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Job: English Lecturer, ODU

2021.01.26 04:49 tengrrl Job: English Lecturer, ODU

Dear WPA List Colleagues,
Old Dominion University’s Department of English invites applications for a full-time, continuing contract position beginning fall term 2021 for a lecturer in general education composition. The lecturer will teach four sections of 100- or 200-level composition courses per semester and engage in department service. Expertise in and experience teaching composition is required and the minimum degree requirements are an MA or MFA in English or closely related field. The ad is attached and pasted below. Review of applications will begin March 1, 2021. I hope you will consider applying and/or sharing this ad with your students and colleagues.
Here's a little about ODU and the area: Times Higher Education noted ODU as among the top 10 in the US and top 100 in the world for reducing inequality in 2020 as well as a Top 15 University in the Nation for African American Student Success. Our student body is dynamic and diverse; 37% of our students come from underrepresented ethnic groups and our students’ represent 52 home countries! Old Dominion University is located in the City of Norfolk in the metropolitan Hampton Roads region of coastal Virginia, which means I can walk along the Chesapeake Bay every evening and spend nice weekends grading papers at the beach. Plus, Norfolk ranked 7th friendliest city in the US for travel magazine's 2020 Readers' Choice Awards. And, I’ve been at ODU for two years and really like it.
I’m happy to answer questions about the school and the program.
Until then, I hope to see your application!
Kristi Costello

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2021.01.26 04:49 Trump_Idiocy Israel-Russia: sweet relation of Putin and Netanyahu

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2021.01.26 04:49 jstaminax Permutation in string- leetcode problem

Hello guys! I tried to solve permutation in string peoblem in leetcode in a simplest way but it does not give the correct output.
The question is

given two strings s1 and s2, write a function to return true if s2 contains the permutation of s1. In other words, one of the first string’s permutations is the substring of the second string. 
This is my code:
``` string swap(string& s1) { string temp="";
 for(int i=s1.size()-1; i>=0;--i) { temp=temp+s1[i]; } return temp; } bool checkInclusion(string& s1, string& s2) { string swapped=swap(s1); if(s2.find(swapped)) return true; return false; } 
And the output is:
Output: true Expected: false 
What is the problem with my code? I would be so appreciate if someone can help me. Cheers
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2021.01.26 04:49 ThrowRA_01252021 I (21M) turned down a woman (22F) I know because she was drunk, now things are weird between us

About a year ago, I met this woman (22F) Rachel online. We live in the same city and have talked pretty much every day, but never met in person prior to last weekend. We've been flirty over Snapchat before, but only occasionally.
Over the weekend, she texted me and asked if I could pick her up from a friend's place after she had been drinking. I brought her to her apartment and she invited me to stay the night. We made out for a while and got a little handsy. Eventually, she told me she wanted to have sex, but I told her I thought that she had a lot to drink and didn't want to take advantage of that situation.
We continued making out, and she asked me a few more times, but I kept telling her that I wanted to, but I didn't think that it was a good idea that night. Since then, things have been a little awkward between us over text. I talked to her about it yesterday and asked if things were all good between us, and she said that they were, but I'm still worried I messed things up with her.
I feel like I made the right call. It seems like every woman I know has a story about sexual assault and the last thing I'd ever want to do is risk contributing to that. At the same time, I'm looking back on the night and questioning pretty much everything else I did.
I wonder if I shouldn't have even made out with her, because maybe that led her on. I'm wondering if me saying I wanted to have sex but didn't think we should rather than being firmer about saying no would have made her think I needed to be talked into it and disappointed her when she said no. Or maybe she thought I didn't want to and was just making excuses.
I don't know if maybe it came off as condescending of me, like I didn't trust her to make her own choices. It wasn't like I talked her into it, she definitely wanted it all on her own. Maybe being drunk was her way of getting comfortable enough to actually pursue that.
There's one more thing that might add a bit of context, and it's not like it's super important, because I would have made the same decision even if it didn't happen, but I feel like I should mention it. Before we really started making out, she told me she didn't want to do anything besides that. A bit later she said she wanted to have sex with me, but didn't think we should that night. It wasn't until later that she decided she did want to have sex that night, and actually pushed for it pretty hard.
Did I mess up here at any point? How should I go from here? She's still talking to me about regular stuff, but it seems more awkward. I would really like to see her again, and even if I don't get to, I just like talking to her and don't want to lose that
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2021.01.26 04:49 darkangel1193 Well, that was too real...

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2021.01.26 04:49 RLCD-Bot [Purple Octane] [Octane: Team Endpoint] [Cobalt Plasma] [Purple Aether]

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2021.01.26 04:49 barely_here_by_now hear me out here peeps

ok so we come out of a movie a theater. its raining, you're cold and tired. I step out from under the awning as ambient music from the mall across the way plays. I start dancing, and you smile. suddenly, you gasp as I pull you out into the rain with me. we dance. this is love.
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2021.01.26 04:49 theSecretTechnique Fantasy Party WIP

Just messing around with some fantasy archetypes while trying to get my bearing inside of ZBrush.
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2021.01.26 04:49 ryingpool I have finally joined this glorious party!

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2021.01.26 04:49 belerz Fast fashion and the environment

Hi! I'm student in Maryland, and I'm doing an essay for school on fast fashion and the environment. Would you take a minute to fill out a survey for me? It's just seven questions!
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2021.01.26 04:49 TheGamingSage Some of the drawings I made 2 years ago, found em today , hope u like it ( still lovin this game)

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2021.01.26 04:49 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-tacito-12

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2021.01.26 04:49 InternationalSlide18 Can anyone know how to fix that?

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2021.01.26 04:49 colxin13 I broke up with my girlfriend, it hurts a lot.

Me and my girlfriend of 1 year broke up a month ago, I know a year doesn’t sound like a lot but she is 19 and I am 18 and we spent a lot of time together so she became a very prominent figure in my life. She is and was the first person I ever loved and now what we had is gone. We broke up for a couple reasons but the biggest was because her and my mom didn’t get along well. They began their disagreement in august 2020 and for 5 months my mom and her didn’t even talk and she wasn’t welcome at my house until they could talk. I was caught in the crossfire of the situation and I’m a pretty terrible communicator and I hate being the middle man. My mom claims she is a forgive and forget kind of person but I feel like she didn’t give her a proper chance. My now Ex-girlfriend put the conversation off because she was worried it was gonna mean our end. They finally talked in late December and the damage had been done. The time we spent apart had us both drifting away from each-other and we mutually agreed to separate. Over the last couple weeks I’ve become pretty sad but I’m improving and I have made some changes to my routine to better myself by reading, working out, eating right, etc. but I still have this empty feeling in my torso not in my chest but just above my stomach because I can’t stop thinking about her, it’s hard to lose your first love but I didn’t know it would feel this bad. This is my first post on Reddit and I wrote this up to see if anyone has something to tell me or advice on what I could do, thanks.
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2021.01.26 04:49 CordVY Harrythehealer moment

Guys who’s Harry???
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2021.01.26 04:49 mrsamiciwalker HÄRLANDA for Australia?

Does anyone know when Aussies will be getting the range?
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2021.01.26 04:49 leosha21 Just got my first starspawn, but how do I use it?

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2021.01.26 04:49 kobony Original Landscape Painting by Don Bishop | Abstract Expressionism Art on Canvas | Violet Fields

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2021.01.26 04:49 bobthebonobo Anyone else notice film camera prices creeping back down?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately from looking at used markets and prices it feels like the market prices for a lot of cameras aren’t quite as crazy as they were during the summer. For instance, I seem to recall seeing cameras like the Canon AE1 sell for crazy prices like $150 regularly a few months ago. Now I’m seeing them sit unsold at $75. Is that just in my head?
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2021.01.26 04:49 NAbsentia Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - My Wife and My Dead Wife

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2021.01.26 04:49 Jig_Matrix Government should subsidize the ammo industry

One 50 round box of ammo. Per gun owner. Per year... this would allow firearm owners in low socio-economic areas the ability to train (even if a little bit) get to know the manual of arms for their firearm, and have enough for self defence use if need be.
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2021.01.26 04:49 Adamc474892 Yeah I know, the eyes on the bottom half. First time in a long time I drew something. So I really don't know what to say.

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2021.01.26 04:49 mikailajohnston My girl

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2021.01.26 04:49 324beth21 Looking for information about Karolinska Institutet graduate program admissions

I'm trying to narrow down my choice of grad schools and Karolinska is one of my top choices. The only issue is that they have an admissions rate of 3%. My current school's admission rate is 30% so that's a pretty big difference.
Anyway, I can't seem to find an information on the typical graduate student that applies there. I'd like to know where I stand in the field and what I need to do to become a competitive applicant. Any information, even if it's in Swedish, is very helpful! And if you've attended or worked there, I'd love to hear your experience!
Tack så mycket!
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2021.01.26 04:49 Spaceisterrifying Accidentally Terrifying Snowman

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