4x on most stats like hp, stam etc. Weight is 500x
Taming/breeding in between 90x to 30x depending on the stat Custom crafts such as but not limited to the essentials turret ammo, grappling hooks, spyglass, gunpowder, cementing paste, etc
Stack size has also been modified on average of 5x
Auto Unlock all engrams
Ban dinos/items bronto, tek rail gun, tek atv
Free starts ON RAG ONLY (Viking bay) includes a flyers with a saddle of your choice pt, argy, pely, griffin, snow owl, tapejara
Plus all the Convenient features you enjoy such as map marker, crosshair, etc
Are you having trouble joining Or you aren’t able to change the session filter try following these steps. Message the owner on discord and ask to see if the servers are working properly, if it is a problem with the session filter and you cannot change it then try this. At the main menu of arc in the bottom right corner highlight primitive plus official and click on it once that is done go back to highlighting join arc, select join Ark And wait for all searching for sessions to load, once that is done You will now be able to change your session filter to unofficial PC session. Once you’ve done that back out of the session list And then go to the bottom right corner again and click on survival evolved, Now you’re good to go, you can go back to join arc, and at the top of the session list you’ll see the name filter click on that and then type in the name of the server ArkOlympusHost And choose a map you wish to start on. Remember starters are only given on Ragnarok at Viking Bay
Owneadmin does not interfere with the server except for starters or investigate potential bans, and other admin work etc. Owneadmin is not your helper, if you die right after you get your starter and ask for help you won’t get it. Understand I’m not here to be your tribe mate/friend, and help you out, I’m only here to give starters kits and sort out drama on the server, you dying after you got some free stuff, and asking to give your more or help you get it back is not my job take responsibility and do it yourself. also I would have no way of knowing you’re lying and trying to exploit the owner to give more starters
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2021.01.17 21:03 Vincentherna390 Should I switch jobs to be with my “gf”?

Hey I’ve been thinking about this for a while and need help. i’m in high school btw. So i work at a restaurant/fast food place and have been for about 7-8 months. A few months in a new hostess got hired and I was sort of in charge of helping her in the back since i work in the back and she works in the front. We immediately started talking and became friends quick. I liked her but decided to wait for a bit since she was still new. Last week i decided to ask her out, but she said her parents won’t let her date but we could be more than friends. So we are closer and it’s basically a relationship but no dates cause of her parents. She put in her 2-week notice in a few days ago cause the managers were getting onto her for no reason and no-one else had a problem with her. She said she is going to start working at a sandwich place and wants me to go with her. I really do want to go with her but there are a few factors. things are looking good at my current place and i don’t have any problems there. my boss just hired a bunch of new people and might give others, like myself, less hours. but things are looking good with our relationship and i wanna keep it that way because we could only see each other at work. i wanna go with her but idk what to do. Any advice helps
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2021.01.17 21:03 Paint-Altruistic Please consider the discount code: *SANDRA10* + rewards code : * JAZA4793 * for 12-15% off!

New customers get an extra 15% off their total order value. Returning customers get 12% off. If you also have a code and have used mine, do share so that I get a chance to return the favour. You can also use the link please -
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2021.01.17 21:03 medunjanin How often can you reuse oil for deep frying?

I use a "Fry Daddy" for cooking, and it's basically a bucket that plugs into the wall for deep frying. Everything online says that you can reuse oil for deep frying, but i feel like the quality of the food is worse the second time I use it. The oil starts to get very bubbly, almost like its soap, and the food falls apart sometimes.
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2021.01.17 21:03 davehodg Do you reckon...

Mrs Figg and Filch had an on-off relationship?
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