Go! Google disputes Texas' suit claiming unfair advertising sales practices - Yahoo News Canada |

Google disputes Texas' suit claiming unfair advertising sales practices - Yahoo News Canada

2021.01.17 21:10 xirus_2020 Google disputes Texas' suit claiming unfair advertising sales practices - Yahoo News Canada

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2021.01.17 21:10 cybertronproduction2 Siege/Netflix ultra magnus

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2021.01.17 21:10 throat_goater [Xbox] [H] Scorer Sky Blue zombas [W] Fennec

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2021.01.17 21:10 xItsWolff Look who finally woke up

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2021.01.17 21:10 sqdawise Butternut likes popcorn 🤷🏻‍♀️

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2021.01.17 21:10 kelahio meh, I'm about ser out of ser today

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2021.01.17 21:10 567fddddd hell yeah, vaccines are safe....lol LIE DETECTOR TEST SAY THAT IS A LIE!

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2021.01.17 21:10 BoardgamesArchivist In search of a Polish board game

Dear (Polish) people of reddit,
I am reaching out to you hoping to find a board game that I loved during my childhood. This may be a far-fetched, but how nice would it be if you could help me out.
This is a boardgame that is likely Polish. I played it in the early 2000s. I vividly remember that the board itself was some kind of (magical) forest and that each player was a gnome. Unfortunately this is where my memory limits my search of this game.
Does anyone have any kind of clue?
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2021.01.17 21:10 pamplemousses How to find a reputable breeder?

Hi there. My family has spent an extensive amount of time researching IWs and we firmly believe they are the right breed for us. We haven't come to this decision lightly and we have been looking online for breeders for almost 6 months.
Maybe it's due to the relative rarity of the breed, but searching online has not been easy to say the least. There do not seem to be very many breeders (we have also looked at various organizations like Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association, AKC marketplace, etc.). Those that we have seen do not always seem to have up to date information on their websites about litters, and lots of breeders are just too far away (we are in Wisconsin and while we would be willing to drive 8+ hours to meet our puppy, we are not comfortable with shipping a puppy). Plus, many of the breeders seem to have very lengthy sections with their philosophies and "warnings" that conflict with each other. (e.g. one might say that you should never go to a breeder that charges you a different price for full registration even though it looks like that is standard practice, another won't sell to you unless you have at least an acre of land... I've even seen some websites that appear to be directly criticizing each other). In other words, there don't seem to be many (or sometimes any) puppies but there is a ton of often conflicting and/or confusing info that seems to rest mostly on some deeply held personal beliefs or preferences.
We just want a healthy family pet with a good temperament that comes from someone who treats their own dogs properly. It doesn't need to have champion parents and we're not going to show him or her. So how do we find available puppies within our area (the Midwest generally) while also knowing what to look for in a breeder or what to avoid? This part of the process has been WAY more time-consuming and confusing than we ever expected...
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2021.01.17 21:10 kubuni from flash memory to speaker

I want to design a custom PCB; where the AVR streams audio data from a NOR flash chip. First, what is the best audio format to store in an external flash? second, what size ram AVR chip can I minimally use?
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2021.01.17 21:10 Murhuedur My family is bad at hand washing

Title. My mom (50) often forgets to use soap and only splashes water on her hands for two seconds. My brother (17) "forgets" to use soap and only uses cold water. My father (51) refuses to wash his hands ever. They all kind of laugh about this and act like I'm neurotic for calling them out on it
Making this post because I made dinner tonight (chili) and watched my father reach into the bag of shredded cheese to put some on his food. I'll be buying new shredded cheese tomorrow and throwing this one one. I'm not interested in eating shit cheese. The others have an "Eh, what can you do?" mentality.
Nothing has changed due to covid. Any advice?
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2021.01.17 21:10 mcfw31 210118 BTS’s "Dis-ease" has now sold over 100,000 units in the US.

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2021.01.17 21:10 Optimus_Durex Ah yes the crumbs the best

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2021.01.17 21:10 Advanced-Pair1206 Is there a way to delete a campaign on Arkham Cards?

I notice that when I try to start a new campaign, I can't include any investigators currently on other campaigns. And when I try to just delete the other campaign, I can't find a way.
Does anyone know if there is a way to simply delete a campaign?
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2021.01.17 21:10 DopeDooey What was your first job?

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2021.01.17 21:10 xirus_2020 Canada's Lewis Irving claims bronze at World Cup aerials event - Yahoo Canada Sports

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2021.01.17 21:10 lilke2002 if you were a bender which element do you think you have the easiest time learning

on the flip side which element would be hardest for you to learn
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2021.01.17 21:10 LittleFireDesigns My water bill keeps increasing.

My water bill has been increasing over the last 3 months.
Normally it was about $25. Then it jumped to $40 in October. I didn’t think too much of it. But then $65 in November. And $85 in December. I’ve looked at our water bill too and it does reflect increased usage over the months.
We have a toilet that intermittently runs - probably just need to replace the flush kit. We’ve just been lazy about getting to it.
But would that explain why it continues to go up?
We aren’t doing anything that should be causing this, just normal day to day activity that we’ve always done. And I’m not seeing any soggy spots in the yard to indicate an underground leak.
Any thoughts?
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2021.01.17 21:10 Dogmaybe If the purge happened tomorrow, what would you do to prepare and what would you do during?

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2021.01.17 21:10 jillmc706 (34F) Wide Range of Symptoms - Needing Help With Lab Results

Age - 34
Sex - Female
Height - 5' 3"
Weight - 110 lbs
Race - Caucasian
In January 2011, I remember developing some sort of respiratory infection. I had just moved to my current state from Hawaii. At the time, I thought the climate change must have triggered something. However, It lingered on and I found myself still with this terrible cough and throat clearing months later. As a very young, healthy person I hardly visited a doctor, but I felt like this warranted a visit. He told me I had acid reflux and that it was probably affecting my esophagus. He said I needed to take Nexium to heal my esophagus. It did seem to help somewhat initially. Unfortunately, it did not last. I went on to take it and several other acid reflux medications for the next 7 Years.
In 2014, I was having a lot of trouble emptying my bladder which led me back to see the doctor. I was eventually diagnosed with interstitial cystitis by a urologist. I was prescribed Amitriptyline for a short time and it did seem to help some. I did feel extremely tired while taking it. I still have trouble emptying my bladder to this day. I still suffer from interstitial cystitis as well. I control it by drinking plenty of water and practicing bladder training exercises.
In Dec 2015, I was having a lot of pain having a bowel movement and bleeding. I ended up having a colonoscopy where the doctor found internal hemorrhoids. I was relieved it was not something more serious.
In 2016, I was feeling very fatigued. Some days after work I would just collapse in the bed. As a busy mother of three, I was concerned of why I was feeling so weak and tired all of a sudden. I went to see a doctor where I was told I had mild anemia and low B-12. I would go on to take B-12 injections for a few months followed by supplements.
In 2017, I became sick with some flu-like illness. I developed numbness and tingling down my legs. I have since developed numbness and tingling throughout my hands, feet, arms, legs, neck and throat which seems to be much better due to my current medication. My right eye started to become blurry around the same time which sent me to see an eye doctor. At this visit, I also explained how I am concerned about the numbness, tingling, and body pain I was experiencing, The doctor told me about Sjogren’s and performed an Early Sjogren's test. When it came back indicative of Sjogrens, I felt like I finally had an answer and could finally find a path to healing. I was referred to a Rheumatologist in my city. He ran several blood tests to check for inflammatory markers and nothing alarming showed up. He explained to me my treatment options which were taking two medications either Plaquenil or Gabapentin. At that time, I felt in control of my symptoms and declined the medication. I wanted to monitor my symptoms and stay medication free as long as possible. After my appointment, I was able to get on to the online patient portal to the Rheumatology clinic. It was very surprising to me when I saw suspected fibromyalgia as this had not been mentioned to me at the appointment. Later, I was told about fibromyalgia from their office, However, I have had no testing to confirm fibromyalgia. The rheumatologist also sent me to an allergy clinic. As I started to develop rashes that looked allergic in nature. The blood testing came back inclusive, and I have not had any other testing yet. Over the next few years. I would get sick several times. I noticed that when the doctor prescribed prednisone it seemed to relieve my body pain. I took it several times to get through the next few years. Another symptom that has plagued me over the years is what began as shoulder pain and seemed to spread to my neck on the left side. I tried to see a chiropractor which led to me not being able to move my neck for days. Then,I tried physical therapy for 8 months with no real relief.
In April 2019, I had my appendix out due to what they called a ruptured appendix at the time. However, the post procedure diagnosis stated acute appendicitis with peritonitis. At the end of 2019, I began having trouble eating. I was convinced I had silent reflux as none of the regular reflux medications helped. I began ordering Gaviscon Advance to help. I bought a wedge pillow, I ate smaller, more frequent meals, I stopped eating late at night. I did everything I could with my symptoms remaining unchanged. Most of the time I figured out how to manage to get through the day. I just figured this is something else I am going to have to learn to deal with. Eventually, I was sent to a gastroenterologist. He ordered an endoscopy to further investigate. He said that I had no signs of reflux, celiac disease or chrohns according to the biopsy. In March 2020, work moved online due to the Pandemic. I had the perfect opportunity to start to try to take the Gabapentin more regularly. I was ready to try! I have always been one to steer clear of anything unless I absolutely need it. Let me tell me what changed my mind! I found myself coughing and clearing my throat more and more. I was also getting breathless. I could not even get through reading my class a story most days, and my voice would come and go often. I knew I had to try to figure this out!
In May 2020, I developed some sort of palatal tremor and ear clicks. I immediately stopped the medication. I was scared that the medication may have somehow caused it to develop. I felt very unwell when I stopped the medication and decided that the benefits of the medication outweigh the risks at this time. I decided to resume taking it to hopefully continue on a path of healing. I was sent to the ENT. The ENT performed a head/brain MRI to rule out certain things. The MRI results were normal. At my last meeting, The ENT told me he thought I had Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. He has also diagnosed me with TMJ disease and Silent Reflux. He has referred me to a neurologist. After resuming the medication I instantly felt some relief. I was surprised to see my body pain had decreased. I began to regain feeling that I had lost in my legs and feet. I felt like this medication could really help me. I asked my doctor for an increase in the dosage in which he agreed. As I began taking the increased dosage of Gabapentin things began to move more and more in my throat. With this, came extreme pain. However, the pain was followed by what felt like muscles regaining their ability to move again. I believe this is true because I instantly felt like my palate had expanded and I could chew, swallow, talk. and even breathe better. Whatever I am experiencing seems to be affecting my breathing in some way. When I began taking the medication I felt some sort of instant relief of pressure on my chest. My lungs feel like they had expanded or somehow had gained the ability to hold more air. The Gabapentin continues to help my symptoms each day. I think I may need a higher dosage, but I am scared to take it forever.
At this point I have been taking the medication since June 2020. I started out on a very low dose.My daily symptoms bother me greatly. I have trouble eating anything at all some days. Everyday I wake up with stomach pain and both of my ears click as soon as I open my eyes. I have a great urgency to have a bowel movement most days when I wake up. If I am able to have a bowel movement it is usually painful and has a very strong odor. I find it almost impossible to eat until lunch time or later. However, if I am able to get some sort of food in me I usually feel some sort of relief. What I thought was just acid reflux turned out to be a whole lot more! As everyday, I struggle to move the muscles deep in my throat and mouth. I feel so many things deep within my throat on a daily basis. I feel shocks continuously on both sides of mouth/throat, I feel twisting and turning which feels almost like something is unraveling in my throat, I feel sharp/stabbing pains, I feel a deep pinching/pulling sensation on the left side, I feel pounding (maybe due to the nerves trying to work), and I feel so much pressure.I am writing this because I do not know how to express what I am feeling any other way. I just want to know what I am dealing with so that I can deal with it. I am a wife, a teacher, and a mother of 3. I need to be at my best for them. I want to know what I can do to help myself. I would like to refer to multiple neurologists in hopes that I can see one faster. At this point, no one has even scheduled an appointment with me. I am listing my most concerning symptoms below:

I just had these blood test results come back and I need help in reading them and possibly getting the next type of testing figured out. Additional blood tests, Ultrasound, ???
Tldr: Have had wide range of symptoms with no help in getting a diagnosis. Seeking whatever help is out there.
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2021.01.17 21:10 carefulrhubarb97 Do I mog Joel Kinnaman? Swedish actor and professional ovaries imploder.

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2021.01.17 21:10 TheBackSpin Tough to find back bacon in the States but still delicious

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2021.01.17 21:10 lessons_learnt Snake spotted at the Gabba yesterday.

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2021.01.17 21:10 kabamarusama Among Us : a long-awaited item is coming to the official store soon

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2021.01.17 21:10 Cowboy_Dogo True love

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