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2021.01.26 05:14 No_Till_664 what can i sayyyy

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2021.01.26 05:14 distantlover1 I’m disappointed in myself

I can’t stand myself, after months of waiting, broken promises of him saying tomorrow babe countless times. I obsessively ask and finally he allows me to give him a blowjob. Proudly I work at this for almost 20 minutes listening to his moaning and his deep breathing and then abruptly to him jumping up off the bed to go pee. After several minutes with the water running of his “hand washing” I too decide to go pee, through the cracked bathroom door do I see him ejaculating in his hand.. I quickly and quietly get back into bed.. my heart pounding through my chest, tears streaming down my face I lay so still as he gets back into bed and I feel him separating our blankets he in one, me in the other. He rolls over and says sorry he’s no loner in the mood, but tomorrow babe, and he promises.. I say as excited as ever. Ok babe I can’t wait until tomorrow as giddy and as disappointed now myself as ever.. I hate me sometimes
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2021.01.26 05:14 EdgeCrow Stop tryna convert people.

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2021.01.26 05:14 strictlybusiness18 Skip Bayless was right all along about Tom Brady taking Bucs to Super Bowl LV

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2021.01.26 05:14 DiveIntoFootball FPL Team selection Gameweek 20 | Fantasy premier league 2020 tips | Captain picks | KDB OUT

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2021.01.26 05:14 Arlekiel Any of you have issues communicating at work?

I have had experiences mainly with my bosses, in which they tell me I need to be shorter, and more concise with the way I communicate. In my mind.. I need to brief them with the context AND the problem that requires their attention, they only seem to want to focus on "as little information" as possible. Which has led me on some scenarios where they get frustrated with the way I deliver the information.
On the other hand.. every time I do what they ask me... and only brief them on the problem at hand.. they tend to make STUPID decisions, and everyone ends suffering their silly mistakes.
Is this an INTJ thing?
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2021.01.26 05:14 1000000Mogadishus Required Viewing in Finkelstein Studies

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2021.01.26 05:14 animeweebgrill 17F 116 lbs 4’11 still messed up period after 4 years , is this normal ??

I’ve had my period ever since I was 13 and my period is still messed up I never know when I’ll get my period I’ve tried tracking apps it never works and I get it like 4-6 times a year and it’s always really painful the first day but not so much the next 3 days it’s usually only 3-4 days max 5(rarely) and it’s medium/light flow for the most part.
My mom tried taking me to see a doctor but they said it’s normal so I never thought much of it.
My mom thinks it’s because I’m always taking /changing medication (for asthma) but I haven’t been taking any medication other than my inhaler for the past year so I don’t really know about that.
Everyone I know had their period the same day every month after the first year of getting their period and some right away.
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2021.01.26 05:14 MLB_2times Somebody calling and sending explicit pictures to my 12 year old sister. Has her scared and crying. Give em your worst

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2021.01.26 05:14 kobony Original Abstract Painting by Charlie Apple | Abstract Art on Canvas | EYE NOSE

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2021.01.26 05:14 EchodaDolphin Best Hitman 3 Mastery Unlocks

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2021.01.26 05:14 ItsJony21 [XB1] H:Ultracite Targeting HUD plan W:Offers

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2021.01.26 05:14 IceDripClout Under what substance would you assign to these? (Retouched, and edited hand drawing, sorry for the double post)

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2021.01.26 05:14 dabingmom Blursed Steam

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2021.01.26 05:14 Fragger2356 College life

Today I was attending an online class and teacher asked the me an my class if we wanted to apply for a scholarship for our program. I told the teacher I would pass because it would affect my GI bill. In front of the whole class she told me I was very privileged an that many people had to actually work there way through school, and I shouldn't even consider applying. Do I need to re-evaluate myself or...
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2021.01.26 05:14 yellowjaye Found in Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain.

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2021.01.26 05:14 blammmmo What's your favorite "it ain't stupid if it works!"?

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2021.01.26 05:14 anti_bacterial Negative food reviews

Lately I’ve been seeing an influx of food reviewers going viral on social media. I’m all for uplifting small businesses and giving them shout outs when they have amazing food to offer but what’s the point of posting about a not-so-pleasant experience? Especially now more than ever with COVID being a big hit for small business everywhere. Like... just don’t say anything? You reach millions of people a day online. You are hurting someone’s livelihood for what? You had a slice of pizza or a taco that you weren’t crazy about. okay????? Keep it to yourself. Unless it was really unsanitary or you were scammed then speak up but if it’s just average and people are trying to earn a living keep your unqualified opinion to yourself.
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2021.01.26 05:14 Emergency_Air7658 Onlyfans 2 sub 2 recs

No ppv can squirt and loves anal
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2021.01.26 05:14 doingbasiclifeprep pls send things like paper marios 📄

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2021.01.26 05:14 techygrizz101 [USA-WA] [H] PayPal [W] Bellman 50ss

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Flair for the past three months but I’m ready to step it up. I’m looking for a stovetop steamer. The Bellman 50ss is the only one I’ve found so far (aside from the bellman espresso/steamer combos) but I’m open to any equivalent.
If it goes on a stove, and makes steam, I want it.
Any offers or good places to look?
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2021.01.26 05:14 BeenUpEatinBeans Bussy this, bussy that. You have a 1.9 GPA

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2021.01.26 05:14 rose_lannd Hello MrInnit :D Thank you very much.

I heard that you sometimes check your Reddit, I’d just like to say on the behalf of all people with anxiety or ADHD, thank you very much for the colour coded subtitles. As someone who gets stressed out without them, having them in such detail with the colours and everything really just makes me very happy :). Keep up the amazing work, you are so good at what you do! :D
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2021.01.26 05:14 moxie_gusto Legal ramifications of publishing a custom set?

I’ve been working on a custom draft set for some time now. I’ve been wondering what issues I would face if I went to Kickstarter or something similar to fund proper printing. And to distribute, even? Is this even the right place to ask lmao
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2021.01.26 05:14 Siddhubhai8055 Nearly Killed Her

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