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2021.01.27 09:35 x3unknownxx Venture code

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2021.01.27 09:35 yungboywitgoalz Do seasonal employees have to pay taxes or not

I am a seasonal Ex employee and I wanna know if we have to file taxes
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2021.01.27 09:35 sstretchmarkss [FNaF/SFM] Bonnie VS Bonnie! (Models by Splinks & Team VR)

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2021.01.27 09:35 Master-Baiter69420 I want to learn more about the stock market.

I am a 16 year old dude, who is intrested in investments and the share market.
I just want to learn about it's basics and in simple language. Can you guys please link to some videos or articles that are written for dumbasses like me?
Coz all the sources I have found involve complex words that I haven't ever heard in my lifetime, even tho I am a commerce student.
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2021.01.27 09:35 tipodecinta Wychavon District Council wins Loo of the Year trophy

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2021.01.27 09:35 InspirobotBot Wed Jan 27 10:34:11 2021

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2021.01.27 09:35 Schlongisgerman Cursed Petrification

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2021.01.27 09:35 superbright Big update is coming to In Death: Unchained on February 16th!

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2021.01.27 09:35 ofbalance Glad to see our first flowers of '21, some tiny Navalis.

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2021.01.27 09:35 Dehydification That's cringey

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2021.01.27 09:35 coryscalculator I wish it was different

We arent together, and that sucks.
You asked me to come over and I really wanted to.
But of the few friends I have she was going through grief and loss and I wanted to be there for her. She has been there for me and I am trying to re-establish my friendships.
We made plans and I stayed with her late and didn't end up coming to see you. Not because I didnt want to come but bc I wanted to be there for a friend. I needed to cry with her and grieve with her.
You were kind and understanding and after our relationship I don't necessarily deserve that. But you were, as you have always been.
I wish I'd gone over. I wish I didnt stay late so I could console her even tho it felt right at the time, I still wish I went over...
Can I still come over...?
I miss you. I should have come over..
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2021.01.27 09:35 MrTNT60 Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts is the best game in the Banjo-Kazooie series.

The world's are the most beautifully designed worlds i have seen in a video game, it looks good for an early xbox 360 game, and it has seemingly endless kart customisation, and plenty of replay value, I really don't understand why its so hated.
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2021.01.27 09:35 lawschoolredux Is it possible Neil could survive the next time?

I assume that when Neil says he'll see him at the beginning and goes off into the chopper to go unlock the door again, there's a chance he'll do it in a way that he survives, especially after what he tells TP about just because whatever happened happened, it isn't an excuse to not do anything... I always figured he may fake his own death to get out of the spy game cleanly, maybe so Ives doesn't keep looking for him, now that there mission is over and the world is saved.
It could be something we'd see in a sequel: TP meets Neil, recruits him, tells him he's going to go back in time to save TP and that he's going to die saving the world, but he can change his fate and get shot in the arm or shoulder or hand or wear a bulletproof mask, etc. with a Dark Knight Rises style ending reveal that he's alive and well on some beach somewhere.
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2021.01.27 09:35 saucermenstudios 3D Printed Spaceship Wreckage

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2021.01.27 09:35 iptrucs [OC] France - Yerres - The flowerbed in front of the Caillebotte house

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2021.01.27 09:35 presidintfluffy Patroller NPC

Do you hate having to Control land all by yourself. Do you want to start a nation but you just don’t have the time to make hundreds of turrets that you will need to reload every five Seconds. Well boy I got just what you need. The patroller npc is a hired gun. you can give him a route and on the map and he will Patrol it keeping any of the not so well liked things out of your land!
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2021.01.27 09:35 InspirobotBot Wed Jan 27 10:34:08 2021

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2021.01.27 09:35 Suzina Kylo Ren finishing what Vader started

I think the sequel trilogy of Star Wars movies was, to be honest, not well planned out, if planned at all. Therefore, it is up to the fans to construct around the movies a context that improves the movie trilogy and makes it work as part of a 9 part epic.
My theory is that Kylo Ren is actually out to finish what Darth Vader started, but not what Darth Vader started when he turned to the dark side, but rather what Darth Vader started when he turned to the light side.
Consider that in episode 5, Vader asked Luke to join him so that together they could defeat the Emperor. Only with combined powers could they possibly take on such a foe. For a family dynamic to work against the Emperor himself, there must always be at least two family members. One to take the focus of the Emperor, and the other to strike when least expected. Luke denied this chance and later regretted it, retreating to his island planet to sulk.
Kylo recognizes what Vader was up to. Vader wanted to use the power of the Dark Side to fight against the Emperor, but so long as the was the sole focus of the Emperor, such as during training, the Emperor would see his moves coming from a mile away and then thwart any attempt to dethrone him. So instead what happens is we see progress only when the Emperor is focused on one person (luke, rey, ect..) and then the sith lord like Vader can toss the Emperor off a cliff, or Kylo can cut Snoke in half, or do other things that would otherwise be seen a mile away by the Emperor if only he were not so focused on the light side force-user that seemed to be in competition with his apprentice.
So he's finishing what Vader started, not what Anakin started. Anakin started down the dark path, but Vader started down the path of unseating the power he had helped entrench. He is finishing Vader's plan to defeat the Emperor and rule the galaxy as a family.
This explains why Kylo (despite better training) could not seem to beat a woman who had never held a lightsaber before, nor fully defeat even a single storm trooper with a light saber. He simply did not have that as a goal. He cared more about Rey than Palatine. Only with his apparent conflict with Rey could he ever get past the never-ending waves of force-sensitive clones like Snoke and make his way to what he sensed was the true Emperor in hiding the whole time.
This is why at the very end, Kylo and Rey are on the same side. Why they kiss. Why they seem to love each other, but in a secret and forbidden kind of way. Kylo has reached into Rey's mind and he saw enough to know that he wants what she wants. Kylo borrows the powers of the true emperor, but only to siphon off enough to make the Emperor more vulnerable.
Could Rey or Luke for that matter just grab a laser sword and charge head first into the forbidden sections of the galaxy and charge at the Emperor in exogol? Of course not. The Emperor would foresee such a thing and would leave only an army of sith troopers behind to fight and no Emperor to slay.
Could Kylo who prays to the Force ghost of his father possibly be getting dark-side messages from Vader? Of course not. Vader already turned to the light side and became a Force ghost. There's no turning back to dark for Vader now. And Kylo is wise enough to know that the messages he's getting when he prays to the vader helmet are in fact coming from a dark side force, not his father's. So Kylo had to do what he did, to finish what Vader started when he tossed the Emperor down the endless pit.
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2021.01.27 09:35 Lanceuppercut47 Is this the correct version of the nano charger that will support 15W charging via MagSafe?

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2021.01.27 09:35 Anon_Acc_1300 "From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring..."

I am porn free in 2021. I am porn free for 26 days and counting.
This is the longest I have gone without Porn or Masturbation in over 25 years.
And today I made another milestone, I burned my porn stash to the ground.
When I started 26 days ago, I deleted all accounts and apps that gave me access, but I signed out of my Google Drive account, I didn't delete it. I don't know why I kept the stash, maybe I wasn't ready to take that final step.
But today I signed back in, delete every file, every folder and wiped the bin, it's gone.
Over 12 GB of organised folders of videos, photos and stories, links to audio, links to websites, deleted...
Over 12GB of poison, running from vanilla to some kinks I don't even know how I ended up at, deleted...
I am better than this addiction I am stronger that I knew
Today I took another step on the path to where I want to be
I may stumble or trip, I may doubt my strength to move forward, but my path is clear...
This is the Way
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2021.01.27 09:35 seventyeight_moose a bit wordy but meh

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2021.01.27 09:35 ai_jobs [Hiring] Senior Back-End Developer - Remote, UK (within 2h of GMT)

About our Business and Technology
Our fast paced development team works with cutting edge technologies that solve real-world problems that include:

Role & Responsibilities
As Senior Back-End Developer, you will have an instrumental role in the development of our core suite of products. Our innovative product suite consists mainly of HTML5 / webapps that have been designed to operate onboard vessels, mobile applications, desktops, and large kiosk displays. As Senior Back-End developer, you will be developing APIs, sophisticated algorithmic processes, optimised data-models, well-defined APIs, complex batch ETL/ELT processes, and most importantly working with bigdata and solving all those associated challenges.
You will demonstrate leadership qualities, contribute to all technical discussions with insight and pragmatism, and drive the development of our customer facing products by combining technical vision, commercial awareness, and entrepreneurial spirit.
Salary Range: £50K - £60K
Read more / apply: https://ai-jobs.net/job/5011-senior-back-end-develope
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2021.01.27 09:35 igotquestions000 Double Sleeve Help?

I'm currently using the Ash Blossom Sleeves and want to start double sleeving them so the sleeves don't get damaged. What kind of sleeves should I be looking for to double sleeve? Also, I had read that Standard side sleeves aren't allowed. Is this true?
Thanks everyone!
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2021.01.27 09:35 misterfLoL Ignition down?

Can't log in atm and the website has been down for a week. Anyone have any news?
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2021.01.27 09:35 wroetodeema AYYYY

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