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The theme song of the pandemic

2021.01.17 22:32 scoobsboob The theme song of the pandemic

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2021.01.17 22:32 ImJustKJ Insanity

Yo I just found out about her I found her ig and I was in her live is she trolling or is she really bat shit crazy
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2021.01.17 22:32 Internal_Train_9720 gente que labura freelance, cuales son los pros/cons?

Gano aprox. $180k bruto laburando acá, me coge ganancias, me llegaron ofertas (en las cuales ya estoy bastante avanzado en el proceso de entrevistas) que orbitan los $3000 USD, asumiendo que lo cobro en blanco, con impuestos y demás, seguro termino cobrando menos, si lo hago negroni seria muchísima mas guita.
Estuve leyendo el sub y la verdad ya hay buenas discusiones sobre esto, asi que no voy a pedir tips de como cobrarlo gris ni mucho menos, quiero sus honestas opiniones, pros/cons de laburar freelance (desde argentina) vs laburar todo en blanco aca cobrando en pesos.
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2021.01.17 22:32 albundyhere Oven Splatter Help!

I've been baking chicken quarters on a non-stick cookie sheet, but the melted fat splatters every time and i get tons of smoke in the kitchen. i know i'm doing this wrong, and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the type of pan to use. i generally do 4 quarters at a time.
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2021.01.17 22:32 absxnts Just got 2x Rep from daily spin.

Is rec is best bet for rep? I'm only a pro 3 and trying to grind to allstar before the end of the month.
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2021.01.17 22:32 dem0n0cracy “Silent No More” - Dr James Muecke, a famous Australian eye doctor, has been pushing low carb diets to treat diabetes. National Press Club Address on ABC News Channel 24 on Saturday 23rr January- discusses barriers to reversal of T2D

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2021.01.17 22:32 goodenough4now Reccs for newbie?

What sort of tools should I get to start out? Brand new here!
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2021.01.17 22:32 craftydame8 Curious to know about other peoples testosterone/DHEA/SBGH levels

I’ve been on spiro for about three months and metformin for about two (recently stopped taking it due to the gastro side effects). In October, before medication my total testosterone was 87 and is now at 33. Free testosterone was 1.22 and now .52. DHEA was 489.1 and now at 366.5. SHBG is 56, which was not previously tested. My periods are more frequent and my hair has grown fuller and thicker. Anyone else experience similar results with medication? What do your levels look like? Are people still experiencing hair loss after having normal lab results?
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2021.01.17 22:32 Professional_Bag7437 My offer for spring halo

Sf set, bunny slippers, achery kit, pacifier, bat mo with socks, high tighs and 30 k. Sorry if it’s under it’s just my offer
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2021.01.17 22:32 randy0812 Do books lose quality/content/general feeling when translated?

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2021.01.17 22:32 glacialbunnie Albus Dumbledore not caring enough. Is it just me?

I never really bonded with this character, yes, great and powerful wizard and all, but, I always got the feeling he did all he did "for the greater good" (to defeat Voldy) but did he genuinely loved harry?
Potterheads help me reflect on that
“I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter--”
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2021.01.17 22:32 LegendaryRookZ Freshwater tank snails keep dying on literally touching my water

So I got a new tank around new years day, used bacterial booster and conditioner, plants, rushed things before the cycle was complete really and just got like 9 mollies and a bamboo shrimp. Just added an amano too.
Anyway, snails keep dying. Like they touch my water and it's instant death and I can't figure out why. I have a high GH/KH (I'm from Texas and the wife added a wonder shell randomly so...). I LITERALLY TRIED to give myself pest snails, saw them on my new plant and couldn't get them to live.
Put a nerite and mystery snail in the other day, did great in the water floating at the top of the tank, got in the new water, shriveled, jerked a bit and stopped moving.
Wife tried to smell them, we waited a day, she said they were hanging out but the smell wasn't there.
Just don't get it. I'm in a newer apartment, city water has about .001ppm copper and I've used less than the recommendation on root tabs. I do have a lot of oxygenation which my mollies love from a bubble bar and another bubbler but the water readings have mostly been good. Is this a TDS issue maybe? I'm so confused.
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2021.01.17 22:32 Dracsxd Everyone: "I bet Zeke and Armin will pull some master plan to defeat Eren/Ymir!" Zeke:

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2021.01.17 22:32 Snoo-97154 To people who have phone interview coming up. Did anyone get paid yet?

My phone interview is on 25 th and i ceritifed for today, and 1/3 and 1/9. I got a text message saying that my identity was verified 2 days ago.
I was wondering if there is anyone who is in the same boat as me who got paid already.
I do not want to wait until 25th and longer to receive my money..
It's been more than a month since my last payment was issued to me.
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2021.01.17 22:32 thatparkranger12890 Mother pressuring me to have a baby yet wants me to continue living in her home when I’m almost 25

TLDR: I want to buy my own house but my mom instead wants me to put my savings towards the down payement for HER new home she’s planning on buying. On top of that, she’s pressuring me to have a baby and I am not ready to have a baby and honestly, I don’t think I even want kids.
My mom (60) and I (25F) have a really good relationship. The only issue is, I feel like she’s not letting me branch out and pressuring me to do things I don’t want to do. I have some money saved up as I prequalified for a decent mortgage at the bank. The amount is good as I can buy my first home with my partner. My mom also wants to buy a new home but the purchase price is WAY above her tax bracket and she wants me to join in with her as her and her partner alone may not qualify for the house (keep in mind, her partner does not feel that we should move as the house is perfectly fine and if she hates it that much, we can renovate it, right?).
Anyway, she’s now convincing me to get it on her new mortgage as I make a decent salary ($65k USD), have good credit, and I’m young. But the way she is doing it is wrong. She’s saying things like “you won’t be able to make it on your own” “having a mortgage is stressful and demanding” “it costs a lot of money” “it’s too much responsibility for someone like me” and she wants me to use my money saved up towards HER down payment and since the new homes basement will be finished, I can move in there lol.
On top of her wanting me to still live in her basement (I live with her, trying to get my own place but I’m always met with discouragement), she also wants me to have a baby and is saying that It Will be too late etc etc .. I keep telling her that I have to be settled first and I need to have a thing called A HOME!! Which she won’t let me have apparently.. she keeps saying that her basement will be finished and so I can stay there .
If I’m honest, I’m not ready to have children. I’d rather spend my money on travel (after COVID of course), shopping and simply making myself happy so unfortunately, i do not yet have the heart to care for another human being. Is this wrong?? Her putting pressure on me is making me angry, upset and overall frustrated because I don’t want to put a kid in the world KNOWING I’m not ready! Far too many have babies out of the blue only to treat them badly and I do not want to fall into that. At the same time, she’s my mom and I get where she’s coming from.
Also, why does she want me to have a baby yet feels that I’m not responsible to have my own house at the age I am ?? Mind you, I work and make a liveable salary and unlike her, I won’t buy a home beyond my means... my question is, what is her motive in her contradictory demands? Is this what toxic is? I’m just confused and upset.
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Im selling my fortnite acount that i had since season 2. Its got way tooo many skins to list same goes for picks and i can show proof ingame and provide screenshots!
SCREENSHOTS: https://imgur.com/a/Nn2bxBO
- Email & username is changeable
- Ps4 & Xbox Linkable
My discord is : wiip#9801
Send offers on discord or PM me!
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2021.01.17 22:32 regallyred Does anyone else hate seeing pictures of themself? If so, have you found a way to deal with it?

I find that I can’t look at pictures of myself until 4-5 years later without cringing and would very much like to stop. It’s so bad that I can’t hardly go through photos with my family without becoming almost distraught. My mother experiences this as well with her own photos and neither of us really knows why, or more importantly, how to stop it.
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2021.01.17 22:32 King_Bjornson Gold question

What's the best way to get gold? I'm currently at three bars trying to get enough for the outlaw pass
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2021.01.17 22:32 mentelist What do you think about Fatih Terim's last 2-year performance?

I am asking this question to get the opinion of most Fenerbahce and Besiktas fans (objectively). For example, my opinion is simple: Any coach (remember Riekerink, Tudor) in Galatasaray would be fired with these results. No success in Europe, weakness in important matches, etc! I am not saying that he should be fired, whenever one brings critics against him, Terim fans are always talking about his past.
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2021.01.17 22:32 bigdickenergyqueen39 What would you define a 4/10 as in regards to a rating of someone's physical appearance?

I'm j curious, an ex-crush rated me this and I want to know :)
View Poll
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2021.01.17 22:32 rdasq8 Saw another person on this sub had done this puzzle so I had to try it. It’s so beautiful but was a bit challenging especially the four corners that were so similar. Buffalo, 1000 piece, Sumer queen.

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2021.01.17 22:32 safiraashaii what is your unpopular opinion about a song that was better/worse on the show than the original version?

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2021.01.17 22:32 Cyprus_ Yahoo Commissioner changed draft

So I just looked in the commissioner history and saw that the draft order was changed from random to custom and immediately after to non-snaking. It also just so happens that the owner of this got the first pick.
Should I be concerned that he placed himself first or is this normal? We all agreed days earlier that it would be non-snaking but he said he couldn't change it because it wasn't working. I found out of his deliberate changes after the draft had finished.
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2021.01.17 22:32 EnferDesFormes [Round 89682] Co-ordinates of canopy of this plane within 10m please.

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2021.01.17 22:32 Ok-Wishbone6756 Tony Romo sucks

He was a terrible QB and is now a terrible commentator. Anyone else gonna go the Shannon Sharpe route and watch games on mute? I sure am.
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